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  2. I could only do about 3 of those, lol
  3. Yep, that slice got me going back 2 back.
  4. Ready for beer.....
  5. Hey guys, Just recently tinted the 2017 Giulia and had an issue with water damage to the amplifier. There has been a lot of talk about this online, unfortunately we found this out after the install. Now we have to replace the amplifier for $1,400. We will no longer be doing this vehicle. I would defiantly do some research on this issue.
  6. pizza burger for lunch got me like
  7. Today
  8. You know it's a holiday when every other mile there's a cop on the side of the road.
  9. Yep, one and done.
  10. Alright, finally tracked down the tract that had the tractor (see what I did there?). I need 9 feet of 30" or I would buy 5 feet of 60" to keep things simple if you don't want to mess with cutting. Thanks much!
  11. That's a huge slice of pizza there
  12. Slice from a 30" pizza...laptop is 17" model.
  13. LOL, we're going to the Olympics!!!!
  14. So what does one do during a power outage?
  15. Nope, never have needed them until today.
  16. No generators boss?
  17. Power went out here at SolarFX headquarters. Been out for almost 45 minutes so far. They don't anticipate getting it back up for another 1-2 hours. Kind of puts a small damper on sales.
  18. Been done, working on my Mustang getting it ready for this weekend to cruise around
  19. It's getting close Two more sets of doors and I am outta here
  20. Just spoke with @q_man ! Nice talking bud. You have a great plan and will do great. Thanks Stewy for helping us get together. Welcome to the forum! Cheers
  21. About that time
  22. Donald Trump told me my hands were YUGE!!
  23. That's what they ALL say.
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