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    Tips n trix

    Not to add insult to injury but the topic had already been discussed here. Try the search bar next time you get something you're unfamiliar with
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    Nick the New Guy from Oregon

    Just wanted to say hello...I havent tinted one window yet, but Im going to practice on my 2003 Silverado 2500HD. Passenger and driver side windows. I ordered a 50' roll of tint from Express Window Films, and I ordered up some tools. If Im at all lucky I hope by the time Ive used up the 50' of film that I have a couple windows that look pretty good. LOL...Im wearing out the search feature on this site....There is a LOT of great information on this site. Thanks Todd Medford, OR
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    Midtown Houston

    Aluminum Glass Stand

    High quality aluminum glass stand. This is our 6th modification to this stand. Very easy to put together.....take 30 min. Come with rubber molding, wheel, and all hardware to put together. All you need is a rubber mallet and hex tool. Glass must be 6' wide and any height up to 6' tall. Glass is not supply. We can also custom make it to your glass width if you use shorter glass width. Email me (Norngllc@gmail.com) if you are interested and take your shop to another level. $650 plus $50 shipping to your door. Made by a window tinter so you know it work and it work goooooood !!!! *****Wholesale inquiries are welcome*******
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    Naples Tint Company

    Upgrading your brand

    I wanted to share something we did to treat high end clients and build our brand It was expensive but they are nice
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    XPEL Jeff

    2019 chevy custom

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    Aluminum Glass Stand

    Nice! Was about to rebuild mine but may just order one of these!
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    Tons of guys use variations of the blade through the box method and it works . I used the 1" olfa handle with black carbon blades in it. I cannot locate a photo of the awesome purple heart worthy photo of a former installers leg with a 12"ish gash down his leg at the knee from when he "lost balance " getting up from a prolonged pull session when he had used only the blade without a handle. If you are gonna pull outta the box FFS cover the effing blade protruding out of the box and keep the box in an area where it is not in a traveled area.
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    Plotter cut Madico frost
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    Wrapped the interior of a 18 Buick encore with VViViDs liquid metal purple
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    Heat display questions

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    How did you get your start?

    1980 ... my second year of college after leaving the Navy. Needed some material to present a 'how-to' for speech class so, stopped into a local tint shop. Before leaving asked if they needed any help ... yes, I've tinted before, I told them. The day I went to, eh hem, work along side their seasoned tinter, she stopped my half way through my cut and said, you've never done this before have you. Pray tell, how did you come up with that, I says. Her answer tells it all ... you are not fluid with your cutting. I begin to pray. Didn't help. By lunch time they booted me to the street but, not before setting up their main competitor by telling me that place over on Clearwater Rd needs an auto tinter. Next day I go to Clearwater Rd place after class and ask if they were hiring. Yes, they say but, do you have any experience. I said, yes, I worked for that place for awhile. They then proceeded to give me tools, film, the keys to a late 70's Ford Fairmont Wagon and point to the auto tint bay. I was to tint the car a bring it back for their inspection before I would be hired. Off I went and did the best I could returning the keys to reception. Boss man and reception lady go out to investigate the work. I pray. They come back in and the Boss man says, nice job son, there's just one thing I'd like you to do when you start for us tomorrow. I says, what's that? He says, can you bring your time down from 5 hours to just a couple hours per car; I can't make any money at the rate you're going? I did just that and three months later I was taken off minimum wage and put on 35% commission only. I was shown how to do invisa-seam back glass instead of overlapping strips and went on to work for them for another two years before the IRS shut them down for not paying taxes, which included Social Security taxes. If you were to see my Social Security income report you would see 0$ for 80 an 81. A few days after shut down I contacted the boss man and said they still owed me $2500 in back pay and since they were strapped for cash I have a list of things I would take instead and call it even. I was given all I needed in tools and film to start my own gig and did so in the new location the were to move to before getting shut down. I also took the client list. 14 years later I went to work for a major manny in sales, migrating to tech support in less than two years. Never mind the story of how I would 'blow' the shops that I had during that 14 year period.
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    Heat display questions

    Here is a vintage video that may inspire you to build a cool heat box demonstration.
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    Heat display questions

    Sure ... Halogen bulbs are the closest match to the sun's energy (UV, Visible and Near Infrared) of any light bulb available at the consumer level. Bulbs used in labs to mimic the sun can cost in the thousands of dollar, making it impractical for consumer level film comparative displays. Infrared bulbs (AKA french fry or heat lamp bulbs) have infrared output in the 95 percentile range and only 5% visible light. They may show a film perform better in the infrared range however, infrared only makes up about 48% of the sun's energy. Using this type bulb is very misleading when it comes to film performance. All of the sun's energy becomes heat once it strikes a surface, whether it's a dashboard, and arm or a seat. Infrared is felt first because it goes deeper in and beyond the skin, causing inner moisture to heat up and nerve receptors in the vicinity pick this up. Water is a superior absorber of near infrared. Visible light makes up another 48-49 percent of the sun's energy and it too will be felt as heat after striking and object's surface. UV also is felt as heat. These last two of the three are not felt as quickly since they are absorbed at the surface. Hope that helps.
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    tintman Pa

    What other hobbies do you have?

    Lots of hobbies restoring an old 67 ford van is a long term project. Sound guy for daughter and her duet www.ellieleeoldfield @ellieleeoldfield. Look her up snd since November I’ve been restoring 68-77 redline hotwheels
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