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  2. legacywf.com Thanks!
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  4. How's the toe feel?
  5. Looks like a nice set up
  6. yes....make sure the tint is in the right place before you lock it down.
  7. Ask the shareholders....
  8. Llumar DR25 is going to outperform N1040 or N1020 which is a closer shade. The Neutral series from Llumar has low reflectivity on both sides versus the Dual Reflective series has a higher reflectivity on the outside hence blocking more heat. 3M Prestige is going to beat both of them.
  9. PPF I'm set at 90 grams with the blade set pretty small. I'm cutting with a old DGI machine from computer cut. Just did a really good cleaning of the plotter and put a new cutstrip and blade in. cheers mang
  10. I've been using solar fx and I think the color has been my biggest complaint.. I've tried majority of series and they are either to green looking or to brow. I had my truck tinted a couple years ago before I started in suntek Carbon and oh man do I love the color of it.. so sure enough I bought like 25 feet to just tint my own personal rig lol. Also discovered that it doesn't stick near as well as solar fx and it shrinks so fast that I almost melted within a second of putting heat to it
  11. Last week
  12. so much misleading information, http://mycarneedsthis.com should be informed they are complete clowns.
  13. I sent you a PM!
  14. Have one comin in for a tint. Anything I should worry about?
  15. Ameraguard has a large inventory of film, that we are liquidating. We have both deep dyed color stable, 2 ply, 1.5 mil window film for $0.38 sq ft and ceramic IR films for $0.78 a sq. ft. The film shades and sizes vary. If you are interested, call our office line at 866-366-7035 x 101. When you call to inquire, as Yvonne for the liquidation films so you are not charged our standard film pricing. Film is shipped from Ft. Worth, TX to anywhere.
  16. ivory bar soap.....alway work for me....It will also help out with peanuts
  17. Sweet!
  18. {Had a customer inquire about his front loader. I've done a few bob cats and they were flat glass. The glass is curved on the sides and is straight up vertical. I've never had to shrink that large of vertical window where it is not angled like a regular back window are you able to anchor the tint with a regular H pattern?}....... I Must have not had enough coffee yet Slick, I read it as a question, actually He ask two questions and we only answered one. Fifth grade was the worst three years of my life... I should have paid more attention in class. On the other hand cascobaytint, I would find out if this equipment is used at night, (if it is, don't waste your time with him, he will never be happy). Cheers
  19. Welp, finally got on base. SMH
  20. The DAP has videos, notes, and/or tack diagrams for vehicles that are especially difficult, or vehicles that use a different process than what we teach in training. Coverage varies by vehicle and demand. High end cars, or enthusiast cars will generally have full car coverage, vehicles over $50k will likely have a full front and other options, while every car should have partial hood, fenders, mirrors, door cups, rockers, trunk ledge, etc.
  21. We've never had the roadster pattern.
  22. has anyone done the moon roof?
  23. Primarily those who depends on Suntek's HP Charcoal films.
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