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  1. LB55

    Huge Shoutout and Thanks

    Great to read. Way to show leadership DAVID
  2. I see tons of openings for installers for our industry. Why is the demand so high ? Business is that good? Installers retiring ? What is your observation?
  3. You’re not going to sell anything with that kind of attitude my friend. Open your mind, practice and check the EGO
  4. LB55

    Avery auto films (used to be Hanita)

    Who are the Hanita account managers?
  5. Hey team, Does anyone have any connections on a person or company that creates PPF patterns for automotive ? I’m specifically looking for someone to create patterns or point me into a company that will train on how to create patterns. Thanks for your help
  6. Call graph Tec they will help you. 888) 318-3247
  7. LB55

    pod smart steamer

    Which model do you use? Can you post a video of you using it. Thanks
  8. LB55

    Whats up BOSS!

  9. LB55

    Whats up BOSS!

    Detach from emotions. Focus on the sale then turn the customer upside and get the most money you can. :-)
  10. Nice video. Very impactful. I would chop this up into a 1 min video and post on social media ( Instagram)
  11. There is a lot of great film companies out there. Think about it. How many customers say I want LLumar tint. I’d say 2/10 customers max
  12. Shrinks like butter. Film looks great. Long term results yet to be determined