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  3. Madico Black Pearl Ceramic

    Yup, film is crap. I had a car return after a week. Little fingers developed on heater lines and would not go down.
  4. BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    I was using the 5" Blue Max blade. Used to use the Orange Crush but went back to BM. Then recently started using the Go Doctor but insert the yellow blade for cleaning
  5. BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    Yeah, but there really isnt many curvy bgs out there. I squeegee from center out for the bg, but i wanted to mention this other method I saw some guy use cleaning the windshield. This how it works with squeegee in right hand: You start squeegeeing straight ‘down’ the right side several inches and then turn going ‘straight’ across to the left side edge. This way you can squeegee from side to side in one pass. Definitely is less effort.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Last one to post #926

    It locked while I was typing Congrats @Roach As I was going to say,,,, Roach, your heater core is going to go out. Just can't say when. It is one of those things that can work properly, intermittently, and not just be broke. As far as the housemates thing,, well, that can go many ways. Not even going to get started on all of that, just going to say, I hope it works out well. The short lease thing is a great idea, so that you can to where you really want to be. Again, Good Luck.
  8. @Roach for the win Open chat thread carry on. I may stock just a little too much film
  9. BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    Sure am and I love it. Use it for the back and front. I keep hearing it doesn't work good on really curved windows but I haven't had an issue yet.
  10. BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    Ive never tried any of the go doctors. Seems for pushing that the harder the squeegee blade, the easier it glides. I’d like to see how the redline sqeegee glides for pushing. Pusing makes cleaning the windshield easier and is how i started doing the same for BG’s. Are you running that 8” blu max blade in the 8” handle??
  11. BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    I feel like pushing lets me dig in more. On back glass i was using the red go doctor and the soft red you kinda have to push, i've pulled the red blade out when i was pulling. I've recently switched to the yellow go doctor and it stays in push or pull, but pushing is just better leverage for me. I'm wondering if pushing a blue max would be better for cleaning (after scraping/scrubbing), i keep picturing the firmer blade almost scraping the dirt off better than my red go doctor. I'm overthinking i'm sure.
  12. BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    I prefer to pull. I feel like I have more control of where the water goes. But I'm gonna try pushing on my next one and see what happens.
  13. Last one to post #925

    The floor isn't wet... I've been putting more coolant in it every couple days. Not sure where it's going since nothing appears to be leaking. It still does the 'blows hot then goes cold then goes hot and stays hot' thing... I'm just trying to put it off as long as I can or until something actually breaks. There's something wrong.. if it were july it'd be in the shop already, but with work being slow.... Which brings me to the moving - found a place I think will work out for the time being. Not where I want to end up - but the rent is about the same I'm paying now, so a lateral move. It's basically the basement (which is finished) bedroom in a 4 BR house that's about 5 min from me.. the other three house mates, from what i've been told by the landlord and one of the other tenants, all pretty much keep to themselves and/or work a ton and are never home. We'll see if that's actually true, but I don't see why they would lie about that. It's a 90 day lease then month-2-month, so my plan is to be there for like 6 months and then move into the complex I want to live at. I think it will work out ok, and I'd probably actually stay there long term except he doesn't allow pets, and my end game is to have a dog... hence this being a temp thing. But we'll see. My landlord said closing is on the 18th of jan.. so the notice she gave was to be out by the 10th, but she said the 15th would be fine. And she's not going to charge me rent for any of Jan... I can move into the new place as of the 1st.. so I got a couple weeks to move my stuff over.
  14. BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    BG I push from center out and sides I pull.
  15. Last one to post #925

    Man I'm dragging ass today
  16. Last one to post #925

    Hey @Roach What every happened with your heater in your truck ? Also, how's the moving situation going ?
  17. Been pushing the solution to clean latley. Just wanted to see if you guys push or pull with a squeegee to clean??
  18. Last one to post #925

    I did speak to his old boss which I used to work for as well. He said man every time I talked to slick he bragged on how good you are doing. That does my heart really good.
  19. Last one to post #925

    'morning all.....
  20. Last one to post #925

    Hey Charley, @Sunbreakers I didn't want to hijack other dude's thread. The past is what it is. Can't change that, only learn from it. And can't let it beat you up because of the choices made or what happened due to those choices. Who knows? If we had actually worked together, we might hate each other at this point. OR, we could still have a shop going somewhere and be just fine. No way to know how that all would have turned out. We were still able to hang out and be friends even though I was working for Rusty at the time. There is nothing to apologize for. Like I said, neither of us knows how it would have gone 20 years ago. Life itself affects people and life might have gotten in the way of business, for either or both of us, and it might not have gone the proper direction. But we are still friends and that is the main thing. I am trying to make it work here at my little bay. I haven't had an actual "Boss" in over 8 years now and as most anybody knows, it's slow going to get to,,, quote " That Point", where you can be comfortable with what you have built. I know I don't have the flashiest shop or a bunch of accessories and lights and radios etc, etc. I'm also not the fastest tinter on the planet by any means, but I try. I try to do it right, and have happy customers. That's really all I want. A steady schedule of happy customers. Don't need all the headaches that come with the accessories side of things. I can do and have done all of that and don't really enjoy that part of it, so for now, I will just keep on trying to get my little bay on the map. still don't have a shop pig though.
  21. Wax before installing XPEL

    I sent you an email
  22. Last one to post #925

    Morning ever E body @TintDude That is really some amazing work on the watch cycles. I am thoroughly impressed. Very Nice!! @jh812 funerals and such SUCK! But they are what we (people) have created as necessary. A good long and purposeful life is really all we can hope and strive for.
  23. Last one to post #925

    Granddad's visitation yesterday. Glad all that's done and over with. I can only think though he smoked and drank for 50 something years. His brother is in his 90's and mother died in her's as well. He always said though that if that's what kills him he'll be a happy man.
  24. Last one to post #925

    Morning everyone
  25. Last one to post #925

    Whoa, Black Betty, PANDA-LAMPS ...
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