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  2. Im a trainee in a wrap shop here in the uk and i need some help with directional wrap ukno the ones which change colour when looking at it from different angles. im wondering where you can lay it in any order or will the wrap need to be kept in a certain orientation to match?
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  4. AUTOMOTIVE FILM INSTALLER Position Summary: The automotive film installer is able to carry out all aspects of vehicle window tinting, PPF & wraps/graphics with exceptional quality in a timely manner. Primary Responsibilities Proficient in tint, PPF & wraps/graphics installation any vehicle. Operate plotter system for tint, PPF and graphics production. Fulfill processes and systems per company protocols. Communicate effectively and professionally with customers as needed. Maintain a professional appearance and conduct in accordance with company values. Assure cleanliness and organization of work area, shop, office and store premises at all times. Complete installations in a timely manner consistent with company standards. Strive for 100% customer satisfaction at all times. Assist in inventory control and minimal waste of materials. Assure all tools and equipment to be maintained properly on a daily basis. Responsible for customer and company property while in care in custody. Responsible for personal safety as well as safety of team members and others. Works harmoniously with others. Secondary Responsibilities Willingness to assist in any operation to ensure or promote the well being of the company. Experience Requirements One year of automotive window tinting experience. Reports To: Director of Auto Division Job Type: Full-time Required experience: Automotive Film Installation: 1 year Interested candidates contact Mark Doman at or 412-385-3662
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  6. Thats what I'm sayin
  7. Yikes! What the heck?!!?
  8. Looking for reliable, experience tinter. We are a shop witha high reputation in business for 20 years.
  9. Installed Solar Fx carbonfx a month ago shut the door today and wala
  10. We both hate plotting window film. Plus the way we book, there is no time in between, so it would slow us down until we can get a routine down. Ideally I would like to have one more tinter and one full time assistant and think it would be perfect.
  11. Salt water taffy anyone?
  12. Man I just don't understand that. Maybe I could be the lovely assistant haha.
  13. Done made money today
  14. Nope...everyone hates using it for tint. I need get an tint assistant that can help prep vehicles and can plot tint.
  15. oh and easy car f**k it's getting crystal Hey are you guys using that plotter at all for tint?
  16. Our guy is like dammit, another Crystalline.
  17. Sounds like a good day!
  18. I guess I need to do a little bit more research around my area for a better quality use film. He said there is the full warranty but it wouldn't help if I move out of the area I would imagine. Love some of the responses.
  19. After all thank you all guys for the support. Now I lnow that this. Kind of thing can happen .
  20. filthy Tahoe done On to some gravy
  21. Feel like I'm melting down damn hot. Decent day though...BMW X5 w/ 3M Crystalline including Windshield, Honda Accord w/ Llumar CTX, Honda Accord w/ 3M Crystalline including Windshield, BMW 535i w/ 3M Crystalline on Sunroof (previously tinted by us), and Honda Accord w/ 3M Color Stable.
  22. One timeI found over 7,000 bucks under a customers seat People!
  23. Found something custy lost under his seat. Will be sure to let panama red know where it is when he picks his car up.
  24. Well. Thanks to @Tintmaster08 I went and got a 2piece catfish lunch.
  25. I just came back to take care of that car and I feel great my work was done professionally good quality work. Now good lock for that guy and his ugly car. I have already move on. Now I just learned that most people that ask for discounts or some way to get free stuff will try to take advantage of any situation to get their cheap way. We need to stay away from that people. Best regards guys.
  26. Don't the rear seats fold down?
  27. I kinda sorta miss fishing. Didn't go often. A lot growing up... Couple times with my pop as an adult.. would go with friends night blue fishing... Haven't done it in a while. Sounds like a good haul!
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