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  2. how good is that express ceramic? is it the one made by scytek?
  3. the times i’ve had tint done on my cars they normally wipe down the areas but that’s it i mean i’d like to see them use a detail spray lol but guess it’s a hit n miss with some shops/installers
  4. what do you think about suntek carbon cxp line? i’m looking at that one and another one that is more like a nano ceramic line, u think the nano ceramic would be better than the cxp?
  5. The sun peeking through the wildfire smoke here this evening
  6. Hi I'm new to the tinting game. I've been watching alot of videos on tinting to try to get comfortable amount of knowledge about tinting before starting. I've noticed all these different tinters and shops use different film. I dont want to use cheap film but for the time being I cant afford to use the top grade film, I guess my question being is what is a film that's not to pricey but is still a good film to use and keep my future customers happy? I was thinking on using Lexen but now unsure. Thank you in advance for the advice.
  7. Xpel, llumar, and Solar Fx are all solid films, not familiar with maxpro and aswf I know some other installers that had warranty issues with after a couple years. The quality of the installation is going to make the biggest difference ultimately. I personally use Xpel in my shop and couldn't be happier with the film. I run their ceramic on my daily driver and it's holding up beautifully. I also have Solar Fx ceramic on my wife's daily and have no complaints there either, it's been on there several years and looks as good today as the day it was installed.
  8. wonder if you like to share your dealership fill up form , like a work order form. something like the dealer has to fill up and sign , related with the install....
  9. So, customer brings you a nice clean car, ya get done with a perfect tint install, and then have water streaks down the outside door panels. Oh no! do you guys wipe them down? (possibly scratching the paint) or spray them down with water? Wash the vehicle when you get done? Or leave the streaks and hand the car back to the customer, telling them you aren't a detailer?
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  11. Nope.. talking about bananas... that we eat all the time. I just had no idea. Thanks, NJ School System. Of course I only recently found out raisins used to be grapes.... Like I said.. .not the sharpest olfa in the box. Computer... End program.
  12. Yeah, as I understand it, the bananas we used to have were different, and tasted like banana candy does, but it got wiped out by a fungus or something. Now the bananas of today are also having a problem with some disease and might have to be replaced with a different strain. ...or are you talking about something else?
  13. So... I'm totally ok with saying I'm not the sharpest ofla blade in the toolbox..... but.... Did I miss the memo??
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  15. Its your shrinking. It needs to be even.
  16. Family owned and operated company growing rapidly. We are looking for experienced window tint professionals to expand our team. We specialize in residential and commercial window film installations. Union Benefits and Pension. Must have Valid Drivers License Minimum of 3 years experience preferred but not a deal breaker Reliable, trustworthy, able to multi-task Customer service skills Serious Inquiries only:
  17. I started to use in free trial.Your software is good but the some films I want it to protrude about 1.5cm (shown pic.) for folding the edge inward, such as a door-mounted piece. Please suggest me for solutions to cut to protrude
  18. So I sometimes will need a simple rectangle with rounded corners for the door steps, where your shoes could scuff the area where you step into the vehicle. I measure it and then design it quickly with inkscape, or the GreatCut program that comes with the GCC plotters. I like this to be a pattern so that it matches from the drivers side to the passenger side and it's simple. Or, I make a pattern for the B pillars on cars/suv vehicle, where your hand grabs the back of the drivers door when you swing it closed. Don't see this included in a lot of patterns out there. I never use full bumper patterns, but I do use patterns for the trim pieces if they are available. But I use the patterns for headlights a lot, because it's hard to improve on such a small, simple piece. So... wondering if anyone out there has an idea of how we, the installers can upload these quick type of patterns into an online database that would be searchable, and FREE to other installers just to help out, supported by the installers for the installers. Maybe if we have a 'how to make patterns' section of the database/forum, then more and more installers get in on the program to build it on up. The reason I think this would be great for a larger group is that I might (And did) make a pattern for the B pillars, and the little triangle piece in front of the drivers/passengers window on a 2020 Audi RS3 because my customer wanted those done, along with the whole rest of the car. But I may never use those patterns again, so it seems a shame to have put that time into it and not use it again. Ideas from those who have internets knowledges?
  19. Purples... 3:30 be like.....
  20. Hi, I'm not an installer, just an average customer. I've narrowed the 500 tint shops in town to a few shops who have great reviews and comparable prices. However, they have different brands... so I'm wondering which is the "best" or even the "difference" in these brands? Llumar Carbon Xpel CS Carbon ASFW Carbon MaxPro Carbon Solar FX Carbon Any insight into the differences in color, clarity, quality, etc., (if any) would be awesome! Thanks for any help!
  21. maxpwr

    2020 Audi Q7

    Is the latest model particularly hard to remove the door trims? I have a potential customer who has had one tinting service abort mission due to being unable to remove trims. I've never had any issues with previous model Q7 but have yet to lay eyes on the 2020 variant. Cheers.
  22. Oh man. Sounds expensive. Will have to see how the damage is tomorrow.
  23. Rapid Window Tinting located in Hollywood, CA is looking for experienced window tinter We have been in business for more than 7 years. Have consistent clientele . We offer VERY competitive pay Full or part time Pay: base + commissions Please contact me at 323 606 3014 David
  24. I got llumar without any problem when I used them. Had been in business years but do NOT have a business "license" as I don't have to have one.... I wound think that the cosy of the software would be a lot to justify if you are just tinting on the side. Unless you get it super cheap somehow.
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