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  1. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    I cut/grinded of the rail on the longer blade side. I just use an old piece of stainless blade. Change out if it gets dull.
  2. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    Card sharpener had to be modified to really work on the blue max, and crush squeegees. I have one modified and they work good to put a new edge on. I think I shared a picture of it a long time ago.
  3. They aren't selling llumar film for that price. Film alone for a full car is higher than $25. Btw most newer factory glass is blocking a lot of uv and a good chunk of heat as well.
  4. Going from 25 to 12 percent is barley noticeable to the human eye. You need to do more like 20% over factory to really be able to "see" a difference!
  5. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    Orange crush, long handle fusion. I cut the "hilt" off so I can hold the squeegee the way I like.
  6. I listen to my tintdude people and stay say from rayno. Global is my automotive film unless something crazy happens.
  7. Business Name ideas

    Show us your tints is a business. He is a member here too but I doubt think he is on much anymore. His mom actually came up with the name.
  8. If it is coveredthen gaware, global, would warranty it if you're installer is a dealer.
  9. I hope you didn't use automotive film on windows that big.......
  10. Global DR film is very nice. I've used the darkest on double pane with no issues. Not certain the actual manufacturer allows on it. I know what I can use and feel safe.
  11. Peanuts?

    So you were being driven nuts I take it. Peanuts that is.
  12. Business Name ideas

    "Another tint shop" no one can tell you they got a price from another tint shop.
  13. Where are you located auto trim design?
  14. Recommend Quality Brands

    Did they get rid of the cloaking line? It was amazing at -99%.