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  1. Well said, a few more positive,professional, and passionate individuals would make this a great forum again
  2. Best of luck Lee,will be best decision of your life .
  3. Check out Bt business one plan includes your mobile ,broadband and landline. You get free divert to your mobile(old number) from landline ,saved me over 300 a quarter. Only down side is the phone selection is rubbish so you will need to buy your own. Call your local bt business sales and talk it over,they can also put a comparison together based on your existing usage to show savings Good luck,unit and image is everything to some customers(the sort you want anyway)
  4. Buy bulk get good discount and only handle one invoice every six months
  5. If none of us buy from this supplier then surely they will go back to Bonwyke and close the UK Operation,we all get back to where we should be. And hopefully they will appreciate that its more about relationships than box shifting,underhand tactics and corporate greed is no match for people power.
  6. Out of interest do a search for their conquests in Swindon,they have loads of Pics of these cars you talk about as one of their Mods is local Not good for Swindon
  7. Read it again it says 7 years longer than you have been in trade.It has just been kept for re-tints and there is not much left I guess the hand gesture terminates our aquaintance,consider your visiting rights revoked. See you around on the circuit
  8. Have some respect for the madico,its been in my workshop for seven years longer than you have been in the industry
  9. Nice Job,
  10. ...at home 3 days a week Thanks mate ,the benefit of charging real prices . Only need to do 4 days a week Especially since Nik and Bonwyke put me on the special discount price structure. good for you, you must be almost out of the moonracker film then You really are obsessed with sci- fi,you stormtrooper.Get back to your comics I thought it felt different,well at least were on an level playing field
  11. ...at home 3 days a week Thanks mate ,the benefit of charging real prices . Only need to do 4 days a week
  12. Sitting back laughing at a poor wind up
  13. Good job f**k seeing your tint work, sorry man but it looks crap full of dust and waaaaaaaayyyy too much powder on there also Try tinting indoors for a better result I knew we could rely on you
  14. I said I will send you pics ,I meant direct. I never post pics on here,may as well publish your next year business plan Unlike you on the island,all my cheap ass mobile and cattle shed dwelling competition use this forum
  15. thats my weekday beater You talking about that ladyboy again????