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  2. Yes they are
  3. Don't like to do them takes along time and removing hardware sucks happy it came out clean so was he.....
  4. What's wrong with old crusty?
  5. I hid from this truck for bout 2 months my friend kept calling and texting finally got it done today.....!!!!!!! Dirty ass rubbers seals dirt for years !!!
  6. What are some of your favorite filing tools for tint and techniques???
  7. I've been trying to reach them for a few weeks now with no luck. Does anyone know if they are still in business?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Get paid sir!
  10. Hellcat coming in tonight
  11. Geez I love the chiropractor.
  12. for my chiropractor
  13. Done
  14. Knock on wood I didn't do one all year.
  15. Yeah you do.
  16. 4 series coupe
  17. My first vehicle was a 1985 S-10 that was slammed. Always love that square body style.
  18. then give estimate on camper
  19. 350z done
  20. Ruff day ! Mean people outnumbered nice people today...
  21. X3 with cheap stuff
  22. 1985 S-10
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