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  3. He'd get me out of bed once.........................
  4. Maybe a rooster would get my kid outta bed,
  5. My sister got a bunch of baby chicks last month. They will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Evidently when they are first born you can't tell if they are boys or girls. Turns out one is a rooster. He'll be going to a farm to live. The neighbors wouldn't be happy (nor would my sister & her family) to have a rooster crowing all the time. lol
  6. Curious on this one as well
  7. BUSY SHOP IN ONTARIO,CA. Work on your own time and schedule- Part Time or Full Time Please have experience. ** THIS IS FOR EMPLOYEE & SUB-CONTRACT WORK AND WE WILL NOT PAY FOR ANY RELOCATION. ** CONTACT AT THE BELOW ONLY: Phone (951)237-1118 email:
  8. Looking for experienced auto window tinter in Southern California. MUST have experience. Great Pay and Opportunity for Bonuses. Contact 951-455-1313. Call or text.
  9. Precuts do offer wrapped edges and there is no risk to cut the paint. Recommending new film is always a risk, especially on a white car. Have you ever met a film rep yet who wasn't selling the best on the planet?
  10. " My dad got up cause he heard some knockin',Thought it was a crook, me and Judy was rockin',Came to my room opened up the door,Son what you doin'?,Playing Tic-Tac-Toe... "
  11. Ez tint is the best. I also have gasket wizard. But ez is the best. Look it up my video on yt rq tinting bottom loading. I used it once on a 7 series. Without panel off.
  12. Ez tint is the best. Look it up my video on yt rq tinting bottom loading. I used it once on a 7 series. Without panel off.
  13. Zep is good. Trigger is good. Bottle is so so.
  14. I have 2 steinel ,one digital is bout $300 and one regular. One was down after 6 months. It died suddenly.probably somewhere in the switch . I bought a new Milwaukee. Fall in love with that. Light weigh, heat up very fast. Nothing can beat that. I have it for bout 6 months now. Still look solid. Hope it has a long life.
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  16. Actually I did feel it. Was sleeping in a bit and felt the bed rocking. Sat up thinking one of the kids was messing around but everyone was outside. Found out a little later there was an earthquake.
  17. @Tint Eastwood Things shakin around you ? Did you feel it ? edit to say that now I see it was rather north of you.
  18. Thanks! I will read this book. Wow! Thats a really long time. But I'm glad you made it so well.
  19. I’m looking for a responsible window tinter installer for a part time I’m located in McKinney Tx plz contact me either text or call 972-Tint-pro
  20. 2020 silverado, beautiful truck after the tint job.
  21. Experienced Clear Bra Installers Needed!! Will work on the most exclusive exotics around! Steady work, great pay, flexible hours, room for growth, and health benefits! Must have at least 2 years of experience in Paint Protection Film. Call or text me at 818.515.7675 (Sam) Compensation: Salary or Hourly depending on level of experience Employment Type: Full Time Experience in Vinyl Wraps & Tint is a plus.
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