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  1. dbdreams

    2018 Audi Q5 SQ5 front door sweeps

    How is the rear window on the 20188 Q5? Does the rear spoiler on top interfere with shrinking the back glass?
  2. dbdreams

    2018 Audi Q5

    Any issues to watch out for on this one? I have one coming tomorrow as well
  3. dbdreams

    2015 Porsche 911 gt3

    So Becky what was the verdict? Did the guys have a hard time or was it easy? I have a 2015 911 Turbo S coming tomorrow so I was wondering what I need to look out for
  4. dbdreams

    Contractors license

    It's not required here in Alabama but I have often thought about doing it anyway. The way I see it if it's not too costly it would just be another feather in your hat
  5. dbdreams

    Non Paying Dealer Ship

    US Steel and the coal mines about to get rolling again the next thing railroads and truckers, home builders and car manufacturers. Everybody is going to be working so the next thing you know it trickles down to us. People working, making money tend to buy cars, trucks & homes and people who buy cars, trucks & homes tend to get them tinted! I'm ready!
  6. dbdreams

    Non Paying Dealer Ship

    Same old same old brother! Hasn't quite kicked in like I want it to for me yet.
  7. dbdreams

    Non Paying Dealer Ship

    I guess I'm just a backwards redneck from Alabama but when I do work for dealerships I get paid on completion of the car. If they don't want to do it that way then they are free to go elsewhere. Allowing a 30, 60, 90 day net just creates more work for yourself keeping up with who has paid, who hasn't and what not. If I wait to get paid I feel like I'm in the finance business not the tint business.
  8. dbdreams

    99$ Tint Shops

    At $60 a roll for 60" that's like 12 cents a square foot
  9. dbdreams

    Window tinters software

    So what's the deal? This is a monthly subscription based thing?