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  2. Seems like we dont have half the tools to purchase here that the US have. Where do you guys in the UK generally buy tools from? Especially the Tri Edge, the only place I can find that sells that here is eBay and its been overpriced
  3. That a fat joke?
  4. nite everyone
  5. Does it help clean it?
  6. That's what I did i trim all rubber still dirty..clean clean clean...came out good just time consuming I wouldn't tint it without trimming rubbers....
  7. We've got a sighting! Hope all my fellow tinters are busy slinging it!
  8. the 200 or 220 ? Those bikes proved themselves in the islands during the air cooled 80s and water cooled 90s I even had a 250 KDX with the blue forks. That was a heavy pig in the sticks.
  9. wire brush the file between windows
  10. Thanks Tom. I've been trying them at 845-485-3435 which is listed on their site and Do you have any different contact info for them?
  11. Ok will do.
  12. Cool beans. I hope they fit, they all looked really big to me.
  13. Buy a new back window first then I'm game using your film though!
  14. The car I'm general is super easy... although I do remove the spoiler and door gaskets
  15. V triming the bg and wing windows gets rid of dirt and hides light gap. Learn the trade and that truck will be a snap.
  16. Next time I buy a Porsche 944 Turbo I am coming straight to you. I'm going to be like I request the one hiding behind the toolbox.
  17. Luckily we duck most older vehicles since our price tends to double or triple.
  18. That's the same one I use.
  19. Got mine in today
  20. Only time I've tinted rusty glass. Yep rusty is what I said.
  21. You're welcome, thanks for letting me know they showed up.
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