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  2. Hi, what can you say about F-Performance Paint Protection Film?
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  4. Hey ever E bod E I hope all of y'all have a great Thanksgiving. I am going against the norm and taking the whole weekend off (work that it ) Have a good one guys and see y'all Monday.
  5. It's going! Keeping busy, how about yourself?
  6. Hey, I hope you are able to get your car tinted to your liking. I am going to ask you to move on now though. Not sure why you would want to be posting around people you disdain anyway. Thanks.
  7. Up for sale is about 90ftx48ft of Bray Ecoskin Windshield Protection film and 36ftx50ft this box hasn't been used. This is the 1 layer material. I had my employee try it out but it wasn't for him. $350 pickup in Bloomfield NJ area or buyer pays actual shipping charges where they want it shipped to.
  8. Just the 'news'.... but hardly invested in it. Surfing the net at the same time, which tends to be more interesting. lol
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  10. JOB DETAILS Job Title: Window Tint Installer Company: Washington New Car Dealerships Work for a high volume franchise new car dealership with an in-house tint & ppf department. Job Requirements: Ability to climb in and out of small spaces Full range of motion in all limbs Valid Driver license Ability to work independently Dependable with strong work ethic Take pride in appearance Willingness to learn and follow direction Able to Pass Drug Test and Background check Authorized to work in the US Can Lift 40+ pounds Experience working with hands or in a New car dealer environment a plus.
  11. All moved in, thanks for asking. Haven't got any of my new furniture yet, covid, but all is well.
  12. Hello guys! Can you pls give me advice with Llumar tinting. I have Llumar ATR 15% in front and Llumar ATR 5% in back of my infiniti. But i have big color mismatch between 15% and 5%. (5% going to gold-green tone) For experiment i tinted one back window also in Llumar ATR 15%. Look at image. How can i get black windows with 5% Llumar, Thanks for advice! Best regards!
  13. The joys of being a home owner. 'morning all.....
  14. Don’t be a lazy tinter, I’ve seen too many of them in my search for window tint but I suppose that comes with being a “window tinter” for a living
  15. Morning ever E body First catastrophe of the new house is done and being repaired. Broke a water line pulling the old dishwasher out and flooded the kitchen.
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