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  2. Post your photos for the pic of the week vote! One photo of anything work related will do and please add a description. Thank you!
  3. #1 By: @Naples Tint Company I have really nice stuff coming up this week but I just had to post this. New Honda with Autobahn Black Ceramic 15 and Wincos 70 #2 By: @TNTLady Audi A5 with LLumar CTX 15 #3 By: @Bham Maserati Quattroporte GTS wrapped in Global QDP Ceramic 38% with 70% windshield. #4 By: @highplains 1998 Dodge Ram1500 3M FXPM15 #5 By: @jh812 I see your Dodge and raise you a 98 Ford escort wrapped in full ceramic including should #6 By: @Ytram remarc 1979 Ford F-250 Ranger Super Cab F-1 Classic
  4. #4 By: @Ytram remarc "1955 Chevy Bel Air 35% Pinnacle"
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    Fellow slackers.
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  7. Glue smudges on rear window with dawn and tint slime?

    Do they look like they are smeared in in the direction you are sliding the film? For instance, on a back window, it would smear downward when u mov the tint down to cover the bottom.
  8. Have you ever seen glue smudges on rear window from sliding the film in rear windows noticed it with solar fx and Armolan films ??? Looks like old driver sticker glue under film.....but its not its toward bottom....
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    Morning folks
  10. Last One To Post #867

    I bought mine from geoshield.
  11. Starting out

    Hi guys, im a long time lurker and first time poster. Hell i just made my account now after browsing the forums for around a year. Im really wanting to start out tinting cars at home in my spare time, in the garage but im feeling overwhelmed. Is there a way to purchase a good quality film somewhere without having a business license? I dont really want to go through all the extra hassle, i was going to keep the customer payments cash. ( cash is king right). Thanks for the help. Tyler. Also i live in canada, not sure if that matters.
  12. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    Just the usual, more slip
  13. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    First time can just go through with the angled edge blade. Additional passes you need to cut the top side a one pass first then run it thorough.
  14. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    Rite on thanks any hott weather tips somebody said cold water less evaporation???
  15. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    @quality tintz Yes sir
  16. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    You install windshields with joy ???
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  18. Someone said keep bottles with tint slime in the fridge so water doesn't evaporate fast any summer tips guys...maybe ice in the corny 5 gallon tanks ???
  19. Last One To Post #867

    Hey guys where to buy minishields Also ..... corona time .
  20. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    Yes, I prefer to wet shrink everything I can! Certain films (sputtered) have to be dry shrank. But you actually need quite a bit less heat when you wet shrink, I usually have to turn my heat gun all the way up when I dry shrink. Also, I always mix new bottles with more slip for windshields. I never use my tank for those, for obvious reasons. I have really liked using the film on, but I think you’ll find just about anything will give you more slip! The film on sets up fast and dries up fast- great for a back window that wants to roll or peanut, but bad for a windshield that takes a couple minutes to get lined up. Hope you get it on your next go, I know how you feel, I ripped off about 4-5 ft worth of my most expensive film today on a 720S.
  21. 2017 Honda Civics

    yes be careful i already metled one wish to see this post before thanks!
  22. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    We do 2-3 windshields every day... for the longest time they would bite me...... a lot of it is a mind f*** because “it’s and windshield and needs to be perfect”. Hammer the center top and bottom down. Use a gloved hand as @jh812 said on the bottom corners. And a light stretch method on the top corners. Leave excess to pull on. Works every time
  23. Best heat gun

    I dry shrink only, but only sell and install ceramic films.
  24. The best adhesive remover YET!!!!!

    great i tried it it woks good thanks
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