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  1. LLumar Strangled

    what a bunch of diicks but yea we file so a gap its a no go too. But not hating on anyone as i've gotten so good that my edge lines are very similar to "filed" finish. Why dont we all get along?
  2. LLumar Strangled

    when it comes to llumar and 3m. everything is BS! 3m cancelled my account because i wont do a buy in after being with them for several years. So i told them to take a hike, same thing with llumar, cancelled my account because i would only buy clear uv from them, now, both come around my shop asking for my business, are you freakin kidding me?
  3. you can come work for me for free for the summer
  4. Torching backglass

    Rapid Remover + Steel wool
  5. 'Rain-X like windows

    Well some folks do the whole clean with alcohol beforing tinting or try to clean with a steel wool. I find it hard to illiminate this no matter what you do, I suggest adding more slip/soup to your solution provide more "slip" during install. Sometimes you have to suck it up and go to town!
  6. How and why to use a steamer.

    Why dont you post a video using a steamer on some really old crumbly purple tint and see how it comes off.
  7. 2018 charger pics

    not a hellcat though
  8. ?????? What ??????

    actually its pretty common in europe, we do work for VW auto group here in the bay area and they drive the coolest strangest cars, they had a golf sedan with factory tinted windows ! mexico has them too. so pretty soon we will have sedans with factory tinted glass.
  9. Time?

    man, thats slow as heck what are you 65 yrs old?
  10. Last one to post #808

    my recycling hasnt been picked up in a month. What should i do?
  11. Last one to post #807

    looks like you got a pu$$y on your chin
  12. Does anybody tint part time?

    every which way about it you will need to put in the work to start your own business. keep in mind overhead costs associated with it once you are doing it 100% of the time. Not just $$ coming in.