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    no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yep, already helped one of those guys. Not happening again. pay somebody guy! If you can afford that it's not gonna break your little limp wrist swiping your card at a professionals shop
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    So i guess the 'cash for cars' program has ended?
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    If you are working for a dealer in their building and have no skin in the game..as far as expenses go. All you are is a laborer. Same as a car detailer. Your pay will likely be in line with what people in your area make to roll paint onto walls, mow grass, vacuume carpets or wash cars.
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    I agree with the opinions...However, this is a loyal frequent return customer..I really didn't know how to handle this one I have to admit.. If this had been a one time customer, then I would have been less likely to have done anything about it, but given the strange circumstance I simply did what I thought necessary. Already had a referral from them that almost covered the windshield cost so eventually I will make up the expense.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Haven't really shared this with anyone, probably the longest I've gone since oh IDK I was 14.
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    Llumar curling

    That's the most polite way to put that a film sucks
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    Not tucking film anymore

    Im getting to the point where I rarely tuck. I’ll pull the seal and/or panel if the sides stick out, bottom seal is tight, and if its a removal or the felt is deteriorating. I also do it for ease if I can do it fast. Most all vehicles now fall in these categories, so Im to the point of just never tucking. The few times i do now it just irritates me, especially since I dont do it as much and lose my edge doing it.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    New pic of $250,000 truck
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    Not tucking film anymore

    Yep, any thread thats about being over a tool or technique thats me!!
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    Wiping squeegee after each stroke

    I wipe it with my hands between strokes.
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    Photo of the Week #621 Submissions

    Let's call it shitbox week '01 Outback in Xpel CS35
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    First Cracked Window in over 25 years !!!

    This is a 2019 Tesla Model 3. I was not aggressive with heat did not even squeegee to hard. The film had even been on the car for over 30 min before that crack appeared. As I finished hanging all the film I came back with a microfiber to clean everything up and literally watched it appear from the inside. The contractor I was doing this for just about had a heart attack when I had to call and tell him what had happened ( understandably so ). Lucky for us all the customer was about the coolest guy you could ever meet. Long story short everything worked out ok in the end. The customer is cool contractor is cool and I live to tint another day.
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    2018 GWagon 4x4

    The 19’ G63 changed. No third brake light, no seals to pull on rear 1/4s. Door seal removal: 1-T30 behind leather arm rest handle cover and pull it out.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Nah we need that full story
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    Tint Eastwood

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    bruh.....I had the weirdest estimate today. I don't even wanna start to describe all the details because it would turn into a rambling post, but the main takeaway was dude had a straight up life size "female doll" tucked in on his couch with pillow, blanket, sleep mask and all.....definitely thinking some kind of mental illness. Really worried I'm gonna get that job.
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    I do a little dealer work, but only for salesman that want quality. And I tell them to pass my number on to their customer. So it keeps it strictly retail. Even used car lots I won’t budge on my price. They keep sending me work. It’s not a lot, but it’s recurring. Screw net 30. Screw having to set aside a $300 job for a $100 job. Screw pushy salesman that don’t even know what they’re selling. I’m lucky in that I don’t need to push dealer work, retail keeps me busy enough.
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    Tint Eastwood

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Done Lines and more lines My nine old saved the trip for me though. He can ride all the roller coasters now and he was super pumped about them so it made that part fun.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    View isn't too bad
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    This is the reason I wont tint the bg on the 3 anymore. I also wont tint the windshield on any of them. I hear many thinking this company will fold soon. The glass on these is defective by design. Google it and you’ll see.
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    no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

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    tint guy

    What did you tint today?

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    Where do you buy film

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    Llumar curling

    That's apart of the sales rep training program.
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    Llumar curling

    Strange.....when I had problems with curl and Eastman films....they said they never had anyone else complain..and I was the only one.....lol
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    no ma'am

    Tinting with Air 90

    You can't except edges on border or dots. also .... packers suck!
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