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    What did you tint today?

    Friday night and Saturday morning fun.
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    no ma'am

    Last one to post #925

    frikin cowboys sup y'all
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    Pic of the Week #606 Submissions

    BMW i8 w/ Llumar CTX Window Tint plus Llumar AIR 80 on the windshield!
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    You can always snap them on your peel board. One thing that helps fingering is bumping the edges with a paper towel. They never drain the slip solution well.
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    Last one to post #925

    Good. Found a place that I like.. filled out an app and got a call that I got it. It's not where I want to be long term - but for the time being it should do nicely. No pets... but if everything works out I shouldn't be there super long. And it's only like 5 min from where I'm at currently, which I'm happy about.
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    i have not cut ppf with it since xpel is local to me they cut it out for me ready to go if were not bulk cutting. These machines are all picky and can be frustrating at times , even the expensive ones. Once you figure out its quirks and do's and dont's , its pretty easy to use and maintain but i always babysit the plotter as its running. I was actually looking into the titan 68" for my next one because its large enough to do ppf and still reasonably priced under 2k. Don't want to lead you down the wrong road but may be worth a shot to save some money
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    i use suntek for the program and the patterns are ok sometimes they are wrong , as far as patterns go i have seen xpel to be spot on. It took some playing around to figure out the plotter to cut the tint correctly. Too much pressure you cut all the way through and too little you don't cut enough. Honestly have to mess with it till you dial it in to your liking. Blades i think and don't quote me on this but a pack of 4 25 degree roland blades is $60 maybe. i change mine out every 4 months it seems. The suntek pattern program is a monthly fee and not sure if we are allowed to discuss those prices on here. To me it seems reasonable for the volume i cut out.
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    Theory of targeting and squeegee

    I would be careful about taking everything Ralph does and says to heart...He is what my grandmother would have called a "snake oil salesman." You would do much better if you stick to all of the fine folks here on this site. As a collective we have the experience and knowledge to help you, and we don't have to make a snappy video to do it.
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    Last one to post #925

    I'm so broke I've been eating cereal with a fork so I don't drink too much of the milk.
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    Llumar will pull dealer rights to anyone they catch selling film out the back door. Regardless you cannot warranty it so it would make no sense to go that route. If everyone else is carrying it why would you want to join them? Global, Solar FX, Express all could get you a great film and you would be different and stand out. You can also set different prices....Same film=same selection=same price and you ultimately lose at that game if anyone low balls the rest of you. I would not want the same thing everyone else has. In our area everyone knows Llumar as they actually market and advertise, but Global is pretty solid as well. All depends on your area and market.
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    Theory of targeting and squeegee

    Why as a new person would you automatically rule out arguably one of the best cleanest techniques there is? Learning to bottom load which mostly involves removing a seal or panel could eliminate the majority of all those problems you're having.
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    Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    I've been reverse rolling or "scroll" rolling for most of my 19 years in business. I promise you that my installs are clean or at least as clean as the vehicle itself is! I wouldn't dream of going back and doing a Frankenstein install on most cars. I even reverse roll truck back windows if I actually cut them on the outside. I cut close to size and "flat glass" most of them today though unless they don't have frit edges.
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    2015 Cla 250 Mercedes

    We have the Mercedes account here in Fresno and we have done our fair share. Ive experienced this problem with about 2% of the installs. The antenna for the transponder is in the back glass. Not sure what causes it not to work. The good thing is that is has always started working again. I hate the not knowing tho.
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