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    Last one to post #836

    Daddy daughter dance with this beauty.
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    Pic of the Week #570 Submissions

    My son Noah out flying his first time.
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    no ma'am

    Eliminating unnecessary steps

    I do all of the above and wouldn't take them out of the process.
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    flat rock stan

    Tinting around the world

    I haven't been here on tintdude for way too long. Thought when I changed my business up last year I would have more time. ...Nope...busier than ever before with lower overhead! I'm really excited to be working the Automechanika car show in Dubai the first week of next month. Will be doing demos for Global window film during the day and sightseeing after work! Have two days off also so going to have fun. Have decided to go skydiving over the Palms, ride a camel and prolly eat some, visit the Dubai aquarium, watch the world famous fountain show during dinner and of course go up the tallest building in the world and take pictures from the observation deck on the 114th floor!!! I'm amazed all the places around the world gluing plastic to glass has taken me♡♡♡ If anyone on tintdude is in the area let me know and we can hang! Promise to keep you guys posted with pictures. Cheers all #globalwindowfilm, hanging the best!
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    Last one to post #840

    Here’s the pics
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    Eliminating unnecessary steps

    Its not about eliminating steps to get things done faster. Its about learning a routine and repetition and mastering the craft of window tinting..... then comes speed. it use to take me 4 hours a car when i first started. Now (5 years later) i can complete a whole car in 1.5-2hrs, pulling panels hand cutting and sticking super clean windows out the door. AND its not work if it is FUN!!!!
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    Last one to post #837

    Wow. What a great way to start a Monday. My Grand Marquis customer came by first thing this morning just to say thank you again for the awesome job I did on his car a few weeks ago. That was so cool of him to do that. No other reason for stopping by other than to say thanks. I love it. The world needs more people like him.
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    Covering up 3rd brake lamp

    Even though the light is reduced some due to being covered, you can still clearly see it. Since the 3rd brake light only comes on during the braking process, as soon as you see red in that area you should know to stop. With that being said, if a driver somehow can't see the rear tail lights while the person is braking, I seriously doubt the much smaller 3rd brake light will be what saves the day. Also a higher price doesn't necessarily equal a higher quality installation. I have seen a $120 job that looked great and a $240 dyed job that looked like trash.
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    Hey everyone, I've been looking for a light i can throw anywhere in a vehicle where i need backlight. I have tried multiple products/flashlights etc. Cant find anything that is useful, so i've created this.... looking to see what others use or what ideas you have come up with. The pics are an led board I've created. Cheap, bright, effective and very user friendly for experienced and learning tinters. WOULD YOU BUY ONE? How much would you pay?
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    Making A Rolling Glass Board.

    This is my double sided pealer board that my hubby and I built for my new shop. You cant see from this pic but I have an led light fixture in between the glasses to use as a light board also for tracing and cutting. Each end also has a holder for my heatgun. The size of wheels I chose makes this easy to roll around my shop.
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    Hello Tinters and PPF'ers, We are now in stock on Fusion Tint Tools and are carrying everything they make. We can help you out with those hard to find tint tools from Fusion that no one else seems to carry. If you need a Fusion Tool Catalog and Tool pricing just send me a PM and I will message you back a link that has downloadable catalog and pricing.
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    1973 Ford F250 fronts done with 3M Color Stable
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    Liberal high velocity application of Clay bricks or cinder blocks to the exterior surface of the glass will immediately remove the problem .
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    Tips for commercial tint noob

    It's pretty straight forward really. You'll be best to reverse roll or drop it. I'm sure you can dig around here to find out how to do that. I personally use a five way tool to do the trimming. You'll likely need a Phillips head or Allen head to remove the door handle. DO NOT remove the seals on that as they are a pain to get back on.
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    Light mist of water or flush the window?

    I make rain or a tropical thunder storm.
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    Pic of the Week #568 Submissions

    Global ceramic 25 on the whole front of this home.
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    Shrinking and installing sideways

    No offense and I mean no offense you really just need to work on shrinking. When I was learning windshields it did seem they were a little bit more of a struggle to me as well. I think though if you keep at it you'll get to where it's no big deal. Practice and cuss words makes perfect brotha.
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    2018 Mazda 6 rear headrests

    Figured it out. You pull out a piece on the one side , then depress the inside with a screwdriver
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    Last One To Post #846

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    Last one to post #844

    I learned a lot in there today, not just about 3M but other brands as well, but the best part of it all was listening to Chip Foose and getting to actually know this man. Awesome man
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    Pic of the Week #570 Submissions

    Me and my rescue Weimariner, We have had him a little over a year and he has been a great dog
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    no ma'am

    Last one to post #842

    @DynamicATL @Tintmaster08 @highplains
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    no ma'am

    What did you tint today?

    Couple from this week, t/a waiting on 12 volt work. Pinnacle 30/05 , Cts v back window in classic 15 for body shop
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    What did you tint today?

    Cool color on this Charger with ZERO peanuts. Destroyer Gray Love the 31% meter reading with the Global QDP 40%
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    She shouldn’t lock the kids in the car while she goes into gamble in the casino.
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    That chic crazy the other tinter is a prick as well for going along with it.
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    Last one to post #841

    Way to go @Tintmaster08 Open chat thread carry on. What do y'all think of the new video?
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    What did you tint today?

    F1FIDDY carbon 30 and some five percent mang!
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    Tint Meter

    Yeah laser labs has their two piece on sale with free shipping right now for 129. Normal price is 149 plus shipping. Don't mess with that one piece you'll always regret not going with the two https://www.laser-labs.com/product/tint-meter-inspector-2/
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    What did you tint today?

    67 Suburban 3 door
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    Cars that make you CRINGE...

    Those are my expertise! I have those things down and I charge accordingly. After all, Ive been doing them since 1983. But to answer the question of which cars make me cringe..... that would be any of them that are twenty years old with twenty year old tint that have 20 black ice air freshners hanging on the rear view mirror, driven by a 20 year old woman with two car seats in the back seat that is piled high with mcdonald bags and bits of leftovers crushed by tiny feet into the cars upholstery along with half full baby bottles in various states of putrid filled contents laying about. Not to mention the miscellaneous childrens and young womens clothing strewn all in the cigarette and spilt drinks encrusted floorboards, front and back and reaking of cigarette smoke, air fresheners, nasty rotten food and excrement laden bundles of baby waste byproducts stuffed in the door pockets of a car that has never been washed or cleaned the entire time she has owned it.
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    Pic of the Week #570 Submissions

    April in Ohio Frosted tree line above the fog
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    Eliminating unnecessary steps

    yea as long as you have good shop lighting you can use white printer paper as well but i like the garbage bag because you can stretch it out so you can see the whole bottom edge, and you can move it around behind lights and tight panels. just make sure it is below black edge, which should be pretty punctuated, or you will cut it short. I usually stuff garbage bag down there before i lay film on, just to make sure everything is good with it and it is below edge.
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    Last one to post #840

    Got the big guy from 3M coming in this morning, apparently he’s number 3 in charge. He heard about my unorthodox shrinking of Crystalline and wants to see it for himself, lol. The boss booked a 65 Mustang in Crystalline as the demo car; glad someone told me all about this before this morning. :sarcasm
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    Help deciding on tint shops

    Shop B doesn’t smell quite right... @DynamicATL even said. The price on Pinnacle is too low... look at this way we carry a line of film... guy 15 min down the road supposedly carries same line. I’m 30% higher on pricing across the board. My shop stays packed 90% of the time with as many repeat customers and new ones. Guy down the street is cheaper. Most of his clients are first time and last time customers. Usually someone that close in proximity charging that much more for the the same film has the confidence that THEY are worth it. Maybe not just the film. The installers. The sales team. The prep work. The quality of install and the customer service to back it up. Those are qualities no brand of film can touch. Shop A seems to be the go to
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    Hard card

    Don’t laugh, couple years ago I tried the pink tri edge and Awsome. Doesn’t scratch and is my only final edger for automotive
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    Z06 pinnacle 30/15 air on the shield
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    no ma'am

    Last one to post #837

    No hot rodder knows what the underhood of Miata looks like! that's a frickin closet door with wheels! @Bham
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    Both! Light mist when cleaning/squeegeeing and flush when about to install
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    Pic of the Week #567 Submissions

    2018 Buick Regal Sportback done with 3M FXPM35
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    Last one to post #836

    Did the whole front of this house plus two sets of doors, few double hungs in the back shop plus a door.
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    Audi..... all of them....
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    need help with film options

    I would do carbonfx or ultrafx as my dye line. Then i would do IRFX for an upgrade. Ceramic is expensive so i would stick with those two for now and when you get btter and make more, add the FXtreme.
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    XPEL Jeff

    18 Ferrari 488 spider

    You'll have more headaches pleasing Corvette owners than you will with Ferrari owners. The bumper is moderately difficult, but everything else on that car is easy peasy. Set your pricing based on the bigger harder cars and charge that much for everything. You just want to build in enough margin that you aren't afraid to spend as much time and film needed to make sure that the job looks great and still make a profit. Every once in a while you'll have the customer with unrealistic expectations that you have to be prepared to refund, so keep that "slush fund" in mind as well.
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    So I had a customer come in with a lex ct200. Her car was already tinted with what looked like a 50%. She wanted to make the tints darker but she didnt want to pay extra for removing the old tint so I explained to her that I could put a darker tint on top of her current tint to hell her save money but that there could be issues down the line since it was 2 layers of tint. She decided to go with the 2 layer option. A week later she’s call me complaining her kids are having breathing issues and blames it on the second layer of tint. All I could do was laugh in my head and told her to bring her kids to the doctor cause I never heard of tint restricting air into the car. After another week she calls me telling me that she brought her car to the original guy that tinted her vehicle the first time and he had told her that I shouldn’t never put a second layer of film on in the first place and that the second layer could be the cause of the issue that her kids were experiencing. So after the bs, I ended up ripping off the tint I had put on reimbursed her money minus material costs and told her to invest the money into seeing a doctor cause there wasn’t something right about her kids. In any case has anyone ever heard of experienced I’m not an asshole by nature but I can’t help but laugh every time I here her say her kids can’t breathe because of window tint. Guess people don’t have common sense to roll down a window or turn on the ac.
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    I had a guy in my shop tell me that the chemical I was using (baby shampoo slip) was making his lips stick together. I still make fun of him about it.
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    What is everyones website look like?

    Nice websites guys! Here is mine: https://prolinewindowtint.com/
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    Eliminating unnecessary steps

    I use to hate the bulldozer but it’s one of my favorite tools for squeegee on BG anymore. Super quick.
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    What did you tint today?

    Did 5 of these today. All 4 doors and rear with CTX and then Air 80 on the windshields. Took one hour 30 minutes a piece. Think Ive got them down now that Ive done 13 of these in two weeks.