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  1. Ryker

    YOUR Thoughts on flexfilm

    Dude, search here. Many bad tastes with it.
  2. Ryker

    Work light

    Just got this light and can't wait to use it. Used a similar, more expensive light Tuesday.
  3. My opinion, the amount of money that you and your boss would make in a few hours is not hardly worth him letting you tie up the shop. How much tint can you do in 4 hours and clean up after you're done and what you are able to charge? Then the environment of a body shop isn't the best as has been stated. I have tinted in paint booths and I didn't like the lighting. I get blinded by the lights on the sides. Tinting you look out from the vehicle more than looking at it like painting so lights are in your face! I do a semi mobile set up and work out of other shops and I would not dream of giving 50% to the shop. I provide everything except the shop and customer....the most I give the shop is 20%.... Glass shops, detail shops, accessory shops are all great connections to get a bay and customers if they don't offer tinting themselves.
  4. Ryker

    Dragon Distributing

    All film is only 100 feet. Global quit the 110 feet a few years ago.
  5. I have ran into an issue a few times lately. The keyless cars are getting "smarter" and think you need to not have the accessory power on for very long. I found on some a few years ago that you could hold the button and get it into a mode where it would stay on but recent ones don't seem to have that feature. So, I am looking to all of you hoping you have some magical trick to keep it on. These are timing out in just 5 minutes or so. I can tint fast but not that fast. Sucks to have to stop and hit the button again and again. Whats the secret? A tint monkey to push the button?
  6. Ryker

    Paint to create a black border

    Could be anything. Scrape it off and go.
  7. That you can see through? Probably not. Could use a matte vinyl butt it would essentially make it frosted glass.
  8. Ryker

    Auto Tinting

    If I'm right 3m color stable is just a dyed film so no real great heat rejection. There are lots of film choices in both 70 and 80 that will block a decent about of heat.
  9. Ryker

    Match Old Gold Film

    As far as I knew the gold was all the same so the express version should match well enough.
  10. Ryker

    Facebook Groups

    I was on one fb group and for knicked because i spoke against a "popular" film... Many other similar posts but not against this film or from me.... Lol Haven't missed it.
  11. This is with a 36 or 40 inch roll. Read it again. Solid for back and split for sides. I figure 11 feet total.
  12. Ryker

    Tint light

    Whole thread about this.
  13. Ryker

    2007 Pontiac Grand Prix SE

    Seals around the windows pull out to give lots of tucking room. I pulled the rear decks on these. Can't remember just how they came out though. Been way too long.
  14. Ryker

    Heat shrinking

    Sorry, was just saying that I think technique makes more difference than darkness of a particular film. Very minute difference in the 70 to 5. I would think at least.
  15. Ryker

    Heat shrinking

    I have not encountered a film that I find "hard" to shrink other than some junk that Dragon was selling before they got into any "real" film. Any normal name brand film has just laid down for me. Even some ceramic years ago when I first met Stan at Solar Control in STL. Richard pulled out this "house" ceramic that a guy said would NOT shrink. It was a little slower than Global QDP or HP but it still shrank right down for me..... So, with the right techniques I don't think most films will make a difference. A 1/2 mil difference I could see being different, microns I don't think the average person would ever notice. Some of us that are very precise and pay attention to everything might see it though....
  16. Ryker

    Mercedes coupe with double glass

    Sounds like a laminated window. In general you don't heat a laminated glass. Evenly heating can go way farther than a spot heating though. Just don't get a spot too hot like any piece of glass.
  17. Ryker

    Heat shrinking

    I believe that film is the same thickness no matter darkness. In that it shouldn't matter or make a difference in shrinking. Some film the 5% is thicker and that woild make a difference.
  18. Ryker

    Tint Dipping?

    Car windshields can and will fade! Paint fades, everything will fade in the sun. Good window film will last longer than most cars today. As for eyeglasses, Smartie can probably answer much better but I bet what they use wouldn't stand up to the weathering and abusethat auto windows endure. I know the transition tinting won't stand up to prolonged sun exposure.
  19. Ryker

    Phoenix AZ?

    Anyone active here in Phoenix? I am heading that way Friday and have some time before my event Friday and would love to meet another tintdude member.
  20. Ryker

    1984 Ford F250 Windows

    Not the best but not the worst either. For the money I would think they could get better edges or use somethinglike puffy paint to glaze in the edges and make it look good.
  21. Ryker

    Best way to remove film?

    Had a thin dyed, purpled, bubbled up back window today. I would bet it was ray guard. Was a 96 grand marquis with no door glass that rolled down. Started steaming and it was still coming off in small pieces. I ended up just scraping the rear. Door glasses came off nicely with the steamer though.
  22. Unless they are preshrunk also then you will likely need to shrink but it depends on window as asked above.
  23. Ryker

    Best way to remove film?

    https://www.amazon.com/McCulloch-MC1275-Heavy-Duty-Cleaner-Accessories/dp/B0000DF0RB Only drawback I find on this is if you're doing a lot of cleaning or film removal you can run out. I think it's 45 minutes worth of steam. It's good for a full normal car removal though.
  24. Ryker

    Best way to remove film?

    I am loving my mcculloch steamer. I wouldn't think about bagging a window again.... Learning to use it was the trick though.