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  • TintDude.com Advertising Opportunities

    TintDude.com offers unparalleled value for advertising to a highly engaged target demographic that is already invested in the products and services your business provides. We provide a variety of options for promoting your business or products, working with you to determine the most effective places for advertisement on our website. Whether targeting a specific area of interest or promoting site-wide, we can tailor our advertising to meet your needs.


    Sections Available for Ad Placement

    Our website provides several sections for ad placement, including:

    Site-wide on side bar
    Window Tinting - General Discussion
    Automotive Makes/Models Tinting
    Paint Protection
    Plotters and Cutting Systems
    Site-wide on Footer

    Please Contact Us to discuss placement and price.



    Forum section ads appear at the top of a forum section such as the General Discussion. 

    Ads at the top of a forum section are priced at $350 per month and are 420x105.



    $350 per Month for Forum Section Top

    Comes with FREE

    300x75 side bar ad.


    Side bar ads appear on the right side of every page on TintDude. Ads there are priced by size. For example, a 300px wide by 300px tall (300x300) ad would be $299 per month. An ad there sized 300x200 would be $199 per month.



    $299 per Month



    $199 per Month



    $99 per Month



    $75 per Month




    Footer section ads appear at the bottom of every page of TintDude.

    Ads in the footer section are priced at $250 per month and are 420x105.



    $250 per Month for Footer

    Comes with FREE

    300x75 side bar ad.



    Why should I advertise on TintDude.com?

    TintDude.com, in continuous operation since 1999, boasts an established track record and a well-established name in the industry. Our website currently delivers 800,000 views per month, with over 83% of those from within the United States, providing a highly targeted audience for our advertisers. We offer flexible options for placement and pricing, with the ability to sponsor on a monthly basis or for a specific event, without any long-term commitments. Additionally, we provide payment flexibility, and offer opportunities for promotional posts as well as participation on our forum for our sponsors. To discuss placements and pricing further, please contact Ric Wellman at the information provided. We appreciate your consideration!


    Contact to Discuss Pricing 



    or use the contact link at

    the bottom of any page:

    Contact TintDude.com




    TintDude, launched in 1999, is a pioneering and preeminent interactive community in the window film and paint protection industry. With 25 years of history, our community has played a significant role in shaping the tools and techniques used in the industry today. As a sponsor, you can leverage our success to benefit your own business. Our community comprises a diverse range of members from across the globe, including consumers seeking answers, novice tinters, experienced professionals, industry representatives, and innovators. By becoming a sponsor, you can tap into this wealth of knowledge and expertise to gain a competitive advantage.

    Contact: admin@tintdude.com or tintdude@gmail.com


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