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  2. I just took my Tacoma in get a 3m ppf clear bra installed on the front of the truck. I'm concerned with the install quality but I'm not sure if this is normal or not. There's a bunch of really poor looking, jagged cuts with small frays sticking out, some areas where there's very visible gaps in the film, many soap bubbles, and they scratched the underlying paint in a few places. I paid $575 for this so I would expect a much better quality install. I registered the 3m warranty, but I'm not sure if I should contact them or reach out to the installer asking them to reinstall some pieces or offer a partial refund for the poor install and damage to my paint. This is my first time getting a ppf film installed, so I wanted to get a professional opinion on whether this is acceptable workmanship or not? Photos:
  3. Turning out to be a real donkey day and it's not even noon.
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  5. After seeing the back glass pic, I just thought of a probability since it happened to me back about 20-25 years ago, I did the same scratches on a rear window, (luckily it was on an old car and for the glass shop so they discounted the glass for the customer). The reason it got scratched was that I was Tinting too close to the door and a gust of wind blew dirt on to the glass. I ignored the sand and kept shrinking. It wasn't till I was done that I realized the sand scratched the glass when I was hard carding the film. The tinter might not be cleaning the windows on the outside properly before starting the job and it's the dirt, not the hard card scratching.
  6. LOTS of YT vids out there. How "easy " it is depends on condition of underlying paint and the brand of vinyl used. If lights and trim were removed for install will add time to your removal as well. Heat is your friend and your enemy. Be careful where you aim it!!!!
  7. If its an A8, definitely your sweeps. Roll your windows all the way down, pull back the sweep that touches the inside of the glass, if you don't see felt, that's the problem. You need to take your car to get the felt added on.
  8. If Huper wasn't so strict on becoming a dealer, I would handle them over XPEL. I am an XPEL dealer for PPF, don't use their window film.
  9. I haven't yet, but if I did, I would of taken the approach of the older Corvette's which suck to do. Tack 1/3 of the way down, dry shrink, and pull and shrink method.
  10. Not necessarily. I'm a SolarGard and a Llumar dealer. I've had SolarGard on my vehicle since 2008 and still looks perfect. I would do Llumar over Suntek.. IRX and AIR80 on windshield.
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  12. Does it work with only certain types of computers or do I just need to right kind of program or software?
  13. Perfect. Thanks. Does any software or accessories come with it?
  14. Great. We have been hand cutting for years and now want to start using a plotter. Does it cut a 40" wide roll?
  15. Not necessarily. Tinting methods , geographical location and parking habits play a factor in that generalization .
  16. my plotter seems to have increasingly common errors where the blade will cut a zigzag across the pattern or it will just start feeding out tint endlessly until it is manually stopped. do any of you have these issues?
  17. Does anyone have any issues with the computer recognizing the plotter (graphtec 8600) since a windows update?
  18. I'd love to buy it. Does it cut a 40" roll?
  19. I'd love to buy it. Does it cut a 40" roll?
  20. I'm interested. Would you ship it to Bellevue, WA?
  21. I'm interested. Would you ship it to Bellevue, WA?
  22. Cumming Ga. best location in town,with an awesome reputation. THE TINT SHOP of Cumming. 770-294-4731.
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