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  1. I did this with a back window years ago because I was doing so many of them for the dealer. It payed off great. If I had the Honda dealer in town , I'd do the same . How much was the window ?
  2. 1983 and pre are always best done with back window pulled for the best quality job. If the car is in good enough shape to get tint done , it's worth the little extra to pull the rear window and get right to the edge tinting, saves your back and new sealant to boot
  3. All checked out well [emoji4][emoji106]
  4. Thanks for asking, just a routine procedure ( or should be ) find out soon [emoji106]
  5. Morning folks ! trapped in a hospital waiting room for 2 hours waiting on the wife so it's a good time to get caught up on some threads here
  6. Any chance of us talking you out of the 5% on the 2 front doors for the safety sake of others around you when you drive at night and dark rainy days ? Just food for thought
  7. I can help with this question. Not in theory but in real life putting in my time . If you store your tint in a controlled environment where the humidity never hits below 50% ,is held at basically room temperature and has been packed with a bag and moisture beads, It can last over 20+ yrs... and counting [emoji106]
  8. A stealth requires some heavy duty shrinking, I would seriously rethink getting involved with getting a film your not familiar with and giving out a warranty on a stealth back window . Just an opinion
  9. I thought I would add a couple of extra tips on this car that came to mind since I just got tinting 2 of them. -Seals on doors easily remove out once removing 1 torx bolt per door hidden underneath the trim. -After replacing the 3rd brake light , bend the metal tabs down slightly to make it easier to slide back into place. - double up your mounting concentrate for bg as it floats into place much better. - remove the side pillars for the bg foe easier installation. They come out quite easy and it's worth it for the extra wiggle room .
  10. Can anyone confirm if this car needs felt on the sweeps ? Any other issues with this car ? Thanks! [emoji4]
  11. Dayum! OT makes an appearance! [emoji482][emoji482]
  12. It's those kind of shortcuts in Asia that keeps their products flowing over here and give the perception of overpriced north American made products.
  13. Same here Fox, I use self healing cutting mat no issues
  14. It was just sheer ignorance . It doesn't mean every tinter can make a good living but his bias opinion that every Tinter falls into that category has just ignorant
  15. True story:a few years back I looked into doing the paperwork to do some work in the states during the winter months . I was denied because window tinting wasn't classified as a "skilled" profession. The guy I was talking to said that I fall into the category of "hamburger flipper" . His statement actually blew me away. Offended, I asked him how much does he make per year . When he told me how much he made, I told him that in my eyes he was closer to a "hamburger flipper" then I was and may want to rethink his prejudice with one's work title before making such comments. The nerve of some people. It so happens I have my papers for specialized kinesiology, reflexology, fitness and nutrition and neurfredback brain training. Sounds impressive ?? Not really , I keep with the tinting because the money is better. If ever I can't tint anymore I'll " downgrade" to those other titles and take a paycut lol