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    Last one to post #933

    I just saw where the CEO of Amazon is divorcing his wife. His replacement will arrive by Friday if he orders within the next five hours.
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    Last one to post #933

    Buy her a new house. Seems simple.
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    no ma'am

    Last one to post #933

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    Last one to post #933

    Fixed it for ya. No one Effs with Grandma
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    Florida does it again!

    So I went by one of the highest volume shops in Florida the other day. We'll leave them unnamed. I saw this and my jaw dropped. Can you believe the tinter is sitting on the customer vehicle ? And on top of that, wet shrinking. Wtf is going on. She's stretching her legs out 😂
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    Midtown Houston

    Aluminum Glass Stand

    High quality aluminum glass stand. This is our 6th modification to this stand. Very easy to put together.....take 30 min. Come with rubber molding, wheel, and all hardware to put together. All you need is a rubber mallet and hex tool. Glass must be 6' wide and any height up to 6' tall. Glass is not supply. We can also custom make it to your glass width if you use shorter glass width. Email me (Norngllc@gmail.com) if you are interested and take your shop to another level. $650 plus $50 shipping to your door. Made by a window tinter so you know it work and it work goooooood !!!! *****Wholesale inquiries are welcome*******
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    3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    From my understanding, it is made in the same place as the FX. Specifically, which manufacturing plant, couldn't tell you.
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    3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    My Obsidian rolls are watermarked, at least the 35% is.
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    Last one to post #933

    Late check in. Morning ever E body I just blocked someone on FB for correcting my grammar, and it feeled so good
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    Blade disposal

    We are all commercial, so when I'm on the job site, I snap them and stick them in my pouch. Once we are done for the day or two, I dump them from my pouch into the trash bag or barrel. .. it's worked for 30 years so I see no reason to reinvent the wheel.
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    19 Ram changes

    I've done a handful of these so far, Limited's at that. They are very nice trucks. I am a bottom loader personally and don't mind these trucks at all. I don't even bother with the bolt. I pop that back edge of the panel and sneak the sweep out. Then slip up the bottom of it to slide it back in.
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    19 Lexus ES350 changes

    @pbalentine Yessir....happy to help you any way I can. This method works for all the new Lexus and FCA products...charger, challenger, etc... as well as most new GM. Another tip.... Make sure you check the tightness of the clip when you snap them back in. Sometimes they get loose and the door panel merely "sits" on the clip without really being anchored. I pull it back and take a hook tool or a snap on radiator hose tool and spread the clip apart a bit. Snap it back on and you are good to go..
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    Blade disposal

    No 40's?
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    Got a scratch yesterday Im sure was from a nick in my bluemax. I think it might be getting scratched from the defrosters on the bg when I push to clean. I was using using one squegee just for cleaning the bg and one for install...going to do that again. After using the orange crush I will say the edge is still sharp and these really last way longer than blumax.
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    Blade disposal

    I use the olfa one as well. For square blades I just take an old jar and pop a slot on top of the lid like a piggy bank.
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    Apex Tint

    No blades on glass

    The smart cards are okay for shrinking, never thought about them for prep. Gator blades are awesome for prep. Just like a plastic razor blade but twice as wide and much more comfortable to use.
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    Diablo's Tint

    Blade disposal

    I currently use the olfa brand https://www.walmart.com/ip/Olfa-Blade-Disposal-Case-DC-4/417372002?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=916&adid=22222222222068316139&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=e&wl1=o&wl2=c&wl3=17604000952&wl4=pla-1105760493537&wl12=417372002_10000000931&wl14=olfa blade holder&veh=sem&msclkid=5448726ed9c814a8d0f22e5add241f0a but I've been thinking about getting one of these: http://bladecage.com/
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    Florida does it again!

    Its not like the trunk sticks out far or is the bg wide. Still, theres no reason. I guess she gets on the roof for a visor and on the hood for a windshield?? I see a bunch of knots in extension cord and the heat gun cord...guess you might as well prop up a crate and sit on the trunk.
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    Theory of targeting and squeegee

    I would be careful about taking everything Ralph does and says to heart...He is what my grandmother would have called a "snake oil salesman." You would do much better if you stick to all of the fine folks here on this site. As a collective we have the experience and knowledge to help you, and we don't have to make a snappy video to do it.
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    Tinting friends and coworkers rides

    Thanks for the help guys. Im going to hit up some of my friends at work that have newer 4 door cars and see what happens. Ive tinted my car over 6 times now. Also tinted my wifes and sons car. I bought some SunTek. Super sweet tint. Been picking up tools little by little and I have a good time tinting. Also Im a welder fabricator and work around 55 hours a week.
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    Tint Slayer

    Learning from dvd

    Dude i know what i'm doing and i still watch tint videos on youtube just because i like it and i learn from other people. get the DVD's and watch them, watch youtube, read these groups, always keep learning. I was going to buy the DVDs just to see how Stan does his work and maybe pick up a few pointers. You're lucky this is a time when you can ask anybody on the planet a question via the internet. there's a lot of good tips out there, but also a lot of low quality people making vids. but to answer your question yes get the DVDs, Stan is one of the top people out there and well known among the tint folk. @flat rock stan
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