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  1. Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    I don't care what NAME a customer knows. I have only had a couple customers ever come in and ask me about any certain film. A handful more have asked what I use. You won't have film failure with Global. I have seen film failure on many others though even the precious llumar! If you tried Global HP and it was "rubbery" try the QDP or QDP ceramic. They are more rigid on the poly. I don't like that poly myself but love the HP.
  2. Otherwise tint looked good. I was shocked. Would love to know who did it so I could give them a hard time.
  3. This was on a newer Mercedes car. Bottom ws peeling on driver door. Top edges were nearly perfect so I would be this was a plotter cut. Nothing like it being shot on the bottom and filling with paint that didn't sick either.
  4. "Professional" in open air bays and touching the adhesive and I'm sure the Guinness world record official knows anything about window tint. Not knocking the whole thing just think the hype is higher than the truth.
  5. 2018 new chevy malibu rear tail lite ???

    Did a 2016 today. No light to mess with and window was under 30" tall I believe. Wasn't very tall for sure.
  6. Curved Residential Window.

    I have done a couple of these years ago. Film will go, might have some compound curve to them and need a little heat to form but not much. I would bet that there is seal failure on some if not most of these unless it is a very new structure. Be sure that you get that information otherwise they could come after you saying that you caused the seal failure!
  7. Have metalized tint and notice interference?

    ATR film won't cause issues on these. Especially not with 50%!
  8. 2016 and newer Ford Explorer

    I've not pulled full panels on these.
  9. Double vision

    Got to the shop this morning and it was double vision. Same owner, poor farmer, with some new trucks. Front sides with Global HP 40 and a windshield strip on each.
  10. Sad day, no more kds

    So, what's wrong with my shorts?
  11. I pulled my last kds blades out yesterday. I can't believe they quit making these.
  12. Custom made

    I've been using this piece a lot. I use it to shield trim when I am hitting the glass with heat to work out a spot.
  13. Air bubbles

    Size of these "bubbles"? Are they contamination spots and not water or air?
  14. Mobile business ideas

    Unless they spec it to work with Map gas I wouldn't try it. Ts8000 and map of you want a torch. Just learn to adjust the distance on it.
  15. Mobile business ideas

    @quality tintz the torch attachment you listed did nothing for me. Was like my Wagner heat gun on low. Would work but very slow. A PDR guy had it and likes it did heating up car panels.