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  2. I want to get my car retinted and dont want to break the bank on Huper or Wincos.I would probably settle for Carbon??What would be the best Film to get around $300 - $350??
  3. Tint World in San Diego, CA is seeking experienced full time window tint installers immediately. We are a very busy tint shop averaging 50-80 cars per week all year round. We are seeking someone who is looking for a company to grow with. We specialize in window tinting and clear bra paint protection, vehicle wraps and nano ceramic paint coating. We use Suntek Window films exclusively. We use computer cut for 99% of the cars except for front windshield and older vehicles that requires hand cut. We are looking for someone with 5+ years of professional film installation experience and two of these positions are available. We are also looking for helpers with little to no experience as helper and learn different automotive services we offer. Applicants must be highly motivated, reliable, has a positive attitude, takes pride in their work, pays attention to detail, drug free, drama free, clean and professional appearance. Must have valid drivers license and clean driving record. Starting pay and pay structures are negotiable and varies base on experience and output. Interested individuals please call 858-457-8000, ask for Scott or Jay. You can also email your resume to store017@tintworld.com
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  5. Any Jersey Tinters here??

    Not sure how far they are from you, and they haven't been on the forum in a bit, but he's a personal friend of mine... I would put him up against any other tinter. Here is his facebook page.. https://www.facebook.com/leeberbs/ (973) 477-6717 He's in Hillsborough ETA: Not sure what films he uses, as I don't tint cars - just homes and biz.. .so while I'm friends with him and hang out, I don't really pay much attention to that... shame on me I guess. I've been friends with him for a long time now and he's really good.
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  7. Last one to post #827

    If I die you can have my megadeth collection
  8. Film to choose.

    I want to get my car retinted and dont want to break the bank on Huper or Wincos.I would probably settle for Carbon??What would be the best Film to get around $300 - $350??
  9. Any Jersey Tinters here??

    I would like to know reputable Shops in Jersey.I'm willing to drive up to a hour from Basking Ridge or Flemington NJ.I would like to know what Films mentioned Shops have to Offer.
  10. Guys, I hear a lot of you use johnsonand Johnson baby shampoo but have any of you used the head to toe soap? I’ve been using it for a few months now and it’s been working awesome but wasn’t sure if there were any draw backs. Thanks!
  11. Word Association Game

  12. Top cut issues

    I've gotten to where I use my red dot for scoring or cutting against an edge and freehand on peelboard started using nt autoloader 5 blade guy for my top edges. I cut doubles a lot and the plastic body won't score my opposite windows top edge. Practice/fine tune my cut film is the last 4-6 ft of film that I won't use on client cars.
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    But who's buying?
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    peace sells @TintDude
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    <dave mustain>The warheads will all rust in peace.</dave mustain>
  16. Word Association Game

  17. Top cut issues

    I do about the exact opposite. Trim it to where there's only an inch overlap then go back and cut. I cut from mirror to frame it nose to but as Stan used to say. Also I always wet the film so my leading doesn't lift the film. Think of it this way though during Michael Jordan's career do you think he practiced free throws? Sometimes you just gotta practice. Take a piece lay on the glass and cut the top. Get done slide it up and cut again. Repeat as much as needed.
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    I need to take my purse to the gym apparently need an easy back workout.
  19. 2018 Tahoe door panels seals???

    It's that first clip at the back that wants to fight! And it's hit or miss. I start em with a bone tool
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    I'd like one myself
  21. 2018 Tahoe door panels seals???

    yeah man some are tighter than others. I do every once in a while take a panel popping tool pry in between to expose the seal and use a hook tool to release it. 9.5 outta 10 though I just grip and rip. I've yet to have one break on me but the Tahoe rears the top will separate. It doesn't mess up just pops back in place.
  22. 2018 Tahoe door panels seals???

    @jh812 have you ever ran into one of these you couldn’t get to pop off? I did an 18’ Silverado Saturday with only 600 miles on it and it was so damn tight I pulled the whole panel because I was affraid I was going to destroy it from pulling at the top. And then it was a total PITA to put it back on. I guess maybe I should put my purse down too but I really thought something was going to break.
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    Just used a friends inversion table @TNTLady you're right I need one of those in my life
  24. Top cut issues

    I will keep that in mind. I also realize I’ve been rolling the window down way to far when I do my top cut and haven’t been letting the excess kind of tack to the top of the door. Which really seems to help
  25. Water separation

    have not worked in a year, so have not tried myself. one of my students said worked great. Vesco wheel acid for detailers, little on steel wool and try not to drip. i will ask if he ever spilled and if it left a mark, my guess if it did he rinsed it off.
  26. Top cut issues

    keep 3 or 4 out cutting tops. knife perpendicular to the door, about 30 angle forward and the back edge up 10 degrees.
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    I imagine they have some weight to them. They have the point on them too... Covered with cork while they practice. It was neat watching them... Here's an odd ball question. You know how the US and other countries have a stash of nukes just sitting around that aren't used.... So far at least... I don't know how else to ask this question - so I'll ask it like this... Interpret it how you want. Won't they leak after sitting for so long?
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