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  1. I think you would have a better shot at saying you are just a distributor, 92% heat block unless you layer two pieces of 5% Silver
  2. 366TINT We havent done anything since 2007 Need to update it.
  3. Anyone done this entire hood? Is a 60" roll enough?
  4. I'll take one in 7xl please.
  5. I been here all long. Just most people are blind
  6. Im lactose intolerant and just had a chocolate milk
  7. all these tips from us is great but, you need to keep practicing. The more you go at it the more you will find out what you are doing wrong. Hands on is best! Soon you will find out and it should come as second nature.
  8. sounds like no blue max when using air 80
  9. Dust is not the issue. Technique is what you need to work on. Practice makes perfect.
  10. Heads up on the new 2017 ECLASS mercedes, tinting back window may cause to have water drop in the rear deck falling into some kind of sensor causing the "keyless" entry to not function. Starting and locking/unlocking but will not work if sesnors are wet. Cheers
  11. When you explain the fresh look and it will go away. 5 min later they're calling freaking out
  12. The new mazda exterior seals are super crappy, any slight heat gun heat will ruin plastics and rubber so tinters beware! I been a victim and just plain ridiculous how cheap these things are ! Cant image what they will look like in 10 years. All burned out and cracked!
  13. Hope they didnt charge for that