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  1. TSER with 85% I'm guessing it's a flat glass film?
  2. If the shop has a good reputation, I doubt they would be pulling scams like that. Like what was said before, check the dealer locator. Honestly, the per car difference between a basic film and the CS film is probably not enough to risk a reputation on.
  3. While it doesn't look great, I'm going to bet that from a couple feet away it's almost unnoticeable. I'm not sure I would have him re-do an entire bumper over a small piece like that, especially if the rest of it looks great.
  4. Sport Touring is a pretty slick looking car. Can't wait for the Type-R
  5. Yep, not bad to shrink, I just don't see anyone getting that much shrinking on a peel board winging it.
  6. Be careful scraping laminated windows. They scratch easy
  7. Steam, soapy water, sometimes diluted ammonia.
  8. Spoiler bolts from inside the hatch. Have to take it all off, except maybe the wiper that I took off.
  9. Only thing about the cold temps is slower drying. Nothing to really worry much about. I would just choose whoever you get a better feel from.
  10. You need like a 10mm, a screwdriver and plastic pry tool to take like 90% of anything on a car apart.
  11. I have some Johnson Greystone that has been on my van since probably 2008 and it looks like new. I would put that up there with a great film also.
  12. Only real difference is heat rejection. I haven't seen much difference in quality or longevity.