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  1. Floor

  2. Haha, thanks but working together on jobs is reward enough [emoji4][emoji106]
  3. Last one to post #814

    The key is not not let your mind race . If your into outer body experiences , dimensional astral projection, etc. It's a great tool. If not, it's a long time to kill in a pod with your thoughts lol
  4. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    Good review, I would have wrote it identical with my experience with one exception , I would use me $10 butane torch with the same results as this gun for any mobile "touch ups"and slips back in my pocket when done so it didn't even have the value as a mobile touch up for me
  5. Last one to post #814

    I've been doing my this for about 1 year now. It's pretty cool [emoji106]
  6. Approaching a dealership...

    I'm still here since posting that years ago and still stand by the statement however I would not be able to help you out with pricing in your area.
  7. Looking for Winter Tips and Tricks

    It depends on what you mean by "colder climates " if your talking near the freezing mark of 32 degrees, I don't consider that cold. If your talking " the moisture from your breath crystallizes when it leaves your body cold, then yes , I do that here in Canada [emoji1063] when it's -30 F Feel free to pm me your number and I can give you some tips to endure endure any temperatures you'll ever come across and have no comebacks.
  8. Bulldozer - best if any way to fix ?

    I've never had a problem when I'm the only one using the tools, they last me for years. I find if you just make sure you keep them wet with every stroke, you'll never have an issue but he forgets to do that and has burned out a bulldozer in three months
  9. Floor

    Correct . It acts as a "shallow bathtub" that you can drive over . You just clamp the corners
  10. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    Usually takes me 1.5 min to shrink that bg
  11. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    So I tried the heatgun on a Forte bg and took 10 min to shrink it, not practical at all not to mention arm fatigue. Milwaukee being a stand up company reimbursed me as it did not suit the purposes of shrinking tint in a timely manner
  12. Floor

    Oh for god sakes it was a quick pic for the request . Not "a staged pic" . All blades are picked up with a magnet before car is removed . Back to the floor topic
  13. Bulldozer - best if any way to fix ?

    My employee doesn't keep enough slip on it. That's why it happens . That's 2 in 6 months, I make 1 last for 3 yrs. I told him to never load it in unless there's slip
  14. I have tried a couple of different epoxies, etc., has anybody been successful in repairing these for long term without throwing away and buying a new one?
  15. Floor

    I just took this picture 10 minutes ago and yes the floor is dirty because it's being used to make money lol. So we are in the thick of winter right now, I use 4 buckets on each side for the "drip main areas of a car" for winter run off, the first pond liner you see, if you look in the corner you'll see it pinned, that's for water eventually collects without hitting my drywall, simply suck it up with a shopvac, the rest of the floors done in pondliner. Never peels, you never slip, easy to clean, easy to sweep, does not collect dust to become airborne. It truly is forever. As I said, I've been dealing with shop floors for over 30 years in respect to tinting, this has been the best solution I have found to date