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  1. It does work because I have two locations in both locations are use Tinttekwith the Q 100 plotter. Both work great and have never had an issue with them since owning them . One was a well used plotter that I also got for $1000 and ironically enough I got it originally as a spare and I end up using it more than the one I bought new.
  2. Energard in Burlington [emoji106]
  3. What's funny is I've seen tinters on this forum over the years to claim they always do "flawless" and "perfect" tinting all the time. My suggestion is to do some searching on here and see if you can find one of them and they can stand by their words and turn that into a "perfect" "flawless" tint job for you [emoji4] Another easier suggestion would be when judging the tint job you currently have, try not to inspect it so close that your nose is touching the window smearing the glass as you inspect the job. A great tint job will be 99.9++ contamination free at best with all the proper procedures in order but give a good fluorescent light to an experienced tinter and let them press thier nose up against every window in a car, They'll find something in every tint job. Be it theirs or someone else's.
  4. I did this with a back window years ago because I was doing so many of them for the dealer. It payed off great. If I had the Honda dealer in town , I'd do the same . How much was the window ?
  5. 1983 and pre are always best done with back window pulled for the best quality job. If the car is in good enough shape to get tint done , it's worth the little extra to pull the rear window and get right to the edge tinting, saves your back and new sealant to boot
  6. All checked out well [emoji4][emoji106]
  7. Thanks for asking, just a routine procedure ( or should be ) find out soon [emoji106]
  8. Morning folks ! trapped in a hospital waiting room for 2 hours waiting on the wife so it's a good time to get caught up on some threads here
  9. Any chance of us talking you out of the 5% on the 2 front doors for the safety sake of others around you when you drive at night and dark rainy days ? Just food for thought
  10. I can help with this question. Not in theory but in real life putting in my time . If you store your tint in a controlled environment where the humidity never hits below 50% ,is held at basically room temperature and has been packed with a bag and moisture beads, It can last over 20+ yrs... and counting [emoji106]
  11. A stealth requires some heavy duty shrinking, I would seriously rethink getting involved with getting a film your not familiar with and giving out a warranty on a stealth back window . Just an opinion
  12. I thought I would add a couple of extra tips on this car that came to mind since I just got tinting 2 of them. -Seals on doors easily remove out once removing 1 torx bolt per door hidden underneath the trim. -After replacing the 3rd brake light , bend the metal tabs down slightly to make it easier to slide back into place. - double up your mounting concentrate for bg as it floats into place much better. - remove the side pillars for the bg foe easier installation. They come out quite easy and it's worth it for the extra wiggle room .
  13. Can anyone confirm if this car needs felt on the sweeps ? Any other issues with this car ? Thanks! [emoji4]
  14. Dayum! OT makes an appearance! [emoji482][emoji482]