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  3. TINT LIFE WINDOW TINTING We're looking for an experienced AUTOMOTIVE AND FLAT GLASS WINDOW TINTER with AT LEAST 5 YEARS minimum experience and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment!!! Salary: Base pay plus commission Position: Full-time + Part-time !!!!!RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION IS A MUST!!!!! **EXPERIENCE IS A MUST, NO TRAINING PROVIDED** ***MUST HAVE YOUR OWN TOOLS***PLEASE CALL 770-672-0084You may apply in personTint Life Window Tinting500 Thornton Road, St 4Lithia Springs, Ga 30122or call(404) 205-2495.
  4. we supply masks and gloves to our employees and customers. we've also been promoting social distancing. a couple of our employees have gotten sick but not many.
  5. i been isolated for 2 weeks when they shut everything around the country , and the last 3 months been working full time in ppf install and auto detail. me and my crew wear mask , access to gloves and sanitizer. i also take their temp in the morning and mandatory sanitize hands between cars. crazy times for sure.
  6. hello! I am new here and wanted to ask a question about using a simple plotter. Is there any program out there where you can possibly draw a simple figure freehand and make the plotter cut it? thanks in advance! Debbie
  7. Middle Monday strikes No water, gotta dig up the meter and fix a major leak. Also bagging a rear glass with no sunshine in the forecast :BIGsigh
  8. i'm sure someone could create a model that would compare the surface area and solar angle to predict the the change in tser, but since you've already decided that it needs to go, why worry about it? you could guess and say ~30%, but again it gets more complicated depending on which direction you park. id expect better performance if you park facing north. you could also put sun reflectors in your window when you park to keep it cooler for when you get back. hope that helps a bit.
  9. Knock on wood, not sick here and haven't been for a long time. As a matter of fact, I've only gotten sick one time in twenty years of installing PPF and that happened when we were snowed in years ago here in Atlanta. That made me start wondering if breathing ISO fumes all day might have something to do with it. The week we were snowed in, I obviously wasn't doing installs and not breathing in any ISO and got the flu. So the question is, how is everyone? Could ISO fumes be keeping us safe or have I just been lucky?
  10. My question has to do with heat. I may remove my Ford F-150 windshield tint because of polarization patterns. I have to wear my sunglasses. They are polarized and I'm not changing them. Is there a way for me to predict the heat increase within the cab if/when I remove the windshield tint? The side and rear windows will remain tinted. They have Suntek CIR. Much thanks in advance.
  11. Agreed. That has to be an awesome feeling, and one well deserved.
  12. Thats so awesome! Congrats!!
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  14. Pelicar Window Tinting located in Malden, Massachusetts is now hiring. We're offering one position for window tint installer. Please contact us at 857-930-0810 / 617-818-2218. You may call or text. Requirements/skills: - Deve falar um dos seguintes idiomas (Portugues, Ingles, Espanhol) - Instalador Profissional de Insulfilme - 2 anos de esperiencia - Trabalho em equipe. - Comecar de imediato We are hiring: - Must speak at least one of the three languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish) - Professional window tinting installer - 2 years experience - Full-time - Immediate start Se solicita: - Debe hablar al menos uno de los tres idiomas (portugués, inglés, español) -Tinteador de ventanas - 2 años de experiencia - Full-time - comienzo inmediato
  15. PermaPlate is looking to add several installers to 3 major TN markets ASAP. Dealership work so year around full time work. We offer medical benefits and advancement opportunities. No Saturday work, earn money on everything you touch. Call/Text Adam at 870-243-8406
  16. Yay, slow morning. Not upset AT ALL. BTW = thanks for the love guys. We are not debt free by any means, but not owing anyone is HUGE in my book. The day to day bills we make to survive (both shop and house) can be made in just a couple of days at this point, and that is an awesome feeling. Now we can seriously look at buying a house instead of renting.
  17. Last week
  18. When I started getting burned the same way by ASWF crap, I did lots of research and found Global to be one of the best due to Garware being a core product company like Lulu. Meaning they start from the beginning to make film, not the middle by adding laminate to someone else's core, like most of these failing companies like ASWcrap, FlexCrap, MaxProCrap, and RaynoCrap. They either pass them selves off as a film maker when they are just laminators, or they rebox some cheap film in prettier boxes and call it theirs. Global is SOLID film. Their 70% Ceramic is one of the best performing films "spectrally" across the board on the market. Put it behind one of those expensive IR meters and see how well it performs. It outperforms Lulu, BTW. You won't go wrong with Global in my opinion. It's what I sling all day everyday.
  19. Ive been getting back warranties on rear windows in 2-3 years using rayno s-5. This is not acceptable especially when rayno makes you jump threw hoops to get paid. I can just see all the warranties coming in this year. at 150.00 max per car its going to be a tough year. Ive been hearing good things about global ceramic films. What can anyone tell me.
  20. Woohoo Daughter brought my puter to me. Also,, The pool table gets covered next Wednesday Government should be = Value added to what I am already capable of doing myself.
  21. SunGlo Window Films is in search of full-time Flat Glass Window Tint Installer to do commercial/residential window tinting for work in the Denver/Fort Collins area. You will set your own schedule and work residential & commercial project 4-5 days per week.This position is FULL TIME and YEAR ROUND. The work will be consistent throughout the year. Some automotive work is available if the situation is right. This position is flexible and high paying. Our window tinters are respected and treated well. We are looking for an individual we can partner with for the long-term to achieve mutual success!Window tint installation experience is highly desired.Other Details:- Must have an appropriate vehicle and basic tool set for flat glass.- This posting is for a sub-contractor position.- Paid bi-weekly via direct deposit.- Elite customers service skills are needed.- An organized, self-starter will be very successful in this role.- Professional appearance and communication are required.- We believe in a positive environment. We are looking for someone with a great attitude who will fit into a positive, excited environment!Most projects are located between Denver & Fort Collins.SunGlo Window Films has been in business since 1991. We are a window tinting company only. Our business is split evenly between automotive, commercial and residential clients. We believe in happy people; both our customers and those who work for us. We treat our installers with respect.Learn about our company at http://sunglowf.comIf you are interested, please submit your information via e-mail or call for more information: (303) 279-5884
  22. look up "tint stuff" on youtube. its helpful to see what others are doing
  23. if it's curling up that sounds like too much heat on the edge
  24. "We're all stuck on the world's worst roller coaster ride".... Article came on my phone this am...... I think it puts things nicely. lol
  25. Yep, it’s Monday alright. Left the computer at the house. I never take it home, but since I had an extra day off,,,,,, :sigh
  26. My take is similar to Josh's... I just bought a plotter but I still typically do bulk. So the plotter is for the A-pillars, trunk ledge, headlights/foglights, maybe for leading edge of the roof, door cups, and door edge material... Basically smaller bits where bulk installation will give the same results but take longer. But like Josh, I bulk the hoods, fenders, doors, and bumpers. The trade-off is time, plain and simple. You can install a fender or bumper in 1/2 the time or even faster with a pre-cut. BUT I'd put my bulk install against any kit in quality any day. (Quality in my definition, is getting coverage all the way to edges, including parking sensors, around headlight sprayers, around side marker reflectors, etc. Rolling edges everywhere possible, not just on the leading edge of the hood but around all 4 sides of the hood, plus into the wheel well, and around the back of the fender where the door-edge gap is.) Ultimately, it comes down to if the customer cares or not.. Car dealership? Do a kit, make the $$ and move along. But for my picky detail oriented customer, a bulk installation looks better with smaller edge-gaps where they have to be or non existent where I can wrap it around edges. Last I was told by Jeff at Xpel, you have to be exclusive to buying Xpel film to use the Xpel Dap software plus you have to be exclusive to Xpel film to get Xpel film in the first place. I do not approve of this business strategy but it's not my company and I've been more than happy with Suntek products and software for many years. Back to the original topic, Applying the film clean, smooth, invisible way takes a pretty huge amount of practice and patience. Meanwhile, you will throw away an expensive hunk of film here and there. It especially hurts when it happens 2 times in a row due to frustration, haha. So that is probably why a lot of installers give it a 2 or 3 week try and then quit. The other problem is when an area has too many installers, all undercutting on price and kill the market with crappy rushed installations because they are going for Fast, Fast, Fast installations, while giving the film a bad reputation because of those fast, dirty installations. Now the customers in those areas think that low prices are standard unfortunately, making it difficult to explain that a quality installation can't be price-shopped against a speed installation.
  27. And, we're at monday again. 'morning all.....
  28. What shrinking technique are you using? What kind of window are you practicing on and what film are you using? Welcome to the forum!
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