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  1. I've already got T1NTB T11NTB T111NTD, last 2 I would take any decent offer on them as T1NTB I could never sell last 2 on retention ready to go !!!
  2. So printed contra vision is now a dedicated headlight film ? What a load of shite !! I've got oracal, got it sent from Germany, stuffs a fraction of the price of contra vision, can't believe the money folk are paying for it, in my opinion it looks %&$# when on the headlights !! Contravision that is !!
  3. I had one of these in today, problem wasnt door panels, as I found them to be very easy panels to remove, issue was the one section weather strip ? How do folk get around this without cutting it ?
  4. that video of clio seemed a really hard way for an easy way
  5. how about take them off, or just take the front windows out???
  6. I reckon the printed contravision looks total p1sh !!!!!
  7. what a video man, 10 outa 10 :thumb
  8. yeah mate, if you dont mind, thanks
  9. thanks mate as above lol
  10. Aye you want to buy it then ya faggot lol Thank mate
  11. whats the costs of the software etc etc ?
  12. Well I've not been on due to becoming a dad , and other reason is, when you post something up, generally its followed by bullshit answers, or even no answers !!! The thatcham thing as well, is this just a sales gimmick??, as I've just recently finished a roll of 12mil "supaglass" film that I bought around 2005 ?? so in my own opinion theres no market for it, but maybe thats just me ? Also tinters should be experienced after 5 years I would agree, but the state of Glasgows tinters is a f***ing joke to say the least !!!! But hey as long as the film companies sell them film, the cowboys will always be there wrecking the market !!!!!!!!!!!! in turn folk dont bother getting their next car done after feeling ripped off !!!! so theres my rant
  13. just realised i was a guest !!
  14. V,Maxx for kit m8, absolute shite, there getting wee visit from me when im done, need to drive down though, think there based in northhampton? am going to smash the kit right through there f'n teeth, 2 sets of shocks later and its still not right, paid fortunes getting it all changed and it nees done again !!! thats what i get for buying junk !!!! think there wide over the phone :