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  2. I need advice on what tint is best for the windshield for a Mercedes SUV. Tint for the rest of the car will be based on what brand of windshield tint I chose to install. What I’m focusing on the most is the clarity of the tint and not the hue / color. I have no preference on bluish vs gray tone tint. I’ve seen Autobahn i3 50% on tint shop owner’s Sierra windshield and noticed the orange peel / grainy right away. He said tint was put on almost a year, so, i’m pretty sure it has been cured. Another tint I saw was Llumar Air 80. I like it except it show ‘rainbow effect’ when look through with polarized sunglasses on. It also shows some orange peel texture -not as noticeable as Autobahn i3. Unfortunately these were the only two that I’ve seen it in person. What are other brand / model of tint out there that you guys recommend for the windshield that do not exhibit the grainy texture? Not too dark, 50% or lighter is fine. How about Xpel, Formular1 Pinnacle / Stratos, 3M Crystaline? Thanks much in advance!
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  5. 000 grade fine steel wool will remove those external spots along with a bit of elbow grease. Quite common and always more visible once the tint is on. I've even come across those spots on new cars in dealerships.
  6. For top cut I hold olfa how Jason holds a butcher knife. Then I cut right to left. Im right handed.
  7. Morning ever E body Lots of rain around here lately. Lots and lots of flooding in areas that aren't used to it. All good at my places (work and home) though. Wanna check out a funny story,, look up the "sign war" going on in Gardendale, Al with Jeff Dennis Jewelers and Chic-fil-a . It's pretty funny.
  8. And then when you call Tesla to try to get the camera,,,, " IF " you get someone, they'll just tell you to buy a new car. Disposable pieces of
  9. The spots where it's lifting should be able to be fixed pretty quickly and easily. I'd give them the opportunity to do that and also get them to fix the camera properly. Hopefully it's just the clips and they can be replaced independently of the camera, if not then they owe you a camera.
  10. The easy (and nice) answer is = Rayno is not a proven film that already has issues. 3M is a stable, proven product with a good reputation.
  11. Hello everyone, We are seeking a window film and ppf expert for our supply chain processes. We are trying to make a big investment on this business. Professionally we are looking for a person Who has a wide knowledge on products quality and tintmaster's needs. Who is an expert on window film industry globally. Please don't hesitate to message me. Thanks..
  12. I recently took my tesla to get a full front clear bra with xpel and just got it back yesterday. Overall the xpel film itself is fantastic but the install was less than satisfactory. On the drive home one of fender side cameras fell completely off and was hanging. They tried to fix it by using double sided tape but i believe its supposed to be clipped in. Then when i got home i saw some of the edges lifting. And today theres more lifting and i just realized the cameras that were taped had clips that were damaged so that is why it did not attached. Its so frustrating they had it for 3 days i paid 1800 for it and they ended up damaging it. I dont know whether i should just give them a benefit of the doubt and let them fix it or just immediately try to get them to remove it and refund it.there is more places where it is peeling i just dont have pictures of it
  13. Hey all I am deciding between two quotes from two well reviewed shops and could use your help. I only am leasing this car for three years so if it’s going to bubble it needs to happen after I return it :) One place offered 400 for 3m ceramic IR and extra 200 if I need windshield. Another place uses Rayno and offered $260 s5 Ceramic Or $460 s9 Ceramic and Full windshield for $140 s5 or 200 s9 / air70 films. At these prices is it worth it to do s9 over 3m? Is 3m that much better than s5?
  14. try Classic black in short rolls 40/36/20 in x 25/50 ft good film. Good base line of how a decent film should be to work with.
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  16. Maybe it's camouflage to make them think it's already on fire.
  17. you can't see it on the outside as it's under the black painted part of the windshield. (not the clear part) We (myself and the guys at chicago auto pros) felt the edge with a plastic fork, and it hasn't lifted up.. it's on there fine. They are saying it's a good install, but if I want they will do it again and that's it, whatever happens, happens. I just want to prevent this from happening again, I've had multiple windshield tints on multiple cars and have never experienced this.
  18. Looks like it has lifted up there. What does it look like from the outside?
  19. So Chicago Auto Pros tinted my windshield (Tesla Model Y) the first time, no problems, everything was great, that was with Llumar pinnacle. I had my windshield replaced, they retinted it with xpel XR Plus and now there is a visible edge on the bottom right in front of the driver. The worst part is it reflects the light back into my eyes (at certain angles), like someone reflecting the sun off their watchface. I think the tinter cut the tint badly at this particular spot, maybe too much angle and the edge is too thick at this point. The edge is about 1.5 mm under the black part of the windshield, so that's not the problem though, it could have been cut lower. Their excuse is that XR Plus is a thicker film (dual layer), Pinnacle is thinner and single layer...I'm not sure it's actually thicker I think they are both 1.5 mil. Anyone have experience with this type of problem? What do you think is the proper thing to do in this case?
  20. That's definitely some type of chemical stain on the glass. Probably from dealer lot washes or car wash. A detailer can probably resolve it.
  21. Nice job @TintDude That yard has come a long way. Very inviting now and seems like a nice place to want to hang out.
  22. Careful, that stuff can scratch.
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