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  1. Weird cutting problem with plotter

    Sometimes if the blade is out too far you will get funny cuts. Also if the cut strip is starting to cut through.
  2. Weird cutting problem with plotter

  3. How bad is this?

    I know those feels. One hour in to a job I asked 4 hours with and they bring it an hour later than their appointment time because the customer was late, "Is it done yet? My customer is waiting."
  4. How bad is this?

    It can be laid down easy. Swing it by the shop and they can knock it down in a few seconds. Will be even easier since it's dried a bit. Just try not to roll the window down until you do.
  5. LLumar Strangled

    I’ve tried, but you need a log in and I never have time to sit down and do that shit. Lol like right now. A couple weeks ago I cut patterns for a Transit van and the whole left side was backwards.
  6. LLumar Strangled

    My system kept me from having to hire another a tinter. There are two of us and we get along. Every tinter that comes in does 10 cars a day, perfect, and never misses a day of work. The reality is they cry after 3, all of them come back, and they miss more days than they work. Dealing with tinters gets old, and even as a 1 man show like this week with my help out with pneumonia, it’s been a godsend as I am able to keep up with our appointments being in 2 places at once with the cutter. I’ve been using precision cut pretty consistently since 2010-2011 and I can say it’s pretty rare that something is completely awful with patterns. We’ve adjusted our installs to the patterns though, so maybe that helps versus those who think the patterns should adjust to their style, no matter how ridiculous it is. I’ll leave it at this. If precision cut costs you the equivalent of 1-2 tint jobs a month, the flip side at least for me is that it’s allowed the two of us to do 2-3 more jobs a day with greater consistency, less waste and less frustration. I will never complain about a couple hundred a month if it means an extra $10,000 a month.
  7. LLumar Strangled

    Looks like it was someone else off here. I was looking forward to seeing if “never leave my shop” includes some random Hyundai for a soccer mom.
  8. LLumar Strangled

    2018 F250
  9. LLumar Strangled

    I’m pretty sure I recommended a friend from McDonnough to your shop. We’re going to see if it’s all talk.
  10. LLumar Strangled

    Same gap for reference.
  11. LLumar Strangled

    Im curious how the gap is “way too much”? It’s less than 1/32” all the way, or about the thickness of a fingernail. I think you are looking at the rounded top edge of the glass that protrudes higher than the flat surface. You literally cannot get closer without filing the edge.
  12. LLumar Strangled

    Turns out I’m workin in the fusion I was talking about. This pattern could be a little better. You have about a 1/16th inch variance from the sides to the middle.
  13. LLumar Strangled

    Since I had a car here I took these pictures. 2018 Escape.
  14. LLumar Strangled

    Define a "ridiculous amount". I'm just curious. I feel I don't spend a ton with Llumar, but it is the only brand I sell. They are generally very helpful to me with access to their software. As for the 80% wrong, I'm curious what wrong means? I tint 4-5 cars a day minimum of all sorts of cars and generally the patterns are very good. About the only one in recent times I can recall I don't like is the current Ford Fusion.
  15. Yelp reviewer meets business owner.

    Seems like you did what you could do. I probably would have had surveillance of him getting knocked out. Then I'd be in trouble.