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    Huge Shoutout and Thanks

    Just wanted to say thanks @OverLord for his huge HUGE help on a 1995 C4 Corvette back hatch yesterday. Burned up a couple pieces of (ceramic) film on my own and became super frustrated. Car has been sitting in my shop for a week while I mentally cooled down and debated how much more film I wanted to trash. David was nice enough to stop by the shop and lend me a hand. When I say lend I mean he drove well over an hour each way to school me on how to tint a 'Vette. I've not been doing this as long as a lot of you but days like yesterday give me hope. This truly is an industry of sharing knowledge and helping your fellow tinter. Hopefully I can put in as many successful years as some of the guys here. Appreciate the help man, more than you can imagine. Tell Ann thanks too for being patient with us. My fiancé gets antsy when its "guy time" because she knows the clock almost seems to stop. Next time we will have to catch up for something less work related, maybe when @jh812 is back in this neck of the woods.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    @no ma'am
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    no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Here you go guys. This thing is a beast! This one made my walls vibrate a little more than most of them do. '68 Camaro - full tube chassi - lightened to 1900lbs - 555ci Chevy Dart Block - mid 900's HP to the crank on alcohol
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    What did you tint today?

    Just a little frost work
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    Llumar curling

    That's the most polite way to put that a film sucks
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    Full Windsheild 35% with 5% strip?

    If you are going to do a windshield with a front strip, first - tint the whole windshield, then do the front strip as you normally would, after the whole windshield is tinted. 35% is not recommended for windshields as it is too dark at night and during the rain. This is not fact, just the overwhelming opinion of most respectable tinters. 50% is the limit for most tinters that care about the industry.
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    Possible yes. Stupid idea? Also yes.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yeah it seems to have been getting less participation lately. Oh well just wanted to post this beaut @no ma'am 🇺🇲
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    Tint Eastwood

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Come get my Accord roach. Thing is solid, just been collecting bird shit and tree limbs since the wife got the odyssey.
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    Influx of installers in the industry?

    Manufacturers are desperately trying to encourage existing shop owners to hire and train... the stock pile of future film buyers ...is getting low. Add to that..some of the chain store tint shops are selling a pipe dream to unwitting buyers..only for them to find that once a new hire is trained..they can't keep them locked up in the back room for 8.50 P/H...hence the huge turn over rate. I have said it numerous times before. Being a "tinter" is no different than being a house painter, plasterer, lawn mower, carpet installer, or any other un regulated trade where a legitimate license is not required. .. That also adds to the derelict problem in the labor force. I don't have the actual numbers, although I'm sure corporates have run them...on how many "tinters" are actual businesses as apposed to hobbyists. If I were to guess.. it's 1 in 60.. maybe worse..
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    What did you tint today?

    This was how my Monday started..... 1995 Corvette
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    What did you tint today?

    2016 corvette 15%
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Evening ladies busy day at the shop. Looks like I'm booked through next week already No record setter days lately but completely full every day.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Alright I think I got a work around that will...work. These are the new medals: 🥇 1 per year of TD membership 🎖️ 1 per 10 years experience 🕰️ Over 40 years old 🎟️ Raffle Winner 🌐 Subscriber 📸 Pic of the Week winner 💜 Purple heart (injury story) I'm going to me restoring the sigs one at a time so have patience.
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    What did you tint today?

    Did this one Friday., 3M NV -15.
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    For some reason the search function doesn’t seem to yield the same results as google for threads on this forum. If you can’t find what you’re looking for search through google with “tintdude” included in the field.
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    no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yep, already helped one of those guys. Not happening again. pay somebody guy! If you can afford that it's not gonna break your little limp wrist swiping your card at a professionals shop
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    Not tucking film anymore

    Yep, any thread thats about being over a tool or technique thats me!!
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    So i guess the 'cash for cars' program has ended?
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    If you are working for a dealer in their building and have no skin in the game..as far as expenses go. All you are is a laborer. Same as a car detailer. Your pay will likely be in line with what people in your area make to roll paint onto walls, mow grass, vacuume carpets or wash cars.
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    I agree with the opinions...However, this is a loyal frequent return customer..I really didn't know how to handle this one I have to admit.. If this had been a one time customer, then I would have been less likely to have done anything about it, but given the strange circumstance I simply did what I thought necessary. Already had a referral from them that almost covered the windshield cost so eventually I will make up the expense.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Haven't really shared this with anyone, probably the longest I've gone since oh IDK I was 14.
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    First Cracked Window in over 25 years !!!

    I gotta say that I don’t think that was your fault. The origin of the crack seems to be beyond the frit, which leads me to believe there was damage elsewhere and that tinting just exposed the prior problem. This is seems to have been done by installing interior trim that is against the glass. Or by some foreign impact that was in the edge of the actual glass piece. Much like moving a crack in the windshield with heat and an ice cube, this is the same aspect that exposed a flaw that you did not cause. Window tint rarely causes automotive glass to break unless there was a prior problem. Just my two cents.
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