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  1. I've shrank a bg in 20sec with a modified 45,000 propane burner . Posted it here about 10years ago just for kicks . Kind of cool, but who needs to rush that bad lol. My norm is about 2 min. Always using 2 heatguns together.
  2. Haha, a few familiar "handles"
  3. Hope is well with the site ! Lots has changed here I'm sure [emoji4]. One of the old school original members here ready to make regular appearances to share and receive knowledge as in the past, now that I e finally hired and have a great employee after working in solitude after a couple of decades in the tinting business, it frees me up to mingle a bit more . Greetings to the old schoolers still here and greetings to the newer members [emoji4][emoji106] A special shoutout to Ric ! [emoji4][emoji106]
  4. No heads up, this newly redesigned Rio is easy. No screws to remove, seals pop right out with a couple of plastic plugs popped with a plug puller. I just did a set of patterns for Tint Tek on this car since it's not in the data base. Will submit them on Monday and hopefully available shortly thereafter.
  5. I think I saw that chair featured on an article on how to make a hoooker's job a little more tolerable
  6. I own 2 ( one for each shop) they are over 20yrs old now . Back in the day I used it often because of the style of cars before being easier to pull gaskets on the majority of vehicles like today . Example: 1994 cavaliers and earlier. Saved a lot of bs. In panel removals on those things . When I did them for a dealership, I saved 20min per car because of that tool just on that 1 car alone so it payed for itself quite quickly. I barely use it now but still will on say 08 -12 chev gmc front doors . I have them preset for that door and it's so fast. Again though, now that the style has changed , I use it much less. I personally think it's worth it - just not as much based on current style of vehicles . Ps. If anyone has one they don't want, I'd be happy to hear your price as mine is pretty beat up over the years lol
  7. No matter how long someone has been tinting, or how experienced they are, you can never be more experienced than drawing upon a collective of sharing tinters like that found in Tintdude !
  8. Interesting read [emoji106]
  9. I usually am pretty good at "rechipping" the perfectionist customer so we are in the same page . Being on the same page as the customer is paramount prior to starting any job.
  10. Well said Td . This pretty much mimics my ongoing speech to certain customers for many years . I should just record it and hit play when it's asked now lol
  11. Someday I want to come up north and meet you! 

  12. Dynamic hit the nail on the head
  13. There was no before . In 1977 , I started in the family tinting business at 8 yrs old handing off tools and cleaning windows. Prior to that I was a space engineer for Lego building space ships ( true story ) [emoji23]
  14. That will give the plastic a consistent look but it can't "unburn " the rubber portion
  15. As I say , I did lots of these when they were new from the dealership. If your going to do 2 pieces, use a 24" roll and overlap on the 7th heater wire from the bottom . Don't forget to cartwheel the second pull off the 24" roll so the grain of the tint doesn't look different than the first peice