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  1. Well said Td . This pretty much mimics my ongoing speech to certain customers for many years . I should just record it and hit play when it's asked now lol
  2. Someday I want to come up north and meet you! 

  3. There was no before . In 1977 , I started in the family tinting business at 8 yrs old handing off tools and cleaning windows. Prior to that I was a space engineer for Lego building space ships ( true story ) [emoji23]
  4. That will give the plastic a consistent look but it can't "unburn " the rubber portion
  5. As I say , I did lots of these when they were new from the dealership. If your going to do 2 pieces, use a 24" roll and overlap on the 7th heater wire from the bottom . Don't forget to cartwheel the second pull off the 24" roll so the grain of the tint doesn't look different than the first peice
  6. I reread the first post " owner denies using heatgun to remove first tint " This is probably true HOWEVER , ( and I'm just taking an Internet guess here) since the first job had issues with the tint. If you look closely near where the melted trim is , you will most likely see right along the tint where the burns are , either debris or creases that were worked out with a tool and applying heat with a heatgun. Most tinters will use a heatgun to touch up some areas which is not uncommon at all , however experience tells tinters that there are some cars where the trim has a lot less tolerance for heat to not use a heat gun or if needed , either at a lower setting or lower duration of time. A tinter should not be blamed for not knowing this or learning the hard way as we all have made mistakes ( of course me included) learning our craft but what separates a hack from a tinter who also is human is to be ACCOUNTABLE for these mishaps. Go back to them with the right calm attitude hopefully with a quote of repair all ready in hand and give them a chance to make things right [emoji4][emoji106]
  7. I guessed the car before even knowing. Mazda's and heatguns near the rubber and plastics on the doors is a miserable marriage. Absolutely caused by a heatgun
  8. Yes there are some I just cut my own and wondered where they got the pattern from. Not a large amount but there are some
  9. TNTLady, you are an inspiration to all male and delay tinters be them newbies ir veteran tinters . Keep on keeping on and May you be blessed with abundance !
  10. Can't wait to try it . Hopefully it's sold in Canada as well
  11. I was a Judge in a Llumar tint off years ago Stan . Be prepared for competitors disliking you when they ask why you scored them what you scored them and your experienced eye points out why. Some competitors get it and respect it , others just think you have a hate on for them and take it personally
  12. Thanks Slick,I'll ask my supplier first if he's getting it any time soon and if not I'll take you up on that
  13. Over 30 yrs of auto tinting , I love trying new tools and giving feedback to my fellow tinters and tint supplier but since it's not available in Canada that I see, I went too 44 tools and it costs over $65 Canadian. Shipping is as much as the Reach itself , then with conversion of funds it's over $65 . A little steep for me to try out unfortunately
  14. 31 yrs in automotive tinting full time . I'm up to a few now