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How much to pay an experienced auto window tinter?

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#51 watchdaride



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  May 14 2014 - 02:51 PM

you only need to pay comission if you dont know how to tint . To me when employee get paid commission they turn in to monsters . They let crapy work go because they are rushing job , then winter comes and unhappy with pay and wants to leave early if no work . I pay a salary rain or shine  and never lay off in  the winter . But  i know how to tint. 

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#52 Tintgod


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  June 30 2014 - 10:42 PM

I have been in business for one year now, and I have been paying 30% to a very experienced window tinter. I am considering changing his pay. I almost feel like that makes him a 30% partner, yet he does not buy film, go after work or deal with day to day operations. Any thoughts?



Even if you yourself are an experienced tinter you need another to keep the shop running so you are free to do all the mundane tasks a business owner is required to do. I have searched for and experienced tinter for three years but have not found one to make the cut. Keep him and feel blessed to have such a problem. Otherwise send him to me and I'll give him 33% just so I don't have to work 20 days 7 days a week! :D

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#53 TintMaster08



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  July 02 2014 - 04:53 PM

Not sure how anyone justifies paying 40% to an installer and running a successful business ... Maybe after expenses .... But gross ?? How does that pencil ??

Simple. GROWTH "what any new or stuck business should be focused on!" A business owner who completely rely's on some one to do all of the work, needs to manage the work well enough that the business is able to grow, and recognize that relying on some one so heavily, comes at a cost... Introduce new products, new employees, new services... The 40% employee may now be offered an opportunity to manage new lower paid employees, earn a smaller piece of a bigger pie, which should be a good thing for the owner and the installer who helped them get there! Every year or so, offer the 40% employee opportunities to earn from total shop sales, ie. only 20 % of 3 times as much revenues!!! The guy is now costing the business a smaller percent, but earning the business and him self more money!!! Every one is happy!
Basically, percentages of your KEY employees can come down, as you offer them residual income from the business they have helped allow you you to build! If the business is just two people, you are partners whether you like it or not, only difference is, the owner is actually the boss as well as partner!
Amen brother! This is exactly why I quit my last job to venture on my own. The company only offered tinting and detailing,when I started. I brought the whole 12volt thing to the company, as well as paint protection installation. The owner can't tint, never had a 12volt installer outside of some drunk installing HID kits and screwing that up. For 2 years I worked for the same amount of money with promise after promise to get a raise when the company "grows", I hired and fired 4 different tinters until his brother showed back up, which was the reason I was hired to replace him due to him leaving over a "family dispute". I asked for my raise and was told the company couldn't afford it. "MY ASS"! If you can't do it and want to hire someone to do it, then expect to pay them. It would take 37.5% minimum for me to tint auto, anything less is uncivilized. I know what I am worth and want take anything less, and I guarantee you will be more than satisfied.
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#54 addicted to tint

addicted to tint


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  July 02 2014 - 06:58 PM

The third should be mine mentality is insane.  If you are running a legitimate business and have to pay that much to an installer you are making less off window film than the installer, with all liability, expense and aggravation that comes with biz ownership.  Until you actually own a business you won't see it, because you think as an installer you are indispensable.  Try being the owner and you'll have a new understanding.  And you are replaceable by the way... 


The owner/managers that can't tint are at a big disadvantage.  Those are generally less productive shops than owner installer run shops.  Offering ownership to an installer makes absolutely no sense, unless they are uniquely qualified to install, manage, perform customer service, basically handle all of the business requirements and still make the principal owner $.  That's a lot harder to find than a typical window film hanger, if not impossible.

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#55 TintWizard


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  July 03 2014 - 02:48 AM

I'm really suffering with this subject topic personally . I still can't find anyone experienced in my area to come work for me . They simply aren't available . Only "you tubers" wanting free training passing themselves off as "turnkey experienced tinters".
I'm will ing to pay what I consider decent for EXPERIENCED. Just can't find one . This has been such a frustrating process . I won't post what the pay is I am willing to pay but let's just say that no potential candidate thought it was too low . It really IS amazing the low standards I've Ben seeing with so called "experienced" installers though .
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#56 Skillz7777


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  September 04 2016 - 04:29 PM

I realize that this threads been closed for a bit. Could use sum advice. I've got 20 years in the car dealership life, detailing, undercoating, rustproofing. Been tinting now for 5 years. Mint, check me out on instagram. Skillz7777. Paid 14.75 an hr. Local tint shop, having hard time getting more money. Is this fair?
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