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  2. Yes. Get a new sticker and replace after tint.
  3. I started off using suntek carbon and switched to global QDP. I liked the carbon, except the scratch coat but my tools always got sanded so I rarely ever had problems. I had more problems in my opinion with the QDP due to it being a tad thicker film it was easier to get a crease or zipper crease if it was handled in the wrong manner, even more so when doing a rear window. everything else I absolutely loved about it! I got out of tinting for a year but im getting to it with a new shop that's currently being built and im shooting to get back with suntek because my distributer was very very helpful and I liked the fast shipping. anyways im looking to add a tad cheaper line for the low ballers and those who refuse to pay any more for more expensive film and was thinking about using the standard PRO. does anyone have experience using it?
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  5. American Performance Dealers are looking to add to experienced muscle to our growing markets in TN. East Memphis and South Nashville where we are already established. Both locations are 150+ vehicles per month so plenty year around work. Job comes with health benefits and growth opportunities within our company. Plotters onsite and plenty of resources to help you succeed and make a nice living. Pay varies on experience. Be your own boss atmosphere. Please call/text Adam at 870-243-8406 for more info. We are building a monster in Tennessee and I want great people to join us.
  6. The 30° blades really came in handy doing that '73 Land Cruiser. The super sharp point makes it easy to get tight against the hard rubber seals.
  7. I don't use the 30° ones but I do use the Olfa double honed black carbon blades for PPF and they are sharp as a
  8. bennett5

    2020 Blazer

    1 screw bottom front of panel 1 screw behind door under arm rest 1 screw behind door opener pop off trim in front of pull handle 1 screw.lift panel up. Cut long front and rear opera glass is tight and no blackout. Not to bad
  9. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes." -- William Gibson
  10. Even on tough spots? Will the corners and edges flip after several weeks or months? Do these promoters damage paint over time? even if used properly? Thanks!
  11. Talk to the owner and ask him for a raise if you feel you need more money. Worst he can say is no. You can always do side jobs.
  12. Planning to get my car tinted with a pretty dark tint (around 30% vlt). There is a currently a small RFID sticker on my windshield that I use to access my housing area. Will cutting a small notch in my windshield tint around the sticker look really unsightly/ugly from the outside?
  13. Hey all, first time poster, long time lurker. I’ve been tinting for about 5 years. Started at a single bay shop, hand cutting windows and very high quality installs and retail only (two people usually took about 1-1.5 hours per car. Moved out of state (medium-high cost of living major city) and got my first job at a shop that is primarily servicing dealers. We make $50 per car no matter what, whether it’s ceramic or standard, Honda Civic or Porsche Panamera, it’s $50 per car (25 per flag hour, 2 hours per car). During the summer the money is great, doing mostly Fords, Honda’s, Kias, etc and most days averaged $30 an hour. For some reason in the winter, the only people around here getting cars tinted are the ones from our Porsche and Audi accounts. So for most of the past couple months, 80% of the cars we do are panameras, Macans, cayennes, Q5s, g wagons, amg gt sport backs and such. I find it hard to make any money with all the extra time I spend on these cars and on top of that I don’t get any extra from ceramic tint jobs either. Plus, when we get the occasional Ferrari or new Mercedes model that our programs don’t have cutouts for, I’m the only one who knows how to hand cut and I don’t get any extra for that either. Do you think I should be making more? I’m just sooo sick of macans and 2019+ panameras 😂
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  15. if you are near FORT MYERS hit me up and I will test the film for ya......
  16. Established tint shop in Honolulu $350,000 annually very busy high visibility location.
  17. Just trying to keep busy, October and November were particularly slow for me. Not doing much for Christmas beyond hanging out with the family. Weather has actually been decent here for the most part, supposed to get some snow tonight and tomorrow though. How about yourself? Okay, I get it, I have bad teeth! That light gap though!
  18. You can admit it, you peed a little. I had one root canal years ago and the fool dropped some of the filling on my shirt. I was pissed.
  19. Never experienced so much pain during a root canal. My face looks like I had a stroke if I try to smile. I tried to be (tough) in case there were women and or children present but let out a pretty loud groan at least twice.
  20. Hey Guys I am going to be using the ATR glue remover for the first time. and kinda want to know what dissolved ratio you guys use for rear windshield film glue removal.
  21. Anything out there? Has anyone done any physical testing on this films?,This film is popping up quite a bit here in the North East as a basis of design. Not sure if I believe there specs on paper. Looking for something comparable.
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