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  2. Yelp is terrible, anyone can go on your page and post a bad review, and you complain to them and they wont take it down. Heard you cant even sue them because they have a policy or some shiat that prevents them from getting sued. To this extent i feel consumers hav ea way to "threating" customers because of a bad review. Everytime yelp calls me i tell them to ffuck off. Its stupid.
  3. why would you cut around tail lights like that and dont think it wont leave scratch marks
  4. we've had issues coming which is why we stopped using them. I realize is just a dyed films and they do tend to fade and you get what you pay for however whena product is consistently failing sometimes is best to move on. We did try the're new PPF i did a hood on and works great, not the best but its good!
  5. im just gonna do that before i say anything
  6. Hmm, chinese film thats charcoal extruded. It may be good however according to they're ebay listings from the pics of films seems good quality for chinese/taiwan films. I'll admit some asian charcoal films dont fade but clarity is not top notch.
  7. sorry to pun intended at all. What areyou getting from QDP though? Classic black from Express? Standard dyed from Armolan? or Another Neutral film from Solcontrol?
  8. yes, probably same film you buy from your "name brand" film company anyway
  9. wait for it.....
  10. This topic is always like the "best tint" topics, you gonna get different numbers/opinions because we are all in a different area, some guys want to make to much, hell just start your own shop if you want to make that much
  11. could be same film you buy from "top name" film brand in a different box
  12. Of course they are in decline, the number of reboxers have risen, companies that are active on here sell to almost anyone, free shipping, no sales tax, etc etc. Its hard to keep up with companies that do that, especially if you have an overhead like Suntek/Eastman. Companies like 3m/llumar/eastman should just drop they're prices and takeover the industry and would elimintate the hack distributors. See how much more they will give away free shiat
  13. Who knows i havent had the pleasure of trying their films out. Pentagon? I thought they went under? Word was they were reselling something similar to AIR80 or something. I always thought they were part of service ground distribution but they sell dub and nano fusion. Im not smart at all
  14. galaxy!!