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  1. Seen a car I tinted 9 years ago with Global hp 05 and it looks as black as when done.
  2. Where are you located?
  3. I pulled both of them I have done right or into the sun. Let them set for an hour baking.
  4. Take and tint it over the old tint. Quick sling it on. Then bag it again. Should grab and peel the old off too.
  5. Almost 1/2" thick I would be sure it is solid. 2x4 on bottom minimum I would likely do a 2x6 on the bottom. Many bolts or screws also on that bottom. 2x4 notched across the top also very secure.
  6. If it is flat you could do it with almost any tint film. Won't be able to remove it once in though.
  7. Post from may, op won't likely be here ever again.
  8. I would say the dealership owes you a window and will have to pay for a new tint on it.
  9. Shrink smoother. I don't see peanuts very often on anything. Ryk shrink or some smoother techniques.
  10. If it is at the top could be from key lock box at dealership.
  11. It was probably 16 years ago last time I had one. I don't remember what I did.
  12. Why? Because I wouldn't mind tinting this?
  13. I have done 4 total beretta. Did one before I knew about shrinking. That was lots of fun. Did the other 2 or 3 in 1 piece. Not really that bad other than the bottom dove tail.
  14. Seen this in my town today. Extremely clean. Wouldn't mind getting to tint it even.