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  1. Be careful scraping laminated windows. They scratch easy
  2. Steam, soapy water, sometimes diluted ammonia.
  3. Spoiler bolts from inside the hatch. Have to take it all off, except maybe the wiper that I took off.
  4. Only thing about the cold temps is slower drying. Nothing to really worry much about. I would just choose whoever you get a better feel from.
  5. You need like a 10mm, a screwdriver and plastic pry tool to take like 90% of anything on a car apart.
  6. I have some Johnson Greystone that has been on my van since probably 2008 and it looks like new. I would put that up there with a great film also.
  7. Only real difference is heat rejection. I haven't seen much difference in quality or longevity.
  8. I'm a bit partial to Llumar ATC and CTX because that is what I sell, but I'm about 8 years in as a Llumar dealer and when I see cars in that I did work many years ago and they still look great, I can't help but say you won't be dissatisfied with the film's longevity. We live in NM also which is a pretty rough environment for films. If they hold up here, they will hold up just about anywhere.
  9. Since I'm installing XPEL, I think I will just stick with what they say. They don't recommend it both here and on their website and I don't want to take any chances.
  10. Maybe it was really 50 or 60%? Said 70 on the box. I'll try and get a picture of what I mean, but it just seems to reflect a lot of color.
  11. Many times the very small stuff is concealed by water and won't show up until hours or days later when the water has mostly dried out. The way the pictures are taken it's hard to see what's really going on, but it might be possible those areas can be touched up. BTW, $265 isn't that much for a tint job if they are using a good film. If you notice, films are rated by UV and heat rejection because that are what they are for, protection for you and the vehicle. A couple specs of dust aren't defeating the purpose of the window film. If your car is brand new, I guarantee I can find imperfections in the paint, pretty much all new cars have them, but I imagine you aren't going to the dealer and making them redo the paint for ever spec of dust or imperfection in the paint. I imagine if you come to the shop in the same manner that you present yourself here, you are immediately putting them in defensive mode. You could always try bringing some donuts and coffee and expressing your concerns rather than telling them how much better the $100 guy wash and how you expect perfection in life for $265.
  12. 2015 WRX. I've done quite a few of the older generation, 08-14 and eyeballing it, it looks like it might be a bit easier. Less pieces and not as many sharp transitions.
  13. Thank you. He hadn't got to coating yet, so he is just going to correct the paint where PPF will go, and coat the rest. Now I have to see if I still have even moderate PPF skills, lol.