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    Huge Shoutout and Thanks

    Just wanted to say thanks @OverLord for his huge HUGE help on a 1995 C4 Corvette back hatch yesterday. Burned up a couple pieces of (ceramic) film on my own and became super frustrated. Car has been sitting in my shop for a week while I mentally cooled down and debated how much more film I wanted to trash. David was nice enough to stop by the shop and lend me a hand. When I say lend I mean he drove well over an hour each way to school me on how to tint a 'Vette. I've not been doing this as long as a lot of you but days like yesterday give me hope. This truly is an industry of sharing knowledge and helping your fellow tinter. Hopefully I can put in as many successful years as some of the guys here. Appreciate the help man, more than you can imagine. Tell Ann thanks too for being patient with us. My fiancé gets antsy when its "guy time" because she knows the clock almost seems to stop. Next time we will have to catch up for something less work related, maybe when @jh812 is back in this neck of the woods.
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    The Chat Thread

    Still not finished by any means, but a few pics to show off the room I have now.
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    Is it time to move on?

    Efficiency is one thing, quality is another. You say work more efficiently ?? I say worry more about quality and quit being greedy and have some respect for the industry and not just make money slinging piss poor work. If you won’t accept an application from a quality tinter that can produce work without comebacks only to be looking for how many he can push out, it seems to me you are more worried about the wrong side of things. A quality tinter who produces work that doesn’t come back, will be better than a 14 car a day inexperienced film slapper who only knows how to do one type of car. Probably can’t hand cut a sliding rear window to save his life.
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    If you're looking for a veteran in this industry that content anywhere I'm 6 to 12 cars and cut or 18 cars a day plotter cut that can do wraps ppf vinyl anything that has to do with a sticker it's a $5, 000 sign on bonus what's a plane ticket to where I want to go with a stay
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    Contamination issue

    It never hurts to try new tools so you can go right back to what you were using before 😂
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    florida tinter

    Rear window

    looks like the customer left the car out in the sun.....not good! I tell my customers not to park in the sun and only drive at night otherwise the warranty is void. j/k
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    Contamination issue

    Just to show what I'm talking about, this is a '16 Sierra with just under 40k miles on it. It's been detailed and is considered "front line ready" for a dealership. At first glance it looks "clean" (I see a greasy, silicone armour all coated nightmare but that's a conversation for another day) This is what the seals/channels look like... After a quick wipe with a damp microfiber. This makes a world of difference in keeping your install clean. When I first got started I was trained to flush the sides and pass a hard card/bondo card/tri-edge down the seals while flushing and call it good. I fought contamination on the sides for months until I started wiping the seals as my first step when pulling a vehicle in. Hopefully you or someone else will find this helpful.
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    The Chat Thread

    I think my feature wall is coming along really well. The youngest stepdaughter still has to outline the letters but it is pretty much done. I had to build(make) all of the " T's " and the " i " but all in all it came out nice.
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    The Chat Thread

    In that vein, I got a good laugh out of this one
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    What did you tint today?

    Hey @KonSiva I fixed it so you would be more comfortable looking at it.
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    2016 Dodge Charger Rear Window mess

    @jh812 is correct. there is “one” thing you can do to fix it you can razor blade all the defroster lines down, then the film will lay in smooth. Defroster won’t work ever again, but it will look great.
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    The Chat Thread

    Woohoo Here we go. Landlord said they would work with us the best way they can so we can move. Worst case would be a two month buy out. :thank you Time to start packing up and getting the remodel started. Less than two months and I'll be back in the old location
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    Send them my way!! They are my specialty!😁
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    The Chat Thread

    This is my new puppy Klaus. He’s a lot more of a meatball now then he was in these pics.
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    Please visit Instagram @maopodstation for pricing and pictures... You can email me your order at norngllc@gmail.com
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    Pic of the Week #615 Submissions

    Daughter's five months already, time is just flying by
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    The Chat Thread

    Portrait place finally called back gonna go next month and take care of everything think the wife will be extremely happy.
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    Apex Tint

    What did you tint today?

    Toyota day for me. 1985 Toyota pickup, actually kind of cool - 92k miles, interior was cherry. Came out pretty good. (if you stand 10ft away [emoji23]) Also did a ‘12 ish Tacoma. Double whammy on this one... Shell and and vent visors!
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    The Chat Thread

    Finally done
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    quality tintz

    Quality tintz is back !!!!!

    Was up guys ???
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    The Chat Thread

    I do not need diet cherry vanilla chocolate Coke Zero with lemon. Please stop making new flavors of coke. Either put the cocain back in it or leave it alone.
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    I’ll go out on a limb and say it was more likely a shotty job from the get go and your now just noticing a bad line up job of the tinter. If the other side even remotely resembles a similar gap. You’ve got your answer as it’s highly unlikely both windows started to shift at the exact time
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    The Chat Thread

    @no ma'am
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    Im qualified but I'm not showing up on time that's for sure.
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