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    Oh hell no. They always wind up talking, so now half my brain has to listen and reply to you while the other half tries like hell not to burn this piece I just spent a bunch of time prepping. Oh, and don't mind if I take off your door panels do ya? Hey, thanks for turning the ignition off for me while I tint this roll up, I had no idea I left it on. Oh, a bubble? Thanks for pointing that out to me. No, it goes on the inside.
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    The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    Finally some progress is being made!
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    Pic of the Week #545 Submissions

    Whole house DL 20 madico sunscape
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    I'm gonna just throw this out. How about, don't have a light gap.
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    Whenever a customer states they remove the film, we remind them that film is only part of the removal and that the glue has to be removed too. If not, there will be a charge which can be the same amount or even higher than our normal removal charge. Had a customer last week removing tint from only the rear window because he didn't want to pay the $150 we charge. So he did it himself, shredded the film everywhere requiring a full scrape. Explained it to him that he actually made the job much worse and we would now $250 to remove it, but recommended him just to buy a new rear glass since it will come out cleaner.
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    What did you tint today?

    Global QDP 40%
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    I use the my insurance won't let me let you excuse
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    They leave tint all in the dot matrix and the cracks of the cars takes forever to get out! Back Windows suck to get out old tint had to do it with a olfa knife sideways! And sometimes they don't tell you it was tinted before on the phone sneaky suckers!
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    I hate when you get a crease and have to distract them while you work in it secretly haha
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    Mr paladin

    Hiding from old cars!!!

    Normally I not only up charge but require classic cars 2 be dropped off for 2-3 days so I can work on it between new cars or after hours I loose money turning down new cars to tint old cars.
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    Just imagine that everyone on tintdude gets to walk around the vehicle to check it out. Thats what i do. Doesnt matter to me if the car is worth $3 or $30k. They should all be tinted to a certain standard. I'll redo stuff i know the custy most likely wont notice, cause i never want a customer to doubt my work and bring it to a competetor to check it out.
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    I want to take the time to say thank you to the tint dude community. I log on every now and then, but don't say much. I tint every now and then, now it's just for fun. Tinting has gotten me out of that job I hated, thank god I got away. Once again thank you guys for you help and the bashing, cause it definitely motivated me.
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    Pic of the Week #545 Submissions

    Any Mopar love here? I would say what window tint was applied, but 90% of the time Dodge equals cheap...yeah I said it.
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    Midtown Houston

    Quickjack is a must buy

    This is a must buy... Quickjack for ppf, wrap, and ceramic coating install.
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    SolarFX never ceases to amaze me!

    I was out on a ride working out the bugs on a new bike when i got the call " Your new film is here,along with some other goodies " 😀 I can't wait to open the shop tomorrow and start feeling the FX ! Big thanks to Dragon for sending me some shirts,tint fuel,cleaner,banners...and most of all,a High Quality film to replace that Eastman !@/+.
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    One thing I have learned over the years, you have to be okay with people walking out the door. Can't please everyone, so why try to?
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    Post install drying - lighter or darker?

    Here is your new Avatar image Puck face
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    It is darker for sure, just have to go with the next shade up. Downside is the "go-to" option to match the rear is 15/20. In most cases this is fine, but some vehicles meter lighter than others. This is why we meter all privacy windows to ensure we match it up the best. Even if we can't, atleast we can discuss it with the customer prior to tinting. A lot of shops will just slap on 15/20 without metering it assuming it will be fine.
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    Last one to post #781

    Four months of jumping through hoops! Im so ready for my shop to be a reality!
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    I don't need or want an audience. Especially if I'm pulling or popping the top of a panel, the newer GMs let loose a hell of a snapping noise when you pop the top. Had a salesman present when I was popping one the other day and he about shit himself, can only imagine what a customer would be like when it sounds like you're breaking shit on their new $30k-$100k vehicle.
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    Customers watching always slows me down with all the questions, standing in my path after I peel the film and I walk to the car. I also hate it when they sit in the car when I'm working on the vehicle
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    Last one to post #781

    Too excited! Building begins tomorrow if it doesnt rain!!
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    Garware has been producing high quality solar film forever. The Global line I have been using for around 10 years without a single warranty claim. I met Mr. Garware at the Sema show and he said he developed the Global qdp line to show the world the Garware company can make the best film in the world....and he did!
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    wire brush the file between windows
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    What did you tint today?

    1985 S-10
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    How many cars

    One thing that makes it harder starting out is the frequency you tint. 5 a week or just 1? You can forget stuff fast and the more you do the quicker you would catch on. If i could go back, i would tint my own vehicle 1-3 times per day, along with shrinking the bg a few times. The cost of film would be worth the waste.
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    How many cars

    I got lucky. Had to deal with a Dodge account from the very start. So dealt with wranglers, 200s, 300s, and Chargers for a whole year with a ship that sold 100 a month. I honestly think that those cars made me better really quick. Lots of headaches and long ride home but I'm glad it happened to me.
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    Midtown Houston

    Tricked out Cornelius tanks

    So I was bore and design our tanks. I laminated it so it can last long.
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    Got a 30 tip today on four sides windows strip and tint....yeeeeah!!!! Good people
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    Pricing for Flat Glass jobs

    Here's a beginner way to drop film. You'll eventually learn to do it without the dowel.
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    DOW 995 sausage gun opinions

    We're talking about silicone guns and not heat guns
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    Llumar CTX vs ATR vs Pinnacle

    I would recommend going by each shop and checking out the shop, how they work, maybe some vehicles they tinted in the parking lot. If all shops seem to be on the same level of quality, Pinnacle will be the best deal since it is generally more expensive and performance is slightly higher. IMO CTX looks better since it has a hint of blue to it versus Pinnacle having a hint of green. I would never recommend going to a shop not listed as a dealer. You can't just go get these films, so if they are not a dealer they most likely do not have it. Not to mention you will not have the Llumar warranty even if they do have the film. The best option is to call Llumar directly to confirm if the non-listed person is a dealer or not...their number is 1-800-255-8627. CTX and Pinnacle has the same charcoal look besides the hint of blue/green. A lot of old school tinters do not buy into the Ceramic films or newer technology. This is because HP films like ATR can have a higher Heat Rejection (TSER) than a Ceramic film. This heat rejection slows the heat buildup in the vehicle, but if the vehicle is sitting in the sun all day, it will still be hot. It will cool down faster and let your A/C kick in quicker and work more efficiently. What Ceramic films bring to the table is a similar Heat Rejection, but a boost in Infrared Rejection which is the heat you can feel burning your skin. So it allows you to feel much more comfortable in your vehicle. If you drove the car for one week tinted in ATR/Comfort and then the following week tinted in CTX/Pinnacle, you will 100% want the CTX/Pinnacle. To add on what JJaws posted, Huper Optik Ceramic will be another option with even higher heat rejection than all films mention above. To clarify the "true ceramic" comment is just that Huper's Ceramic is the only Patented Ceramic Window Film and does have a more advanced technology than most other Ceramic Films. However all Ceramic films mentioned are real Ceramic films. Downside that you might not like based on the "matte" finish you posted above, Huper Ceramic has a slightly reflective appearance. It will also have a higher price tag. If you get into to that price range, then you want to check out Formula One Stratos along with 3M Crystalline. Out of those higher priced films, Stratos will have the most neutral appearance. Lastly, stop saying "tints"...it is tint just like sheep is sheep no matter if 1 or 50.
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    Score marks on back glass from olfa

    You don't have to have a plotter to not cut on glass, you've just gotta improvise. Use a Sharpie, button, or plastic banding strap. If you don't have a glass wall to cut on get a white board or plexi glass. The blades now are made to cheap and glass is to soft to cut on.
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    Use gloss black nail polish for small light gaps works good and is cheap comes with free brush too haha!!!!
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    Exactly why I wouldn't give them a break. Hit them with a high number...either they leave which is a win since you don't have to do a removal or they pay the high price which is also a win.
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    The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    The builders were unable to put the roof on yesterday due to the wind picking up. Maybe Monday when the rock gets delivered. Then the doors will go up....I hope.
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    70s/80s Camaro Rear Window. Braided Defrost Line

    Now you are going to find out what us old timers had to deal with on a daily basis. Good luck
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    Last one to post #786

    Happy Monday Just for you Sir. @flat rock stan
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    The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    This is how far the building crew got on Friday. Hoping to finish drying it in this week but we have rain possible Monday and Tuesday. Then overhead doors will go up, stone masons will do the facade/wainscoat (required by city code enforcement), electricians, plumber, AC guys and spray in foam people will start doing there stuff. Then the buildout inside for office, loft, kitchen and bathroom can begin. Sooo much to do now and the clock is ticking.
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    Safest Method

    Safest and least expensive thing is to say I am not responsible if them defrosters dont work after removing the film
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    Safest Method

    In my opinion the best method is using a black garbage bag and Windex with ammonia in it. the second best option is using a jiffy steamer. not a regular pressure on demand steamer
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    Customer calls I already bought the tint???

    When they ask how much to install film they bough for their car, I tell them 250. Then they ask how much to you mine, I say 250 but mine comes with a warranty. In all my years they have always went with mine. cheers
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    Squeegee hardness

    Over the years have used many different ones. soft black in the 80's and switched to yellow, then blue and tried orange and red. Large turbos often left more water and the film textured as it dried. smaller ones give more pressure per square inch but then take longer. switched to fusion 5ES with blue max and noticed a haze instead of texture and faster cure. pro-handle is slower and more awkward for prep. Best of both worlds. Use a yellow turbo cut 9 inches for quick prep and squeegee with a long angle on one side for reach. the yellow can flex in your hand to adjust to the curve of the window. final step use pro-handle for max water removal
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    Last one to post #782

    Got my shelf back up and extended out plus film handler mounted
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    no ma'am

    Last one to post #782

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    like in my one vid, figure if I keep talking, they can't. history of film during 2 doors on a truck LOL other fav thing, pop the trigger on the torch a few times and say " don't try this at home we are professionals" most walk away as the flame hits the car had many owners/managers freak as I started to torch, just said " this is how the big boys get it done" and they hide did an aveo shield in a new account, torching on the inside. owner with no expression watching. poked my head out and asked "this don't bother you?" he replied "not my car" good for a laugh. not fond of an audience, but try and put on a good show when i do with some spinning tools and flipping squeegees. anyone remember tom cruise in cocktails or coyote ugly? takes some practice but lots of fun
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    Time for a change

    Got the blue redone on the shop today, and stripe complete. Looks 100% better now.
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    Questions about Mobile tinting.

    Pain management monday, 3td MRI next week and possible surgical consultation. If, they sign off on disability the plan is my dog and I in a RV touring the USA visiting tint shops. If eyes do a good job, maybe ya'll can flip me some gas money LOL till then here I sit at your beck and call. You want some pointers, send me your vid. you want some hands on, come visit, still got places with cars that need done. only worked a few weeks this year, running out of internet to browse
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    How many cars

    IMO it takes about a year of window tinting to get of the learning curve. so many different cars and tricks to many to avoid pulling hair. If you don't know, what you don't know, how can you possibly know? Fell in love with Blues music couple years back. decided to learn to play guitar, 7 notes, how hard can it be? A B C D E F G LOL I still really suck after a year
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    If the customer is not happy or you would not be happy with it on your personal vehicle, needs to be redone.