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    So I switched a picture while I was house sitting for my friend... I wonder how long it will take for them to notice. My sister thinks they may never notice. lol ETA: The pic on the right is of their son.. the one on the left is one I found on google.
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    Morning everyone, happy new year!
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    Pic/Vid of the day (not tint related)

    4 Shades of Blue in Antarctica
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    Why do I do this to myself??? I let folks talk me into booking their cars new years day. The first one for 8 am didnt show until 10 am. Fortunately one of my xmas paid jobs showed up. However....the other cars scheduled have not showed up and havent even called. NEVER AGAIN I even had folks talked me into booking them Christmas Eve plus I also turn down work I could have done Christmas Eve for other folks. I arrived Christmas Eve to work and absolutely no one showed up! People are so unreliable these days yet they will gripe about small business people not being open and available to them whenever they want. I've done my time through the years at the cost of my health sanity and two marriages. NO MORE HOLIDAYS FOR A N Y O N E. I dont care if they go elsewhere....GO!!! No more skin off my nose.
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    I requested Global samples of their CDR and loved everything about that film. Just couldn't convince the owner to switch from the brand they had carried for years. Never really was able to secure independence in what I was hired to do so, I left that gig and officially retired from the industry. No more chasing the big job but, if I were to ever get back in the game I would be using Global.
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    Morning y'all happy New year
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    Typically speaking if the scratch is deep enough to feel with your fingernail it's too deep to polish out. Those type of scratches are going to be too deep in my experience.
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    Either that or throw a damn button or piece of plastic strap underneath the tip of the blade so it doesn't touch the glass. I use a chunk of hdpe cut from a film core end cap and it works like a charm.
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    Most of the scratches are at or near a corner. For the bg & 1/4s I’ll snap a blade off to trim each straight side and then snap before the corners or curvy areas after. Never start trimming in a curve or corner and snap after pulling blade away from glass. Also, keep knife low using minimal pressure or just get a damn peel board.
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