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    Oh hell no. They always wind up talking, so now half my brain has to listen and reply to you while the other half tries like hell not to burn this piece I just spent a bunch of time prepping. Oh, and don't mind if I take off your door panels do ya? Hey, thanks for turning the ignition off for me while I tint this roll up, I had no idea I left it on. Oh, a bubble? Thanks for pointing that out to me. No, it goes on the inside.
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    Last one to post #752

    Plate finally came in
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    stop hiding behind the glass

    Wife took a quick snap of me and the kid.
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    Tint Eastwood

    30 Years Experience Tool Pouch

    Here's my everyday attire. Working up and down ladders everyday I've gotta have everything on me. Had to upgrade to the suspenders because of lower back/hip issues.
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    Big Props to Tint Dude

    Just wanted to express the gratitude and respect I have for this site and all the contributions of the members. I recently had to tint a Lexus sc430 and the owner was warning me that the rear windows do not go up when the top is aopen so he didn't see how I could tint them good up to the top. I didn't even hesitate to schedule him in. Totally forgot to look the car up before he got there too but wasn't too worried. Less than 5 minutes and I was standing there with the top down and all windows up thanks to this forum. Customer extra impressed as he could find no help from google. This was my most recent use of the site but over the last 13 years I have visited when I was stuck on something and always found helpful info surrounded by real experience. That's all I've got for now. Thanks Tintdudes
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    AIR 80 Creasing

    Plenty of professionals here. Just because somebody post with a genuine problem doesn't make this an amateur site. Maybe doing the professional thing and helping is the route to take instead of belittling someone.
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    Our company truck just got done wrap in 3M 1080 Gloss Filp Psycodelic. Now it is time to protect the Psycodelic wrap with 3M Scotchgard Pro Series 4th Generation paint protection film. You might see this Raptor at Sema. I have to thank 3M for the sponsor material to complete the tint, wrap and ppf. “We are always training and learning with your high standards in mind” @3mwindowfilmusa ——————————————————— - Detailing @midtownmotortrends - 3M Crystalline 70 on side windows and back glass - 3M Crystalline 70 on both sunroof - 3M Crystalline 70 on windshield - 3M 1080 Gloss Flip Psycodelic complete wrap ——————————————————— Midtown Motor Trends Detail | 3M Tint | Paint Protection | Wraps Certified in 3M Crystalline, 3M Pro Series, Xpel, Ceramic Pro 9H, Elite Wrapper, Bray ?manager@midtownmotortrends.com ☎️(713)338-0101
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    .... it finally happened.... didnt throw away any tint.....no mistakes and some nice clean cuts. Thank you so much to stan, your dvds helped me out so much more then that "other class". Just need to work on my patience alot more....taking my gosh dang time.
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    Me amd my 2 beautiful kids...This is why I work so hard...
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    stop hiding behind the glass

    This pic is a bit older, but it's the only one i have on this computer....camping with the missus
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    Wow, lots of post! Thank you all for participating in the DVD raffle One lucky post won the complete Learning Library for Auto Window Tinting with the 15th DVD on Shaving the Edge included! post #1456 from @highplains wins first place! The next five lucky members win the DVD titled Braking Down the Barriers #1752 @Englandh37 #423 @one_slick_tinter #135 @OverLord #1747 @DaHatta #857 @jh812 Numbers from random.org Winners can pm me your name and address and I will get your DVD's out. Thanks again everyone for the fun. Thank you to @TintDude for making all this possible. To keep the forum great takes lots of work and constant upkeep to make it a place where we can all get to virtually know each other, share stories and information. Great moderators here thank you for your work! tintdude.com is my go to place on the Internet to relax and enjoy the company of others interested in what we all do. For those who didn't win but who are interested in upping your auto tinting skills I offer a pretty dang good discount from listed DVD prices on the Learning Library for members here. Just message me and I will be happy to work with you. Cheers all, live life like everyday is your last Stan www.autowindowtinting.com
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    Pic of the Week #561 Submissions

    SolarFX Custom Colored SoakShields!! Get yours soon!!
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    Glass Tinting Supplies


    Hello Jkatfelix, Time.. Believe it or not is irrelevant. The longer you invest into your craft, should not alter your return. There are a great many people who appreciate that you take your time and ensure your quality of workmanship is of a top standard . These are the folks that will pay extra for that specific criteria. Including myself. Ensure top standard and charge accordingly. I can only say this.... Quality will always win the race. In all aspects. Speed and time is irrelevant. Hopefully this helps. Merry Christmas to everyone. Michael.
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    Just imagine that everyone on tintdude gets to walk around the vehicle to check it out. Thats what i do. Doesnt matter to me if the car is worth $3 or $30k. They should all be tinted to a certain standard. I'll redo stuff i know the custy most likely wont notice, cause i never want a customer to doubt my work and bring it to a competetor to check it out.
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    Tint Artist

    Redoing my storefront!!

    I moved into a new location a few years back and didn't really go all in on the graphics the way I wanted because of time and $! Finally got started and this is where I'm at! I'm 1/2 way there! I should of made time because it's made an impact !!
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    Made a surfboard coffee table with led lights and a wave tint graphic with deco blue tint and r20 from llumar and then wrapped the front with a surfer on it!
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    I for one am lossing my mind over all these new Suntek issues that have come about in the last few months.So much so after all these years i joined Tintdude to find sanity and confirmation.The rolls i have been receiving lately are nothing like i was receiving months ago.My work day is now filled with scratches,memory/shrinking issues and STATIC.Best part,when i call them to ask whats going on with all the changes,i am told there are no changes,its me and the tools i use....A conversation i expect from my girlfriend, but the nerve coming from a large company such as Suntek.I had the rep from Dub/Luxury stop buy and drop off some sample ceramic for me to play with and soon realized me and my tools are just fine.Thanks to those who have took the time to post and confirm my suspicions.
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    70% nano ceramic windshield only
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    What did you tint today?

    A old and new hotrod car
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    stop hiding behind the glass

    My mug is pretty much already known but I got new hats in today so why not
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    The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    Sure doesn't look like much now but in 2-3 months it Will!
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    Post to win the complete month of March with winners randomly drawn at the end of the month! Greetings my friends To celebrate my recent 10,000 post mark and getting my long awaited sword I decided to sponsor a raffle for a complete set of my Learning Library DVD set on tinting automotive windows. 14 DVD's each approximately a hour long that have taught so many new people to our industry as well as many people who have been in the business for years! Modeled after my hands on training the DVD's are full of tips and tricks to make the job of tinting cars easier, faster and cleaner. The DVD's teach several different ways to tint all the different types of windows you run into in this business. Full access to my support program is also included for those who need it. But wait there is more! A 15th DVD Titled Shaving the Edge teaches how to leave a factory edge look on side windows using a Exacto knife is also included! But wait, But wait for more! Giving away five DVD's titled Breaking Down the Barriers! This hour long DVD I teach two different ways to tint each window on a complete car. So many ways to get a job done. The best way is what works best for each individual. Winners will pick up many skills to make the job of tinting better for them. Free shipping anywhere in the United States. A like on my facebook page is not necessary or required but would be appreciated. https://m.facebook.com/Auto-Window-Tinting-125726210820250/ If you're posting for this raffle you are already at the best place on the Internet TintDude! Cheers and good luck! Stan Foster aka Proffesor Tint
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    A true off road install a customer brought in a while back. QDP 5% all the way around on this 1966 Ford Twin I Beam pickup. I'm a huge fan of the 66 since I have one with some low miles but not as nice of this show truck! I went to the dealer in 66 with my dad when he bought the one I have now. Memories
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