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  1. We are looking for an experienced automotive film installer for our busy LLumar SelectPro FormulaOne Shop in Tampa Bay, FL. Our #2 tinter left and we need a great tinter to take his place. PPF a plus! Full or part-time position. Great salary. Must have valid license and we will do a background check. Call Advanced Film Solutions- 877-575-3456
  2. V4V

    Thanks for noticing. For a second I thought I'd passed on.
  3. We are looking for a full time automotive tinter for our LLumar FormulaOne shop in Lutz, FL Call Advanced Film Solutions 813-949-3456 Serious inquiries.
  4. In terms of objective performance the 8 ML LLumar provides superior protection on blast testing, debris testing ASTM 1996, ASTM 1886 US GSA Testing and Dept of Defense. The thicker films have better impact and puncture strength as well as stronger tensile strength and typically they are priced lower. The tear resistance is a great demo but as you mentioned it is more sizzle that on glass performance. It does however make the Ultra 600 (6 ML rather than 4 Mil) meet similar testing levels as the 8 ML LLumar. BTW the LLumar films are available in 20 neutral and silver as well as a 40 and a 50 % VLT . My understanding is 3M has fewer light transmissions.
  5. I agree with Whitehog for now. I'd run projected business models of the various scenarios to determine (as best as they could) what outcomes would be anticipated by executing the various strategies. This is why these folks get paid the big bucks. There are degrees of success potential and strengths and weaknesses plus a good deal of unknowns and unintended consequences (I doubt anyone was really mulling over what would happen in Australia for example)
  6. I thought the first rule about Klingon Film is not to talk about Klingon Film?
  7. We are seeking an experienced flat glass installer for the Tampa Bay/ Orlando area. Applicant should have vehicle, drug free, and resume. Call Advanced Film Solutions 877-575-3456 Ask for Adam.
  8. I agree with most of Tinitman's points. Evidently this is a new concept program for Solar Gard and perhaps a device to encourage business people into the window film business without the investment and tax implications of a true franchise. Plus it lets their channel observe the perceived value of identifying themselves with the Solar Gard branding strategy (such as it is) The devil is always in the details and so far we have not read the fine print. BTW - -what's a knife?
  9. My understanding is that this branded store is 100% owned by these gents. If this is accurate than it's a worthwhile experiment. The look developed by Solar Gard will obviously match their website and related POS tools. Obviously some talented creative folks have developed their brand feel and that's a positive for a new business trying to establish a local footprint. It has the feel of a franchise without (I assume) any franchise agreement. The down side would be their inability to switch brands in the future (should they be so inclined) since their local identity is so married to the branded Solar Gard image, etc. Solar Gard would think this is a positive obviously. If Solar Gard has an ownership interest in this store than that's a completely different story. If Solar Gard has created a franchise concept for the USA the implications would be quite interesting. Perhaps a Solar Gard rep can clarify?
  10. You mighty check with V-Kool if the application does not require 'Tempest' level performance. They have RF documentation that recently sufficed for Mac Dill AFB. It may save your client some $$ albeit the V-Kool material isn't cheap.
  11. This was a thread that really didn't need a summary or commentary particularly when the summary is inaccurate. 3M is not making "their " ceramic films. You can say it as many time as you wish but it won't make it true. 3M does not sputter or metallize any film. That's a big deal for film manufacturers like Saint-Gobain, Eastman-Solutia SunTek and Madico. It's true that many manufacturers integrate components from outside sources but 3M's marketing jargon is unique by presenting that all facets of the film (cradle to grave) are in 3M's hands. The implication that by doing so their quality is superior, etc. Dell has no patent interest in 3M multi-layered optical film (as far as I am aware.) That sounds interesting; if true. And actually the 3M automotive folks had created an early version of your crystalline specifically for the OEM auto markets known then as SRF film. Other than that; your summary was as simple as identifying a Higgs Boson.
  12. It's a politically correct site that has good intentions (or at least I'd give it the benefit of the doubt.) We are essentially competitors-- or not. There are no in betweens. Tintdude is honest, frequently ugly and intentionally or unintentionally humorous. It's far more influential and educational than any window film industry website. It's not even close. Feelings get hurt because participants are passionate here. The Linkedin site is like going to a church social. It's all "please" and "may I" with fake smiles all around. But that's just my opinion; please see for yourself.
  13. 3M

    VERY EXPENSIVE ! That's about as far as I got with it. If the price comes down after a few years, I'll look into it then . Price is a relative term, but in my neck of the woods it is too expensive. Yep here too. Its the most expensive film on the market and not just anyone can get it. The EnerLogic 70 is costly but the EnerLogic 35 isn't that expensive (it's all relative, of course) We have completed more than 15 installations without any issues. The ROI (winter/summer savings) is unmatched and I'd expect that northern climate dealers would do very well with this spec in competitive situations. The 70 is expensive but the target market would obviously be high end and you'd compare the installed cost versus glass replacement. More important is the technological advantage of this platform. Eastman-Solutia Performance Films can. . .the others can't? I'll resist my strong temptation to weigh in on the 3M questions given that it's all been said and done before. .
  14. My understanding is that the Signal Defense film is the only film that meets "Tempest Level" requirements. Think military base or Dept. State (Embassy) Check the level of security for your project.