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  1. 1966 Ford econoline Truck

    Super suucked lol Very heavy shrinking and stretching. 2 attempts for 1 , got it first time for the second one [emoji53]
  2. 1966 Ford econoline Truck

    Just wondering if anyone has done one of these before and how the rear corner windows are to tint ? Customers dropped it off when I wasn’t there and have it to look forward to tomorrow and was wondering if it’s not as bad as it looks ?
  3. 2013 Sentra

    They should pay for it for having such a stupid design
  4. Tint waiver form

    Cannot complain. I’ve had an employee for the first time in 30 some odd years and it’s worked out well. I actually got to take some summer holidays and not have so much pressure now [emoji4]
  5. Tint waiver form

    Haha, exactly ! How you been a Bham? [emoji482]
  6. Tint waiver form

    No worries, I think I’m just in a very limited scenario for my province of what I’m looking for. The request wasn’t because of anyone being out of line, it was rather of it’s virtual irrelevance to the rest of the world of how Ontario is policed with Tint. No worries [emoji106]
  7. Tint waiver form

    What you read is not what it seems, it’s much more complicated in Ontario than that generic article. The ministry deems pretty much any shade on the two front doors as unsafe, however the highway traffic act laws do not enforce that. They are on completely two different pages. Unless you’re from Ontario Canada and have a tint shop here, it’s not even worth explaining. I’m going to ask Ric to just pull this thread altogether if possible . I will just make up on I’m looking for or talk to another local shop . Outside of a half hour discussion on the phone, it’s too much to type as to why it’s different here.
  8. Tint waiver form

    Not at all . It’s different in Ontario Canada. Too much to type and don’t want to go off topic of finding a waiver already done up . It’s all good , no worries [emoji4]
  9. Tint waiver form

    Say Ric, If you happen to stumble across this thread, I did try the search but couldn’t find the waivers that used to be here, any chance you would know where they are or if they are still around?
  10. Tint waiver form

    No worries. I’ve been a full-time Tint shop owner for over 30 some odd years now, I’m aware of the subject. In our area it’s actually not illegal, no tint is actually illegal. However with that being said if Tint was to ever cause an accident based on it being dark, that’s why I want the waiver. I use to be a moderator here many years ago so I know that it has actually been discussed in a pleasant manner and I was just trying to jar up some old memories if someone who shared it once before could share it again
  11. Tint waiver form

    Wow. Had the vibe changed here from the old days ? I’ll wait for a more positive response or perhaps repost in the area that I subscribe to help support the site after all these years [emoji53]. In our area ,tint is a vague law on the 2 fronts and a waiver is not uncommon. It’s not Illegal at any shade but not to be confused with unsafe and using one’s head. Anyways, I remember a few members years ago had a generic waiver made up and shared them here . Was wondering if there was one I could be directed to is all
  12. Tint waiver form

    Hello , I was wondering if anyone would be willing to send me a generic tint waiver form that they have a customer sign that wants to tint darker than suggested ? It’s never been an issues but with law enforcement now armed with Tint meters in our area now , I just want to cover my bases. Thanks for any help .[emoji4]
  13. 2013 Sentra

    Too funny , i’m checking in on my old tip from 2012 when I can’t remember something
  14. 17 F-250

    No need to even remove that for a sunstrip in the 2015 and newer. You just do a split sunstrip to the left and right of the mirror where the black is and comes out great.
  15. Garage Tinting and the Customer

    I built a small waiting room in my shop was a window that I can choose to keep open or closed so the customer can watch but they’re out of my way. It’s not realistic to send a customer away when they’re just getting a set of doors done compared to doing a whole vehicle