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  1. tint windshield before installation?

    I always tint my windshields before they are installed. Super easy that way. I just use a glass stand to support the glass. The WS tint can dry for a couple of days b4 it gets installed.
  2. Sedan vs Crossover pricing

    With the SUV's and Trucks outselling normal sedans now, I find that I am installing more and more IR film on top of the factory tinted glass. It is a great up sale to be able to install Xpel XR70% on top of the factory tinted glass. Most customers come in for 2 fronts to be tinted and end up getting the rest of the SUV or truck tinted.
  3. Best portable Light?

    These lights are awesome for the money COB LED Work Light YOUYOUTE USB Rechargeable Pocket LED Light COB Lamp 360°Rotate 5 Lighting Modes + Magnetic Base and Swivel Hook Water-Resistant Inspection Work Light Portable Torch Light L/S (S) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C97G8LY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_0YZcCbVQVVZMM
  4. Avoid it happening

    I use my jiffy steamer to check edges. If the steamer makes the ppf lift, it was going to lift anyways. The steamer also "highlights" an edge that is not fully secured. After all edges are checked and laid down properly, I use a heat gun to seal all the edges. Heat guns erase the memory that ppf has and seal the edge to stop the ppf from lifting. If possible, we always keep our work over night so we can double check edges b4 the car is delivered to the customer.
  5. Blue Max vs Orange Crush vs Redline etc

    I use the black out ppf squeegee for cleaning the glass. The pink clean is just a little too soft for me.
  6. Favorite rolling work chair?

    Hard to beat this chair for the money. Just don't install the back and your good to go https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Mesh-Task-Chair-with-breathable-mesh-back-and-plush-padded-seat-black/986400372
  7. Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

    I call Fusion All type "tongue numb".
  8. SFX knockoff

    I don't understand, There is a booth at a trade show. They are saying they are Solar FX and they are not? Why arnt they solar FX?
  9. Soap mixture question on last squeegee???

    Yes, you just need something slick on the tint surface to help the squeegee slide. Your normal slip should be fine. Use a blue max or the new red squeegee( I haven't tried it yet).
  10. Soap mixture question on last squeegee???

    Just install your film with Film On.

    Call Xpel and get set up. GREAT company to do business with.
  12. Xpel tint, whose using it? Reviews

    I started tinting in 1984. I have used just about every kind of tint at one time or another. I am currently and installing Xpel XR black. GREAT film. The adhesive is perfect. Depending on temperature and which window I am installing, I use Film ON or J & J baby shampoo (the new formula). TBH, the Xpel films hard coat is the best I have ever seen. The film dries out fast and I have never had a complaint about "low angle haze". Also, they have plenty of percentages available to meet customer needs. Give it a try.
  13. Tinting with gloves

    I use a bucket with clean water. Sometimes I add a little soap. I dip my hands in it before I touch the tint. Works great. Different techniques for different people. Try it and see if it works for you.
  14. Hot water with a little soap is fine. The hot water will cover the entire piece of PPF very quickly and allow the material to be stretched. It makes a mess but is a very effective way to allow the PPF to be easily stretched. For your slip solution under the ppf, have you tried using Film ON? That is my go to soap for doing full hoods.
  15. This technique will require 2 people. I would have a 1/2 gallon of super super hot water on standby. I would think you would tack the back of the hood 5-6 inches, from Left to right. Pour the super hot water all over the hood really quick. One person needs to pull down the middle towards the Lexus emblem in the front. squeegee it from the back of the hood towards the front while the film is stretched over the front edge of the hood. Then you can work on the left and right sides of the hood. Good luck.