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  2. Yes sir clear frost. luckily it was only cut rolls and not my million dollar printer.
  3. Looks awesome..Printed on Clear Frost ? ....I like the reflection of the cut tint rolls too 😂
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  5. I heard Privacy Film Company is an award winning film supplier!
  6. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    Maserati GranTurismo C-Sport convertible this morning
  7. Bham

    The Chat Thread

    I know what you mean. Global doesn't like dot matrix or the black frit stuff around the edges sometimes. I would try and use a good hair dryer for heat instead of the heat gun. If you can get it lay down and get hot enough it should go away. BUT!! Be careful going across it and make sure you don't leave the little white streaks that will come out as you go across it. Global is forgiving when shrinking (more than lulu in my opinion) but yes, the adhesive can be tricky sometimes. Peanuts are just a pain no matter what brand it is.
  8. Has anyone done one of these yet? If so any tips/tricks or things to look out for? Have one coming at 8:30am. Thanks! -Michael
  9. Reputable Full-Service Window Tint & Graphics Company in Dover, Delaware is hiring immediately a self-starter, motivated and professional experienced Window Tinter Technician for automotive, residential and commercial window film instillation. Ideal candidate must have 3 years of window tinting experience, knowledge of paint protection (clear bra) film or wrap experience is a plus, but not required. Also, able to operate a plotter or hand cut. We are willing to train the right candidate! Candidate must be honest, be presentable and professional with customers and co-workers and be able to pay attention to detail. We are only looking for candidates who hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done correctly. Most importantly, bring a positive attitude to work every day and leave all distractions behind. We are offering a competitive wage in a positive and thriving work environment in an extremely busy shop. A Vehicle will be provided for commercial / residential jobs along with all installation materials. Are you looking for a career in a skilled trade position? Then we have the environment and job for you. We are professional company looking for a candidate with the highest quality of customer service experience and quality window film installation is a must. If you are a seasoned window film installer, you will be required to tint a vehicle to demonstrate your skill level and experience. Email your resume with contact information to:
  10. @bham you went from lulu to global right? I’m the guy that didn’t wanna trash a piece of ceramic 33 on a tesla back window that’s laminated, small peanut 1 corner. Too sacred to heat it from the outside, thought I had it stuck but has returned. Real small, thought about slicing it and maybe heating with a lighter on the inside haven’t quite got globals adhesive figured out for touch up.
  11. Are you still making these? If so, I’m very interested!!
  12. We are looking for an experienced Vinyl Tint and Vinyl Chrome Delete Installer. We are willing to help relocating expenses. Experience is needed with Window Tint, Chrome Delete, and PPF installing is a plus. This is confidential, so if you are looking to make REAL money please contact us if you are good! Reply to this email ASAP and we will call you back. Send your resume and phone number. Start right away !
  13. We are a high volume shop looking to hire another full time tinter.You must have fifteen years tinting experience. we do pay a high commission rate. Please call 682-2269623 or call. 251-3489563
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  15. sctgfx

    2020 4Runner

    Hey guys, I am a graphics guy, no tinting experience at all. But I figured if anyone could help me, it would be you guys. I am in desperate need of a scaled, precise rear quarter panel window drawing (.ai, .eps, .svg... anything I can use in Illustrator). I have a customer who wants me to design him a custom vinyl graphic for their 2020 4Runner rear qtr-panel windows and I need some sort of scaled drawing that I can work off in Illustrator and then send to my Graphtec Plotter. I would normally just cut them bigger then I need them, but my customer is in a different state so I have to make it as precise as possible. I have been researching online to find such a drawing with no luck. But I did stumble upon tinting software databases that have precise drawings. I just don't want to plunk down $1400 for Tinttek software for one piece of glass!! Is there anyone here who has access to a database like Tinttek that would be willing to send me that window drawing? If all else fails, Im going to have to head down to my local Toyota dealer and physically measure a window, or take a picture and scale it... but Ive never really had luck doing that. I appreciate any help/advice I receive and thank you for your time.
  16. I have a 60,000 square foot job coming up in March installing 8 mil give me a call 325-2629073 beau Garcia thank you
  17. I have shops in west Tx and Dallas ft worth area all climate controlled central heat air endless of auto, residential, commercial tint jobs I do not do dealer cars for $100 retail only busy all year must have drivers license call me 325-2629073 beau Garcia thank you god bless
  18. The camo dipping has been going really well for us
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