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  1. redneckj

    Blue Label Olfa Blades are back!!

    You can buy the NT stainless blades. IMHO, they are as good as the old blue label Olfa blades. If your trimming PPF use the NT BD-20000 black carbon 30 degree blades
  2. Xpel XR+ would be a great choice.
  3. This is a very simple filter for very little money. I think some installers might be installing in older buildings with older pipes. That could possibly be an issue with some shops. Filtering your water if need be is always a good idea. You can never go wrong with distilled water either.
  4. 2018 4Runner TRD Off-Road Xpel XR Plus 20% on the front 2 doors. XR+ 55% over the factory tint and sunroof. XR+ 70% on the windshield.
  5. Xpel XR Black 30% is great. Give it a try. You will be glad you did.
  6. Stewy, what is the name of your shop?  I will react out to Xpel and have the rep contact you.  

    1. Stewy


      Battle Born Auto Electronics and Window Tinting. Thank you!

  7. pour 210 degree water on it and see if the haze goes away. If it doesnt, it will have to be replaced
  8. redneckj

    Best Squeegee To Clean

    I like the Blackout squeegee in the Handjob. Sounds like a porno response but I dont make the tool names. lol
  9. redneckj

    no light to cut back window?

    you can spray the matrix, on the inside of the car with white foaming glass cleaner before your cut it. Shake up the can of sprayway really really really good and spray. Makes the matrix show up like there is a light behind it. My 2 cents.
  10. Your issue can be a number of things causing the cutter not to cut properly. Dull blade or broken blade tip. I have seen a plotter blade last over a year and I have seen one fail in 3 days. I have had really good luck with the Clean Cut blades. Cut strip. Is there a groove in it? Are there nicks in it? If your unsure replace it. Cutter head. Is the cutter head tight on the guide bar? As far as settings- I run my Graphtec cutter, when cutting tint on 35 speed and 15 to 16 pressure, on a new blade. The pressure will vary on the manufacturer of your film. Once the blade depth is set correctly on a blade you should never need to change it. When the blade gets dull, up the pressure, don't change the depth. . Good luck.
  11. Xpel has Canadian Distribution.
  12. That is not my experience with Xpel XR+ films. I have XR+ 20% on my 2 fronts. XR+ 55% on top of the factory tinted glass and 70% XR+ on the windshield. ALL windows are crystal clear. NO haze. I am really liking the XR+ film I installed on my 2018 4Runner TRD off-road.
  13. redneckj

    Window Film Brand to Sell?

    send Xpel Jell a private message on this forum. He will have your local Xpel rep contact you and get you some samples. GREAT product and service.
  14. redneckj

    XR plus 70%

    I installed Xpel XR plus 70% on the windshield of my 4runner today. I am VERY impressed with the film. So much so, I wanted to start a post to talk about it. The film is not like any other 70% film that I have ever installed. The film is thick. 2 mil vs the standard 1.5 mil. It shrinks very well, actually just like the XR or XR+ films that I have installed before. The added thickness makes the film install very nice. The film holds its shape better while reverse rolling it onto the glass. Actually it is the nicest piece of film that I have ever reverse roll installed. Clarity. The film is very clear. During the install, I noticed the film was super clear. Usually WS film takes a while to clear up, this film was clear right away. If you haven't had a chance to try the XR Plus 70% contact your local Xpel rep and order some.