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  1. Seen plenty of scratched glass on new vehicles. Scratched new pieces of glass we get for replacements. Picture would be best, but I wouldn't be quick to jump on the shop, you might end up looking like an ass.
  2. I don't know about the civic, but the Mazda is just down the street from me, so a few miles from the labs. There are several tall buildings in the area though, maybe a reflection off a window.
  3. They weren't back to back, totally different people and scenarios. One was a car I tinted, one came to me with the burned and broken glass, the second came with burned tint, it wasn't broken until the day we re-tinted, but it broke at the center of where the burn was previously. I know for a fact the second one was not an impact. If you look, the break looks has a pattern in the glass that is totally different from one side to the other. One side with long directional shards like you would see in an impact, the other side with little to no pattern at all.I really think something burst inside the glass. In the last picture, you can also see on the weatherstrip the melting from whatever burned the tint previously. Whatever burned the tint also burned the rubber. I initially thought maybe it was parking next to something, but on the second car, and like I said before, I could be imagining things, but it seemed the burn was worse from the first time he brought it to 2 weeks later when we changed the tint. That's why I'm curious if there can be something in the glass that can heat like that. I liked the idea of something in the glass acting like a magnifying lens. Maybe an imperfection the sun is refracting through. I did a little research, the Civic was PGW, the Mazda was St. Gobain.
  4. This is two different people, two different cars. The second one without the burn definitely wasn't impact related. It broke in the exact spot where the burn previously was and broke the same day we re-tinted it for him. The break is where the center of the burn was before.
  5. OK, so I'm going to preface this with I'm sure there are a number of things that could cause this, I'm thinking most likely a reflection off of something else, though the second incident, I'm mildly curious if something could be in the glass causing this. The first case came to me as a glass replacement. We didn't tint the car. It's a 2012 Civic Sedan, the glass was broken and the belt mouldings melted, along with the tint being scorched. I assumed someone was doing something stupid with a torch, but customer said they came out and it was broken. The second set of pictures, unfortunately I don't have pictures of when it was burned, but he came to me a couple weeks ago, a 2016 Mazda3, we had tinted a few months earlier. There was about a 2" diameter ring with burned tint in the middle, the belt moulding slightly melted. I told him swing by another day and I would help him out. Now I can't remember, but he came back Friday and I swear it looked more burned, though it could be just memory. Needless to say, we re-tinted the glass for him in the morning and he went off to work. He returned at the end of work day, and the glass was broken in the exact spot where the burn was before. It's a strange looking break too as it appears to be directional in how it broke. I'm curious if there can be some sort of inclusion in the glass that can burn the tint? Also, why did the glass break after we re-tinted it? I wonder if whatever burned the glass weeks before somehow changed the molecular makeup of the glass and something with the water drying triggered it to burst? If it's something in the make-up of the glass, I imagine this may be more common if a small shop like me has seen 2 instances in the matter of a couple months. I wish I had got the brand of the Civic glass and seen if there was a consistency among brand. Both were OEM glass.
  6. I don't even think that looks like $125 tint job unless there was removal in that price. If they have a decent reputation, it might be worth talking to them and see what they say. If they are full of excuses, just ask for the money back and run. If they are confident that there was something going on that day and they can do it significantly better, I'd give them another shot.
  7. TSER with 85% I'm guessing it's a flat glass film?
  8. If the shop has a good reputation, I doubt they would be pulling scams like that. Like what was said before, check the dealer locator. Honestly, the per car difference between a basic film and the CS film is probably not enough to risk a reputation on.
  9. While it doesn't look great, I'm going to bet that from a couple feet away it's almost unnoticeable. I'm not sure I would have him re-do an entire bumper over a small piece like that, especially if the rest of it looks great.
  10. Sport Touring is a pretty slick looking car. Can't wait for the Type-R
  11. Yep, not bad to shrink, I just don't see anyone getting that much shrinking on a peel board winging it.
  12. Be careful scraping laminated windows. They scratch easy
  13. Steam, soapy water, sometimes diluted ammonia.
  14. Spoiler bolts from inside the hatch. Have to take it all off, except maybe the wiper that I took off.