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  1. Morning Peoples...
  2. Morning Peoples...
  3. Hurry up stomach ache, so I can leave this joint !
  4. I'm just over here bustin' a move.....
  5. That's what I'm talking about !
  6. They don't know what is what.....
  7. That's My patented "go to" move when I'm trying to pick up ho's!
  8. That little bastid stole My signature dance move..... I would post the video if I knew how. There is a short on youtube under Backpack kid.....hint, hint....
  9. @Slick You know where it's from?
  10. Rained for the better part of three days here. No rain in forecast for the weekend though.
  11. I *may* get a stomach ache at about 3:30 this afternoon to hurry things along.....