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    Tinting with gloves

    Go Nitrile. Latex /rubber allergies often exhibit as dry skin. The soaps we use also break down oils in your skin. Some adhesives in film and premask are rubber based. My hands got almost as hard as fingernails. Fingers and Palms cracked and bled . That's TONS of fun crab clawing your way through a day.
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    Last one to post #910

    Welcome to ATLANTA
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    no ma'am

    Last one to post #910

    always knew Wendy was a ho
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    Last one to post #910

    Congrats! @WearTheFoxHat " Get a P1000 and you can stay home and take them.... The 125x zoom is NUTS. Puts my P900 to shame " That is INSANE!! My camera is a Nikon D40 and has an 18-55mm lens. It's not terrible, but yeah... would like something better. Just not sure it's worth spending the $$$ on one when I really only use it maybe 3-5 times a year at special things like zoo trips or when I have any foster puppies. 'evening all.... Got done the smart tint install. Gotta go back once they get the final piece that wasn't sent. This install went much better - mainly due to it being our 2nd job, and probably 18th panel installing it, so we're getting our groove down. Still not a huge fan of the film... I do think the guy that has been ordering the film needs to adjust his measurements some - the pieces need to be a tad smaller on all sides. Once we go back to finish they should have all the electric part done and I'll get a vid of it working, which I'm considering putting on my website and trying to sell my own jobs with it.
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    Blue Max vs Orange Crush vs Redline etc

    Opinions will depend on what you want the squeegee for. I love the orange crush over the blue max, did not like the clear crush, and have not tried the Redline or hybrid. I didn't like the pink clean. No clue what the PPF black out is. I love my Yellow Flat out for flat glass, 8" in long Fusion 8 handle.... Orange crush in the Fusion 5 long handle.
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    Thank you @TNTLady Stitches pulled out yesterday all 300+! Docs said pulling stitches "early " minimized risk for "railroad tracks" He was sent home with family too!!! Thank you all for your prayers and many thanks for any donations to Ronald McDonald house . That helped them have a place to be close by while going through this.
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    Nobody cares.
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    Pic of the Week #599 Submissions

    Part of a custom print project we are working on now. It's about 4500 sf of this dual gradient pattern we designed and printed in house
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