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  2. The car is clean and is great condition as far as the appearance. Just any vehicle that has been on the road for a few plus years will have small imperfections that are not normally noticed when looking at the vehicle. However when it comes to adding PPF, those imperfections can be magnified after installation. Which is why ideally we all want to install on brand new cars straight from the dealership to minimize any imperfections.
  3. Listening to the scanner, someone just burned their feet walking on hot coals.
  4. 1951 Bel Air
  5. Yesterday
  6. looks like vinyl, Mazdas don't like heat on the edges though as well. happens hopefully it's not costly for either of you for the repair.
  7. Hi Becky Have you already tried this?: http://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/graphics-signage-us/resources/find-an-installer/
  8. Sure, I'll give multi car discounts but the discount is all on the last car and they can sort out who pays what themselves. Steve
  9. Sunny Palm Springs, California!
  10. Autoworx UK, based in Bromley are seeking an experienced window tinter and/or paint protection film installer to join our team. Full time PAYE position DM your details or email them to autoworxuk@mail.com For more company info: www.tintingwindows.co.uk
  11. ventshades...
  12. We have an immediate job opening for an experienced installer. If you are the right person for us, we will pay you well and reevaluate your job performance every six months, with a potential increase in pay. We are growing and want you to know that you are a part of our growth. Please send your resume to David@RockyMountainAutoWorks.com or call us at 916-922-3960 and ask for David. If you have additional skills please let us know. We have been in business for 29 years and also install window tint and electronics and have a car wash/detailing service.
  13. He is popular because he is very good at training. He knows what he is doing. I went to his training course last year and it was the best decision I have ever made. I feel like I was on training for 1 week but making a salary of a person who went to college for 4 years.
  14. When did Earl Scheib add tinting to the quality paint services?
  15. Last week
  16. Congrats girl! now send me some vettes!
  17. whats the rush. charge a good price and take all dayits not a race been in the job for 27 years and had 5 recalls
  18. #1 By: @TINT 70% nano ceramic windshield only #2 By: @Tint Eastwood White Matte on an office enclosure in a living room. #3 By: @liltintgoddess This guy and then a Winnebago......a Winnebago, in a bay, in east Texas, in late June.....my partner cut and I applied. Needless to say, I will NOT be owning an RV anytime soon...or ever.... #4 By: @jh812 House we did in dual reflective 25% #5 By: @no ma'am Formula one shop...... this is my only piece of glass aside from a table topped with it. why! It's double sided and I share it.......
  19. Whenever I have an issue shrinking I do the Ryk Shrink. Try it out.
  20. MasterShield is looking for additional Professional Clear Bra Installer Best Shop Environment to Earn Top Dollar No Mobile Work Clean, Temperature Controlled Shop Best Working Team Full Time Position No Slow Periods, Work Year Around Paid Holidays, Paid Vacations Medical and Dental Same Location Best Area to Live, Work and Play, Palm Desert, Ca Top Wages Paid Earning $1,600 - $2,000 per week Immediate Employment Must be able to install Full Front to Full Cars Install from Kits and Bulk if Needed Be the Best, Work for the Best No Drugs, No Drama Send your Questions and Resume Today: sky@mastershieldprotection.com
  21. On my way! Oh wait.... no drama? If I ain't bitching I'm not working!
  22. I can't work well without music... I need someone to be just as mad as me in the song sometimes so I don't lose it and kick the car! When I know I'm about to have a struggle in the bay I throw on the Hendrix red house. And the rest of the album.
  23. TWell apparently it's 95 still at 7:30. Heat index is 108 not ready for summer that's when all the slackers with the random dirty cars come in
  24. Metropolitan West is looking to hire Experienced Flat Glass Installers immediately to keep up with our clients needs. We are in need of motivated and team oriented individuals who are experienced window tinters. Individuals must be experienced in flat glass for decorative, custom and/or solar films/safety. Positions are full time and some weekend. Top $$$$$ Paid!!!! We are a growing company that is focused on customer service and high quality installations. We are an industry leader and have been recognized by manufacturers and independent review organizations over the past 25 years. We are looking for a likeminded individuals to be part of our family. Competitive Compensation Full Time and Project Based Health Insurance 401K Profit Sharing Referral Fee program available. Top cash paid $$$$$ Please email resume to judey@metwest.com or call 562 426 7701 to schedule an interview. Have a great day!!!
  25. I will be in Seaside next week. Thought I would post to see if I would be near anyone. I don't ever travel much so let's link up🤘🏼
  26. @Bham ill check it out, thank ya!
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