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How to Post Pics on the Forum

Dec 19 2011 08:52 AM | TintDude in Featured Articles

This page has moved. Click here for the new page.

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Lift and Pull method - Page 1

Dec 19 2011 04:20 PM | TintDude in Featured Articles

This page has been moved. Click here for the new page.

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Meter Math

Oct 28 2010 08:50 AM | EWF in Featured Articles

There remains to a large degree, a great deal of confusion about automotive film laws and which films are compatible with which cars, in which states and under which circumstances. If these are issues you are already very familiar with, bear with me....

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Cars with Laminated glass...

Sep 08 2010 12:56 PM | Super Mario in Featured Articles

Thought it would be good to start a list of newer cars with laminated glass. Please feel free to add to... Japanese: Lexus LS430 German: Audi A6, A8, Et A4 Avant, RS6, Quattro BMW 5 and 7, X5 Mercedes CL series, E series, ML series, R series, S serie...

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List Cars that lose switch memory upon being un...

Jan 29 2011 06:49 PM | Coast To Coast Tinting in Featured Articles

I know a lot of you guys don't remove door panels. However for those of us that do it might be helpful to have a list of the cars that have window switches that lose their memory after being unplugged. I can only think of a few off the top of my h...

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Cars that need felt

Dec 05 2011 05:16 PM | Porsche951 in Featured Articles

Is there a list of this anywhere? If not, I was thinking it may be a decent idea to start one, and as new cars come out that need it continually add to it. I searched and I do see the one on the tintdude page, is that kept up to date? Sorry if this...

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Contour Tint Visors

Dec 18 2011 02:40 PM | TintDude in Featured Articles

~By TintDude ~ The way I do them is kind of drawn out. I make a freezer paper pattern for them. First I use a wooden ruler with notches every half inch and a dry erase marker dragged across the top to make my bottom line. Then I use 1/4 maskin...

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Reducing Dust Contamination

Dec 18 2011 07:13 PM | TintDude in Featured Articles

These practices can help you to greatly reduce the amount of dust contamination in your window film installations 1. Find a bug zapper that will work on gnats... and other critters. 2. Minimize the time between peeling the liner and placing the fil...

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Animated Cursor

Dec 18 2011 07:16 PM | TintDude in Featured Articles

Snap Off Knife Animated Cursor Download 2kb - Time to download: Approx. 1 second To install the snap off knife animated cursor, unzip the file knifecur.zip into your 'My Documents' folder, it will create a folder called 'knife curs...

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Forum Signature Medals

Dec 18 2011 09:51 PM | TintDude in Featured Articles

Forum sig medals explained: The following are medals are awarded to participants of the forums time to time for various reasons. One year of membership, two years of membership etc. This medal is for donations or sponsorships. Tip of the Week/Fe...

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