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  2. This topic is always like the "best tint" topics, you gonna get different numbers/opinions because we are all in a different area, some guys want to make to much, hell just start your own shop if you want to make that much
  3. Yep, the only reason Suntek blew up the way they did with dealers (window film side of business) is because they had a lower price than bigger names with decent quality and would sell to anyone. Now that so many other companies are taking the same approach, it is hard to hold onto that market share of shops looking for a decent film with a low price.
  4. Just made my first order with solar fx you guys rock!!!
  5. could be same film you buy from "top name" film brand in a different box
  6. Problem is if everyone was at a certain price level, there would be many shops that wouldn't make it because the only reason they have people coming in the door is the low prices.
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  8. Picked this 8000 up and it did not come with a installation disk, I've downloaded the software from Graphtec online. I keep gettng a error 1104 code. Any help would be great, using windows 10. Thanks. Also can I use just a USB cable or do I need to order a rs232c cable.
  9. What problems you have with the back glass? I slow shrink those but I learned the more you stretch the film on that window the easier the shrink and install.
  10. My (competition) 1 of them anyway, uses suntek and it seems to come off relatively easy! So there's a plus don't do it man.... get a better film... there's your second opinion!
  11. Wow that sounds shitty. Considering 400/500 is your avg. That is shitty sir. Where i work they dont charge more than 225 and i make more than 20 an hour.
  12. Stan can now join the Swordfight Congrats
  13. Nope, not hard. Pretty easy if i can do it.
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  15. Need experienced PPF and Tint technician for Automobile Dealership in Spokane Washington area awesome place to live hunting ,fishing ski, snowmobile rivers and lakes. low cost of living working on dealership inventory vehicles. excellent benefits wages, and nice working conditions. possible re-location assistance for the right candidate. contact rbailey@lithia.com
  16. We are looking to hire a tinter to work in a fast paced tint shop. Great pay, great benefits, great work environment and great friendly staff. Experience is a must. Must be able to hand cut as well as use a plotter. We are located in Corpus Christi Texas. Please TEXT 361-816-6993 for more information.
  17. High pace shop. Looking for an individual who is team oriented, has plotter experience, and is ready to grow with us. We are a well established company with over 20 years in the business. We specialize in working on high end and exotic vehicles. Please call James at 727-726-9274
  18. 2016 BMW 750i Thanks guys, pulling the rear seals , and unclipping the 3rd brake light made this job a breeze,...... Taping the felt and prepping the vehicle took 2/3 of the time. Not a difficult vehicle but it demands being clean and meticulous.
  19. 2016 BMW 750I Madico Charcool 35%
  20. The way I like to look at it, any business is tough to to start, you either gonna sink or swim. Survival of the fittest! Gotta stay positive and just go for it and let your work speak for it self
  21. If you like Korean IR films, NDFOS managed to grow in 2016 but not Rayno.
  22. Hiring a experienced flat glass installer in the Stl, Mo area. Must have previous flat glass experience or auto experience and willing to learn. Health insurance and vacation benefits available. Contact Danny at 314-416-7400
  23. Alright sweet! Thanks.
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  25. We are a nationwide company that truly values their hardworking employees. We proudly offer medical benefits. We are looking for experienced automotive window tinters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Immediate work available. Valid drivers license is required. Please contact Tyler at 480-203-5973.
  26. Hello everyone,

      I'm a veteran of tintdude the site, but a newbie to the subscription.  I hope to spread some knowledge and learn from some of the greats.  #Bless up

    BMW 750i 2016.jpg

  27. Sure does! Of course, scrubbing is still required 💪 Kon
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