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  1. anybody heard of unifil?

    cheap aint good
  2. Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    HAHAH same here. or when pigs fly you'll find one
  3. RIP Met him once when i was in my teens growing up at the shop. He had a buick park avenue he drove cross country in
  4. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Hola amigos, como estan todos?
  5. 19 Lexus ES350 changes

    no blades on the lexus 19 nx suvs no blades on the lexus ls500 (top of the line modesl) dumb crap manu's are coming out with.
  6. Heat display questions

    hmmm who ever are you talking about? i remember a guy that worked for llumar years ago
  7. Great we will have another hack
  8. Heat display questions

    @rvpjr cool, imma make my own demo box and put my logo on it LMAO.
  9. yea thats pretty nasty. hopefully he pays up!
  10. Last one to post #931

    Happy New year!
  11. Wax before installing XPEL

    dude you still slamming ppf? thats a long time hahah
  12. Aprons

    im sure Alan can make ya anything you want. I feel on y ou the apron, i never put them on but its handy to carry around one place to other than a shopping cart
  13. Wax before installing XPEL

    wheres mahh pizzzooonnneeee!!!!!!!
  14. Aprons

    he can make any way you want it to be.
  15. Aprons

    Hey All. I wanna give a shout out to Alan Hansen 910-512-0151 @shadysherlock he makes all my tint aprons. He makes them off boat canvas and can make them in any way. Hit him up, im making a new batch for the new year. probably in blue and black again. iv'e had mine forever! some old members know who im talking about so quality is not an issue!