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  1. I am trying to get started and maybe interested. Can you provide more info on exactly what you have?
  2. Nice! Lima/Toledo area or Columbus area?
  3. Cincinnati
  4. I have been looking at schools including Stan's and his DVDs as well. I'm interested in attending, just need to figure out a plan of action after I get back to continue learning while maintaining my day job.
  5. Great question, was planning to ask the same myself. I am in a similar spot......wanting to learn to tint while keeping my day job. I have considered going to a school or training class, however I know a lot of practice is needed afterwards and my issue would be having somewhere to practice after I finish the class. There used to be a place in my area where you could rent a garage bay for the hour or day, unfortunately they closed up a few years ago. Looking forward to hearing suggestions from others.
  6. I very much appreciate the offer! I will let you know.
  7. Thanks for the info, hoping to order some film by the end of the week.
  8. I am in Cincinnati.
  9. I'm looking to tint my first car in the next couple weeks. I have been doing some searching on here for a good film to start with that is fairly inexpensive but decent quality. So far I have heard Global, SolarFX and Johnson's mentioned quite a few times. Are these the best choices for a beginner? I would prefer something that will shrink well and is a decent thickness to not crease as easily.
  10. I'm looking to tint my first car here in the next couple weeks and am looking at ordering some tools. I have looked around on here and come up with a list but just wanted to see if I am missing anything or if any of these are not needed initially. Here is the list I have: 5" Blue Max w/ handle 5.5" Yellow Turbo Black Teflon Hard Card Gold Teflon Hard Card Lil' Chizler Slim Foot Olfa Red Dot White Scrub Pads Conquistador The Bulldozer Sprayer Heat Gun Any suggestions would be appreciated
  11. I am 38 and just started to try to learn this art, so you will be fine! You have this forum as well to ask questions in, it is awsome with all ppl in here. I am a lurker but i do alot of reading and i have started to tint some customer cars now. Thanks for chiming in, glad to see I'm not alone!
  12. That does sound similar! I will actually be 35 in 2 months. I went to school for auto mechanics and worked as a mechanic for about a year. I moved to a truck accessory shop in '02 and have worked in the aftermarket since. I worked at a custom shop from 07-14 who did window tint. I was interested in how the process worked and starting hanging out with the tinters in the bay during slow time to see how it all worked. I then found out that the tinters were the best paid employees in the building and that increased my interest even more! I've seen many of the techniques, just have never attempted to tint a full car myself. I currently work in an office everyday and miss working on cars. I think I am now ready to take the leap! I know there is a steep learning curve, but think I have the skills and patience to get good at it. Only 1 way to find out!
  13. I appreciate all the responses and encouragement. My knees and back and fine right now, so no issues there. I'm still thinking about it, but it is good to know others have started at about the same age and had a good experience.
  14. I've been interested in tinting for a number of years and have worked in the automotive aftermarket for 14 years. I worked in sales and 12V/accessory installation at a shop for 7 years that did window tint and would hang out in the tint bay quite a bit during downtime and watch the tinter and learn techniques. I applied the tint to a few quarter windows, I just never attempted to tint a full car myself. I am currently 34 and wish I had learned how to tint 15 years ago. I've recently been thinking about going through a training program and learning to tint. How old is too old to start? How old were you when you started?