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  2. To hell with it I'll drink one too
  3. Yup beer thirty
  4. Chased a 2yr old all day. Moms turn, beer 30
  5. Slept the day away
  6. New Dodge Durango r/t 20% global qdp
  7. Yesterday
  8. And I need a busy week! Got toys and beer to buy!
  9. Played with it yet @jh812?
  10. Where's @flat rock stan he needs to knock out this sword.
  12. At Home and
  13. Nice what model from who?
  14. beer store
  15. See what happens when I'm
  16. That's for next year's SEMA @no ma'am
  17. Got a fancy new btu meter in
  18. Way to overlord and Stan
  19. Congrats Overlord And Stan gets a medal just before he gets a sword Only 6 to go StanTheMan.
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