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    Merry Christmas

    I hope everyone has a great Christmas and that it may be filled with your favorite things and the people you love!
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    Building models and showing and racing my 68 Camaro
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    Last one to post #933

    I just saw where the CEO of Amazon is divorcing his wife. His replacement will arrive by Friday if he orders within the next five hours.
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    Heat display questions

    Left the heat lamp display on to long.
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    @no ma'am I am just curious and gotta ask....do you ever lose any driver bits? LOL!!
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Thought we'd just have one that doesn't lock for a while. Might get more participation if people understand the title.
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    What did you tint today?

    This truck is just purty. QDP-18%-Ceramic front two
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    Blade disposal

    No 40's?
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    No blades on glass

    0000 steel wool on defroster windows and blue scotch bright for all others. Only scratched my own window on the outside 1 time. Was dirty and I scrubbed it. The dirt was what scratched the glass, I'm quite certain. Sprayway for all my cleaning.
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    Tint Eastwood

    Heat display questions

    Whew..... Getting a little stuffy in here.
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    Last one to post #931

    goes a little something like this: I'm raising my prices. The end.
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    Heat display questions

    Says the guy still not changing his tune after being spoken to by the science guy in tech support at the leading film manufacturer a few years ago about his misunderstanding of how film works against solar energy, solar energy as a producer of heat, and the use of infrared bulbs to mislead clients in selling film.
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    How did you get your start?

    Growing up my dad tinted and ran a shop for years but never would show me the ropes because he said never tint you are better than this. Well he moved on from tint as he got older and i always would bring up the idea lets open a shop because i love cars and working around them. Again he turned me down lol . So i had a great career as a petroleum engineer but was never home so the idea of opening a shop just kept sounding better and better to stay in town and close to my family. Dad got sick and passed away from leukemia, that caused a lot of issues so long story short i needed to have a job in town to take care of my mother and my own family better. Got a bright idea looked up at the heavens and said dad im gonna do it, so make sure you watch over me haha . Quit my badass job, paid some money for a tinting class to teach me how to tint. Took the 4 day class ordered a crap ton of film way more than i needed and started tinting on a leap of faith. Got a few dealerships on board within the first month and have been tinting non stop since for the past year or so. Shop is doing great and love what i do! The class helped me get going but all the cars i have tinted over the past year has really been the best learning experience, every day i learn something new. I am a problem solver by nature so it has been a fun ride learning this trade and solving my own issues while tinting. This forum has been a huge help and thanks to everyone that has brought value to this forum and continually is trying to innovate our industry! Also its baddass that im tinting and feel dad is here with me everyday, another reason why i chose tinting was just to embrace all those memories we made as a kid hanging out at the shop with him lol! he started in the 80's in a storefront directly across the street from where my shop is now. Crazy
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    Last one to post #929

    Your wife says the same thing
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    flat rock stan

    What did you tint today?

    Did this tour bus for Toyota Motor sports a couple days ago. Still lots of work to be done on it before the end of year but my part is done. Broke my toe the day before the job so it was a challenge! Merry Christmas all♡ Cheers
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    no ma'am

    Messed up twice already

    Don't squeegee towards the bottom, squeegee along the bottom. And if you lay it up outside wet and stretch it out right you should only have fingers up top in the dots to shrink. Hardest part of the window is laying it and cutting the defrost tabs out right.
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    That's funny,, because anytime anyone asks me to tint a car...I start convulsing too..
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    @pbalentine here's another to add to the collection. IDK on long term yet but man this thing gets the water out better than anything I've ever tried. https://www.gasketprotools.com/blank-1/sledge-hammer-angle-cut-extractor
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    no ma'am

    Too many tools. Min tools to do job

    I clean and stick my first pass with a yellow turbo, I follow with a handy and orange crush. I'm partial to fusion pre cut yellow turbo. As far minimizing my tools ... I'm losing that battle
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    Midtown Houston

    Aluminum Glass Stand

    High quality aluminum glass stand. This is our 6th modification to this stand. Very easy to put together.....take 30 min. Come with rubber molding, wheel, and all hardware to put together. All you need is a rubber mallet and hex tool. Glass must be 6' wide and any height up to 6' tall. Glass is not supply. We can also custom make it to your glass width if you use shorter glass width. Email me (Norngllc@gmail.com) if you are interested and take your shop to another level. $650 plus $50 shipping to your door. Made by a window tinter so you know it work and it work goooooood !!!! *****Wholesale inquiries are welcome*******
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    Spend most of my free time on the water tournament fishing, both fresh and saltwater...
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    Upgrading your brand

    I have been thinking along the same lines. I had shirts and koozies made for a local car show back in September. Gave some shirts to close friends and early customers. Put koozies in the grab bag for all the pre-registered car show cars. Thinking of giving away my remaining koozies to the first X vehicles this year. Had a lot of inquires about shirts too. Next run I think I am going to sell some and get some extras for people who do a ceramic install or something. Like @Naples Tint Company said, its about keeping them talking. Everyone wears a free shirt, even if its just for yard work and their neighbors see it.
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    Tips n trix

    I’m new on here just throwing my issue of the day out theee
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    Tips n trix

    Not to add insult to injury but the topic had already been discussed here. Try the search bar next time you get something you're unfamiliar with
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    If you want one who is experienced, does good work, and dependable he already has a job. You have to train them to have them and even then..... Good luck with your search. If you find more than one send him south. LOL!!
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    Last one to post #933

    Buy her a new house. Seems simple.
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    no ma'am

    Last one to post #933

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    Last one to post #932

    Here's the living room/kitchen areas of the place I'm moving to.
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    No blades on glass

    I scrub with a dobie pad and scrape with a gator blade. Only thing I scrape with a razor is stickers.
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    Pic of the Week #608 Submissions

    18 Challenger Scat pack global ceramic 42
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    out of retirement

    Good morning I am one of the original TINTDUDE members....I have been tinting for 35 years,,,,Been retired for the last 7...im 53 years old and decided to get back into the game....going to be selective on what cars I do but looking to go full speed with the flat glass. I cannot believe the advances in the quality of films since i have been away..Wish me luck gents
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    How did you get your start?

    1980 ... my second year of college after leaving the Navy. Needed some material to present a 'how-to' for speech class so, stopped into a local tint shop. Before leaving asked if they needed any help ... yes, I've tinted before, I told them. The day I went to, eh hem, work along side their seasoned tinter, she stopped my half way through my cut and said, you've never done this before have you. Pray tell, how did you come up with that, I says. Her answer tells it all ... you are not fluid with your cutting. I begin to pray. Didn't help. By lunch time they booted me to the street but, not before setting up their main competitor by telling me that place over on Clearwater Rd needs an auto tinter. Next day I go to Clearwater Rd place after class and ask if they were hiring. Yes, they say but, do you have any experience. I said, yes, I worked for that place for awhile. They then proceeded to give me tools, film, the keys to a late 70's Ford Fairmont Wagon and point to the auto tint bay. I was to tint the car a bring it back for their inspection before I would be hired. Off I went and did the best I could returning the keys to reception. Boss man and reception lady go out to investigate the work. I pray. They come back in and the Boss man says, nice job son, there's just one thing I'd like you to do when you start for us tomorrow. I says, what's that? He says, can you bring your time down from 5 hours to just a couple hours per car; I can't make any money at the rate you're going? I did just that and three months later I was taken off minimum wage and put on 35% commission only. I was shown how to do invisa-seam back glass instead of overlapping strips and went on to work for them for another two years before the IRS shut them down for not paying taxes, which included Social Security taxes. If you were to see my Social Security income report you would see 0$ for 80 an 81. A few days after shut down I contacted the boss man and said they still owed me $2500 in back pay and since they were strapped for cash I have a list of things I would take instead and call it even. I was given all I needed in tools and film to start my own gig and did so in the new location the were to move to before getting shut down. I also took the client list. 14 years later I went to work for a major manny in sales, migrating to tech support in less than two years. Never mind the story of how I would 'blow' the shops that I had during that 14 year period. I'm happily retired now.
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    Last one to post #930

    So I switched a picture while I was house sitting for my friend... I wonder how long it will take for them to notice. My sister thinks they may never notice. lol ETA: The pic on the right is of their son.. the one on the left is one I found on google.
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    Last one to post #930

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    Last one to post #930

    Well,, I guess my BadAss Tinting self is done for the year. Happy New Year fellas. Hope we all have a great year next year.
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    Typically speaking if the scratch is deep enough to feel with your fingernail it's too deep to polish out. Those type of scratches are going to be too deep in my experience.
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    Tint Slayer

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Guess how many times i got asked to play Santa this year?
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    Last one to post #927

    So finally got around to trying Vvivid Headlight Films, it is the exact same film as Luxe. Luxe has an updated version now, but the original I was ordering from them is the same. Good news is it is almost half the price.
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    XPEL Jeff

    2019 chevy custom

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    Merry Christmas

    Dremmel kit for Daddy.
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    It'll void the warranty on the BlueMax
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    How did you get your start?

    @Bham It was good to get to stop for a visit today. Told you I would try to make it more frequent . I wish I had read your post above before I stopped by. I would have told you in person what I will type to you now. In life I have learned that for every one or two good decisions you make there is bound to be a bad one. Not hiring you back in the 90's was a terrible decision on my part and an oversight that I should not have allowed to happen. I wasn't willing to give you a chance, didn't think you had the drive for it, and I let other folks influence my decisions when I should have at least given you an opportunity. You have proved me wrong many times...you have certainly been driven and you have achieved my achievements...your own shop. That one mistake of mine not only was very obviously my loss, but it also alienated us from each other and put a strain on our friendship maybe even still today. In front of all of these good, professional folks here on this forum, Jason, I want you to know I am very sorry. I hope others here can learn from my mistake and always be willing to take a chance on others. I am very proud of you for what you have achieved. Charley