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  1. LB55

    Is it time to move on?

    He likely means 14 rear section only and does the same car all day. This is possible for sure
  2. LB55

    New Llumar IRX

    Sounds like you have a excellent rep [emoji23]
  3. LB55

    The best peel board ever made

    Great job
  4. LB55

    Llumar CTX vs Autobahn i3

    I’ve used both products. If you want the best with the highest heat rejection use i3
  5. What is everyone using to better communicate to staff what the next vehicle is and shade selection and shade selection. A application that will mirror on a separate screen what is imputed on the main computer. Thank you men and women
  6. LB55

    Is it time to move on?

    Nothing personal here friend. Control your ego. Keep mastering your craft become and continue to be a asset. Take the high ground and stick it out there. 14 cars a day is very impressive
  7. Orange crush is where it’s at! Tried them all. The worse is redline
  8. LB55

    Tint Slime

    During warm season orange slime is the best!!!
  9. LB55

    Tesla model 3

    You get the humble award
  10. 100 percent agree
  11. Great to read. Me too!
  12. LB55

    Facebook Groups

    This is the best and most professional forum!
  13. LB55

    2018 Audi Q5

    Thank you for this Helped me big time
  14. LB55

    BMW X5 2015

    Thank you for the info on this one!
  15. LB55

    BMW X5 2015

    Thank you for the info on this one!