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    flat rock stan

    And the winners are...... WINNERS

    Wow, lots of post! Thank you all for participating in the DVD raffle One lucky post won the complete Learning Library for Auto Window Tinting with the 15th DVD on Shaving the Edge included! post #1456 from @highplains wins first place! The next five lucky members win the DVD titled Braking Down the Barriers #1752 @Englandh37 #423 @one_slick_tinter #135 @OverLord #1747 @DaHatta #857 @jh812 Numbers from random.org Winners can pm me your name and address and I will get your DVD's out. Thanks again everyone for the fun. Thank you to @TintDude for making all this possible. To keep the forum great takes lots of work and constant upkeep to make it a place where we can all get to virtually know each other, share stories and information. Great moderators here thank you for your work! tintdude.com is my go to place on the Internet to relax and enjoy the company of others interested in what we all do. For those who didn't win but who are interested in upping your auto tinting skills I offer a pretty dang good discount from listed DVD prices on the Learning Library for members here. Just message me and I will be happy to work with you. Cheers all, live life like everyday is your last Stan www.autowindowtinting.com
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    Pinnacle vs Huper Optik vs 3m Crystaline

    Just because you can't afford it, doesn't mean it's not reasonably priced.
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    Armolan Window Films Raffle

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    Last One To Post #722

    That's fine. Well... where you are located in the country could make a difference.... But... here in the north east, 90% of the residential glass I look at is just normal annealed double-pane glass/windows. So both panes are just normal glass. If it's a door - like a slider, it will always be tempered... that way if someone runs into it the glass bursts into a billion pieces rather then shards that could cut their head off. What a mess that would be to clean up. lol Windows around a jacuzzie bathtub or the like will also be tempered... for the same reasons. Any windows that are next to a door *should* be tempered as well... at least in this area, building codes require it. But your normal double hung window in a living room - normal glass. Commercial windows - generally I have found are plain glass... but sometimes they are tempered. Stores.. restaurants.. etc.. tend to be tempered for the same reasons as above. Offices - could be tempered, but not always. The way to tell if any window is tempered is to look in the corners - one of them will have a stamp stating the glass specs.. Pretty much all tempered glass will state it's tempered or heat-strengthened. If it does not say that, then it probably isn't tempered. When in doubt, treat it as normal glass... if there is a stamp & it says it's tempered, it's tempered. In 16~ years, I've only come across single pane glass here maybe 3 times. It's not super common, plus the clients I go after are generally new homes/offices... which nothing new here is built with single panes. Not sure there is any guide.... this is just what I've found by doing it, as well as reading the forum here and the other groups online. It seems in this area it's easier then others... Down where you are - I can't really say what you'll come across. This might be more info then you asked... but it might be somewhat helpful. You could also call your film company and ask them. They may know... or not. lol
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    Pic of the Week #520 Submissions

    2017 Range Rover Supercharged Sport. Full vehicle vinyl wrap. Gloss Black Metallic on the roof and door handles. Matte White on the body. CS 30% on front roll ups.
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    Midtown Houston

    Pic of the Week #520 Submissions

    1966 Volvo P1800S installed with 3M Crystalline 70 on side and back glasses. Windshield installed with 3M Crystalline 70. Keeping this classic classy while keeping the heat out.
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    Pic of the Week #520 Submissions

    2017 Corvette Stingray done with 3M CS 20
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    This might be the reason you are getting a price different for Huper in Houston. This is one of the reason we stop carry the film. Huper Autobahn dealer have a Performer metal film which some dealer call Ceramic and price it low. This film look almost the same as Huper Ceramic but have a 60 IR rejection vs 80 IR rejection from HO Ceramic. When we was a Huper dealer....I was wondering why I am getting my ass kick on prices when quoting HO Ceramic. Later did I know...that my competitor was quoting Huper Optik Autobahn Performer which is a very good film but not Ceramic. I told my Huper rep.....they try to stop it...but it is only so much they can do. We also have a few 3M dealer in Houston that say they are Crystalline Certified but they are not. They even have it on their website and store front sign. My 3M rep even know it but same thing....it is only so much he can do. If you are getting a low price on 3M Crystalline or Huper Ceramic....chances are...it is not the real deal. We have a 3M Crystalline dealer that quote $400 for a sedan over the phone. Come to find out....when the customer come there: $69 to computer cut, $50 for 1 piece back glass (which you going to get anyway) and $25 - $50 for darker shade. We are 1 of a few honest tint shop in Houston. We don't lure you in with a $99 tint job because we don't have any film for $99....My installer get $75 labor per car...what am I suppose to make if we sell our film for $99. We also have a price list for a car, suv, and truck. My service advisor don't just give out a random price. Crystalline Certified is different than other certificate....You don't just become a Crystalline Certified by attending a class. You have to already be buying and installing this film. You have to buy a certain amount each quarter. You have to take a course and 3M rep have to see you installed a back glass on a vehicle. Most Certified class just require you to attend a 1 - 2 days class with no pass experience in that field to be certified. Look at how many Xpel Certified installer there are...Most never installed ppf before the class....and then after the class they take on a customer install because they are certified. The car come out looking like shit and some are bought to us to remove and redo. At the end...You are not being rip off. It cost us a lot of time and money to carry these advance film and acquire these advance equipments, tools and techniques to install these film. The guys on this forum are top professional installer....some of them will take rip off to the heart. These guys take the time out of their day to help other installer....educated about new product, tools, equipment, technique...and so on...YOU WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER WINDOW FILM FORUM THAT WILL BE THIS HONEST.... Sorry if my grammar is bad....Im just typing away.
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    Last One To Post #725

    My one week vacation was full of alcohol consumption. Oregon was not pleasant. Our Deep sea fishing was canceled due to a storm. But i was able to sleep 12 hours each day and maybe 15 shots of Jameson a day and won all the beer pong games.
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    do you think this is an ok tint job? updated**

    Everyone is gonna have a rough install day once in a while. The trick in this business is to NEVER leave a rough install to be seen by a customers friends /clients. I've yanked a "pretty good" install off the glass in front of a spectating customer a few times. Shocked custys say stuff like "what was wrong with that " or " I thought it looked pretty good". !!! I do not say what I didn't like. This causes eyephuckitis real fast" !!! My reply is always " That's my reputation on your glass . If I don't like it you can't have it". Every one I've done that with has been a repeat customer ever since. AND told their friends . BEFORE social media existed.
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    I've never seen this before

    seriously? that's like installing film and taking care of a bumper falling off. im talking about taking care of an issue were it's plausible that it could have been installers fault. but what do i know? we have only been in business for 24 years
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    Last One To Post #722

    Can't do it, once they insist on driving the car in the bay or wanting to hang out during installation, I am like here are you keys and have a good day.
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    How did you get your start?

    There was this dude building a "boat" with his family...talking about a lot of rain coming, collecting up all these animals. Anyway, he had openings in the top of the boat. I told him about this process I had come up with where I heat sand and turn it into a clear hard substance that would probably help to keep this rain that he was talking about, on the outside of the "boat". He said something about how that would probably intensify any sunshine that may occur during this period of rain and really heat up the inside of the "boat" So I started playing with this stuff called amber...found out if I put it on the glass, it actually cut down the heat of the sun. Showed it to him...and he said we could give it a try, but that he wasn't going to pay for something that was "experimental" but that he would give me a ride in his "boat"....and here I am now. That's the short version...pm me and I will tell you about the smell in that "boat"....I've hated tinting boats ever since....
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    Last One To Post #721

    Thought this was funny.
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    Ceramic Film Options

    I put together a video today of a few different films with the btu on the heat lamp.
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    Pic of the Week #520 Submissions

    VISIUM Clear Sandblast on a shaky scissor lift.
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    Pic of the Week #520 Submissions

    2017 focus rs Madico black pearl hp
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    keyless vehicles and timing out power?

    On the Nissan set the parking brake and put it in neutral. Won't go off.
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    Pic of the Week #520 Submissions

    2017 Nissan GtR Satin Silver with QDP 20%
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    What did you tint today?

    Btw here is something i tinted that is cool=New twin turbo Rapter
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    Pic of the Week #520 Submissions

    BMW i3 | Llumar CTX Ceramic Window Tint
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    Last One To Post #725

    Howdy ladies Knocked this sunroom out yesterday
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    need info on hand cutting

    One of the best things I did for hand cutting was stop cutting the sides on the car. Use a sharpie or grease pencil, and mark the film and cut it just a tad bit bigger then your sharpie mark on a peel board. No more chance to cut rubber, and it is faster then the cut and slide method. Plus makes double cutting easier.
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    What did you tint today?

    Smart Film.
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    Factory Tint TSER

    I can tell that you failed Interpersonal Communications class in high school. Really though it seems like you have sorta a chip on your shoulder or something. Maybe you got burned by a $99 tint job? I don't know and don't care. For your information a lot of the IR cut and HSEA glass you speak of do not come stock on a lot of cars. They are available for certain packages and models but not all cars and "Googling" for actual specs on TSER for these specialty glasses does no good. I found zero numbers or percentages from Toyota using your method of research. So excuse me if I think what you wrote in your original response to my topic post to be a bit dickish and have certain shitty vibe and tone. I hate hearing consumer bullshit on a topic aimed toward people who actually work in the industry for which the question was broached. Good Day Sir. i said good day!
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    2015 Mustang Convertible

    If you smoke on down to your local auto parts store you can buy a permatex kit for re-attaching defroster tabs. They are just glued on the window with a conductive adhesive... I think the kits are 12-15 bucks and will do both tabs... Good luck dude !
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    SolarFX Tinters Tool Pouch The Dirty Pouch

    I saw a video about the pouch.. The construction is top notch and the materials used are on point ! there are tons of little details built into these pouches that make them exceptional for window tinters as compared to a old leather framing pouch from the big box store. plus these pouches are made by a fellow film installer... So buying these doesn't line the pockets of some Chinese importer its going to one of our own right here in the states. just saying.. A couple talking points anyways
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    Favorite things when tinting

    Custys that want to watch, or help me turn the ignition off during a roll down.
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    What did you tint today?

    13 wrx and a 2010 Shelby gt 500
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    OOOOO you're looking for the cheapest place, its kind of expected... If you got someone with higher standards that charged a bit more, the probability of this issue happening again is alot less. You want a better product to offer heat rejection and better performance for your child, you might even get clear tint after it fades if you look for the cheapest
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    What did you tint today?

    Bringing back a good thread. Last post was January QDP 20%
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    Nicholson bn-32 file where to buy?

    Every Time I see this thread. All I can think of is........
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    How big is your window edge gap?

    No shave or file. Just a good consistant angle with my olfa knife
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    How did you get your start?

    Anyone know how to get out of it? Is it like the mob, they'll kill you?
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    Last One To Post #722

    I found a huffy bmx bike in the garbege with a cracked frame and had a local mech welder guy fix the frame and put a 10 speed seat on it because it didnt have a seat either,,pic was from i think 1978 jumping a snowbank
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    no ma'am

    Last One To Post #722

    Happy kid update pic!
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    Last One To Post #722

    I had a '74 K-mart All Pro Old school
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    Last One To Post #722

    Psh, all you guys and your fancy ass BMX's I rocked a Walmart special, wish I could remember what the hell it was. I remember it was black and florescent orange and my little brother had a matching one that was black and neon green, 90% positive they weren't Huffy's
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    Wow, you're banned.
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    Help with moisture fingers!

    Once you pop panels and realize how much time it saves with these fingers you will never go back. Start popping panels is the best advice I could give. You don't have to remove them. Pop them and screw them in place with one screw while you work on them having the seal out of it's track. I promise you this is worth adding to your process.
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    Not really, if a film I was carrying was going bad in 8 months in temperature controlled area, I wouldn't trust it to be on a vehicle. I also wouldn't stock something that sits around so I can touch it once in a while. Based on what you said, you upgrade most customers...so why keep a film that has little demand so you can satisfy a cheap customer here and there? Drop the film, let the cheap customer go somewhere else...win/win. It is not "sounding like a rep", it is common sense.
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    Can we have a "Hell No!" Thread

    Nothing a pair of vice grips won't fix.
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    Someone on this thread must have a miserable home life.
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    And the winners are...... WINNERS

    @highplains you hacker! Congrats everyone. Thanks @flat rock stan for the raffle. You da man mange!
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    2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon anything to know

    I pull the panels on those. Keep in mind this piece is a cover and the alan head are just for show. The real bolts are underneath.
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    Tinting a Sunroof?

    Easy money tint them. Only issue buy some clear glasses because of the solution coming down. You'll never have one come back from cracking though.
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    Last One To Post #723

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    And the winners are...... WINNERS

    Yeah... Feeling a bit loser ish right now... Lol Im close enough I can just go follow Stan around with a Gopro and make my own videos... Like Stan's personal paparazzi.
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    Apex Tint

    Tinting a Sunroof?

    That's why you should use J&J. No more tears! Haha
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    2015 Subaru Legacy Eyesight Technology

    I'm just worrying about the water. I have deflected 2 clients away from it I hate to say it but I'll let some1 else take the risk