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  1. Blue Max vs Orange Crush vs Redline etc

    Unless they have fairly recently changed the orange crush the blades can be trimmed. I actually modified a "card sharpener" by removing one side rail so I could do just that.
  2. What's up Shawn! All lurking around here I see. Need to grab lunch sometime.
  3. 2019+ Silverado 1500 (new body style)

    So is the top not clipped like the pervious? How is it along the sweep area?
  4. Inspection routine/Damage waiver

    I just grab someone else from the shop and show them. I'll take a picture before also. ...
  5. Corners peeling off

    Likely contamination in that corner.
  6. Inspection routine/Damage waiver

    Can be double edged sword. If you do something in writing but miss something then they can say you did the damage as it wasn't noted on the checklist.
  7. Learning from dvd

    I learned to shrink from a crappy 3m video 20 years ago.... I doubt pay money for the video but it made my first attempt at shrinking harder than it should have been! Get stans videos. He even gives s tintdude discount.
  8. Pic of the Week #598 Winner

    Didn't eventhink about the year. The color and then the wheels. ... how weird but I guess they are pretty common wheels.
  9. Pic of the Week #598 Winner

    I Tinted the twin.
  10. A new window film manufacturer, based in Europe, opens doors!

    Sputtering and vacuum deposition are two different processes from what I understood.
  11. Blue Max vs Orange Crush vs Redline etc

    Opinions will depend on what you want the squeegee for. I love the orange crush over the blue max, did not like the clear crush, and have not tried the Redline or hybrid. I didn't like the pink clean. No clue what the PPF black out is. I love my Yellow Flat out for flat glass, 8" in long Fusion 8 handle.... Orange crush in the Fusion 5 long handle.
  12. Remove old flaking tint.

    The "tint over it" has worked a could times for me and did nothing good the last time. Simply put a quick tint job on it over the junk tint. Bag it and set it in the sun. Should release the whole thing once hot! I didn't even have to remove glue the 2 times it worked. Peeled clean!
  13. Tools

    I would likely but the basic tools and supply blades and replace worn out tools but make an employee replace any they lost.
  14. Best portable Light?

    4 foot led shop light is my take along for any extra light I need. Considered the Milwaukee M18 work light but couldn't justify the price for myself.