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  2. tint windshield before installation?

    guess I will talk to wherever the place that I get tinted. thank you for everyone's input... I think both side have have good points and really depends on the installer. much appreciate everyone's input.
  3. Does anybody know what this is

    Is it for cars I think it may be for residential. does suntek say it on the liner.
  4. I have been using Sprayway glass cleaner for the last squeegee before install before I was using Dawn and it was leaving streaks and I was getting contamination let me know if this helps anyone it's been working good I know a few people on here use it just wanted to share with you and use distilled water always with whatever you're using
  5. * Experienced both Automotive and Residential * 2-5 Years Tinting Experience * We offer competitive hourly rates based on experience. * We offer a very clean and air conditioned work environment * Valid Driver License Required * Must have a great attitude with customers and employees. * Part-Time or Full-Time Available. * Position Available in Loma Linda, Rancho Cucamoga , or Corona. Please call us at (909)684-2404 or Email your resume at tintcity@gmail.com
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  7. Does anybody know what this is

    Not Suntek for sure, most likely just some cheap imported film.
  8. Last one to post #923

    Hopefully it warms up pretty quickly for you.
  9. Last one to post #923

    Finally. 23hrs later, power is back on.
  10. Does anybody know what this is

    It is darker than 35 percent although not that much darker. Easy to work with film and very thin.
  11. I bought some tint on let go to practice with. I think its suntek although not sure what it is. I bought 2 rolls 80 bucks 40 by around 100 each. The other one is smoke about 35 percent. I just dont what this one is. To me it looks cool.
  12. Sedan vs Crossover pricing

    Its hard to keep up with all the SUVs, whether they are 7 or 9 window. I used to charge one rate for the Crossovers and another for large SUVs. Doing this has cause me to charge the crossover rate many times for somethin like a 9 window Lexus SUV. I thinks this is why many charge just the same for all SUVs. Im definitely gonna charge more for the crossover.
  13. Llumar will pull dealer rights to anyone they catch selling film out the back door. Regardless you cannot warranty it so it would make no sense to go that route. If everyone else is carrying it why would you want to join them? Global, Solar FX, Express all could get you a great film and you would be different and stand out. You can also set different prices....Same film=same selection=same price and you ultimately lose at that game if anyone low balls the rest of you. I would not want the same thing everyone else has. In our area everyone knows Llumar as they actually market and advertise, but Global is pretty solid as well. All depends on your area and market.
  14. tint windshield before installation?

    If you plotter cut or stay reasonably where you normally would when cutting out on the car that would hardly be an issue or never has been for us.
  15. tint windshield before installation?

    It is definitely easier to tint that way, BUT you have to have someone hold it up when you tint it otherwise it will be full of contaminates if it lays on it's face. We do them either way both inside and out of the vehicle, but usually there ends up being a piece of fuzz or something almost every time.
  16. tint windshield before installation?

    Definitely easier to tint the glass before it's installed, given the opportunity. Also saves the risk of water damage to electrical gear hidden behind the dash.
  17. Last one to post #923

    You didn't tell me if that's the right car though
  18. Last one to post #923

    @Bham's house be like...
  19. Last one to post #923

    Still no power. freaking cold in this house and having to cook on the grill outside doesn’t help.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Last one to post #923

    Damn and the MSRP is only 40 on those not bad.
  22. Last one to post #923

    Yeah, the Giulia is pretty sleek looking, love the stock wheels.
  23. Last one to post #923

    Yeah they're some nice whips there I'm not sure if Bugatti nice though
  24. Last one to post #923

    I'm pretty sure it is the Alfa Romeo...only car with that style grille you will see a few of on the road since not expensive. My other thought was Bugatti Veyron but obviously wouldn't keep seeing those on the road.
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