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  1. if you have some white styrofoam trash just put a couple drops on there and watch it dissolve!
  2. https://www.fellers.com/fellers-shopping/cat/wrap-tools-and-supplies/sub/adhesion-prep-sealers/set/pro-bond-adhesive-promoter
  3. Pro-bond is primarily ethyl acetate and it is applied with a cloth. Dries very quickly.
  4. I am still using "pro-bond" adhesion promoter to wipe the dots and have excellent results. I buy it from Fellers. I clean the back window with sprayway and 0000 steel wool then squeegee it off. Fold a 1/2 paper towel down to make an applicator for the pro-bond. Wipe the side dots then open it up a bit wider and wipe the top dot area. Have only had a couple complaints ever since I started using this over 15 years ago. I don't do many hondas.....
  5. I hate you GM.
  6. Installing shop and tinter would be the larger deciding factor if pricing is similar. Both films are made by quality companies.
  7. Should be "move the line higher" huh
  8. What did you not like about it?
  9. Enough slip to do what you want to do. The mix is totally an individual thing and Stonegate based on where and when you are tinting!
  10. I don't remember who but it was another tintdude that introduced the puffy paint.
  11. Your doing "side jobs" and stealing from your employer and now complaining about the cheap customer being a pain!?? Doing it cheaper is always going to get you the asshat customers!!!
  12. Do you know how to back roll and snap film?
  13. Unless the film is silver and very dark it isn't reflecting any 92% heat.
  14. QDP is better while classic black is not bad.
  15. Good price is relative.