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  2. Sometimes I wish I was just like 2" taller and another 2-3" on my wingspan.
  3. Reverse roll it... we do it all the time. Keep the glass extra wet and slippery.
  4. So I had this window to tint today. The window was 69" x 90" (W/H). I'm about 5'7"... not sure what my wingspan is... but... The film being used was a 25% film that had PS adhesive.. Wasn't my job - films I use are CDA... So this wouldn't be as big of an issue if I was using a different film. Anyway... My first thought was to put it on the window next to the one that I needed to tint... remove liner... flip it over. That would probably work fine, except my gorilla platform was the only one I had, which even if I had another, I'm not sure how I could pivot the piece of film from the one window to the other without breaking my neck, which while I like tinting, I'm not going to risk injury to do so. I got it done.. how I normally do large panes like this that are PS.... I put the piece on the floor.. .removed the liner, sprayed it down... picked it up and put it on the window. Which I know is super unprofessional... or whatever.... but it came out clean... and I got it done. I don't have this situation come up often... but when I do - I just wonder if there is a better way to do it (With a PS film) or should I just do what works for *me* and not care. If it was coming out with dust and creases... yeah... I'd stop doing it how I do it... but honestly, when I do it like that, it comes out clean. I was tempted to reverse-roll it... but it wasn't my film and I didn't feel like chancing something that might end up wasting a large piece of film. The PS wasn't horribly aggressive, but more then a CDA film.
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  6. I use it and love it. You can get it cheaper if you register online at their website or call the sales guy and register with them. I did and got it for i think around i think $10-15 cheaper
  7. Ok it had me change my password so Im in....I think.šŸ™„
  8. Has anyone had any experience with XPEL EZ-Tint? is it worth the money? does it really helps increase speed of the tinting process? Right now I am starting out. To do a 4 door 2 quarter glass and rear windshield it takes me about 5 hours.
  9. Hi Guys, So I am new to tinting just have doing it for a few months and I go to customers houses and tint in their garage. I got my first Come Back. How do you double or triple Check your tint once you are done. I deal with cold weather because I am in Indiana. Any tips for cold weather installs? Thanks guys
  10. The issue has been fixed, you should be able to log in if you can get this far. What happens when you try to log in? Also try clearing your browser's cache.
  11. Say what?? Help!! This is TNTLady and Im stuck out here in the real world!! Let me in!! Havent figured out to resolve this issue yet. šŸ˜£
  12. thats a cool 73 Land Cruiser Bham!! Thanks for sharing!!šŸ˜
  13. Another service we offer besides tinting and wraps is making custom neon clocks. Anyone looking for a cool piece for their shop or showroom or maybe even a nice gift for someone. Here is a sample of one I did for a fellow tint shop. Checkout the website or contact me for details.
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    Best Inexpensive Steamer

    Thank you, I decided on a Wagner steamer on special on amazon for $79
  15. Gloss film will turn the paint to a gloss look.
  16. Used Jiffy off ebay. I bought one when I started for under $80 and it lasted at least 7 years before I upgraded
  17. I put these on WAAY to many hot meals. When eating fries with ketchup you make a pile of 'chup . Grind equal parts on top. Dip till you need to grind again and repeat.
  18. It is a file with around 50 pages, a bit long story, but will help beginers to know how to install an paint protection film starting from zero.
  19. why the matte paint needs a matte ppf ? if with clear ppf, will be different effect ?
  20. Actually it depends on what ppf you are using
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  22. Iā€™m looking for a used plotter 40 inch cut or close to that . Email me at if you have one for sale or a lead on one . Thanks !!
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