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  2. Do you tuck gaskets ever? @jh812 it's great to pull them back up, or pull one away when forced to top load.
  3. Roach your probally right, because i have never actually owned any black out film, but i can only speculate that optical clarity was not in mind when designing it, . .but being that you actually are in possession of black out film, you obviously have the upper hand it determining the clarity of it . . . . to be honest with you i didn't even think you could see thru black out film, as i thought it was always truly pitch black. . . similar to black plastic. . . but then again presume if you held a black plastic garbage bag in the sun you could still see thru it just wouldn't be very clear. . ., the 3 major questions exist,. . . the clarity of it and whether its dark enough aka .0003 to be safe. . . . and more importantly does it black UV . . . .im pretty sure some body here has the technical spec as to whether black out film is .0003 the good news is with other films you can still reach spec by rough approximation by multiplying the percentages . . . for example with 4 pieces of 20 percent you can do .20x.20x.20x.20 = .00032 which meets the spec or 8 pices of 35 you can do . . . .35x.35x.35x.35x.35x.35x.35x.35 =0.0002 which meets pec. . . however i would presume tho the more pieces the more degradation of optical clarity. .
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  5. I went last year and we were trying to see everything. That didn't work out. It was 13 miles a day for 3 days we decided not do it again on the 4th day. This year I'm going to walk around for 1 day and that is it.
  6. I thinks the site look great and VERY PROFESSIONAL . . . I only have one recommendation and that is to do something with the back ground maybe a design or frame or something.. . .. . . . it may look fine on a phone or small monitor but on 24 inch monitor there is way to much black. i took a print screen from my pc to show the ratio of black on a larger monitor, besides the back ground i give the site an A+++
  7. thank you everybody for your great responses. . . im grateful for all the responses . . . . so far i like these recommendations the most! ---CustomGlassTinter I have a follow up question about your technique. . . I have had situations where i did most of the of the job and then get to one window and find out this window is going to take me much much more longer than expected. . . . . how would you handle such a situation keeping your recommendation in mind . . . one of these situations i actually wrote a post about . . . the post and pic are below \\
  8. All ceramic errything..... except the two I didn't take pics of
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  10. every one should, faster and safer and only broke one in 5 years (cross threaded) no cords
  11. most products are silicone and come off with wiper fluid. products like Aquapel last 6 months to a year. I remember it claims it chemically altered the surface of the glass and would make current chips unrepairable. if the water beads on the glass you will probably have issues. fine mist on my sprayer keeps slip from falling off.
  12. Do they make the bottom load as easy as pulling a panel? No good videos out there about the GW, i see people using them in an install but they say nothing specific about the GW. Starting to think like what @no ma'am said, starting to seem worth it to just buy them, sometimes i try to reinvent the wheel.
  13. Congrats!
  14. <<<<first time PPF made me wanna hurt myself😳😂
  15. Here are the instructions for removing the sweep from the new G90. Front Doors: remove 1 screw behide the handle and 1 screw from the armrest. Pop off door panel toward the lower front of the panel. Remove your sweep and done. Back Doors: took us some time to figure this one out. Remove screws like you would the front door. Pop off door panel and remove top cover. Remove 6 black screw to release auto window screen (what ever it is called). I put blue tape to show you guy where the screw are located. Pull the auto screen away from door (it is a little tight due to the sweep but it will release). You have to do this to remove the sweep due to it being one piece and stretching to the end of the quarter glass.
  16. Post your pics for the pic of the week contest! One per person and please add a description.
  17. #1 By; @OverLord Mega cab Ram 5 over the factory 20 on front doors #2 By: @TNTLady Wincos 30 on the front cab doors, Wincos 60 on the windshield and CTX 5 on the rear windows. #3 By: @DynamicAppearance Chevrolet Camaro Fifty Edition | Llumar CTX Window Tint #4 By: @irishtinter Fully forged Evo Johnsons 20% Marathon on rears Johnsons 35% Marathon front doors and windscreen 1/4's removed - filed edges - dot matrix removed on rear #5 By: @Naples Tint Company Huper Optik SECH #6 By; @peteswindowtint Never had a perfect tip heatgun burn!! #7 By; @Wearthefoxhat This Pic is somewhat unorthodox .We never took good ones. Now its gone.Such is the life of a graphic installation on retail!! A "billion " precut 3/4" white squares. We tag teamed the checkerboard to exact measurements in the glass shop and they brought it to site.
  18. thank you for your input-much appreciated
  19. HOT Cheetos...on the real, Road House my movie.
  20. Nice video nice fix
  21. up here most people call custy day before to confirm. always try to get cars to drop off when you open and waiters little later. say your 9 cancels what do you do but lose money. how many here know how much it cost to have an empty bay. sales pays tech by booking, tech pays sales by installing, then pay all the overhead and whats left owner gets. funny, most owners think they pay employees
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  23. Those are way easier then the last two body styles by far. Practice holding your mouth just right next time.
  24. So im a nerd and am kinda of excited to witness my first eclipse ever. . .I keep hearing every one say you need eclispse glasses, So looked online and amazon is selling them between 59 and 99 for 5 of them thats crazy! So being the nerd that i am i had to look whats so special about them. . . and i can finding NOTHING that is special about except for that fact that they block 0.0003 percent and block uv light. . . .which is exactly what 3 pieces of 5 percent window tint does. . . ..0.05 x 0.05 =0.0025 x 0.05 equals = 0.000125 which is even darker than recomended. . . . I think i need to go to the beach and start selling them 15 a pop. . . . SOURCES: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00712I3JA/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all https://www.livescience.com/59844-how-solar-eclipse-viewers-are-different-from-sunglasses.html "You are looking at the sun with only about 0.0003 percent of the light being transmitted through the filter," Chou told Live Science. https://eclipse.aas.org/eye-safety/iso-certification How can you tell if your solar viewer is not safe? You shouldn't be able to see anything through a safe solar filter except the Sun itself or something comparably bright, such as the Sun reflected in a mirror, a sunglint off shiny metal, the hot filament of an unfrosted incandescent light bulb, a bright halogen light bulb, a bright-white LED bulb (including the flashlight on your smartphone), a bare compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb, or an arc-welding torch. All such sources (except perhaps the welding torch) should appear quite dim through a solar viewer. If you can see shaded lamps or other common household light fixtures (not bare bulbs) of more ordinary brightness through your eclipse glasses or handheld viewer, and you're not sure the product came from a reputable vendor, it’s no good. Safe solar filters produce a view of the Sun that is comfortably bright (like the full Moon), in focus, and surrounded by dark sky. If you glance at the Sun through your solar filter and find it uncomfortably bright, out of focus, and/or surrounded by a bright haze, it’s no good. You should contact the seller and demand a refund or credit for return of the product, then obtain a replacement from one of the sources listed on our reputable-vendors page.
  25. After many years of building, buying, and collecting heat lamp display through out the last 12 years....This is the best one. It is made from aluminum and wall mounted. The size is 30" x 28" x 7 3/4". We are selling $500 plus tint because of this box daily. We spend less time explaining and selling to customer because of this heat lamp box. The box and graphic serve as a informative and heat display all in one. It is very user friendly, the film will sell itself using this box. We have hundreds of customer that walk up to this box and say I want that one. The graphic on the box are custom design by us in-house. We own a graphic and printing company call Innovation Design and Graphic. Since we are a window film company....We are better at designing what graphic will work or not for the window film consumer. I have 10 left and will custom design your brand film of choice. I would just need to know the 3 films you want on the glass. I will grab the spec of the film and design, print, and install. All you need to buy is the IR bulbs and installed it to the wall. The box with custom graphic installed and shipped is $650. You will get your money back from the extra profit this box made in a few days. Email me at NorngLLC@gmail.com if you are interested.
  26. Full time position available. Pay based on experience. Willing to work an occasional Saturday if needed. A/C shop. Computer tint cut program. Need good valid Florida driver's licence. Start immediately. Benefits available. Contact Bill or Matt @ 941-753-3172 or email bill@atdsuncoast.com. Located in Bradenton Florida on the Gulf Coast. In business since 1975.
  27. I just had pretty much same customer you had 2001 honda civic, 160,000 miles and filthy and they want perfection. . . . . . Tint dude has a great care sheet https://www.tintdude.net/care.html however i took that same care sheet and revised it for difficult customers the red are the changes WINDOW TINT CARE SHEET & FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Drying time: Your new window film will take about 3 to 5 days to fully dry, sometimes a lot longer depending on film type, and weather conditions. Until this time your tinted windows may appear hazy or lumpy, or have water bubbles in it. Do not roll your tinted windows down until dry, If you do roll the windows down it can cause the edges to lift causing bubbles and or creasing, which we will not be responsible for. Cleaning Window film may be cleaned with a soft clean cloth and alcohol based cleaner or plain soap and water with a squeegee . Ammonia products should not be used [such as windex] as they can deteriorate the film causing premature failure. Black dotted edges Most cars have a black ceramic 'frit' edge on the rear window. Sometimes this ceramic edge is straight and flat, sometimes it will have a dotted edge. These black ceramic dots are quite thick on most cars and prevent the window film from sticking to the area between the dots. This results in a whitish looking strip trimming the glass. Typically, this isn't very noticeable and looks fine, however some cars have a wide band of dots trimming the top of the rear window. This area is so wide that the whitish looking area created is more pronounced. Unfortunately, the effect is unavoidable. Seat Belt Chips and Scratches Caution should be used when releasing seat belts and or when loading items in the car. Small chips can be made in the window film due to such objects, THIS IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY. Imperfections Though we strive for perfection in our installations, due to the nature of the product, some degree of dust contamination and/or minor imperfections such as install lines are present in EVERY window film application. This is especially true for dirty, dusty and older cars [or window frames], as well as cars with Felt seals . With regard to felt seals ; these seals indefinitely release small particles of felt no matter how many times they are cleaned, Due to this, during installation these small particles may become trapped behind the film, These as well as other contaminates may cause tiny bubbles . There is nothing that can be done to completely avoid ALL contamination as as we live in a world full of dust, dirt, lint, felt, pollen, bugs, dogs, cats and human hair. Preexisting flaws or scratches and metal deposits on the glass are often much more noticeable after the Small silvery looking spots or 'metal rubs' on some windows are usually found in station wagons or other utility vehicles, and are caused by a metallic object (such as a baby stroller handle) rubbing against the inner surface of the glass during travel. This rubbing deposits metal onto the glass creating a silver or grey stain. Usually these metal rubs aren't very noticeable and often aren't noticed until the windows become tinted. Night Time Defogger Distortion At night you may notice that the light from headlights will reflect off of the defogger lines. This is caused by the film having to bend slightly around the raised defogger line, it varies from car to car: this is normal.
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