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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Hello Tint Dudians! It is that time of year again for the annual SolarFX Window Films Christmas Raffle. This year is the one that you will want to win. We have several great items to complete any SolarFX Window Films collection. 2017 has been a great year for SolarFX and we are going to give one winner two rolls of our brand new IRFX series automotive window film, a SolarFX embroidered logo hoodie, a SolarFX winter beanie, a SolarFX embroidered Dirty Pouch tool pouch, and a SolarFX Logo'd thermal cup. This giveaway will run from today until 12:00am Pacific Time Friday December 21st. The rules are simple, make as many posts as you can during this time. Every post you make counts as an entry into the giveaway. Back-to-back posts do not count and those posts made consecutively will not count as an entry. On December 22nd a winner will be randomly chosen from all qualified entries using www.random.org . If winner is within the continental USA (48 states), winner will receive the winnings including free shipping. If winner is outside the continental USA, winner will be responsible for any shipping charges to receive winnings. Winner will receive the following valued at up to $5,000 retail: (2) 40"x100' rolls of our new IRFX automotive window film (available VLT's to choose 5, 20, 38%) (1) SolarFX Embroidered Dirty Pouch Tool Pouch (1) SolarFX Embroidered Hoodie (sizes available M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL) (1) SolarFX Embroidered Beanie Cap (choose from SolarFX logo or Feel the FX logo) (1) SolarFX Logo'd Thermal Cup (1) Free Shipping for the 48 Continental USA States Good Luck to everyone and see you on December 22nd to announce the winner. If you would like more information on SolarFX Window Films email me at shawnmvogler@hotmail.com .
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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle

    Stay tuned everyone, we will be running a Christmas Raffle beginning on 12/1/2017!!!!
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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    SolarFX IRFX 38%
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    On the weekends we get about 100 members visit per day, weekdays between 120-150, maybe 15-25 on at any one time. about 10% of those will have something to say that day.
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    A true off road install a customer brought in a while back. QDP 5% all the way around on this 1966 Ford Twin I Beam pickup. I'm a huge fan of the 66 since I have one with some low miles but not as nice of this show truck! I went to the dealer in 66 with my dad when he bought the one I have now. Memories
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    Pic of the Week #552 Submissions

    Cheap Base Tint Coming Right Up
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    How many guys are active here?

    Speaking of being active, the guy that started this thread posted it and hasn't been back. I mean like, what do you care?
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    Pic of the Week #551 Submissions

    Been a while since we were in the POTW competition.. but here is what I have this week.
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    Pic of the Week #551 Submissions

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat | Llumar CTX Window Tint
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    Simple to bottom load with seals pulled. If you are getting creases when two stepping a window be sure NOT to squeegee your sides close to the change over point. This gives you lots more leverage to make the transition without the creases.
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    2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat widebody getting Llumar CTX Window Tint!!
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    Huper Optik C30
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    Mr paladin

    Not what I expected this morning

    In Houston TX anyway
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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Tinted this last night. Paint correction and ceramic coating today.
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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Tinters don't make mistakes
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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    @soakshield loving these shirts
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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    almost done.
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    Lightly filed gap-less Huper Optik Ceramic 40
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    no ma'am

    Pic of the Week #550 Submissions

    68 cutlass not sure it's a real 442 pinnacle 30/15 and air on the windshield. Condom sense window tinting.
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    Pic of the Week #549 Submissions

    DR 15 installed on all south facing windows
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    Warranty info

    We are aware, but still issue a receipt minus the shade. Not to mention the warranty papers printed from both Llumar and 3M include the shade of the film. Plenty of other ways they can prove you tinted their vehicle besides a receipt. Simply put, it you are worried about that then do not do illegal installs.
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    Last One To Post #795

    Looks great Jimmy, hopefully you'll get some referrals from it. Did some more work on the Olds, finished all the metal tape for the chrome and gave it a few coats of clear. Don't know why but the red leaked a bit onto the metal tape, should be able to clean that up later.
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    Hookers and blow.
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    I only use the side swiper for the bottom of back windows.
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    Custom made

    Had a new Honda and needed the stupid little window rubber held open on the bottom. Glad I was in my own shop. Little bit of metal and some work and!
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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Solar FX film is so easy to work with!!
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    Tint Slayer

    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Over the years I've written down my Daughter Meadows little "Meadowisms" she says every now and then: Meadowism - she never gets her garbage IN the bathroom garbage basket.--Me: Since you always miss the garbage pail in the bathroom, you now have the job of picking up all your tissues and emptying the pail and putting a new bag in every Monday morning when I take the garbage out to the curb.Meadow: UGH, that's the pail that has everybodies snotty tissues and whatever else it is they wipe, that's gross.Me: Well if you don't have the bag downstairs every Monday for me to take outside you lose your Nintendo 3DS for the day.Meadow: Really? But it's gross.Me: Yes, really. Are we clear on what to do?Meadow: Yes, every Monday morning give you my Nintendo 3DS.
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    no ma'am

    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    We welcome you raffle guys to the forum, we'd appreciate some participation when they're gone though guys. Add some pics/tech support or even ask for help!
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    Knowing some of aswf film history I wouldn't use a sample of their auto film today.
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    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Looks like it might be okay.
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    It's been a heck of a ride but my dad and I have hit the milestone of tinting together as father and son. Not sure if that's a record or not but though it was kind of cool [emoji4]
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    To follow up, super easy vehicle to tint. Nothing to watch out for that we saw.
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    Mac 3000 working around the rhino
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    It's true. The teflon tape softens every edge of the card, and makes it impossible to set creases, hide specks. I usually have 2 cards. 1 with teflon, and an extra one without the tape to jam under my cuticle, or finger nail when I reach in to my pockets. Oh and to use on creases.
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    I like this tool a lot, but get knicks very easy compared to the eazy reach. They should make them like the teflon hard cards.
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    It works incredibly well. I put that sh*t on everything.
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    Thanks bud. :-) im divided on doing videos for potential customers and tip videos for other tinters. I've found that they help me stay sharp because I have to try my best to provide information that actually helps other tinters. Definitely makes me feel good that you have benefited from them. :-) any ideas on future videos you would want to see? My my next tip video will probably be on prep work to eliminate trash/contamination.
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    1966 Chevy Chevelle Pinnacle 35%
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    New website:-)

    Rick it looks good man. If I were you I would reword about the entry level film though. Maybe just talk about the price being less or something then saying it comes with 1 year warranty or whatever. I know main goal is to upsell the customer but I'm just not about bad mouthing one to get them to do that.
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    Age of SolarFX?

    i live in oklahoma and use the ultraFX line of solarfx films with no issues. its a great color stable film and shrinks well. my theory is "if its not broke, dont fix it". so with that being said, im sticking with what i know works.
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    Commission or salary

    Exactly! Great post. Not to toot my own horn, but I have never had issue with pay, with any of my installers. I believe it is because I install day in and day out myself. I left commission years ago and went flat rate. That way the installer could care less what I charge. They make the same regardless. I can give a buddy a hook up, or even tint a family members car for free if I choose, with out it effecting the installers pay. But it goes both ways. I can charge a ton if I want also. I have had a couple prospect experienced installers that I have phone interviewed that could not come to terms with the fact that I pay the same for ceramic as I do a NR film. The work does not change. "but you charge more so I should make more" If they can't grasp the concept then I don't think they are the right fit for my shop.Now before anyone gets mad, the ceramic we use installs they same. In fact i like installing it better. If we used a film that took longer to install I would pay more. Now that's just for pay scale. Not saying I haven't had employee issue's in other area's.
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    Id say the first dozen or so were tuff. Some i could do, then next time round had trouble. I been waiting for tinting to be easy and it never did...until i started bottom loading. It less stressful, no killing your wrist by chisling out creases, and its easier to handle for install. I bottom loaded a 17' Fusion today and it was easier then the last. The rear rollups on it are a must to bottom load.
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    Tint slime mix

    There is one big difference being overlooked when someone ask, "How much tint slime do you add to water?" The most over looked thing is the water. Water is VERY different from town to town and state to state. One installer might need to add one ounce to a gallon of water and a different installer in a different state might need to add 2 ounces to make the same tint slip the same amount. The next thing is film adhesive. Different brands of film will require different amounts of "soap" added to make slip. Third, Glass differences. Some manufacturers glass requires more slip than other manufacturers. Lexus glass generally requires more "soap" to be added than Honda glass. What I am saying is, Add the proper amount of "soap" to your water to allow you to position your film. When you squeegee the film out is should stick pretty quick. If it still moves around then you have too much "soap" in your water.
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    Tint slime mix

    When I was using the Green, I was using 3oz. to 4 gal. of water, if I'm not mistaken. Of course that is for a 5 gal. tank or bigger. That was my year round amount for when using the green slime. It got a little *tacky* in the hotter temps at that rate. If you are trying to use it in 32oz. spray bottles... I just transfer some slime to a sauce bottle(some sort of squirt bottle) that will deliver even squirts. Then I just use three even squirts per 32oz. sprayer. My bottle and measuring syringes
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    I wouldn't waste my money on film for those windows. For the level of security it seems you are looking for, I would say new windows, new glass, bars or a good security system would be better money spent. The security films and attachment systems just are not designed for these types of situations, and I feel any film/attachment combination will leave you with a false sense of security.
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    no ma'am

    2018 x3

    Redesign. Spoiler shrouds back window like X1/5, has felt sides now. Front doors easier to pull sweeps just pull tweeter first. Back door now has full length sweep kind of bitch to get out (see pics)
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    Express window films, Global, Solarfx are great films for the money