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    What a crappy day. I can not for the life of me understand why a tinter would sell safety film on individual panes.... I just don't get it. Aside from him not knowing any better - but this was by a company that has been around forever. Only thing that makes any sense is maybe he explained how it worked, the pros and cons, and the home owner wanted to go ahead?? In any event, I would bet my life he didn't charge enough. I have no idea what he charged - but it wasn't enough. While I know it's not really any of my concern - I just felt like I was wasting my time on something that was pointless and came out, IMO, looking like crap. Very frustrating. Not sure why I get myself into these situations in the first place.
  3. 2016 prius door panels???

    How was the front windows? I did two and sliding it in there gets tough... however I'm getting better!
  4. Madico Black pearl ceramic tint

    Thanks for the heads up! Will give it a try.
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    I think the world took the day off
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  7. Today
  8. Gls SUV seal removal for felt/bottom load

    Do these need felt in the sweeps?
  9. this is jb , tell jay to text me if he is interested 843-781-2988

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    5 series with a windshield done, back to my strip and retint
  11. Man, what a day...

    Always tell them a high price and that’s only the starting point pending your inspection. Then it can go up. When doing removals ALWAYS think of a number that’ll make you smile. 😃 . For me if during inspection I find it’s delaminated then I’ll be honest it’ll be cheaper if you replace the glass then to pay me to take it off. Lol I actually had a customer that went with that advice and went to pick and pull and bought the entire rear hatch with glass for $50 . His lucky day it was even the same paint color as his car. To prevent this I’ll usually ask for the customer to text me pics.
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  13. Last One To Post #845

    Picking up these chilrens
  14. Madico Black pearl ceramic tint

    We switched back to madico this past late year, we use both NR and Ceramic Black Pearl, Shrinks great, dries quick and its not very cloudy or hazy. The clarity is great and i just wish it wasnt "green" but its very little, nothing compared to suntek or any other green ceramic out there. There are many companies out there that are popular especially on the forums and facebook groups that whore themselves out. My business is almost 40 years old and we've always used madico until they came out with they're charcool lines is when we stopped it was just way to green and onyx way too blue. We've never ever had issues with Madico with automotive, or flat glass, everything lasts! Even theyre old school AG Dyed films that coudnt shrink lol . When they' came out with Madico Blackpearl and worked with it i made the switch, i rather put my name on something that i know will stand behind they're product, proven that lasts over 20-30 years at least! No other company comes close! Not even global as they' have not been around as long but not bashing global just comparing. .02
  15. New PC? Update your Cursor ASAP

  16. Last One To Post #845

    Doing a bunch of individual panes.. with safety film. . Not sure who sold them on that one.....
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  18. What did you tint today?

    Just a little somethin.
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    Also just had two large sliding glass doors donated. Again
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    Got the wrecker done in two hours. And I took out the passenger seat to do the back glass.
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    Strip and retint with a windshield on top
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    dead today
  23. Those of you who have owned or own multiple shops

    I have also noticed in the last few years that knowledgeable and experienced installers are hard to come by, besides the fact a lot of shops or companies don’t understand (unless they have or are installers themselves) how to pay or keep a good employee. I am referring to the companies that post installer jobs for 10 or 15 bucks an hour..... florida and California; Can you hear me know... we as business owners are able to eat because of our installers. Most companies don’t thrive and exist because of the owner. We have four installers and they all average 24.75+ an hr with basic ins. and comp. dental and life is optional. Take care of your people, they take care of you. cheers
  24. Water bubbles In PPF

    I agree. I hate getting the weird look when I go to the pharmacy to buy them. You don't need a prescription to buy them.I always though "if I am a drug addict wouldn't you rather have me use clean needles". I ended up ordering them online. I only use them one time so they are super sharp. I bought 15 boxes of 100 needles, so i would have to get any for a long time.
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    Morning folks
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