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  2. What should I buy

  3. slip solutions

    At work, for the past 3 years, we’ve used 3M scotchguard with J&J baby soap. I always prefer my solution a little soapier and as far as making it stick, we use straight vinegar. I know it’s smelly but after a few days you get over it. Just my experience. Im now starting my own side gig and will be using PremiumShield. I’ll find out how that formula works out
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  5. 2018 dodge full size ram door panel???

    Im old school. Gasket wizard!. For me one of my go to tools. Its just me but i don't think i would risk taking a part a customers new ride. I like to keep it just as it was when it got to the shop. Or tape the rubber to the door panel.
  6. What should I buy

    We use express. 800 345 6669 Www.buytint.com Try them out. Im rough on film and need a film with a great glue and scratch coat. Easy to shrink.
  7. Post Up Your Wall Peel Boards

  8. Pressurized tank

    Change it out to a straight hose and new nozzle
  9. Struggle

    This is exactly what i do.... but add one more step after 4 but before 5.... HIT it with the air duster to get any loose fibers out
  10. What should I buy

    Solar fx vs Express tint What are you guys recommend
  11. Pressurized tank

    could always get the tank rewrapped. I pieced mine together, I think it was about 125 total. So, that 150 might be worth the 25 expense to not have to find all the parts yourself
  12. here is an issue I really need to find a solution to... for the last 3 years, its been J&J baby shampoo and distilled water. I am thinking we need something else, but not sure what else has been tried and proven to work. We have tried the 3m gel, it worked, but heard it was discontinued, dawn non-concentrated worked for great stick, but it caused too many adhesive distortions as it dries out too fast during the squeegee process (any film shifts, you get broken adhesive tick marks. Looking for something we can pick up at the local grocery store, or if something is worth it, from online. On some cars, we wash, clean, clay with slip solution, wash again, and finally wipe with 70% alcohol. (no polishing) We have issues with the film not wanting to stick to the paint no matter what we do...more soap, less soap mixes, mor or less alcohol mixes, straight water sometimes doesn't mix. We have heard people applying film over a coating, some people waxing cars, so I'm wondering what the issue could really be. For instance, we are working on a ford raptor hood, and the suntek film will not stick at all unless its on a flat part (middle). We wasted a big piece of film already because it wont stick, so I'm really curious if people think its the soap mix, something on the hood protecting it like a factory coating, or what. We are going to polish this tomorrow, and it will definitely stick fine. (wholesale job, no polishing included) Normally for my shop cars, we do a paint correction prior to the clear bra anyway, so the paintwork is bare bones for sure. But, after talking to many installers who don't polish prior, I cannot figure out what they are doing different to the point they can get the film to stick where we cannot sometimes until we polish it. It got to a point, for the benefits of our clients, that we just polish prior to any film install as its cheaper to take 30 to 60 min polishing than waste 150 to 400 in film because hoods and bumpers will not stick. SO, what is everyone using for a soap slip solutions? if we can skip the polishing on every single car, efficiency would definitely go up!
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  14. Last one to post #828

    My rap sheet with the dentist is the stuff of legends especially for my age. I feel your pain guys. could've bought a nice used vette.
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    I had the same appointment time, got 2 fillings and a molar extraction and teeth and gum deep clean on my right side, then I go back next week for 3 fillings and 2 extractions on the left side and the same cleaning. Wasn’t bad though, I was out of there by 11:45, but my face was numb until about 4:30 this evening. Lol, good luck
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    I had chicken Alfredo tonight, but it came from a local Italian place. Very good.
  17. Car show

    Idk if anyone is in the socal area but my shop is gonna be having a car show... Lots of wraps, sounds and tint related stuff
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    evening everyone
  19. Word Association Game

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    I'm at Domino's now... Getting the chicken alfredo.
  21. Last one to post #828

    and dominos
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    Way past my bedtime
  23. Word Association Game

  24. 2018 dodge full size ram door panel???

    And be careful not to cut yourself on that plastic sometimes it's sharp
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