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  1. There is a lot of great film companies out there. Think about it. How many customers say I want LLumar tint. I’d say 2/10 customers max
  2. Shrinks like butter. Film looks great. Long term results yet to be determined
  3. Shop misleading customers

    Dude focus on yourself not other shops. Check your ego! Get better at your skill and not this high school tactic.
  4. 2018 Accord back window warning

    Here they are! Dry them out and you’ll be good
  5. very very cool! great job xpel for thinking taking leadership and owning this!
  6. Anyone tried XPEL Prime?

    Lorenzo do you use Xpel PPF also? Like it? What were you using before Xpel
  7. Graphtec 64 Inch F8600 FOR SALE (RARELY USED)

    I reached to you multiple times asking for serial number and no reply. BE CAREFUL people
  8. Cars that make you CRINGE...

    Jag XJ that back window is a pain
  9. Teflon tape? What do you use

    I use the Teflon tape from Llumar.
  10. Full time EXPERIENCED installer needed for very busy account. Plotter and computer provided. Great pay and benefits INCLUDED! must be able to pass the following and have: valid Drivers license Pass Drug Test Pass background check 10 year experience in Window film reach out to me via Dm if you feel you can fill this role. thank you.
  11. Window Tint + PPF?

    Lorenzo! Your the man. Glad to see your still in the business
  12. Window Tint + PPF?

    Yep def add PPF, full kits and door cups and edge guards for sure. Let us know of the results