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  1. redneckj

    Ppf patterns

  2. redneckj

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    left over chilli and gas
  3. redneckj

    Easiest door seals to remove.

    new one 2019 RAV4 super easy to pop out door gaskets.
  4. redneckj

    Best heat gun

    That is an awesome story. Most tinters think the hotter the better when it comes to heat guns. IMHO that is not true. Yes, the gun needs to be hot but more important is the CFM that the heat gun produces. The "roofing" 220 volt heat guns doesn't get any hotter than a $20 wagner heat gun but they blow A LOT more air. I have seen a guy shrink a Camry back glass template in about 35 seconds with a roofing 220 volt heat gun. This is a great heat gun for the money. 13 CFM This is also a good heat gun.
  5. redneckj

    Best heat gun

    I found my last heat gun, used, on offer up. A pawn shop had it locally. I showed up and it looked like it had very little use. Worked great. He rang it up and gave me a deal at $30. A Milwaukee heat gun for $30. How do you say NO to that. 6 months later it still works great. But I do agree with Midnight. The old school Makita guns are the best. I still have one at home. They usually last me for 5-6 years and I go through 3 cords before the gun fails. This is a new one on Amazon.
  6. redneckj

    pod smart steamer

    This is my choice.
  7. redneckj

    Range Rover PPF full hood

    I normally clean the back side of the hood with 99% alcohol or adhesive remover. I install the hood then flush the film that will wrap around to the back side of the hood with my Tac solution (8oz 99% alcohol and the rest distilled water). After that, I blow dry with compressed air. Let air dry while installing more Xpel. Then come back with the heat gun, warm the film that will wrap and wrap away. Never a problem with the Xpel sticking while using this system.
  8. redneckj

    pod smart steamer

  9. redneckj

    Alchemy ExoShield Windshield Protection

    you can order graffiti film and install it on the outside of a windshield. Just saying.
  10. redneckj

    Straight cut / reverse curve windshield

    Xpel DAP allows me to cut a perfect windshield strip.
  11. redneckj

    Cloth seats and door panel stained

    Window tinting solutions also have an effect on streaking. If you only use Film-on to clean, install and then to clean the glass after your install, there isnt much of a streaking problem on panels.
  12. redneckj

    Cutting PPF Rolls its tint but it might work with ppf
  13. redneckj

    How do you guys do it?

    Wi Tinting a windshield in WA is legal when you use 70% or 80% film. Ive tinted LOTS of police car windshields for a department near me.
  14. This is the perfect example why you should never cut on the glass on a customers car. All the glass that is cut has to be replaced. Glass has gotten softer and softer over the years. I noticed glass really starting to change back in 2004. Since then I have gotten completely away from cutting on the car. I use a sharpie if I have to free hand a car. Xpel's DAP tint patterns are my tint patterns of choice. I cant say enough about how well the patterns fit.