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  2. If I had a gun to my head I would not be able to tint with the window seal in...I choose not to learn and don't want to learn how......removing window seals for life!!!
  3. On your day off? Damn, you just can't get away from those things can ya little lady? I'm starting to think you secretly like them....
  4. Daaaaaaayyum. 5 drops per gallon... Shieeet I use more washing my hands
  5. Don't know if already commented but don't care...right before installing turn car on and turn on defroster lined
  6. 2 Panameras today, I really hate tinting them. I'm pretty sure there are busses with less windows on them
  7. I learned bottom loading first years ago. The only reason I would top load now is if you can't remove the gaskets or maybe it takes too long so it's not worth it. In most cases you will get s cleaner install if you can bottom load.
  8. Thanks guys!
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  10. clean the window with white scrubby and squeegee dry. wet a corner of a cloth with pro-bond and wipe the grid and frit. pro-bond flashes quick, re-wet cloth 2 to 4 times depending on BG. I also have rapid tac 2, peanut pops up, peel back and spray full strength and squeegee quick. tons of data on peanuts, stronger cleaner/degreaser prepping seems to be key. now i can go back to torching chargers in 2 min and 300's in 40 sec with out headaches.
  11. 3 beemers on ma day off
  12. Yes and use a good amount of slip for topload..
  13. Almost done for the day
  14. I use a white table with 3/4" thick sheet of glass on top. Film just slides on it and always kept clean. Sometimes precuts are good but i offer my clients an option and charge extra for hand cut and tuck all edges where i can so it comes out near flawless and i am very good with the knife.
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  16. Here is a starter tease.
  17. On this model trim the rubbers. If you do a light tint then you might be able to see the trim. Make sure you do it with a sharp blade and on one pass don’t hack it. The plastic at the rear of the door pops off this will allow the rubber a few extra mm of slack. It doesn’t pop off completely just a little bit. Squeegee with an ezreach
  18. hightimes
  19. afternoon everyone
  20. What a b**ch lol hood is actually 55.5" x 57" film is only 54" and i had to roll it over. Very stiff but went on. I tested a few small sample piece prior to install: Dry application - came out like crap (crease lines and bubbles.) Wet application with only slip solution and plastic card with teflon - edges didnt get enough pressure created small bubbles. Wet application with soap + water on main area then alcohol with water on edge. Using a black squeegie. - Came out flawless. Same application method as regular ppf, only issue is the biggest roll is 54". Imagine a Porsche Macan hood (would have to be 2 piece with a middle separation line, ugly asf) Tomorrow wheels / vents / headlights / washers / fogs all come off the car.
  21. Stan Put that away when you are in the Library DANG man thats for at home use.
  22. Hello all, need to hang out and catch up on tintdude
  23. of course those guys are getting punished now.
  24. I like a caption on this I saw somewhere "It's the Navy, dick, and you can suck it."
  25. I am still using "pro-bond" adhesion promoter to wipe the dots and have excellent results. I buy it from Fellers. I clean the back window with sprayway and 0000 steel wool then squeegee it off. Fold a 1/2 paper towel down to make an applicator for the pro-bond. Wipe the side dots then open it up a bit wider and wipe the top dot area. Have only had a couple complaints ever since I started using this over 15 years ago. I don't do many hondas.....
  26. Do you use it for only cleaning or have you tried adding it to the slip for install? I've been hearing people using it for slip on difficult back glass.
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