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  2. Last One To Post #867

    Had Wingstop about 2 hours ago and still have the itis.
  3. Last One To Post #867

    All of this rain is giving me the blues
  4. Handjob!!!!

    My first handjob ...got in left in the back seat of a car...
  5. Handjob!!!!

    I use it with the clear crush....and it's not my first handjob I've had 2 in my life!!!
  6. Today
  7. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    Thats the thing, I have done a handful of them with LLumar ATC and had very minimal to no issues with it. That Air just kicked my ass yesterday for whatever reason. I was not left with a good option either. Leave it with the crease and get it later, peel it and try round three for that day or peel it and don't try at all. Would rather steam it off later since the truck will be back, I don't feel like as much of a quitter that way.
  8. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    I remember those days buddy, luckily when I did I wasn't using ceramic so just the cheap stuff. IDK how much I threw away though very frustrating.
  9. Last One To Post #867

    Afternoon everyone
  10. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    You wet shrink windshields and back glasses? I have done a wet check after dry shrinking but I am too nervous to apply a lot of heat to a windshield. Do you mix a special bottle of slip just for windshield installs? I may try the Joy route or possibly get some Tint Slime. My issue yesterday was lack of movement to position the film once I had it 99% on the window. I am already committed to doing the window over but what I don't want to do is waste any more ceramic film than I already have. I know I have to learn but damn does it hurt learning with the expensive stuff.
  11. Last One To Post #867

    Yep, photos below. I will be adding a lot more when I change the store around. Going to have 1 windshield per shade/film. https://www.atlantatint.com/our-shop-photos/
  12. Last One To Post #867

    Got some of the mini shields in last week, @DynamicATL don't you guys have those as well? Any pics?
  13. Last One To Post #867

    Finally got a sample in of the new 3M Obsidian...looks great with no green like the Llumar ATC plus it is cheaper priced.
  14. Last One To Post #867

    Yeah it was a sharp ass car
  15. Make sure your bottles are not getting mildew in them too.
  16. Busy shop based in the uk (essex) We are looking for a tinter with minimum 2yrs experience, good rates of pay to correct applicant. Please Contact us for more info: info@essextints.co.uk
  17. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    Ok any tips just slide it through flat threw.!!!????
  18. Last One To Post #867

    Lol, I said the same thing but it’s what the customer insisted that he wanted. We tried talking him into other options but he was hell bent on these. The car is mean as hell though
  19. Last One To Post #867

    Down to my last job of the week! not looking forward to it though, it’s a 720, It’s rough getting in and out of that thing.
  20. Last One To Post #867

    Thank me later
  21. The Window Tint Shoppe is a high-end professional detail shop specializing in computer cut auto tinting as well as home and office window tinting. We are a shop located in Holly Hill-Daytona area. We are looking for a tint specialist to become part of our team! This is a full-time position, you would work in and out of the shop, so you must be willing to travel within Volusia/Flagler county. Pay depends on experience. The ideal candidate needs to be self-motivated and trustworthy. · Minimum of 2 years’ experience · Available Monday through Saturday · Present Professional image · Must Have a reliable car · Must have valid driver’s license · Assist in keeping the shop clean and neat · Other duties directed by management · Ensure all work meets quality standards Please Call 386-281-3193 to schedule for an interview. Please bring resume with you!
  22. Last One To Post #867

    great outdoors it's been so long since I've had a samich from there awesome.....
  23. Last One To Post #867

    I'm sure it's a fine job but definitely not my taste
  24. Ghibli

    Good to hear, got our first one tomorrow.
  25. Last One To Post #867

    Very nice!!
  26. Last One To Post #867

    Here’s the pics I tried to post yesterday, did the flames on this bad boy
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