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  1. Whew! Me and you are tied so far Key west. I sure didn't wanna win this contest.
  2. I did a dodge that needed a shrink and had a cage over the back. I was mobile so no pattern. I tinted it just like normal cutting inside instead of out ( a pain in the butt with too much overhang but better to be safe than sorry) then heated the fingers inside after it was on. You can also put it on the inside backwards with the liner facing you (before it's peeled) and shrink. I did an el camino that way. Just be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel careful with that heat gun inside the vehicle.
  3. Grainy film? End of the roll (last 6 to 10 feet ) sometimes looks like it has contamination after applied. As it dries it'll get better... but still looks grainy or orange peely so not worth using. I know this because I used the end a couple weeks ago deliberately on an nasty old car's back doors. I pulled 36" and cut in half. After the first side, I saw it but since the car was so nasty, so against my better judgement, I went ahead and did the passengers side too. I watched as it dried noticing how it looked better and better. I thought hmmm...good....maybe it'll go away completely by the time it's dry. Three days later... back it comes.
  4. <---Here's that tip on AM radio and the defroster line slitting.
  5. Exactly what happened. I knew I had at 9 and one at noon. And I do write down vehicles and names and phone # and time...just didn't look at which was booked when that morning. In fact ...truth be told... I was pleased not to have one that morning so I was already in to working on a project. I was madder at having to stop my fun stuff than at him being late.
  6. I think he was skurred. He was a kid and I just fiiiiiiiigured it was him that was late. Profiling.
  7. No show at nine o'clock. Next is at noon, so about 10:15 a car pulls in the driveway. Must be my nine o'clock late expecting me to still do it. I'm sure I had a mean look on my face when I approached the vehicle. He says he's here for his appointment. I tell him I doubt if I have enough time to do it before the next car. Next available slot...NEXT week. Then relent when I see his disappointment and say Oh alright...I'll start on it but will stop when the next car gets here and finish later. Pull it in... I was nearly mean. After I get done (he waits) it went well and I finished close to noon. He leaves and I look at the book to see what's next...It was him. He was early. I should have called to say how sorry I was for being ugly. ...naaaa
  8. Sorry Leo I... forgot who I was asking. A mechanical device or part whose name is forgotten or unknown; a gadget.
  9. Oh! I see! hmmmmmmmmm Yes we need some more information Leo. How big is the little electric gizmo? Is it the dark strip all the way down the side in the pic where the screws are on the left ?
  10. Yes that is how it's spelled. I checked it again after I read your post...just to be sure. So sorry Vo/Tron about your vehicle. It happened to me with a limb in the driveway after a storm too. Only it curled itself upwards and scratched the crap out of the door instead of whapping it.
  11. Sageglass FAQ
  12. 90 bucks a sq. ft.
  13. I can't usually reach high enough on flat to slip the blade in between so teeth and tongue for flat ... red dot for auto.
  14. A few years ago I was sweeping the shop with the push broom and the phone rings. I propped the broom up against a table and went to answer the phone. Customer arrives early and I forget about sweeping. That car leaves and I pulled my truck in the shop. It's evidently wider than the previous vehicle because I caught the broom edge of the push broom with my tire and the handle WHAPPED up against my truck with such force that it put a dent in it. Two in fact because it reverberated. Thank Goodness it was my truck ! Made me sick but a lesson I never forgot. SO I'm out at the dealership the other day and I see the kid holding up the garage door with the push broom handle to get an extra inch or two out of the height of the opening for a tall truck I'm bringing in to tint and when he finished holding it up he sets the broom right there next to the opening so that when I backed out the shop with the truck there's no doubt I WOULD have ran over the broom and the same thing would have happened to the truck with .3 miles on it. I thought I would warn you guys to watch where you set the push broom so this doesn't happen to you.
  15. I've got some that's been up over the bathroom in my shop for YEARS! I kept dragging it around from location to location. It will in one more year qualify as antique. I should throw it out but I keep thinking I might need it. Just a few feet of oddball stuff...couple feet of R30 silver and bronze, some old platinum plus just in case Like it'd really match what it went on originally. Last weekend when I cleaned it out, my pantry had spices in there that were from a grocery store that went outta business 25 years ago. They might be worth money with no UPC's on I saved the tins. Not in the pantry any more. Now they're on display in the kitchen.