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  1. i'm still around occasionally.....nice to see OT!!!!
  2. Happy New Year!
  3. my understanding is that Formula One is SelectPro dealers only.
  4. SelectPro dealer here.
  5. i knew you were gonna say that.....
  7. you gonna be at SEMA this year Stan?
  8. we've installed stuff. what we found weird was that it SHOULD be clear while power is off, and opaque when power is turned on. any customers have always wanted it clear at all times...then flip the switch and it's opaque. i do understand that it can still work that way for them BUT..... the power is always running through the film until they use it for privacy. the power is off when opaque.... It really should be the other way around.
  9. unless the tunneling is from OLD film you're always good. tunneling after a few days is nothing. as for backrolling the film......with llumar you have to precut and backroll a couple days early or the film rolls off the glass. this coming from someone who loves the film.......
  10. dayamn....i'd love to sport a TD shirt at SEMA this year!
  11. beetles of course...... 90% of monthly side shrink.
  12. i only shrink......corvettes, eclipes, front doors on lexus is 250s, back doors on older jettas, i'm sure i'm forgetting a couple.....but i usually never shrink side windows. the adhesive and blue max will do the job. but i'm also a panel puller.
  13. i've actually been to struggla's paradise. this guy is legit!