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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yikes! Hope ya'll stay dry. Spent the evening pinstriping this bad boy for my old boss
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Nice @highplains I spent a few minutes striping this beauty for my flat glass guys kid. M = Maggie
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    That’s a toughy, could have been from trimming the wild edges before shrinking and the final cut. Also, may want to try that wash again. Them winders is still dirty.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

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    Yea looks like an odd place to be making cuts to me. If it were closer to the dots I’d be more inclined to think they did it. They may know a technique that I don’t.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    I love working down at the beach. I just need to figure out how to market there better... most are 2nd homes and don't get mail and/or people there all the time. Went up on the boardwalk and got pizza for lunch... just very chill. So I got my GTI registered and insured today.. went out to the store, the bank, another store, and another store. So all local places w/in 2 miles. But a lot of stop and go. My left foot is killing me from the clutch. The past two vehicals I've had were trucks and autos... haven't had a stick since my GTI back in 2000-2007 or something. But my feet are a lot worse then at that time. I never even thought this would be an issue. I'm gonna be so mad if it is.
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    My view yesterday @Roach
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    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Chocolate pie!
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    Rear window

    Definently glue failure which is film failure in my books.
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    What did you tint today?

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    How? What do you think about this?

    I'd probably say no on that. The first one pretty confident that wouldn't have been them, second one is iffy but it's pretty far away not sure why they would cut right there. A lot of people notice things after work has been done because they're looking around. Could've easily been there beforehand just not noticed.
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    Tint Slayer

    Facebook Groups

    Been out of the FB groups for a bit. Seems like if you make a high quality video people think you're a guru. Have an opinion of your own in reply to a question in the groups? Hahahaha Have a technique you've used for decades and mention it? Hahahaha Any idiot can start a group and they'll get followers. In the end the trolls always take over and destroy the groups. That aside i've lost count of how many of my friends have split up in their personal life over something FB related. It's more like anti-social media.
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