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    Taillight/headlight tint

    I've used both. Seems very similar for install. I think you can see the air release a bit more in the Vvivid.
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    Last one to post #924

    one of these days I'm gonna end up smashing this computer
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    @quality tintz in the past I have always recommended signwarehouse dot com and they have done well. The best deal you can find for mainstream printer is a vinyl express Q series...usually a Q42 or Q64. They are a generic Graphtec and usually cheaper. However, one of the other guys here tried to buy one last month or so and they had gone way up and were really not an advantage price wise over the graphtec fc8600. The girl I have always used cited the China tariffs as the reason they had gone up but Graphtec is a Japanese company so go figure. I tried the cheaper stepper stepper motor plotters made in china that some folks had recommended and it was a nightmare...didn't work, force was uneven, cuts were horrible and blades went dull like every day or week. My Vinyl express I bought three years ago I am still using original blade..not sure how as it has cut a ton of film. Hope some of this helps.
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    Take this for what it is. We have a US Cutter 50" Laserpoint II plotter that brand new costs maybe $800. When going from hand cutting to plotting i already owned this plotter for vinyl sign purposes as a side gig. So far it has been cutting out about 60 cars a month (give or take) for over a year. Is it as awesome as a Roland or GCC, probably not. I will say that even though the cost of the machine was cheap, it has done a fantastic job cutting tint. Being that it is a budget plotter, it has some quirks every now and then but im ok with that. For as cheap as it was new and the amount of use i have gotten out of it i have no problem recommending this plotter to people looking to make that jump without wanting to spend thousands. Buy some roland blades, replace the cutting strip every so often, and play with the speed and pressure settings and it will cut everything you want. Hope this was somewhat helpful.
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