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  1. I've forever been trying to find an outfit that can recycle the plastic cores we use. Now that I burn up a lot of ppf and tint, the waste is getting out of control. That goes for the liners from ppf as well, since it's 2-3 times as thick as tint liner. Either way it seems that even with a silicone coating, the materials could be remade into something.
  2. Getting some video content made of some of our better jobs. Let me know what y'all think!
  3. Im looking to add someone to a growing shop. We specialize in full coverage clear bra installs (full fronts and whole cars) and have a steady stream of high end cars and dealership work for tint as well. Raleigh NC is one of the faster growing cities in the US. I am willing to help with relocation costs for the right candidate. Shoot me an email for more info.
  4. We are a high end Tint, PPF and Vinyl shop that do 95% new cars. Looking for a Tinter to join our team for expansion. Minimum 3 cars/day guaranteed. PPF experience is a plus but not required. We work in a fully climate controlled shop and workers must keep a clean environment. Also valid drivers license and must pass a drug test. Growth opportunities are only limited to how efficient worker is. Email
  5. Seen it a few times on new 911's. Putting the wrap on before the paint dry maybe? one was club coupe and one an gt3rs.