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    Favorite things when tinting

    came in one morning and one was sitting outside ready for me. blew in it, and failed. had another guy do it, same deal. apparently drinking a good deal the night before is still in your lungs... customer had to come blow it so we could move it. told him to tell the peeps to give me a shout and i would verify the failures i caused, so professional
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    no ma'am

    Last One To Post #725

    Found this on somebody's Facebook shop page
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    more to the pouch then you know. bought some, we love them. going to see if he can make some custom ones, these are great for flat glass and automotive. the tools and way I tint want to see if he tweak it a little. worth every penny. bought 4 caps to match, little professionalism in the industry..
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    Pic of the Week #519 Submissions

    honda powered toys to help me keep my sanity, well... them and coors light
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    Last One To Post #725

    My one week vacation was full of alcohol consumption. Oregon was not pleasant. Our Deep sea fishing was canceled due to a storm. But i was able to sleep 12 hours each day and maybe 15 shots of Jameson a day and won all the beer pong games.
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    Last One To Post #725

    I wouldn't even try it. If you are able to get it down it's just going to blister up eventually from the plexi outgassing as far as I know.
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    2015 Mustang Convertible

    If you smoke on down to your local auto parts store you can buy a permatex kit for re-attaching defroster tabs. They are just glued on the window with a conductive adhesive... I think the kits are 12-15 bucks and will do both tabs... Good luck dude !
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    Picking up cars from dealerships! I'm not a porter guys
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    If you are looking for a great heat rejection with a lower price, then the Llumar CTX will be the best option listed above. However, if you are willing to pay more, CTX doesn't compete with Wincos or Huper Ceramic. Both great films with me leaning toward Huper because of higher performance and is also dye-free. The third option to add would be 3M Crystalline which would be somewhere in the price range of Huper Ceramic. In the end, find a quality installer that offers a quality film. As we seen on the other thread with the Hellcat, just because they offer a premium film doesn't mean they are good installers.