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  2. Experienced Tinter wanted in Spokane, Washington. 40 year business. Beautiful facility. Employees appreciated and respected. Competitive Pay. Beautiful area! Great place to live and raise a family. Call Mike 509-927-8464
  3. ***IF NO EXPERIENCE NEED NOT APPLY- This is not a training position. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE. Location : Orange County, Inland Empire, LA county. Base Pay : Negotiable based on experience and skill assessment Employee Type : FULL TIME to PART TIME Job Type : Automotive Tinter (Flat glass experience a bonus) The Automotive Window Tinter's responsibilities include but are not limited to: * Ensure each customer receives the highest level of customer service * Must be able to hand cut window patterns as necessary * Ability to use basic hand tools and heat gun/ torch as necessary * Ability to tint autos in open outside areas as necessary * Window tinting skills required to install and inspect film to industry leading standards on any make or model car, truck, SUV and alternate fuel vehicles * Assist sales team in growing business Be able to present a valid driver's license. Compensation: Negotiable based on skill and experience. Bonuses. Opportunity for company car and gas card. Job Type: Full-time Pay: $4,000.00 - $5,400.00 per month
  4. We use Xsun Xfinity primarily and really like it. Have tried a few others but other than Llu*** which is much more expensive and harder to become a client for, this has been our favorite. Customer service is good, easy to use, lifetime guarantee, and good stats for a decent price.
  5. On the other hand, just a week or so ago I pointed out to a Tesla Y owner that brought me his car for PPF that one half of his carbon fiber trunk 'lip' was lifted about 1/3 of the way on one side. He was planning on visiting the dealership about it, but it does show that double sided tape has limits or if improperly installed....
  6. I recommend that I use laser over inkjet for print prices, readability and durability (ink tends to smear when damp - not good for plan sets in the field). Color is good to have, but I can think of just one instance in 3 years, if this was useful, but we don't have it in a large format. However, I think large format color laser is very expensive. No particular model recommendation. It's important to have a wide-format scanner and color scanning (for redlines) is extremely useful.
  7. I think a small spoiler like a "Lip" if you are referring to, would be ok attaching with double sided tape. Tesla OEM spoilers are all held on with it, and none fall off. I would say every "lip" style spoiler is held on by tape. If you are worried, just put some adhesive promotor on the film before you attach it. No way it will come off the film after that. I guess a picture of said spoiler would solve this question more accurately.
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  9. I wouldn't trust the tape on paint, much less on ppf. I could see it on something small like an antenna, but a spoiler, by design, is under a lot of forces. I think with age something is bound to fail, either the tape or the ppf.
  10. Just the 3m tape. From the forums I read almost of them don't want holes being drilled in the truck and the 3m tape held just fine. I want to go with the same route but am concerned if it will be a bad idea to have it attached to the PPF instead of the paint. I checked online in the bimmer forums and the opinions seem half and half.
  11. If you are a car enthusiast looking for a career working with other car enthusiasts, Permaplate Services is where you want to be. Permaplate Services is looking for an Automotive Window Tint Installer in the following areas. Lawton, OK 73505 Oklahoma City, OK 73132 Ada, OK 74820 As an Automotive Window Tint Installer, you will be assisting car aficionados in customizing and upgrading their vehicles. Installers are tasked with installing window tint/clearplate on customer, vendor and dealership vehicles using the highest quality products with the most trusted application techniques. They must communicate well with company personnel regarding projects and schedules. This position allows the selected resource to work independently in a “be your own boss” style environment. The work area is clean and organized with plenty of orders to sustain work year-round. Permaplate pays weekly, with full medical, dental, vision, and 401k benefits. Duties May Include: Inventory ordering Addendums/lamination knowledge Key Access for inventory Plotter Knowledge/Cutting Vehicle Operation Raising invoices Logging into A Plus Car Counts Proper Tools/Supplies Tint Priorities (Sold, Service, and Stock units) Communicate schedule with area manager and store manager Removing dirt and debris from windows Keep your work environment orderly by cleaning up after every job, putting tools and equipment back in their proper place and performing janitorial duties when needed Final clean and the end of each day – cars returned to lot and all keys turned in Dress to represent Permaplate Films in company shirt and Khaki bottoms Required Skills: 1 year of window tint installation experience High School Diploma or equivalent Valid Driver’s License IS A MUST Attention to detail Self-Motivated Honest and Reliable Someone that takes initiative Team player Nice-To-Have Skills Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Suite Design program experience Physical Demands: While performing the duties, the employee is regularly required to sit, talk, or hear. Frequently required to stand, walk, handle, feel, and reach with hands and arms. Occasionally required to stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. May occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Must be able to view a computer monitor and phone screen with clear vision at 20 inches or less. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate. Permaplate Film Employees will have Year-Round Work Medical Dental Vision 401K To apply, go to
  12. Depending on how much air hits the spoiler, there may be a good chance of leaving it somewhere along the highway also...
  13. They have a distribution network all over the world, but the brand is not that well-known yet. I saw that they even sell some smaller rolls of Veilish on Amazon.
  14. Is that sold all over the world? Or just in certain areas?
  15. I agree, just make sure you roll them out the door with a near perfect tint job. You may have to do a window several times before its good enough and therefore you might loose or not make very much money on some jobs. But you'll get better at it and in time you'll learn how to become faster and more efficient. Training is never free; not matter if you pay for a class or teach yourself. Good luck!
  16. Mobile Tint and Audio has 4 very successful high volume locations in the New Orleans/Baton rouge areas and we are looking to add a extra experienced full time tinter at our New Olreans, Kenner or Metairie Location. We will relocate a qualified tinter with multiple years of experience , or offer a start on bonus. Each location has multiple clean bays, great lighting and plotters. We have 1-2 salesman per location, 1 audio/12volt installer and 1-2 tinters per location. We require 5+ years experience, and transportation is a plus. Transportation obviously isn't a requirement, there is multiple apartments and hotels within walking distance from the shop. We pay $18.40 per hour guaranteed($850 at a 46 hour full week/ 30% commission which ever is greater, on average tinters make $850-1100 weekly during slow months and on average as high as $1100-1400 during busier weeks. Our hours are mon-Friday 9:30-5:30 and Saturday 10-4:30. If commission isn't a motivating factor for you we do in some cases offer a higher guaranteed salary with out commission, however we stay busy year round so its best to be on guaranteed hourly/commission. We offer 3 lines of film 3m fx film, 3m obsidan and 3m ceramic with our prices on average ranging between $170-$400 . Please give me a call with any questions 504-343-3453 John -email, or visit our website/ google listings to do more research on our company
  17. No issue installing it, good chance of it leaving some sort or mark when removed.
  18. Just did my first one today ( just the fronts) cake... didn't remove anything on the door... just tuck like I always do. The only pain is the safety feature on the windows that if it faces resistance while rolling up, will automatically roll down, thus buggering your tint. Had to reset the switch and then all was good in the world again.
  19. Hi, I have a quick question for all which I cannot seem to find an answer for. I have my car wrapped with PPF and I want to install a very light spoiler lip on the trunk. Is there any issues with attaching the spoiler lip with 3M tape on top of PPF? I suppose it will only be as strong as PPF, and that if one day I want it off there is a good possibility the PPF will be damaged.
  20. Selling a vinyl express q42 works well, currently set up for window tint Just got a Roland so I don’t have room for this one. located in Fontana CA i can ship at Your expense. depending on where your at freight may cost from $300 and up. I have shipped plotters before to the east coast for around $550 so it just depends where you are. give me a call or text 909-775-6199 cash only or Zelle. No trades so please do not ask this is a great machine Will upload photos
  21. I have a us cutter one and it's not bad as a starter cutter, although it's really reliable, I also use vinyl cutter software for mac it's a nice hobby cutter, you can do fine detail with it, but if I had a design shop, I would only do it once and get a Graphtec. I've got one of those, too, and how reliable and consistent it is is nuts. You're going to be at around $1800 for the 24" I have, but you can do almost any job. They also make a 15" for 1100-1200ish, I went with the 24" because if necessary I would have the ability to do bigger jobs and wouldn't have to get another one later."
  22. Mytints

    New 3 series 2020?

    Any tips on how to cut the rear quarter windows? I’ve done a few and they’re very difficult. You have virtually no room for error.
  23. Charge as much or more than anyone around then do the job until it looks good enough. You might not make much but you won't be lowballing the pricing either!
  24. I'd take a step back and reevaluate doing retail work until you have more skill. Your best bet would be to work as a helper in a shop until you have a lot more experience. When you are to the point you can tint any car with confidence and do it well, also knowing how to handle a customer and their expectations, then start advertising and taking in work. If you are doing good work and have happy customers, they will advertise for you. So wait until you are much better at this before charging. If you jump in this too early and start putting out sub par work and unhappy customers, you are going to have nothing but grief.
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