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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Always pay attention. Especially on picture day.
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    Tint Eastwood

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning Here's my retirement plan: Get a homing pigeon and sell it on eBay. Over. And over. And over again
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    @no ma'am I am just curious and gotta ask....do you ever lose any driver bits? LOL!!
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Holy Crap. I can’t belive it and don’t know where the hell he has been, but our male, solid black cat just came back home today. After disappearing well over a month ago.
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    Tint Eastwood

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Only good thing about the cold is the kids ski club at school just started up. 6 weeks of night skiing at super discounted rates.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

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    Heat display questions

    Tis’ done my friends!
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    For anyone that was following they found they boy alive about a quarter mile from his home. Said he was Tangled up in briars in the woods.
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    no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    @TintDude @coolkids. I might be a bad parent we framed this pre school write up though . My little rebel!
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning y'all. Down about 16lbs
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    Older thread but I thought I would mention the fact it looks like Zep has gotten the design for the Spraymaster gray bottles. Just bought two at Lowe's and they are blue and white Zep bottles but the exact design of the Spraymaster bottles that we all like.
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    Peelboard with water catcher.

    This is ours. I don't have a bucket at the end though. It is just the vinyl gutters from home depot with caps on the end. Just wipe them out with a rag at the end of the day. Soaks up all the water and keeps it clean.
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    That's funny,, because anytime anyone asks me to tint a car...I start convulsing too..
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    @pbalentine here's another to add to the collection. IDK on long term yet but man this thing gets the water out better than anything I've ever tried. https://www.gasketprotools.com/blank-1/sledge-hammer-angle-cut-extractor
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    Best way to remove film?

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    no ma'am

    Too many tools. Min tools to do job

    I clean and stick my first pass with a yellow turbo, I follow with a handy and orange crush. I'm partial to fusion pre cut yellow turbo. As far minimizing my tools ... I'm losing that battle
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Lets see that spoon
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

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    Working on another custom print. This one is going to be really cool. 😎
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    no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

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    take the whole set bring back the WHOLE set or buy me a new one!
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    Age old problem that won't ever have a solution. As you know, window tinting is a trade, problem is that it is a trade that requires no significant license or oversight to get into. And a surplus of suppliers willing to whore out rolls of film to anyone with a credit card. Once anew hire figures out hitch side of the film sticks..they flee and open up their own "shop" ...been that way since before I started in this business ( 1985 ) ..and will be that way until I'm pushing up daisies
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    I guess I'm not the one to ask I have been through 3 Tinters in the three and a half years since my wife quit I guess being on time and being at work every day is too much to ask.
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    Florida does it again!

    Wow. I make it a point never to place anything (tools, boxes, etc.) on the paint except towels. I see guys place their spray bottles on top of cars paint all the time and it makes me cringe.
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