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  2. Blendmount makes a large variety of mirror mounts for escort radars. I’d bet they have one for a bmw
  3. Tint…. And yeah you can cause problems without proper prep and care?
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  5. Hi guys, It looks like we use a lot of water to clean/apply the tints. However, when the water drops 'inside' the windows, will it damage anything? Thanks!
  6. I have 3 locations in Atlanta, Buckhead, Midtown, and South Atlanta. I'm looking for individuals who do not need to be micromanaged. We have steady work year round. The pay is definitely top pay and above what the average shops are paying tinters. If you are looking to join a winning team, with stability this is the place for you. Contact Mike 678-612-3986
  7. Hey I'm interested in trying out your software
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  9. As noted in the title. Looking for about 25' of llumar reflective residential tint. High solar reflectivity is needed. This will be going on a double pane window so absorptance must be low.
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    United Kingdom

    Uk based window wrapping company I would recommend :) https://www.evowrap.co.uk/
  11. We are having another go hopefully this week we have been too slammed with work to have another crack. Yes have had some good feedback with similar techniques so will have another crack. We have a bel air screen to do first thanks for everyones ideas and input.
  12. I have had my Graphtec FC8000-100 for at least 10 years. It has been darn near faultless. I’ve replaced one part and once I got the settings right and stopped trying to run multiple materials through it, I go years without changing anything.
  13. They benefit banks and gas stations and so on, that being they will have the ability to control visibility inside and outside day or night as film cannot.
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    I have a window tint shop. I’m looking to buy a plotter but I don’t know which one to buy or where to buy it at. Any suggestions?
  15. I living in ireland we have tinting garage here and im looking for chamelon to buy. I can not find anything where could i buy them. Can somebody help me out please? Thank you! .
  16. Now hiring experienced FLAT GLASS installers for all the following *Residential & Commercial window tinting *Security film *Wet Glaze attachment system *Decal & logo installs Benefits Installer positions pay 50,000 to 75,000 annually Company van provided Paid Vacation Please send your resume or contact information to info@sunproglasstinting.com or call 281-242-0222
  17. There a bit like HZ kingswood sedan but worse, you need to shrink the top only and then try to stretch the bottom as your squeegee, a little bit of heat helps . Thank god the glass is out of the car. I have never done one but have only ever seen one done while the glass is fitted in the car and then it was done in two pieces and didnt look good because of the join.
  18. ^^love doing those. Ez pull sweeps and rubber seals. Just finished this one. 15" HFM/HL/DC&E/Upper bumper covers..ceramic front doors.
  19. Two full time positions available for experienced window tinters. Fast pace tint shop needs reliable window tinters asap. Work mon-friday. 3217298468 or 3212586240. If no answer leave message. artswindowtinting@yahoo.com. Weekly pay. Pay amount by experience.
  20. I was thinking of doing that but those spots are not raised so I'm not sure how would I insert the needle from the side. It looks like condensation under the film, Thanks for the tips.
  21. After a few rounds of practice you might be the new local guy if there's a need in your area.
  22. Rather than stripping it you might try using a diabetic needle to relieve it. Straight in at the edge of the bubble, thumb nail or squeegee to force pressure, then pull the needle straight out. I would save the extra materials to do another set unless it really bothers you.
  23. I wanted to pay a pro to do it but I live in a small town so nobody does it here and the closest PPF guy is about 150 miles away from me so I've decided to try it myself. I have enough film to cover every headlight 3 times, hopefully it will be enough. I guess I'll keep it on for another week to see if it will improve as the temperature is low and my car is parked outside. The very white bottom dot that looks like debris is actually a stone chip.😔
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