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    Nobody cares.
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    Whats up BOSS!

    You can call me whatever you want when you're handing me 100 dollar bills
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    out of retirement

    Good morning I am one of the original TINTDUDE members....I have been tinting for 35 years,,,,Been retired for the last 7...im 53 years old and decided to get back into the game....going to be selective on what cars I do but looking to go full speed with the flat glass. I cannot believe the advances in the quality of films since i have been away..Wish me luck gents
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    How did you get your start?

    @Bham It was good to get to stop for a visit today. Told you I would try to make it more frequent . I wish I had read your post above before I stopped by. I would have told you in person what I will type to you now. In life I have learned that for every one or two good decisions you make there is bound to be a bad one. Not hiring you back in the 90's was a terrible decision on my part and an oversight that I should not have allowed to happen. I wasn't willing to give you a chance, didn't think you had the drive for it, and I let other folks influence my decisions when I should have at least given you an opportunity. You have proved me wrong many times...you have certainly been driven and you have achieved my achievements...your own shop. That one mistake of mine not only was very obviously my loss, but it also alienated us from each other and put a strain on our friendship maybe even still today. In front of all of these good, professional folks here on this forum, Jason, I want you to know I am very sorry. I hope others here can learn from my mistake and always be willing to take a chance on others. I am very proud of you for what you have achieved. Charley
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    Just completed this hair salon with some really big graphics! Turned out really nice and wanted to show it off!
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    Got bored at work today.

    thought I'd make myself a new shop shirt...
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    2018 Accord back window warning

    Happened to me at work twice now, thought I should give the warning. First time I thought it was a fluke, second time I noticed a pattern. When you squeeze out the back window, the water will run PERFECTLY down the drivers side, down the inner quarter and funnel over a wiring harness that's part of the blindspot monitoring system, triggering a fault on the dash and saying see the dealer. Thankfully I work for a Honda dealership, so no biggie. If in the event this happens to you- pop the trunk, pull back the trunk liner on the left hand side by removing the cargo hook tucked in the corner (pressure clipped in) and peel it back. The harness is right there when you pull it back, you can't miss it. Unplug both harnesses and take compressed air and blow all the water out and you're back in business. Won't throw a hard code, no need to go to the dealer if it happens. Figured I'd save everyone the panic attack.
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    Pic of the Week #594 Submissions

    Here's the obligatory new parent look at my child picture
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    Rocks....I paint rocks
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    Swing BenchClothes Closet for the misses Picnic Table for poolside Dining Table Swing Bench for back deckShutters These are samples of my hobby. The custom shutters for the house were the simplest using PVC planks. The dining table has interchangeable top; if we tire of the Barnwood look the trim can be removed and planks replaced with another type laminate flooring. The deck swing bench has a recycled umbrella canvas for shade and the cup holders are recycled track-light fixture covers.
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    Last one to post #836

    Daddy daughter dance with this beauty.
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    2018 Camry back glass issue

    So, anyone tinting a 2018 Camry, MAKE SURE you inspect the rear glass very carefully. They are having issues with the defrosters on some cars. Look at the picture...they will literally wipe off with your hand. It's fully warrantied by the dealer. Just looking out for My Jiggas.....
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    Pic of the Week #595 Submissions

    Blackout film on roughly 600 square feet at the local high school.
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    NEW Tinter , need you help

    Thanks for the constructive criticism. Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are those of the participants. What the original poster posted isn't unique, and certainly isn't encouraged. Maybe we can explain to him/her why it's a bad idea to jump into an industry with no business license and/or not enough skill, or why it isn't good to be a low-baller etc, instead of implying that the forum is run badly.
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    Super Dave

    Pic of the Week #588 Submissions

    1990 Porsche 944 20% ceramic all the way I forgot to get a picture of it put back together and completely finished, but you guys get it, it’s on there!
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    Super Dave

    New Body 2019 Ram 1500

    @TintDude Hey Boss, wasn’t sure what to do with this one since it’s not technically Dodge anymore. It’s definitely a full redesign for the better, at least for tint anyway. Seals all pull easy, I did not remove any screws, but I’m sure there’s one behind the handle if it makes you feel more comfortable. Just pop back the top outside of each panel and slide the seal out. Regular Chrysler plastic clips. The panel does not have the metal clips across the gasket though. Just an inch or two lower are a line of plastic clips securing the top portion of panel. See Pics.... best part= no side felts! And no shrinking on roof, sides, or B-glass ( the top edge of the slider is super tight and must be cut perfectly) everything else including roof has plenty of room. 3rd pick is looking down after the seal is out, showing the screw behind the handle 4th sunroof border 5th is border of slider
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    My neck from Naple's pics...
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    What did you tint today?

    Been a weekend of punishment to say the least
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    What did you tint today?

    Did this today....
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    Pic of the Week #561 Submissions

    SolarFX Custom Colored SoakShields!! Get yours soon!!
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    Hi, welcome to the forum. This website is primarily for professional installers, so you may have better luck posting this somewhere else, thanks.
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    SFX knockoff

    F**k China and the horse they rode in on. They are a self declared enemy, yet we de-industrialized under the guise of environmentalism and gave it all to them. Every time I see "Made in China" I read, "You lose America".
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    Tint Eastwood

    Film Question.

    You gonna pay on the next one.
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    $35 a month!

    I cant beleive i got this for $35 a month i had no idea it was even an option. Filtered, coffee, hot, and cold water!
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    Pic of the Week #594 Submissions

    CUPCAKES!! YES, I made these Coke float, cherry limeade, cherry Coke and plain vanilla. They were all DEEELISH!!
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    tintman Pa

    What other hobbies do you have?

    Lots of hobbies restoring an old 67 ford van is a long term project. Sound guy for daughter and her duet www.ellieleeoldfield @ellieleeoldfield. Look her up snd since November I’ve been restoring 68-77 redline hotwheels
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    Another Targa down this week! 35% ceramic all the way.
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    Pricing for headaches

    We keep the same price for 99% of vehicles because I don't want to be seen as we gouging for certain vehicles. Some customers will call and don't want to say the car because they think as soon as they say BMW/etc the price is going higher. The only vehicles we charge more on are requiring atleast 30 minutes more work. A few of them are the C4/5/6 Corvettes, 15+ VW GTI, Toyota Prius, BMW i3, Acura Integra Hatchbacks, 16+ Honda Civic Hatchbacks, along with anything requiring a door panel removal. We also will charge more for any vehicle that is made in the 80's or older. I look at it as yeah we lose a little time on this one, but we also gain it on others. I will charge full pop for small vehicles like the Mazda Miata or Mini Cooper plus we have one set price for Trucks/SUV so even if it is a single cab, they pay the same as a quad cab.
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    To be 3M certified or not

    I think you are getting way ahead of yourself...learn how to tint first getting atleast a few years under your belt. Taking a training class is only going to show you the basics on very easy vehicles, you will still be a complete novice not knowing what to do on a lot of vehicles. Being able to advertise your "Certified" isn't going to mean anything if you're producing trash work. There are tons of shops that throw the "Certified" word around and they have had zero formal training...it is just a empty gimmick. I can name atleast 5 tinters/shops in GA that claim to be certified with 10/20 years experience when their work shows maybe 6 months experience. Hell next week we are having to tint a C6 Corvette rear window because Tint World can't get it done after 3 attempts. Basically if your skills can't back up that certification, then it is 100% worthless. As for 3M, you will need to check with the distributor offering the training as they might require you to be a dealer...I am honestly not sure. If they do require it, I highly doubt 3M would sign you on as a dealer without an already established shop. It is also going to be the worst film to train on since it is more difficult and more expensive. There are plenty of dealers that have been tinting for years that still can't install 3M's higher performing films. Also when trying different films, different techniques/tools are needed. So if you get "Certified" on one, you might have to completely switch it up on another brand.
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    Windex only for wetting and application

    No the ammonia doesn't bother the adhesive side only scratch coat side. I actually add a little more into it along with some super glue to help it stick better.
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    1966 Ford Falcon CTX35
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    Last one to post #855

    Got my sign up above the door.
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    Last one to post #854

    Almost done with the waiting area.
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    You are walking into a trap my friend...That day will be the longest day of your life...
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    Pic of the Week #570 Submissions

    My son Noah out flying his first time.
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    no ma'am

    Eliminating unnecessary steps

    I do all of the above and wouldn't take them out of the process.
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    Last One To Post #832

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    Well, in answer to your question - No. I think this topic has run it's course... locked for now. Bossman can veto this if he wishes.
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    What did you tint today?

    He said "tints".
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    Mobile Tinting "Efficiently Tips"

    Try to wear an apron or have a rolling cart near you on the same side of the car.. Don't let tools you need be on opposite side. Install on one side at a time. Walking around adds up.
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    Efficiency will come with experience, keep at and don't sacrifice quality for the sake of speed.
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    Dry adhesives (to the touch) are water-activated non-reactivable adhesive systems. Some label it CDA, CD, CDF, DA or in this case, DRY. As opposed to pressure sensitive (sticky) adhesives, dry adhesives need water, the silica in glass to activate and heat to dry out and cure to bond. Pressure sensitive adhesives do not need activating or curing. They require a slip agent to lower tack long enough to 'press' the adhesive to the surface. It is pressure 'sensitive; the greater the pressure the better surface bond it obtains, all the while the slip agent gets removed. These adhesives do not cure, they simply dry out and bond strength reaches maximum. Dry pressure sensitive adhesives or detactified (dry to the touch) have a coating on their surface that needs be flushed away to expose the tacky aspect of the pressure sensitive adhesive below. They, too, do not cure, they simply dry out to maximum bond strength.
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    Peelboard Size

    You can see here that two side by side on one wall makes a great work wall. I can do banners and big pieces of PPF or vinyl, along with anything tint related. one is 44"x66" the other is 46"x80"
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    Pic of the Week #587 Submissions

    I don't want them to be to comfortable
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    I customized this cheap, orange handle squeegee with channel by heating it up for 20 seconds or so and hyper extended the handle backwards. This allows me to squeegee from edge to edge to about 6” of bottom edge. I trimmed off about 1.5” of the handle and slight grinded down the blade holder on the side where it could slightly touch the glass at the lowest angle. The vehicle shown is a 08 Fusion.
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    The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    This evening at 10:46pm will mark the one year destruction of my shop and we are kicking it off with a car show in town this week! The local car club wanted to do something for my grand reopening and have invited me to participate in the events this weekend. I plan to have them over at my shop hopefully in a month for my celebration to include my customers new and old. I may not have a show truck anymore but it wont keep me from enjoying their cool rides!! Some day maybe Ill do the car show scene again when I build something again. For now....its gonna be a great day!!
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    flat rock stan

    Tinting around the world

    I haven't been here on tintdude for way too long. Thought when I changed my business up last year I would have more time. ...Nope...busier than ever before with lower overhead! I'm really excited to be working the Automechanika car show in Dubai the first week of next month. Will be doing demos for Global window film during the day and sightseeing after work! Have two days off also so going to have fun. Have decided to go skydiving over the Palms, ride a camel and prolly eat some, visit the Dubai aquarium, watch the world famous fountain show during dinner and of course go up the tallest building in the world and take pictures from the observation deck on the 114th floor!!! I'm amazed all the places around the world gluing plastic to glass has taken me♡♡♡ If anyone on tintdude is in the area let me know and we can hang! Promise to keep you guys posted with pictures. Cheers all #globalwindowfilm, hanging the best!
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    They failed to mention SolarFX will last longer then theirs!!
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    All else fails order a new sign ... "We Fix the Neighbor's Tint Job''.