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  1. Way to go Ron !
  2. G'day Bham! Holiday up here in Canada [emoji1063] . Opening up the cottage and poking on the Internet [emoji4]
  3. Morning fellow tinters !
  4. Is this stuff available in Canada ?
  5. What vehicle are you wanting to do with it?
  6. Are you looking for Llumar Platinum Plus ?
  7. On the contrary, things of change in that department over this last half year, I can tell you more when I get some free up time in a private p.m.
  8. I still might test drive some Global though [emoji106]
  9. Have to admit , I also have never seen a green hue nor has a single customer ever mentioned it . We must be "snowblind" up here in Canada [emoji1063]
  10. The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes but at least they are saying the right things in a situation like this ... hopefully you won't have to find out if they make good on it in the future but hopefully they do make you and your customers " whole" such any issues arise . Thanks for chiming in
  11. Thanks : thumb
  12. Being prior to 2015, just pull the seal, they practically fall out, no screws or disassembly required
  13. Incidentally, if someone was a Llumar ATR CH lover, what would global's equivalent be to that hybrid tint? Been a while since I looked at global