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  1. Water separation

    If the slip is beading up I have an extra soapy mix to use. Heavy smokers windows will bead water often.... other contamination can cause it as well. I just use "Mr soapy" and get it to slide.
  2. Ladder secure?

    Facebook popped up with this Curious if anyone had actually seen or used this.
  3. Work light

    Got to use this today for a windshield strip. Found that it will stick to the mirror button for an amazing placement.
  4. Back windows causing peanuts?

    I assume you are talking about the scrubbing or back blading
  5. Work light

    I used this light yesterday and today doing bodywork on my project and I am loving this light.
  6. Work light

    Just got this light and can't wait to use it. Used a similar, more expensive light Tuesday.
  7. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    A PDR friend has this heat gun. He swore it was great. I took it to a piece on global hp and after about a minute, almost touching the edge of a piece of film, it finally melted very slightly. It was not hot enough to have actually used to shrink. I could hold it a few inches from my hand as long as I wanted!
  8. Back windows causing peanuts?

    You have to keep the under gun back far enough to not actually shrink. I have used a hot hairdryer for the under gun and it worked well. Hairdryer won't shrink film but will hold it up and heat it up.
  9. Back windows causing peanuts?

    In my signature is a link or look up "the ryk shrink" on YouTube. Old video and not hq but you can see well enough to understand.
  10. Back windows causing peanuts?

    A better and smoother shrink is a big key. I have only dealt with peanuts a few times in the 11+ years since I began "the ryk shrink"
  11. Legacywf.com

    I just looked at the online pricing.
  12. '18 Silverado

    20" will do it but I always pull 21" out of my 40" for them. Only be 42" instead of 36" sideways.
  13. Legacywf.com

    You can get global or other name brands for that money.
  14. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    Someone should make a heat gun using a torch for heat and battery fan. Make it like a turbo heater with the metal plate that blocks the flame from coming out.