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    Big Props to Tint Dude

    Just wanted to express the gratitude and respect I have for this site and all the contributions of the members. I recently had to tint a Lexus sc430 and the owner was warning me that the rear windows do not go up when the top is aopen so he didn't see how I could tint them good up to the top. I didn't even hesitate to schedule him in. Totally forgot to look the car up before he got there too but wasn't too worried. Less than 5 minutes and I was standing there with the top down and all windows up thanks to this forum. Customer extra impressed as he could find no help from google. This was my most recent use of the site but over the last 13 years I have visited when I was stuck on something and always found helpful info surrounded by real experience. That's all I've got for now. Thanks Tintdudes
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    Our company truck just got done wrap in 3M 1080 Gloss Filp Psycodelic. Now it is time to protect the Psycodelic wrap with 3M Scotchgard Pro Series 4th Generation paint protection film. You might see this Raptor at Sema. I have to thank 3M for the sponsor material to complete the tint, wrap and ppf. “We are always training and learning with your high standards in mind” @3mwindowfilmusa ——————————————————— - Detailing @midtownmotortrends - 3M Crystalline 70 on side windows and back glass - 3M Crystalline 70 on both sunroof - 3M Crystalline 70 on windshield - 3M 1080 Gloss Flip Psycodelic complete wrap ——————————————————— Midtown Motor Trends Detail | 3M Tint | Paint Protection | Wraps Certified in 3M Crystalline, 3M Pro Series, Xpel, Ceramic Pro 9H, Elite Wrapper, Bray ?manager@midtownmotortrends.com ☎️(713)338-0101
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    AIR 80 Creasing

    Plenty of professionals here. Just because somebody post with a genuine problem doesn't make this an amateur site. Maybe doing the professional thing and helping is the route to take instead of belittling someone.
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    Midtown Houston

    Peeling boards

    Pick this up from BestBuy.....they were doing tint and it only lasted a year. I guess they figure it out that it is not so easy to work with tinter and decided to called it quit. They sold it to me for $300...Best design I seen so far.
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    Site Issue

    Dang, and I posted 7,789 times in that hour and lost my sword!
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    What did you tint today?

    20% all around on this 17 stingray!
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    AIR 80 Creasing

    @SumTintGuy Thanks for the feedback on the forum. I appreciate the perspective of a fresh pair of eyes. We've been running this forum in one form or another nearly 20 years now, but can always learn something new. Rest assured there are tinters here with all ranges of experience. Some rookies tend to ask a lot of questions at once so it may seem the site is for rookies but that's not the case. Anyway, lot's of people here to make friends with hopefully, though some may just not fit in and if that's the case, no hard feelings.
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    What did you tint today?

    That does look good. Today's job - combo solar film - 35% and frosted.
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    Tint Eastwood

    Last One To Post Game #760

    @TintDude Haven't had a chance to get many shots but here are some of the highlights so far.
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    SEMA SHOW 2017!!!

    This is our shop truck and it will be in the DUB booth outside. Working on it as we speak.
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    quality tintz

    Use for scrap tint

    Used scrap tint on my home today looks like stained glass ha..yes I finished middle piece too
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    BG Cleaning is inconsistent now?

    I must just be lucky. I almost always Frankie a backglass right off the outside of the back window. And get near perfect results. I cradle the film in with my arms very careful, while holding the top middle of the film with my mouth. Call me crazy, but it has worked for me for 20+ years now.
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    Big Props to Tint Dude

    I been known to drop a tid bit of knowledge here and there, but have learned more from this site then I could ever contribute.
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    Big Props to Tint Dude

    No matter how long someone has been tinting, or how experienced they are, you can never be more experienced than drawing upon a collective of sharing tinters like that found in Tintdude !
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    Last One to Post #765

    What do you guys think about a TD T-shirt raffle? I can get some of these made up...
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    Age of SolarFX?

    Hello @PlaceToTint, I hope that you are having a fantastic day. I have not commented as of yet per your original request when you made the original post to hear from only actual users of the SolarFX films. As several have already stated, we do have non-disclosure agreements with our builders that forbid us to disclose who or where our products are manufactured. The best I can tell you is that we are using the best quality components that are available in every aspect of our films production. All of our FX modeled products, like CarbonFX, are of the highest quality and built to last a very long time. We are a 44 year old company and don't have any intentions of going away anytime soon. We have worked very hard at forging a name for SolarFX in the window film industry and feel that we have done a good job so far. We may not be the "oldest" film brand in the world but we certainly offer some of the best customer service in the industry. Which film company were you using before that went out of business recently? I don't know of any companies recently that are no longer in the film industry. As @Ryker and @DynamicAppearance have stated, what's important is that you have a high quality product with a company that backs the product should there be an issue with any of the films. I wonder if any of your customers that want to know "where" the film is made ask the same question about the nails that are being used to construct their house, or where the fuel filter or oil filter that is used in their car are manufactured? Probably not, they generally don't even know what brand of filter is even being used in their car. PlaceToTint, we would be honored to be your film brand of choice should you so choose to continue with our window films. If you choose to go with Suntek's films, I can assure you that they have high quality films also and are also a quality brand. If you have any questions that I may be able to answer feel free to give me a call. I am in the office M-F 8am-5pm Central time. Shawn
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    2018 Camry

    So, finally got a chance to do one today. Doors are a breeze...... absolutely no shrinking necessary, and the gasket is a least 1/4 inch below the top of the door panel. No tucking! Back window is a least half the size of the last model year, and a very easy shrink. Don't be skurred of the curve at the top... It's a lot easier than it looks. Now on to hanging the back window..... The top of the window starts in back of the headrests! Headrests that you can't take out ! The bottom of the window is at least two feet in. It's easier to hang because it's half the size, but it's harder to get to. So, a draw on the back window. All in all, a very easy car to tint. Even with the raggedy back window.
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    What did you tint today?

    Solar fx 20% vintage
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    Midtown Houston

    Custom Heat Lamp Box for sale

    After many years of building, buying, and collecting heat lamp display through out the last 12 years....This is the best one. It is made from aluminum and wall mounted. The size is 30" x 28" x 7 3/4". We are selling $500 plus tint because of this box daily. We spend less time explaining and selling to customer because of this heat lamp box. The box and graphic serve as a informative and heat display all in one. It is very user friendly, the film will sell itself using this box. We have hundreds of customer that walk up to this box and say I want that one. The graphic on the box are custom design by us in-house. We own a graphic and printing company call Innovation Design and Graphic. Since we are a window film company....We are better at designing what graphic will work or not for the window film consumer. I have 10 left and will custom design your brand film of choice. I would just need to know the 3 films you want on the glass. I will grab the spec of the film and design, print, and install. All you need to buy is the IR bulbs and installed it to the wall. The box with custom graphic installed and shipped is $650. You will get your money back from the extra profit this box made in a few days. Email me at NorngLLC@gmail.com if you are interested.
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    Tint Eastwood

    TD T-Shirt Raffle

    Just got off the phone with a lady, she was calling to see if I could drop my price to match one of my competitors. I looked it over and sorry it's all big glass and I explain my pricing an how it works, given these are large panes if I mess one up for any reason I've got to redo it. Then she asks "well if you don't mess one up will you drop the price?" I said "Sure no problem! But if I do mess some up I get to raise the price......Deal?" She got a good laugh out of it and said go ahead and book it for your original price. Being a smart ass comes in handy after all.....
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    Tractor Glass Removal Sequence

    6 hours to form and lay the film. I've had success in the past with roughly 30 tractor installs. I always ask the client to have any attached glass removed prior to the appointment but in my experience it's about 50/50 which means I've kept to a safe sequence for removing and re-attaching these heavy pieces. I always "break" loose each bolt no more than a quarter turn and start from the bottom which relieves any pressure from previous over-torquing and puts any weighted pressure to the top and the glass can be supported by hanging more natural as the glass will usually be at an angle. As long as pressure has been relieved from every bolt this should prevent breakage while removing hardware. this sequence was not followed and the result was the back glass exploded. Cost for a new replacement was a grand and delivered the unit the next day. The client felt he may have over-torqued the hardware as he just had the glass out days prior. Either way, we didnt follow a known procedure. Client was very satisfied with the installation. Any suggestions for methods to reduce glass breakage would be appreciated.
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    Last One to Post #768

    Na... He's awesome.. but when I do get a dog, it will be a husky. I had him at my sister's today for a bit... Her boxer wanted to play with him so bad, but Duke was very timid around him. He finally was getting comfortable, so I gave the boxer a toy.. and had Duke grab onto it as well and he slowly got the concept of tug-of-war. The boxer has always been good with other dogs, esp. when they are smaller them him. He knows to be gentle.. So they played together for a bit. It was pretty neat watching Duke catch on to how to play with him. Proud papa moment.
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    Last One to Post #768

    Getting ready to go on the grill
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    Last One to Post #768

    This guy was pretty good to make it down this wet hill on a unicycle
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    Last One to Post #768

    Went to the Pro motocross yesterday 1/2 way accross the state and was good for a while then it rained hard twice and they dont cancel but slight delay til thunder/lightning passed but after the start everybody turned brown
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    Last One to Post #768

    Howdy all! A little mouse told me that @liltintgoddess was asking about me. My building should be going up any day now. Still have one more board to approve my building plan. Im ready for my shop to be built and finished so that I can do more work and not be constrained to my small garage at the house. Ive been busy working around the house, cleaning and repairing our rental house that was vacated recently to prepare it for a new renter. I also have been revisiting my artistic drawing and painting side of me that has been at a standstill for too many years. Thanks for asking @liltintgoddess ! You too Roach!
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    BG Cleaning is inconsistent now?

    After shrinking and doing our final cut we always lift the film off the glass and wet under it to break the static charge. Then wipe the top and sides of the glass next to your pattern clean before peeling and wetting liner for reverse roll so you don't flush crap into the sides of the film from the glass. Good luck
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    Cars that make you CRINGE...

    So I am not as seasoned as a lot you on here but there is one car in particular that just makes me cringe when I hear it's name spoken. Ford Fusion. I actually had one to practice on for a few weeks when I was just starting out. I hated every single day that it was in my bay. I don't know why I struggle with it soooo much. I hate the Back Glass and that stupid carpeting that goes right up to the dot matrix. I hate the rear roll ups that you have to bomb drop. and I hate the front quarters that are tight as hell. sorry for the rant. Rough day with my non favorite car. Anyone else have a car that just makes you cringe when you hear it's name?
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    Last One to Post #766

    Out walking with the dog.
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    Big Props to Tint Dude

    I have a job because of this site and its kickass community!
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    Last One to Post #766

    Here's a quick pic of the puppy... His name is Duke. [emoji106]
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    flat rock stan

    Big Props to Tint Dude

    Tintdude is THE PLACE on the Internet for tinting
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    TD T-Shirt Raffle

    Why, you giving it to someone?
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    Here's a tip for Audi that get scratched from your olfa during removal of tint from the side windows. Roll the window all the way down and heat the gasket then take a towel and rub it until it's smooth. It'll look like you were never there.
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    Outside tinting tips?

    I do a lot of big trucks even when they are inside I do them the same way less up and down as I'm old Here's my set up
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    What did you tint today?

    2014 Stingray 20% 3M Color Stable on the back 50% on the fronts.
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    Open Chat LOTP #764

    Had my sign guy do this decal for a customer. Chit looks pretty damn good.
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    Pic of the Week #534 Submissions

    The wife and myself on the side of Route 66 in Oklahoma on Monday
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    Age of SolarFX?

    @PlaceToTint, SolarFX Window Films was launched in October 2013 with 3 series of automotive films. We have worked with our builders in composing multiple series of films to achieve the highest quality of products for each category they represent. All of our films undergo extreme testing in a QUV Advanced Weathering Machine to forecast the durability of our products. Not to mention that we know how our films are constructed and are using the most advanced dyes available in our films. Even our least expensive 1ply 1mil film uses the same dyes as our most expensive films. We now have 8 different series of automotive films that include Classic, Vintage, Prime, CarbonFX, UltraFX, HybridFX, IRFX, and FXtreme2. All of the films series that have FX in the name are our color stable films. The Classic Series, our 1mil 1ply, entry level film has been on glass for 4 years in some of the hottest climates in the world and have experienced a great color fastness and still look great to this day. So to say that the CarbonFX will last a good long while for Color Stability is a pretty safe thought. I wish I could say more about the who and where of our films production but I really am limited to stating that it is made on good ole planet earth and our company is owned and operated 100% American out of our 27,000 sqft Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. Can't get anymore USA than right smack dab in the middle. I misread your original statement and you stated that it was discontinued. Johnson is also another very good company with great films. I think from a construction and component stand point, with our CarbonFX series, it is as high a quality film as any high end film on the market. I know it isn't the direct answers you are looking for but it is the best I can provide. I hope you have a fantastic day and we look forward to welcoming you on board the SolarFX Window Films family!
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    I just want to give props to the installer on this Jeep. From what the OP said it turned out great the second time around. If your not an installer you will have no idea what it takes to do a good job on this car. For what it's worth I would not take this in at my shop. It's just a business decisions for us. We stay busy and produce more revenue doing newer cars in the same time frame as it would take to do this. That being said I really dig the jeep. As for color I would bet you have green or blue glass in your jeep. Back then most all glass was one or the other.
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    You had legitimate concerns, don't mind the other guy.
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    What did you tint today?

    I am not a mini fan,but i do like the color scheme on this one...along with its fresh Carbon 18 and 70 on the windshield.
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    What did you tint today?

    900whp Charger hellcat
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    Last One To Post Game #762

    I wouldn't want to know. I guess what we all really should do, is live our lives to the best of our ability...just in case tomorrow doesn't come. After all...asteroid, heart attack, stroke..
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    Where to buy Pre-cut ppf kit?

    Who cares? If anyone doesn't like the price of a company, then go somewhere else. Simple. Instead of bashing XPEL's prices, how about help the OP and post where he can buy the other PPF for cheaper.
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    no ma'am

    The car of horror

    When you're up charging for more challenging vehicles, and you sell it right. You have the opportunity to add value to your service while setting expectations ahead of time, telling your customer their car is old and crusty is difficult. I always add it's not gonna be due to lack of effort, just age.
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    Shop / Garage Lighting

    Hi guys I'm regular reader here but not sure what to contribute but I do learn heaps from American fellow tinters from all your experience and knowledge . Here is from Australia, I have done tinting for couple of years from home garage, just had to happen at some point, so we just settled a warehouse, and this is what I did with my lighting system, using 4 led high bay at 140w each and 10 small flood lights around at 50-70 wats for tinting and future wrapping, ppf and detailing. Hope you guys like it
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    2014 7-Series door panel removal

    I've never seen a door panel come apart like this one in 20+ years of car audio and window tint. Crazy! The usual plastic/aluminum trim pops off but it's held in with a plastic set pin. Pictures show what's up. You'll need a short-ish straight pic to push up on the pin from underneath. After that it's just a regular BMW door removal.
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    What did you tint today?

    Yesterday was strip day, every job. BG and 1/4 s, 2 doors on an expedition, 2 fronts on a tahoe and a single door on a car.....im so done with this week
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    What did you tint today?

    Super Nice 06 Turbo Mini Cooper 68k miles Global QDP 40% with custom cut front strip