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  2. Interwest tools website
  3. Post your photos for the pic of the week contest. Let's go off topic this week. Anything not work related will do.
  4. Nice dirt bike
  5. #1 By: @DynamicAppearance That blue is on point on this BMW M3 wrapped in Llumar CTX Window Tint! #2 By: @CustomGlassTinter Ctx35 around, AIR80 on the front #3 By: @jh812 Hellcat 80% shield #4 By: @Jkatfelix 50 windshield 20 rest of the car
  6. #1 By: @Super Dave Ceramic tint on doors 80% on windshield Also did Clear-Plex, though pic may not have it on yet
  7. Yes sir your rite....
  8. Does the exacto get dull or can you sharpen it?
  9. Thanks send me shaving video I will drop you a gift in the mail for helping me out...its worth it!!!
  10. Evening ladies
  11. Same here good show so far
  12. battlefield 1
  13. Just started to watch it first 2 down 3rd probably tomorrow
  14. me tonight
  15. @jh812 waiting on my windshield film...
  16. Any good? Haven't watched last nite's episode yet.
  17. Some shops do some don't. I personally do when the sweep can't be easily removed. That particular vehicle should just be two screws and the whole thing will pop off.
  18. That seems to be my luck
  19. Just look on the bright side. It could have been a crew cab with sliding backglass.
  20. Providing an update. Went today to have all tint removed by shop that installed it and received refund. I'm now back to being tintless until I decide where to take it next. I did go by Snappy Tint and believe I may go there and go with the 3M color stable. Question- Is it normal for tint shops to remove door panels to tint? I noticed today when I got my car back that my driver side rear door panel is not lined up against the window and I'm pretty sure they didn't take it off to remove the tint which only leaves the possibility of them taking it off when they tinted the window the first or second time as it is a brand new car and I know I haven't taken it off. I'm not going to bother taking it back to them to take it off and re-position it, I've taken panels off before and can figure this one out as well. Just odd...
  21. Days finally over
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