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  1. Jaguar Land Rover could use ultraviolet light to kill germs in your car Sometime ago a Korean manufacture sales rep made a one and done post (here) about how only their film can block UV-C rays. Maybe they better not brag about that characteristic too loudly now?
  2. Sisqouc

    Llumar curling

    Eastman has owned SunTek for a while now so why not ask them how they manage to have less problems?
  3. Nice pics, I'll bet it required some organization skills to avoid making too many trips to the ground!
  4. Thanks, I didn't remember that one, but with tax and shipping its pushing nearly three a square. And if the price ain't enough, I need 126 lineal feet of 30.5" width and the only roll size I see Hanita stocking is a 60" which runs $1,400 a piece w/tax. I can see why the film cost as much as it does though with the following info considered: "XTRM is a new generation of extended-life exterior window films. Its exceptional durability ensures energy-efficient performance year after year. In fact, Hanita warrants XTRM exterior films for up to 15 years*! Developed to tackle commercial projects where a long-term service period is critical to payback, XTRM delivers outstanding levels of heat rejection and UV block, and is compatible with nearly all types of glazing." I'm considering Vinyl but with the odd triangle shapes these skylights have (triangles and dog house shapes) I'm a little worried about thermal breaks and hesitate to use Black Vinyl. Anyone know how much light the below product allows through? 3M 7725 90 ANTIQUE WHITE HIGH PERFORMANCE SCOTCHCAL
  5. It is, I forgot to mention, only possible to do an External application so I've not been able to source a darker than 20% external film. I normally use SunTek and Hanita.
  6. I have some pyramidal shaped shaped sky lights to do. The reason I mention the shape is they really get some exposure and by design capture light to send downward to the bellow office space. Customer rejected the 20% Hanita XtraZone as not dark enough. My goal is to block light to the 5 or 10% range with a 5 year warranty material. Is 80/20 one way perf a 20% VLT? And does any major manufacture make a 5 year perf? Otherwise maybe a Whiteout film for an opaque option?
  7. You know Mike keeps a post it note on his computer of members who say disparaging things about the above mentioned company!
  8. Some interesting facts in an article published by Fire Safe Marin in this article: "Depending on the type of glass, a window that is exposed to flames may break after only 1 to 3 minutes of exposure to intense heat or flames and allow flames and embers inside." Another must read for about wildfire and glass is found it this article about a firefighter who lost his life in the cab of his truck and also a bulldozer operator. Both after windows shattered. "As hot air entered the cab of Dozer 2, the operator repositioned the dozer and parked next to Dozer 3. When Dozer 3’s windows shattered, airborne glass entered the operator’s eyes. Dozer 3 stopped on Buenaventura Boulevard and deployed his fire curtains."
  9. Sisqouc

    How do you cool your shop in the summer?

    Anyone using these?
  10. Sisqouc

    Toxic dryer sheets anti static back glass

    re: toxicity People just don't understand that just because they used the sheets x amount of time with no ill effect they are "safe" for everyone else to use. Tell you what, try doing the amount of tobacco, booze, heroin and cocaine that Kieth Richards has proven is "safe" and see how that works out for you.
  11. Sisqouc

    WTF! First bad review!

    If you report the review, do so in punjabi or whatever language they speak where Yelp out-sources the review moderators to.
  12. Sisqouc

    Silicone spray in window - good or bad?

    I've used silicone spray on all my Japanese cars with tint and I've not seen any tint failures over years of use. Silicone sealants can be used to edge seal residential and comnmericial tint so long as they are "neutral cure" type and that practice is supported by film manufactures.
  13. Sisqouc

    Meth Bust Due To Illegal tint

    Maybe the got the meth from another government agency: Border Patrol Agent Sentenced to 70 Months in Prison for Helping Smuggle Drugs
  14. Sisqouc

    Looking for pointers on distribution.

    Liability: So a guy comes to you and requests double limo on the fronts. No problem just cut and paste a waiver found online. Guy dies in a wreck and you are covered! But wait there's more. Only problem is his daughter now has a Cause of Action for a civil suit under wrongful death claim as she did not sign the waiver. And the statute of limitations starts to run on a wrongful death suit when she reaches 18 years old. In some states your period of exposure to a suit from someone not a party to the waiver could run about 18 years plus the normal statute of limitations. Also other drivers can sue your customer and when they find out he don't have a pot to piss in they name you as well. Your customer can name you as a third-party defendant and technically might not be violating the waiver because he is not suing the other driver/victim is.
  15. The light seems pretty well distributed. Most LEDs I've tried are way too directional. I need a shotgun not a rifle. I paid $200.00 for a Snap-ON cordless light and used it or twice with no-where near what you have there. I see that is a prototype. You might look at some of the sign makers materials: light weight and very durable plastic boards about 1/4 thick. Might be worth looking into. What Kelvin rating on the color 6500?