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  1. Madico Black pearl ceramic tint

    We switched back to madico this past late year, we use both NR and Ceramic Black Pearl, Shrinks great, dries quick and its not very cloudy or hazy. The clarity is great and i just wish it wasnt "green" but its very little, nothing compared to suntek or any other green ceramic out there. There are many companies out there that are popular especially on the forums and facebook groups that whore themselves out. My business is almost 40 years old and we've always used madico until they came out with they're charcool lines is when we stopped it was just way to green and onyx way too blue. We've never ever had issues with Madico with automotive, or flat glass, everything lasts! Even theyre old school AG Dyed films that coudnt shrink lol . When they' came out with Madico Blackpearl and worked with it i made the switch, i rather put my name on something that i know will stand behind they're product, proven that lasts over 20-30 years at least! No other company comes close! Not even global as they' have not been around as long but not bashing global just comparing. .02
  2. Vinyl Supplier

    Try Fellers They are worldwide if not mistaken, sign warehouse, uscutter
  3. Removing Llumar Auto Adhesive

    Sometimes you need permission to razor the back window. If not you cant do shiat about it. Unless im charging per hour.
  4. Customer issue..

    Sometimes no matter how clear you are with customers you always have that a-hole who just wants something "free" or just plain a mean old bugger. They dont understand then take that shiat off and recover your losses another day, but dont let them keep the product. Priceless look on they're face when you rip that shiat off
  5. Tinting over factory tinted glass

    Correction .15 x .15 is .02% SHIAT IS DARK
  6. People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    PURPLE PURPLE TO CLEAR. Yea looks korean
  7. Pic of the Week #566 Submissions

    Corvette ZR1 In 05% and 70%
  8. Has anybody use flexfilm

    True Dat. Im sure all those guys are recieving some free in order to give a good name or comments on there. Its a clown show what all these groups are getting to.
  9. Last one to post #830

    was in hawaii for a week it rained the whole time, im back in the sf bay area, and shiat still raining
  10. Has anybody use flexfilm

    That stuff is all korean im wether its tintclub or flex. I would rather go direct to source SMP/SKC. Dont know what the hype is all about on the facebook groups.
  11. 2018 Camry back glass issue

    We done a handful of them already no issues. But i'll make sure to give it hand job just to be on the safe side
  12. LLumar Strangled

    what a bunch of diicks but yea we file so a gap its a no go too. But not hating on anyone as i've gotten so good that my edge lines are very similar to "filed" finish. Why dont we all get along?
  13. LLumar Strangled

    when it comes to llumar and 3m. everything is BS! 3m cancelled my account because i wont do a buy in after being with them for several years. So i told them to take a hike, same thing with llumar, cancelled my account because i would only buy clear uv from them, now, both come around my shop asking for my business, are you freakin kidding me?
  14. you can come work for me for free for the summer