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    Post to win the complete month of March with winners randomly drawn at the end of the month! Greetings my friends To celebrate my recent 10,000 post mark and getting my long awaited sword I decided to sponsor a raffle for a complete set of my Learning Library DVD set on tinting automotive windows. 14 DVD's each approximately a hour long that have taught so many new people to our industry as well as many people who have been in the business for years! Modeled after my hands on training the DVD's are full of tips and tricks to make the job of tinting cars easier, faster and cleaner. The DVD's teach several different ways to tint all the different types of windows you run into in this business. Full access to my support program is also included for those who need it. But wait there is more! A 15th DVD Titled Shaving the Edge teaches how to leave a factory edge look on side windows using a Exacto knife is also included! But wait, But wait for more! Giving away five DVD's titled Breaking Down the Barriers! This hour long DVD I teach two different ways to tint each window on a complete car. So many ways to get a job done. The best way is what works best for each individual. Winners will pick up many skills to make the job of tinting better for them. Free shipping anywhere in the United States. A like on my facebook page is not necessary or required but would be appreciated. https://m.facebook.com/Auto-Window-Tinting-125726210820250/ If you're posting for this raffle you are already at the best place on the Internet TintDude! Cheers and good luck! Stan Foster aka Proffesor Tint
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    Normal Tint Job? Dust Specks

    What's funny is I've seen tinters on this forum over the years to claim they always do "flawless" and "perfect" tinting all the time. My suggestion is to do some searching on here and see if you can find one of them and they can stand by their words and turn that into a "perfect" "flawless" tint job for you [emoji4] Another easier suggestion would be when judging the tint job you currently have, try not to inspect it so close that your nose is touching the window smearing the glass as you inspect the job. A great tint job will be 99.9++ contamination free at best with all the proper procedures in order but give a good fluorescent light to an experienced tinter and let them press thier nose up against every window in a car, They'll find something in every tint job. Be it theirs or someone else's.
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    Normal Tint Job? Dust Specks

    100% perfect tint job is NEVER possible. I can't really tell from the pic but in general if all you have are three small specks in a window then consider yourself fortunate.
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    Tips for a beginner

    My best advice to you is to get @flat rock stan videos. It will not save you money now but it will definitely save you thousands of dollars later. Don't expect to make any $$ until maybe after 10 to 15 cars.
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    @Aesop_Rock I subscribed for the monthly subscription instead of the yearly subscription because I didn't see a "Donate" button. So I picked the most expensive way to sub. I honestly believe that if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't be successful this quick. It has done wonders for me. So this is my way of paying it forward.
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    Midtown Houston

    Normal Tint Job? Dust Specks

    I have a returning customer that ask me to tint his Rubicon in 3M Crystalline and I told him NO due the fact that I don't think I can meet his expectation. We went thru hell with his Maserati to made him happy because he was a YELPER. He was picking at everything and made us install the tint sideway because he wear $1000 TOM FORD POLARIZE SUNGLASSES. Well long story short....He went to our competitor that charge him $400 for Crystalline on his Rubicon and ran back asking us to redo their work. I told him that they should have taken the door panel off on that Jeep to do a good job due to the tight side gasket. I read him our term and condition twice and also had him initial it. We ended up charge him for removal and our cost of 3M Crystalline on the Jeep. He is a happy customer and understand now that minor imperfection is ok in the tint business. Along the year we have learn to read customers....There are like 3 - 6 customers a year that we say no too due to their demanding high expectation. There are also a few that fool us and get the better of us. I just learn to except the good with the bad.......and that there are a lot more good then bad people.
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    Work ethics

    Hey there boys and girls. I been away for quite sometime, but after spending the past few years of working my fingers to the bone. I have decided that it's time to slow down, and enjoy life a little more. Make a little more time for myself, and my family. Still working 7 days a week. But pacing myself to the point where I can have a tiny bit more fun from week to week. With that being said, I plan on being around here a little bit more. So for the old timers that remember me from back in the day hello. And for the ones I don't know, nice to meet you all. Great bunch of tinters here, and I look forward to contributing regularly once again. Cheers all
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    Your profile says you are 18... So let's go with that. I would strongly advise against posting pictures of your car, or your customer's cars, with highly illegal and incredibly dangerous film installed on them. You never know who is reading this forum and believe it or not, it really wouldn't be hard for someone to figure out who you are.... ie. the police.
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    A little history for you!

    In March of 1973 we opened our doors as Cartridge Industries Corporation to supply these to the Music & Recording Industry. Do you know what this is and how it relates to window film? This year marks our 44th year in business and thanks to you, our SolarFX Window Films customers, we are looking for another 44 years. Thank you for your continued support of our films and our company! We would not be where we are today, 44 years later, without great customers like you!
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    hightimes needs to win these so he can learn how to properly install all that SolarFX film he just won.
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    Glad to get some feedback! I have been more worried about putting the unit up wet because of our weather here in Oregon. I'm just tired of brick and mortar after 40 years but have also been thinking about working with different types of businesses in a 40-50 mile radius of home that have proper work areas and lots of cases no one to preform the service. Stereo shops, glass shops..... Businesses that have the same customer base, then pay them commission on work space and customer refurals. I am lucky to have many really nice small towns in the Columbia River Gorge going east and many nice towns running towards the Pacific Ocean to the west. Dang that still leaves me many opportunities to the north and south Am selling the family retail shop to employees... Hope they keep payments up!!! I have owned several businesses over the years and am burned out on large operations where I can't be in control of quality that I want even when using the advice I received years ago from a very wealthy businessmen of ....inspecting what I expect. @XPEL Jeff I would like to publicly apologize for the negative comments I left earlier in this thread and went back and edited. I try very hard to be positive in all aspects of my life. I was just ..... so very disappointed that I wasn't able to attend the Xpel training. I want to train with at least three different centers to make the most of a new career for myself as I enter what most people would consider retirement age I plan to retire when they carry me out with my head covered! I love working, doing things that in a few hours or days I can get satisfaction knowing I did a great job! Again truly mean it when I say please accept my apology for the harsh negativity. cheers Stan
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    Last One To Post game #717

    Fixed it for ya
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    At a crossroad...

    Will you take some advice from an old tinter? Make a point of saving a percentage of the money you make, open an IRA or buy cds. You will need a retirement and some security as you get older and retire. Just saying man..
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    Last One To Post Game #716

    3 no shows on a Monday but more than made up for that by taking two walkins and upsaled them to CTX Series!
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    Last One To Post Game #716

    Oh yeah our next stop is Honolulu.
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    Good customer called and said his kid has stage 4 cancer... He's trying to quickly build the kids dream jeep so he can enjoy it for just a bit before he can't... So ill be working for free today... And a little sad... I watch this kid grow up from age 10 to 22 now... Poor guy was just getting started in life.. I feel really bad for them... Make a person really appreciate what they have and how long they have had it... That's for sure! Tint On !
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    Lexen Precut Film

    I've been tinting for 16 yrs and I can't get one to come out right.
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    no ma'am

    BG stars??

    And they all drove beemers
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    Stek film

    Then let's move on. I closed this thread previously, but I don't like closing threads as the censorship accusation starts getting thrown around...but this thread has run its course, so Pete, I hope you have a good experience with your film, whatever you chose, and J.Lambert, you need to move on as well.
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    1922 studerbarker light 6 sedan

    Yeah I believe that would be a big Ole pass for me. Job is going to be difficult to get clean, on top of ordering film you'll never use again plus if you mess something up God only knows what it would take to fix it.
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    Last One To Post #712

    Closed up for lunch today. It was spaghetti day at school.
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    Normal Tint Job? Dust Specks

    This. Have a nice day
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    Last One To Post #711

    Open chat thread The last thread closed as I was typing my reply but @DynamicAppearance it never ceases to amaze me the crap people will try and pull. You may need to invest in the P.O.S. Disclaimer
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    Last One To Post #711

    Halfway through my Monday. Thank goodness.
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    Last One To Post #711

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    Last One To Post #711

    One reason I don't offer 5% anymore...seems like all customers wanting 5% is cheap and annoying. I was dying couple of days ago with the Tesla owner that we did Crystalline on...super technical guy. It was the last car for the day, so our tinter is about to head out, but the customer wanted to walk the car with him. They were outside for 20+ minutes going over every inch of the vehicle. Our guy came back in like WTF was that. So our guy left and we decided to call him to see if he could come back cause they customer has more questions. We put him on the phone with someone else that did a good impression of the customer and had him going for minute...then mid-sentence, he is like fuck you guys.
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    Slip solution problem

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    stock tint match, favorite brands?

    Llumar CTX or 3M CS is the best general match on our lineup. SolarFX has some lines that match up well...we installed some CarbonFX which looked good. I have read Global QDP matches well too.
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    Yep, let one of those 15% windshield customer run over a kid cause they couldn't see him. Police/Insurance going bring up the tint and the customer is most likely going to rat you out. Good luck with all that legal trouble.
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    The legality of it doesn't make me nervous but knowing I share the road with a vehicle like that scares the he'll out of me. Imagine if you hurt someone with that vehicle. Bet they hang you.
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    Last One To Post #711

    I always wanted my own arcade machine... Consoles & current computers are way beyond the classics - but nothing beats the memories of playing them as a kid. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Had someone make up a flyer to include with my folders for customers..... I think they came out really nice.
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    Last One To Post #711

    And that is Overlords personal vehicle
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    no ma'am

    A little history for you!

    When you roll down windows tinted with solar fx you hear Eddie rabbit sing (I'm driving my life away)!
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    Good morning Blue is 20% carbon fx Red is 35% carbon fx Two more people are feeling the FX today!
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    SolarFX February Raffle Winner

    Congratulations high. For some reason I think Russia had something to do with this. Lol
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    Am I being OCD about this?

    If you did not see the scratch until after you rolled it down then back up I would make sure nothing is in the door scratching it.
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    Stek film

    The same could be said for any new film, Suntek have a new film out, how do we know that that will perform as you say in years to come (I am not bashing Suntek here as I love their film and to my mind at the moment is the best on the market). I have STEK on my car and it's doing a fine job. If you are not prepared to put film on you own cars whose cars do you test on? I use my car because it is used and abused on a daily basis, when it is washed it's taken through the local 'hand car wash' with all the associated chemicals and old wash mits and if the film stands up to this I am pretty confident to offer it to my customers. If you are not even willing to try these things we would still be putting helicopter tape on our cars. Steve
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    Last one to post #718

    Heh... saw a post on FB - picture of a guy who had his hand crushed in an accident at work and was left with only his thumb. The pic was of a robotic hand which is crazy cool. His pointer finger is a diff color and material so it works on touch screens and stuff. Pretty neat. Anyway... I was looking thru his photos, and he also has a fake non-functional hand but it looks like real fingers. I think if I had something like that happen to me, I would HAVE to get one that had 6 fingers on it. Then I'd tell people that I was hiding from Inigo Montoya.
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    3m suing Xpel

    Cost will rise with XPEL margins taking a hit. License agreements from 3M are not free. 3M picks up a victory with licensing profits. Long history with this team! XPEL and 3M Announce Settlement of Patent Infringement Lawsuit Business WireMarch 23, 2017 SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- XPEL Technologies Corp. (DAP-U.V) a global supplier of automotive paint protection and window protection films, and 3M Company, today announced they have reached a settlement agreement in a patent infringement lawsuit. On December 30, 2015, 3M Company and 3M Innovative Properties Company filed a complaint in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota alleging that XPEL has been and is infringing United States Patent No. 8,765,263, entitled Multilayer Polyurethane Protective Films. Under terms of the settlement, XPEL will acquire a license to the ‘263 patent. 3M and XPEL have agreed to dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice. “I am pleased we have been able to resolve this matter and look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers,” Ryan Pape, XPEL’s Chief Executive Officer said.
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    Personally I wouldn't trust a company that has a film with a 5 year warranty, but only lasts 2 years. If that line of film is over exaggerated than most likely the rest of the film is also.
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    no ma'am

    Last One To Post game #717

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    BG stars??

    It's because the tint is "tenting" over the defoster grid. It happens sometimes, and there's not much that can be done about it. I've had it happen a few times, and would love to tell the person to stop looking at his mirror so much and pay attention to the road ahead!
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    If you are looking for a great heat rejection with a lower price, then the Llumar CTX will be the best option listed above. However, if you are willing to pay more, CTX doesn't compete with Wincos or Huper Ceramic. Both great films with me leaning toward Huper because of higher performance and is also dye-free. The third option to add would be 3M Crystalline which would be somewhere in the price range of Huper Ceramic. In the end, find a quality installer that offers a quality film. As we seen on the other thread with the Hellcat, just because they offer a premium film doesn't mean they are good installers.
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    Top 20 Posters for Feb 2017

    My post count
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    Last One To Post #713

    Way to go Madam. @Roach Stromboli sandwich plate. . Comes with a small serving of spaghetti and slaw.
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    Nope, I wouldn't do it. Like you said, it is just not worth the risk that comes along with it. Not like we are talking making thousands of the install...$100-$200 on average. That doesn't even cover my cable/internet bill at the shop.
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    Last One To Post #711

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    2017 Mustang back glass bubbles!!! HELP!!!

    You want to spread the shrinking. If you shrink on 1 area for too long it will create a peanut in that area. Also, use half the solution that you usually use to install. These two things works for me. I do about 20 Chrysler 300s a month and I don't use steel wool
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    Last One To Post #711

    Feel free to come by at 3pm tomorrow.