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    Just completed this hair salon with some really big graphics! Turned out really nice and wanted to show it off!
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    Got bored at work today.

    thought I'd make myself a new shop shirt...
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    NEW Tinter , need you help

    Thanks for the constructive criticism. Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are those of the participants. What the original poster posted isn't unique, and certainly isn't encouraged. Maybe we can explain to him/her why it's a bad idea to jump into an industry with no business license and/or not enough skill, or why it isn't good to be a low-baller etc, instead of implying that the forum is run badly.
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    Super Dave

    Pic of the Week #588 Submissions

    1990 Porsche 944 20% ceramic all the way I forgot to get a picture of it put back together and completely finished, but you guys get it, it’s on there!
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    2018 Accord back window warning

    Happened to me at work twice now, thought I should give the warning. First time I thought it was a fluke, second time I noticed a pattern. When you squeeze out the back window, the water will run PERFECTLY down the drivers side, down the inner quarter and funnel over a wiring harness that's part of the blindspot monitoring system, triggering a fault on the dash and saying see the dealer. Thankfully I work for a Honda dealership, so no biggie. If in the event this happens to you- pop the trunk, pull back the trunk liner on the left hand side by removing the cargo hook tucked in the corner (pressure clipped in) and peel it back. The harness is right there when you pull it back, you can't miss it. Unplug both harnesses and take compressed air and blow all the water out and you're back in business. Won't throw a hard code, no need to go to the dealer if it happens. Figured I'd save everyone the panic attack.
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    Swing BenchClothes Closet for the misses Picnic Table for poolside Dining Table Swing Bench for back deckShutters These are samples of my hobby. The custom shutters for the house were the simplest using PVC planks. The dining table has interchangeable top; if we tire of the Barnwood look the trim can be removed and planks replaced with another type laminate flooring. The deck swing bench has a recycled umbrella canvas for shade and the cup holders are recycled track-light fixture covers.
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    Tint Artist

    Pic of the Week #588 Submissions

    Tint graphic on hair salon!!
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    Hi Rayno Rick, Companies such as those you mention put a great deal of energy and expense to give the tools that their customers need to be able to get the best return on their purchase of products. Years of brand building, marketing and support structure and sales materials, supply chain, warranty policies and networking... This is the driving force behind the growth and success of those that install the products.. I'm sure it's much harder than running a Facebook group from your phone and giving the old "Hey guys... Wink Wink, it's another more popular brand in a different box for a few bucks less". ;-) ;-)
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    Pic of the Week #587 Submissions

    I don't want them to be to comfortable
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    NEW Tinter , need you help

    This is a joke, right?
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    "Professional" in open air bays and touching the adhesive and I'm sure the Guinness world record official knows anything about window tint. Not knocking the whole thing just think the hype is higher than the truth.
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    This was the first time in about 15 years that I’ve done a chrome cut out. My friend loves No Face, a character from some Japanese anime show. She had it tinted by another shop, and they left dirt EVERYWHERE and about a 3/4” light gap on the top. Retinted it with Suntek StdPro 5% and SDS-20 as the cut out. She was really happy with the final outcome. I thought it was cool.
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    I customized this cheap, orange handle squeegee with channel by heating it up for 20 seconds or so and hyper extended the handle backwards. This allows me to squeegee from edge to edge to about 6” of bottom edge. I trimmed off about 1.5” of the handle and slight grinded down the blade holder on the side where it could slightly touch the glass at the lowest angle. The vehicle shown is a 08 Fusion.
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    New cainsaw

    You realize that this is a window tinting forum right? You will likely have better luck with your question on a forum geared more towards outdoor power equipment or yard work/home improvement. Maybe give one of these a shot: http://forestryforum.com/board/index.php?board=9.0 http://opeforum.com/forums/chainsaw-ads.8/ For what it's worth I have a Poulan that works for smaller stuff but it's pretty finicky and in hindsight I wish I had spent more money for a better saw.
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    @Jake Always be on the lookout for “fake rich” guy!
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    Last one to post #880

    Started watching I am a killer last night on Netflix. Interviewing guys on death row watched a little but then said yeah I'm at home by myself and just heard a noise so we're gonna go ahead and turn this off.
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    no ma'am

    Last one to post #880

    I got some repetition for you @jh812 fuck my life.....
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    Pic of the Week #587 Submissions

    Here be ours...
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    Pic of the Week #587 Submissions

    What do you guys say we do shop week? Waiting area coming along added some pics from my grandads old garage. @TintDude gonna show a couple close ups of the pics but overview is my entry.
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    Using that Aircraft stuff on the defrosters will slowly soften and degrade them (and also the rubber and adhesive holding the glass in. It takes paint off of cars i can't see how those defrosters would be any match for it. I almost feel like this is a bad prank video. In my opinion this video is horrible advice, my kid has major health issues and i would f'n lose it on the dude that used these respiratory incapacitating and cancer causing chemicals in my enclosed car right where my kid sits. This video is flat out stupid advice, there are plenty of non-deadly adhesive removal choices out there, you don't need to risk peoples health or damage a vehicle.
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    Take the point of a razor blade or razor knife and rub it in a small area at the top corner to see if the surface scratches. My suspicion is there is a light tint on the windscreen that had a visor strip piggy-backed to it. When the strip was removed it may have taken the scratch coat off, which contained coloring (dyed or pigmented scratch coat).
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    What did you tint today?

    This was one clean Ford truck. CTX 35 and Air80
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    Super Dave

    Pic of the Week #588 Submissions

    I know right, had to throw that one down against my 1 piece 944!
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    Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    For real ? Are you sure you had global ? What sucks about it ? Global hasn’t changed in 50 years and Express Window Films (based in FL) sells the crap out of it. As well as other distributors. You need to talk to @whitehog Go with Global or SolarFX and you’ll be fine. Especially if you were using Suntek. Just my
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    Best way to ship a plotter ?

    This guy...
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    Last one to post #883

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    Small Miscut, update photos.

    If they refuse the refund, not much to do besides file a chargeback with your bank/card. I would just do that and keep all the documentation, leave them bad reviews with photos on Google/Yelp/Facebook, then pay to have another shop remove/retint. Another route is to call Llumar directly to complain. Show them the photos, maybe they will approve a warranty at another dealer. I would do this route either way just to get a complaint about them to Llumar. More consumers do this and maybe they will stop signing up any shop as a dealer. They seem to only care about moving film, not so much about the quality of the shop. 1-800-255-8627
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    Pic of the Week #587 Submissions

    Sorry Im late, been distracted lately. I had to make a collage because my wait area isnarrow and difficult to get in one picture. The light fixtures, tables, wall tire, pop box door and such are salvaged and repurposed items from the tornado. I had time on my hands at home so got a little crafty.
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    As long as you're happy with the price you are getting paid. We do not get many removal jobs because of our flat rate removal price which we are increasing to $250 in 2019. A scrape job would have to be in the $800-$1000 for us. Otherwise, window replacement or go somewhere else.
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    Thanks for sharing the info Rick, it's great that it works, and I can understand why some wouldn't want to use it. Not sure if it's closed mindedness per se, some people have breathing issues etc. I wouldn't use it for that reason myself. As far as here on TD, I don't think we are more or less of these qualities than any other group you may come across, I like to think we are MORE civil than most groups. And there's also humor. Lots of humor here and I think it's healthy, and hopefully we all can take a little ribbing here and there without taking it personally, because it's rarely intended to be hurtful, but perceptions vary and people can get their backs up a bit. I hope that doesn't happen here.
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    Small Miscut, update photos.

    The chemical smell is pretty normal from the adhesive remover. Yeah you're best off there to just get the refund that's terrible.
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    What did you tint today?

    Windshield 40% FXtreme nano ceramic
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    Super Dave

    Last One To Post #881

    Thx @no ma'am @Bham So it definitely goes in 1. - a 60 sideways is the way to go! Unfortunately, since their is no black border left to speak of, I went all the way to the gasket with the cut. Thought I accounted for the curve of the window by cutting it short, but I was pretty far over on both sides. While trimming it, I got a bunch of paint chips sucked in from the old border. So I shrank and cut it again, but didn’t want to chance screwing it up again tonight! So, I’ll stick it in the morning.
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    Last One To Post #881

    Is there such a thing as a parking disability?
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    Every window was inspected by an actual tinter for quality. Creases, short cuts or contamination had to be redone or it didn’t count. The quality inspectors were a mix of tinters, two IWFA people and a distributor from another film company other than Xpel. The rep from Guinness was on the floor the entire time to make sure no corners were cut.
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    Make sure you slop it all over the door panels and interior fabrics!
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    What did you tint today?

    CTX 15 on the door glasses with CTX 5 on the rear glass.
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    First time doing one of these. It actually came out pretty good. 1959 Cadillac Deville. Reno Hot August Nights around the corner.
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    Breathing cant be good on a body...just saying. Like you said, probably not for me with lung probs and sensitivity to chemicals.
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    Last one to post #879

    Lifetime of my memory Warranty.
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    Hurrican and 570S Both with our Ceramic 35%
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    Flat Glass Quote Help

    Pricing projects correctly comes with experience. The 200 SF job that you are bidding may take a veteran 60 minutes to complete on site, where if could take a newbie all day. I don't know your level of experience but I'm assuming that if you are asking about pricing a 100-200 sf job..you are a bit green. There are many variables to factor in, and everyone's business structure is different. IMO, if you are just starting out in FG and have aspirations to grow that sector of your market, figure out what your hard cost and soft cost of opening your doors as well as what margin you need to be sustainable and profitable.. then go from there.
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    Tint Width

    36 covers mostly everything and 40 will finish up anything you're going to do as a beginner.
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    Last One To Post #877

    It's awesome, really wish I would've done it a long time ago. Business has picked up tremendously!
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    Hmmm. Ok. Atc15 all around with upper/lower bands. 13 feet to the roof.
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    Small Miscut, Should I Ask for Fix?

    I don't know why but I LOL when i read "caca". I haven't heard that in years.