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  3. And so having now gone through ~35' of film learning to tint, I have some questions that I hope some of you will be able to help me with... Is the Express Classic Charcoal 1.5 likely to cause a problem with the comfort entry on my BMW M2 or my wife's 2016 Honda Pilot? Is the Express Classic Charcoal going to match the factory rear tint on my wife's 2016 Honda Pilot better than Classic Black? Any tips for the front doors of the 2016 Honda Pilot, given the amount they shift in the seals, with respect to visible edges during rolling up? Do the other ceramic films on the market (QDP / Express, Llumar CTX, FormulaOne Pinnacle & Stratos, Huper Optik etc.) also all suffer from the Low Angle Haze problem? Is that just a ceramic tint 'thing' that some consider worth it because of the IR blocking benefits? I'm finding the Express Classic Black film quite 'grabby', in that it doesn't slide around on the glass much at all. I probably get about 5 seconds to move the film around when I first put it on the glass, and if I'm not in the correct position by then, it's tough to get it to move. Occasionally I've had to go so far as to peel back the film and apply more slip to get it to move, and this is even before the first light squeegee pass; the adhesive seems quite aggressive at times. If I increase the amount of baby shampoo in my slip solution, will this help at all? Thanks in advance to anyone who's able to offer advise. It's been a fun, though honestly pretty challenging (respect to all of you pros; really) learning experience so far. I didn't expect this, but I've found tinting to be more challenging than PPF installation so far...
  4. OK, so as promised, I'm writing again to report on my work with the Express Classic Black 35%... I bought 30" x 25' because I knew I was going to be doing the back window of my car, and the front door windows of my wife's 2016 Honda Pilot, both of which are greater than 20" so I stepped up a size. My initial thoughts, and take this with a huge grain of salt, since I'm a beginner!, are that it's slightly easier to crease during shrinking than the eBay ceramic, but not significantly so. It's actually slightly brown in shade rather than blue, which doesn't really match the factory tint on my wife's Pilot. The eBay ceramic tint, I'm pretty sure really is ceramic, because it noticeably blocked a lot of IR from the sun; far more so than the Express Classic Black. Having said that, it also suffered really badly from what I've read is called 'Low Angle Haze', though I'd be more included to call it 'Any Angle Haze', because any time sunlight hit the window directly, at any angle, it just turned milky. This lead to it also looking like a lighter shade of tint, because the haze itself is visible light. My wife loved the heat rejection, but said there was no way she could live with the haziness, so I steamed it off her car and started replacing it with the Classic Black 35%. Thanks the to the tips from @no ma'am, I was able to successfully tint the doors, rear sides and back window of my M2, and I'm pretty happy with the results. The defroster lines are slightly raised, which causes an annoying affect in the rear view mirror at night, but I'm told this is somewhat normal. I don't have any 'peanut' bubbles or anything horrendous like that. In fact I'm pretty happy overall with the M2, particularly now that it's been a day since I did it, and the film has started to dry out, it looks really very good. My wife's Pilot on the other hand, has been pretty annoying. I got the driver's side done today, including the small piece just behind the door mirror that doesn't roll down, which, believe it or not, has been way easier to do than the roll down window! I took two attempts to do the driver's door yesterday, and I burned through two more 3' lengths just now trying to do the passenger door... and now I've run out of film... At least it was cheap... Thanks again to @no ma'am for suggesting that I buy a short roll of Classic Black to practice with! The issue I'm finding is that the Pilot front door windows are obviously big, and though they don't change angle by design as they roll down, they're pretty loose in the seals, so there is quite a bit of movement side to side as they go up and down. Typically they shift toward the rear of the car as they are rolled down, and to toward the front of the car as they're rolled up. On the driver's side, although it installed well, you can see a small gap if you look for it as the window is rolled up, because of how it shifts forward. This annoyed me, so on the passenger side, I deliberately cut the film wider to try and hide the edge, and though it fitted pretty well at the top, this made it really difficult to tuck into the seals at the bottom. On my last attempt, I ended up with a couple of fingers because I couldn't push this wider film into the seals enough at the bottom. Oh, and I should have said this before, but I've been doing filled edges on all of the door glass, and it's held up well so far, so I'm happy with that! That's my report on what I've done so far... I'll make another post with some questions.
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    Well his is strictly drag right now. He says he's gonna make it street but who knows.
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    and now it's time for bed
  7. Last One To Post #846

    Evening ladies
  8. Last One To Post #846

    folks in 14 years I still haven't tinted a fox box
  9. Any tips for 2017 Toyota CHR???

    For tight spoilers i trace the top with a marker. If where i traced is lets say a 1/2 inch from top Matrix. I will compensate by trimming the bottom a tad longer.
  10. Pic of the Week #572 Submissions

    Nice, congrats @Midtown Houston!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Pic of the Week #572 Submissions

    We have been awarded 🥇 3M Crystalline dealer of the year by Chip Foose....The Legendary Car Designer and 3M Ambassador
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    ‘86 was the last year for the four headlight cars. The 3pc curved headlights started in ‘87. Also this one has the louvers next to the quarter window. If it had a third brake light on the hat rack then it was an ‘86. If not it was before then.
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    oh i got you, there is a dude who has one very similar there
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    Well I cheated and used some vinyl around the edges. They aren't bad at all to shrink just getting them half way clean is difficult. That's anything 30 years old though.
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    How was that back glass to do?
  17. Man, what a day...

    For cleaning the adhesive I’ve found the orange degreaser bottle that sells for a $1 at the dollar store works real good. Another tip is always tell the customer there’s a chance they’ll lose their defroster lines. Once you warn them then it’s on them if anything happens. Good luck bro.
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    he's from the county
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    @jh812 is that mustang from kinston?
  20. 2013 Ram roll-ups

    What kind of bubbles?
  21. 2013 Ram roll-ups

    ok guys i did a friends ram 5500 today and man i fought bubbles all day took me 3.5 hrs to tint this truck because of bubbles i didn't have creasing issues just bubbles that i couldn't get out i even tried the double snap or two stage method and still got bubbles i had to redo each window twice yay me
  22. Any tips for 2017 Toyota CHR???

    use a gasket stick to loosed up the rubber around the qtr glass windows. use some extra soap in your slip too. For trimming the gaskets, try using a NT 30 degree blade. Clean cuts with very little effort.
  23. graphtech plotter pressure

    We use a Graphtec 8600 and Clean Cut 25 Degree blades. Our speed is set on 35 and the force is set on 16. Blade depth set accordingly. I have seen your issues on plotters before. Usually the problem was a bad blade holder. The blade holder not letting the blade spin freely. Your problem could also be caused by the cutting head being loose on the cutter. Cut strips always come into play as well. Just make sure there are no big grooves in the cut strip, if so, replace. Good luck.
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    I believe that's what the tag said.
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