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  2. Pic of the Week #587 Winner

    Nice waiting area! All adds to the customers experience and satisfaction. Cheers
  3. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    Hi Rayno Rick, I'm not sure why you have assumed my post was directed at you? Did my statement strike a resemblance to your current practice? Thanks for the biblical agriculture advice... I agree wholeheartedly.
  4. looking for a good quality films

    Hello Fea, Nice to e-meet you. You are blessed to be able to access a number of very good quality options. Given your harsh environment, you will need a range that has a history of longevity. The very highest performing films that fit this criteria come from Eastman and Garware. Their adhesive formula has been time tested for a generation. Huper Optik, Llumar, Global, 3M would be brands that might suit your market. I believe that Mist of Miami is the Global distributor for the UAE, so they could look after you from a Global perspective. Or Express Window Films carry's a vast catalog of products that would include a premium range that may suit your needs. I'm not sure who represents Eastman in your area, but maybe the great, admired and well respected Smarty 2 Shoes could assist. Good luck in your venture. GTS
  5. Hey all. I'm still a bit of a noob here, but I'm curious to what slime ratios your using?. I live in MO and the humidity here is insane, and it's usually either freezing, or hot as hell. Currently I'm using tint Slime ultra, and the bottle recommends 1oz per gallon of water. I am mixing it 3oz per gallon and still find the film almost too tacky when im lining up the top edge on a roll down. Should I try another oz? I'm using solarFX film and they said their glue is extremely strong (which it is compare to some others I tried). What are your thoughts? anyone else's mix ratio this high?.
  6. Trouble Finding Film

    The way his family room is laid out, the TV is directly across from the window. Can't see it in the afternoon sun, that's the main issue. He wants to be able to leave the curtains open more than anything but the added privacy would be a big bonus. From talking to him it sounded like the "limo" idea was simply the darker the less glare mindset.
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  8. Trouble Finding Film

    What's he trying to accomplish, privacy?
  9. Avery Dennison auto tint

    Haven't heard anything bad about sigma pro? It's a carbon/dyed category film though not offering higher end heat rejection. I'm ignorant to anything else they sell as far as film though
  10. Last one to post #885

    Only 28 days until
  11. Last one to post #885

    Hey man
  12. Avery Dennison auto tint

    I’m told they recently purchased Hanita so I guess they took over their window tint products.
  13. Had a customer call and wants to put "limo" on his windows. Long story short, another guy in town blew him off so I went over and looked at things. According to LLumar's Film to Glass chart, I don't think there is much of anything I can put on the windows. Old dual pane, not tempered, heavy winter curtains currently to block sun. He wants something dark but not super reflective. Said he is worried about blinding the neighbors. What I saw didn't really give any good options to get toward the dark end of the scale. Any ideas or help? Buying from LLumar so limited to their lineup. Thanks!
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    Hey boss
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  16. Cut without adding extra

    I do it when the exterior/interior gaskets are even and its a vehicle i know too much film will need to be tucked. Mostly do it on euro vehicles with tight gaskets, but I usually just pull the seals/panels on them now.
  17. Automotive Tinting Paid Per Vehicle

    Looking to see if there is anyone out there on this forum who lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL to tint? All tint and supplies will be provided and paid PER vehicle. Thanks in advance.
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  19. Last one to post #885

    Only 12 more days.
  20. Top Brand Window Film

    Used hp 6 13 22 for years alot went bad split in two ugly bro ugly ...solar fx Armolan global qdp...
  21. Top Brand Window Film

    What's the number to global???
  22. Cut without adding extra

    Do you bump up the bottom so it's not hard to tuck on the inside
  23. 2018 Accord back window warning

    I use a product called SoakShield for back glass as well as windshield. It saves a lot of the headaches down the line with potential water damage during installations. Hope this helps. www.soakshield.com
  24. Avery Dennison auto tint

    Honestly didn't even know they carried a window tint line...very big in the vinyl world.
  25. Yeah, you can add the felt if there is none. However, if you keep the rubbers clean you will prolong possible scratches.
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