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  1. Tools

    I would likely but the basic tools and supply blades and replace worn out tools but make an employee replace any they lost.
  2. Best portable Light?

    4 foot led shop light is my take along for any extra light I need. Considered the Milwaukee M18 work light but couldn't justify the price for myself.
  3. New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    The sharpness of the blade edge is proportional to the amount of fluid you will extract. If the edge is worn it will not remove nearly as much as a new blade.
  4. Is llumar worth it?

    I had stupid issues with Llumar including film separated layers when I tried to pull the liner on some ATR film. The CTX scratched if you look at it wrong. I know another guy that is a die hard Llumar fan and he has had lots of issues with it. I seen one car come back with adhesive failure that had about 5 year old ATR 05 on the rear. Was a Mazda 626. I used Film-on the entire time and have every since. I didn't get to cover the guy on warranty as I no longer used Llumar. I had a relationship with Performance Films still but they would not give my store credit or film to cover the job.... I didn't use Llumar long, 2 years, but when I switched to Global I never looked back. I could buy 3 40" rolls of Global for the cost of 2 40" Llumar! No small change. I also gained 10 to 15 minutes per car as I had less stupid little things to deal with..... $100 an hour makes that 10 to 15 minutes worth more than the film cost difference!
  5. There's a ttotw like this from years ago. Find it in my signature...
  6. Can you tint windshield over glare strip?

    I was going to say, you can but you shouldn't. The "line" as well as tint is not designed to stick to the hard coat on the existing tint strip!
  7. Midwest Training

    I'm sure Stan will be along here soon! He is a great guy and if your looking for training he is the only one I would recommend.
  8. I'm just glad this guy is not in my area nor my customer. I would have "fired" him before now.
  9. Options for sub 5% tint?

    Double 5% is more like 0.25% 5% and 50% should get 2.5% Oh and darker than 5%? You shouldn't even be allowed on the street.
  10. Peelboard Size

    Double strength glass really isn't going to be that strong either. Get with a glass shop and I would bet you can get a piece of 1/4" or laminated, or even tempered. My glass board is big laminated that I was given. I would want a 4' x 4' for the smallest I would use. 4 x 6 would be great. I'm thinking cutting a full windshield strip.
  11. Puffy paint question ???

    Very small opening on tip. Run it like a small bead of caulk.
  12. Global and Fading

    QDP is the quick dry plus. The ceramic is also QDP they just add the ceramic layer.
  13. no light to cut back window?

    I've used my masking tape to do the bottom on some. I put it on before I shrink though and so using the hard card leaves the "scratches" to see where it is.
  14. Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    I definitely use a decent amount of slip. Good technique is key just like all tinting. Hit the mark you want and don't hit anything else. The final few inches is the hardest to figure out how to get the liner off without pinching, creasing, or getting contamination.
  15. Sad day, no more kds

    I got a pack of the NT and am almost out of them. They are ok but seem to dull way faster than the KDS did. My next pack will be the Olfa blades and I hope they are better than they were when I switched to the KDS but I seriously doubt it. They dulled fast and were almost twice the price when I had switched!