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  1. Nevermind, I just saw the pictures of your shop in another thread, I see the type of people you are marketing too. Carry on, I'm sure a bullshit 20% off coupon for everybody with internet access probably does pretty well for you.
  2. Call Us Any Time: We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day | Serving: Orlando, Kissimmee, & Poinciana since 2008 Just curious, if you have zero experience as you said and just opened up this new shop - how is it that you have been serving this area since 2008? In my opinion if being open 24/7 with a coupon for 20% off any service is the first thing you point out to new customers that just looks desperate. Plus, marketing experts generally don't have that many typos on their website but what do I know, you are 4 steps ahead of everybody else after all.
  3. Comparing film specs? NFRC = Unbiased testing - best source for any film that is enrolled, including 3M. Suntek is listed as Commonwealth Laminating and Coating I think. NFRC are the same dudes that rate glass performance, can you imagine that minefield? We got it easy.. Suntek may very well be readily available but that does not necessarily mean the installer is sub-par nor the film. Some guys (like me) just don't like being tied to buy in programs when there are so many similar products available without the "exclusivity wow sales factor" Or as I like to call it the EWSF, (totally different bunch of guys working there). I would watch out for high absorption rates in a climate like Arizona - you don't want them windows to become a heat radiator - not nearly as effective as reflecting heat. At least get a good thermal stress warranty because replacing broken windows gets expensive. That is probably covered with the Panorama program though I would hope. If a salesman starts out by bashing another product I personally would not be too hip to that, but he does have a point - 90% IR rejection = a lot of absorption doesn't it? Logic tells me so - if it has virtually no reflection does it not then mostly absorb? Works good on cars with air movement but if that window is just sitting there in the desert sun I would bet she gets pretty hot. What is the absorption rate of that 3M product compared to Slate 30? I would look it up but I'm kind of tipsy and just bored here, but not THAT bored. Bet they are both on NFRC but maybe not absorption values - in that case look for SHGC #'s, the lower the better. Check out the large commercial buildings in the city, 100 bucks says they have reflective glass and in my opinion that is the most effective option for high heat areas. Hope that NFRC site helps.. I am obviously biased towards reflective films though, mostly because I see my handsome self in them everyday - so I may have totally ignored your point, dual reflectives do look cool at night though, especially with my mug in em'. But fella's here please feel free to tell me I'm an idiot if I'm wrong, except for the handsome part I know that is true.
  4. The dude didn't ask about ROI so according to the NFRC the winner is Nexfil Dynasty for the film with the best SHGC in the 70% light transmission range. Whatever the hell that stuff is...
  5. Me too, I'm surprised by the slowdown because up til then I was having a record year. Wondering if I'm the only one affected too. Hang in there, hope things turn up for you.
  6. I'm nowhere near you, I'm in the US - but I have not seen it this slow since the end of 2008. I don't get it and am a bit worried but hopefully things pick up after Christmas, they usually do for me. It is stressful, I hear ya...
  7. All I know is that I just dropped over 200 bucks on one of them steamblade setups from Jiffy and now it just seems to take longer. Slip and a Triumph is much faster, but it looks neat in my garage.
  8. You strike me as a friendly and reasonable person, definetely take it back if you are not happy - I know I would want you to. I bet it's just a bit of contamination, even the smallest dust particles are obvious under film. A few specs here and there are practically inevitable, clusters are not and a cause for redo in my opinion. Good luck.
  9. I did some rear cab corner windows on a Sanitation truck that looked like them things. They come out nice and clean and the trucked smelled great.
  10. That's awesome!, would love to work outside on a river like that for the day. I have not been this slow since December of 2008. If my calculations are correct that was right before the %&$# hit the fan... Maybe it's just me though.
  11. Why would you change your entire business model based on a few peoples opinion? I wouldn't worry about it, I gladly take a pass on uptight customers.
  12. You absolutely can. But who even wants to know? Maybe I am alone in thinking this way, or maybe I am strange. I could care less about what another man's costs of doing business are. If he is making an honest living and earning an honest buck - I say let him have his profit. Why would I spend a minute of my time and mental energy thinking about what this man's costs and margins are? He quotes me a price and I say "yes - I want it" or "no thanks - not for me". Not everything that is knowable is even worth knowing. -Howard Totally agree, I just had some concrete work done and I could give a flying %&$# how much the concrete cost. I hope them boys got it for free actually, looked like hard work. Some people are so uptight it is just unbelievable, if that was my customer I would have said he could of just asked me prior to the install and I gladly would of told him the cost, end of discussion.
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of some sort of discreet capsule that when full rockets off out of the atmosphere and dissipates your turd in space. I would call it "The Poop Shoot 2000".
  14. Pro: Not having to sit around in an empty shop when it is slow. Con: Having to take a %&$# when working. I would suggest requiring a garage, outside is just too much of a hassle. No carports or parking garages either, 2 car garages only - there are plenty of them out there and customers like you coming to them. (Most of em' - some do get snooty about you not seeming legitimate but they can f**k off, plenty more fish in the sea not as uptight as them anyhow) Of course I would prefer an air conditioned shop to work in, but the low overhead and freedom is hard to walk away from for me. Someone has got to invent a mobile bathroom though, cause nearly shitting my pants when hungover is really getting old.
  15. Good info, I'll have to check into this Civer contraption next time around, all Google told me was about an old ghost town in Fulton County Illinois, I'm pretty sure I'm on the wrong track there. I think he meant cover. That makes sense, %&$#... I guess I am just dumb..