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  3. To answer your question: yes, window tinting is a difficult skill to learn, master and become a 'professional'. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself as you will probably waste your money, time, and stress. I don't have a huge issue with most of these but I do a bit of extra prep work on them now based on a few past experiences/issues with the defroster lines. They do take a bit longer than other cars for me to do. Personally I do not charge more for them but I have found that a few give me problems and few don't. Its a coin toss really. But I can see why some would charge extra. $150 extra doesn't seem reasonable to me but if they are going to charge you that, they better give you a great install in return.
  4. There are so many factors that would determine that. I (we) have had a few different shop start up locations throughout the years. The cost of start up is going to greatly vary. I think that one of the most costly things will be the shop itself depending on how much work it may or may not need. For instance, if you rent a place with trashed floors then you would probably have to get and pay for it to be redone. If you need to build out an office, a waiting room, even a roll-up door on the property then those projects will eat up most of your start-up costs. What you need to do is make a list of everything you will need to start your business minus things you may have on hand already like tools and equipment that your father gave you or if you have a personal computer that you will use for your business or are you going to buy dedicated one? Those are things to consider. We have spent as little as 20k and sometimes 30-40k+ on everything. It really depends. Start a list and I would be happy to assist and add to that.
  5. To tint those side markers on the fenders? We would charge $100...basically $50 per set of side markers or fog lights.
  6. @DynamicATL I assume y'all are doing these fender lights... Is $100 to much for 4 fender lights tinted on the new 2500 & 3500's. Anyone else can chime in with what they think this service is worth.
  7. Looks like I’m gonna start doing these fender lights on the GMC & Chevy 2500 & 3500’s.
  8. Good ol you tube and now I’m an appliance repairman.
  9. Day 26 of the stay at home order. I'm so bored I thought the care bears stopped by yesterday for lunch.
  10. I have a little experience with window tinting and my father has owned a window tinting business in the past, so he could easily train me. What I'm really wondering is how much it would generally cost to get the place up and running. My dad has most of the inexpensive equipment that he could give me, so no need to worry about that. Any advice is welcome from owners of window tinting businesses and anyone who has experience with window tinting. Thanks low cost color copies online near me
  11. Morning ever E body BTW = Lowe's picked up Craftsman so they dropped the Porter Cable heat gun. But no worries, the Craftsman gun is the exact same gun.
  12. no luck searching for the part itself?
  13. The sunroof goes way past the headliner both front and back the front about an inch past the headliner. The back window is like the S rear window except it has a third brake light.
  14. Banana bread in the oven. Kitchen smells awesome.
  15. Would like to know more have been tinting for 40 years tinted many windshields when I worked in Florida .
  16. Pro Wash Auto Spa Tint and Auto Detail is a established tinting and detail shop in the Baltimore/D.C. Metropolitan area. Starting pay 18 hourly. Please call 443-542-9439.
  17. Tint World Franchises burn through employees like firecrackers on the 4th of July. Corporate has a handbook the franchise owners live by. It tells the what to pay, when to pay and how to pay for virtually every aspect of the shop. .. It's all geared to make the store profitable. That in of its of is a good thing.. but it's hard or impossible for a quality installer to garner their true market value from the box store
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  19. Lol this just made my day thanks for sharing!😂
  20. Were will sell an individual window tint. 

  21. We put up one bounce! Couldnt do the big ones because the neighbors would start coming and that would ruin social distancing.
  22. Any issues? All the windows normal sized like the Model S?
  23. I personally have not been able to find those thumb trigger spray nozzles in years. I really liked them better. They had the filter that could be cleaned and were more durable than this cheap replacement. Good luck, if you find any let me know.
  24. Check out Express films if you want something low priced but good. If you want junk film to practice check out ATC films.
  25. Thank you all for the responses. I'm interested in learning how to tint and maybe do it for some extra income, I live near Seattle.
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