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    Last one to post #878

    'morning all.... New foster puppy.. 12 wk old lab mix. Just a quick pic of her.
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    Got bored at work today.

    thought I'd make myself a new shop shirt...
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    Super Dave

    Last one to post #878

    @Tintmaster08 Y’all should have them count the beers at happy hour. It might be another record !
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    Flat Glass Quote Help

    Pricing projects correctly comes with experience. The 200 SF job that you are bidding may take a veteran 60 minutes to complete on site, where if could take a newbie all day. I don't know your level of experience but I'm assuming that if you are asking about pricing a 100-200 sf job..you are a bit green. There are many variables to factor in, and everyone's business structure is different. IMO, if you are just starting out in FG and have aspirations to grow that sector of your market, figure out what your hard cost and soft cost of opening your doors as well as what margin you need to be sustainable and profitable.. then go from there.
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    Last one to post #878

    438 pieces of glass and 170 cars totalin 5 hours
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    Tint Width

    I only order it in a 25' length roll so it won't cost much to sit on the shelf.
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    Last one to post #878

    Pool day overcast and about 80
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    Last one to post #878

    Doing a Guinness book of world records tint challenge with Xpel in North Carolina
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    2018 golf tdi

    i use the heat gun to shape this tool and use it on every single car in one way or another
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    Thanks, that's pretty much the technique I'm using. They suck
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    Looking for a Full time window tint, ppf, vinyl wrap specialist. We are a brand new company who has a TON of business. We have a state of the art shop and our business is rapidly growing! If you are looking for a nice shop who does Top notch work then come work for us! We offer shareholding, pay to match your skill level, and paid training after 90 days to keep you up to date on certifications. We are also looking for a core member who we will eventually have as our corporate trainer. This position will start as a location job, but will develop into a trainer position with increased pay! We are a Llumar Formula One dealer, and offer nothing but the best! Send me a PM and let’s talk!Facebook.com/LNCaudioLoud and Clear Audio & Tint 2804 exchange street Wylie, TX 75098
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    It seems like all the Range Rovers are like that! I just load up on xtra slip when I tint them.
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    quality tintz

    2018 toyota camry door panels???

    Yup some of those work trucks and farm truck back rear windows are nasty...sucks holding light by yourself...
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    Midtown Houston

    Flat Glass Quote Help

    It take many yrs of experience to get this right....till this day I hit myself in the head and be like fuuucckk... Just made a mistake on a job and quote a tech film Casper (18k just for this film) for cost and got the job....come to find out, I broke even on it... but made $5 per sq ft on 4800 sq ft. on deco film. so I got lucky to win the job on making nothing on a small part of the job...
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    Flat Glass Quote Help

    I can see the times when doing something like that would be good - but I've never had anyone question why it was taking me as much time as it did to work up a quote. Maybe for a ball park figure.. but regardless of the quote, you'd still need measurements to make sure you have enough film. (Unless you keep film in stock - I don't tend to do that very often - which maybe I'm in the minority with that regard )
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    Flat Glass Quote Help

    I have settled on 3 tier pricing for sqft depending on the size of the job. I have double digits for smaller jobs under 250 sqft, slightly under double digits for medium jobs under 500 sqft, and a couple of bucks less for larger jobs above 500 sqft. The customer can pick from 4 types of window films I offer all for the same price. Then I add charges for ladder use, driving distance, additional people needed, etc.
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    Opening immediately for experienced Auto tinter in North Louisiana Shreveport / Bossier area. Major car dealership with new state of the art equipment. Huge opportunity for detail orientated , driven, and experienced tinter. Big bonuses and employee incentives. 401k , vacation, medical, dental, and vision ins, top level pay plus bonuses and incentives. Immediate opening contact by private message on page with resume and credentials.
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