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  2. Fading Question*

    Im just curious if i where to install solar Fx 5% classic black non-color stable film how long will it take to fade purple. State. Nebraska.
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  5. Whats up BOSS!

    It is impolite to not call people sir, boss, or brother. But, I was raised in Philippines,if you are older than me and I didnt called you Kuya (brother) I would get my ass beat. It is not like that anymore but we still do it. I dont know where you are at but maybe it's just a culture thing. Im actually one of those guys that say those quotes a lot.
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    Right on, that's a pretty area
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    What’s up folks
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    In the mountains above Sundance
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    Sounds like that stuff is running closer to what it says on the box huh?
  11. Whats up BOSS!

    You can call me whatever you want when you're handing me 100 dollar bills
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    Where at in Wyoming? That'd be a good fit, I installed some the other day and it wound up metering at 24% if I remember correctly.
  13. Whats up BOSS!

    I like being called 'boss' or something like that. I hate when people call me 'sir'. Makes me feel super older then I already feel. lol
  14. Best slip solution ratio?

    Yup let her slide !!!! Slip n slide !!!!
  15. Whats up BOSS!

  16. Whats up BOSS!

  17. Last One To Post #904

    Talked to the team today, think I am going to stock the 3M Obsidian 25% since we get requests for that shade. We are not going to advertise it, but if someone wants something darker than 30%, but not quite 20%, we will bring it up.
  18. Whats up BOSS!

    We have some customers do it to us but doesn't really bother us cause we are very relaxed. I usually start off with a "yes sir" or "yes ma'am" then quickly changes into "what's up man" or "alright man, be safe". I would just repeat it back to them when they say it to you. So if they say Hey Boss, you respond What Can I do for you Boss or Chief. I agree with the wife, you're being a little bit tight assed if that bothers you.
  19. Whats up BOSS!

    Looking for some feed back. I am 41 years old. Have owned my own shop for most my adult life. We have what I think is a nice retail shop. We have a good name in our area, work on a our share of higher end cars. For the longest time, and now seeming to become more prevalent in the last 5-8 years I am getting the " Hey Boss or Hey buddy" even a "big guy" now and then. We have a huge amount of younger guys(18-25yo) that do the summer sales stuff that are like this. Couple that with a very arrogant attitude. Mostly Vivint since it is headquartered in our area. I find it to be very patronizing. It drives me out of my mind. Probably more then it should. My wife thinks I am overreacting. Does this happen to you guys? Does it piss you off? I hold my tongue for customer service sake, but I become short with these customer.What say you?
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    Not even that cold YET, and I can already feel the skin splits coming on. :ouch Wonder what the ratio would be for baby oil in slip solution.
  21. $35 a month!

    I cant beleive i got this for $35 a month i had no idea it was even an option. Filtered, coffee, hot, and cold water!
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    PB&J for lunch
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    Bi**h Please....
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    I sat down and made a list of important things I am currently getting accomplished. #1 =
  25. Best slip solution ratio?

    Heat the top edge to help it lock down.
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    His boss told him he wouldn't be looking for another tech for about 6 months.. and I have no idea if I'd even get hired, but I'd have a better chance with my friend referring me then just trying to get an IT job someplace else after not being in it for 18 yrs. lol
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    It wouldn't mean you have to stop tinting. You just wouldn't have to RELY on tinting. Proper scheduling and you can still tint(or sell) when you want to. The other HUGE part of it is............... a weekly paycheck would make it a whole lot easier to have a new place to live.
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    A friend of mine started a new job monday.. He is in IT and when from a big company to one that is just 3 people. He loves it... tons of growth potential. So we were at the gym last night taking tech and stuff - and I said to him I wonder if I could just get back into IT w/o skipping a beat. The company he is with sounds really cool - Not google cool, but cool none the less. I love tinting.. or rather, the sales/biz aspect of it. Getting a weekly paycheck is appealing too though. lol
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