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    Keeping my shop up, nascar ,xbox. I have 4 kids. Thats where most of my time goes. And trying to keep the wife happy
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  1. Looking for a new employee. Can give you as much work as you can handle. Computer cut programs for every car. Ppf work available also. Great pay if willing to work. Cincinnati Ohio area. Very reputable shop.
  2. tintguy

    Film tube

    Thanks. Said it’s a 6. Not want I was wanting to here. But good to know. Thanks for the help
  3. tintguy

    Film tube

    I did research the site. Couldn’t find anything
  4. Does anyone know what grade of plastic the white tubes are? cant find recycling or grade number. Hopefully there a 2,4 or 5 or maybe a number for a manufacturer of them i know the end caps are 2 or 5. They are clearly marked
  5. tintguy

    Building install

    Condos going up for sale in spring. Can’t imagine the backlash from customers who are paying for a view. But have bad tint job
  6. tintguy

    Building install

    No. I walked away from it. Would have been stepping on another company’s toes no heat in building, install was single pane glass. Water was freezing along frame
  7. Been in the business 15plus on own now, have possible huge job. Not sure how to price and Looking for advice. 10,000sq feet. Builder has own product. Not sure how to price job. Odd situation. Thinking per sq foot, Or per pane of glass. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  8. tintguy

    The best adhesive remover YET!!!!!

    I buy that in bulk at sams clubs. Used it for ten plus years
  9. tintguy

    Question about plotters

    Call Brett at film and vinyl designs. Will get you a great price on a Plotter. Buy a good name brand Plotter. Not a cheap one
  10. Had a generic, wouldn’t recommend it. If your at Least 5 cars a day. Do yourself a favor and buy a name brand. better plotters are easier to switch between materials. I love my Roland 60”. You may need it for designs for frosting offices. So go bigger if you can
  11. tintguy

    New Soak Shield

    Haven’t been on here in awhile Sent email for mine. Great product idea. Hope it works
  12. tintguy

    Pink clean

    I have been using one in a Fusion handle. I really don’t have a problem with it.
  13. On our 15th year of business as Tintguy. Located in fairfield Ohio. 10 minutes north of Cincinnati ohio. Wanting to hire experienced tinter and/or wrap installer. Apprenticeship possibilities Pay based on experience. Plotter used for patterns. Have extremely good customer base. Looking too expand further clients and expand business.