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  1. Who knows i havent had the pleasure of trying their films out. Pentagon? I thought they went under? Word was they were reselling something similar to AIR80 or something. I always thought they were part of service ground distribution but they sell dub and nano fusion. Im not smart at all
  2. galaxy!!
  3. @jh812
  4. been off soda and unhealthy eating for almost a month now.
  5. i've never witnessed haze on CS ever since it came out in the early 2000's . Props to 3M for selling this film as a premium
  6. according to some guy on facebook i think george nevarez says he cant tint cars that are prone to peanuts without any prepping, he claims its a secret and wont share I've experienced nano ceramic films with tend to have very strong mounting adhesive to not have any peanuts afterwards.
  7. Flat, I respect you i wasnt trying to saying you were wrong about anything just giving some opinion I feel DUBIR and XPEL at least ceramics are concerned are the same company, pretty consistent with a certain company witha few differences (minor) in the construction of films to avoid the copycat accusations lol. I feel that all these companies coming out that were never known to sell film turning and capitalizing on it (selling film). I for one feel that why dont they start from nothing? just make up a name and start branding a name nobody has every heard about, see what kind of success bring them? All these guys who have been distributors of some sort and turn around and start they're own thing? Makes you questions the're sales abilities lol. Sorry off topic
  8. If you know who makes armolan then you should know who makes xpel
  9. Really? Yep, just gotta go and sign in and remove it. Super Lame for sure. Now im gonna have to keep checking when i can remember. At least verify! or call, email, send a pigeon with a note or something! just because someone reports something closed doesnt mean its true!
  10. I checked our business on google and had a "permanently closed" and had to fix, google didnt notify us or anything. Seems like someone or competitors did this but shitty for google to not let the owner of the business before doing so? keep up with your pages folks!
  11. thanks man you too!