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    I really enjoy the quick satisfaction of a job well done when tinting a car. Teaching new window tinters gives me a great deal of satisfaction but takes longer!!!!!!! We only live once that we can remember. My favorite hobby is being a life long learner!
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  1. What did you tint today?

    Big sucker... #Globalqdp-c yesterday!
  2. Peanuts?

    @Ryker was wishing you were in Oregon today
  3. WARNING 2017 Giulia

    Went great! Easy to tint, just the stomach churning stuff with 1400 for a amp. Customer was really nice and agreed not to hold me responsible since I went above his expectations to keep anything from happening but who wants to mess up someone's weekend Radio sounded great like when he brought it in so I'm happy! Global qdp 30 all around.
  4. WARNING 2017 Giulia

    Wish me luck, just getting started! lots of plastic sheeting and microfiber stuffed in there. Anyone know what the string going from the inside panel to the gas door is for?
  5. dropping in after a long break

    I need to be on here more!!! I remember last year thinking when I downsized my shop I would have more time NOT!!!!!
  6. 70/80% ceramic tint what’s your guys favorite?

    I'm using the Global qdp ceramic 80 and customers love it. Easy to work with and very forgiving. Cheers
  7. I squeegee and shave, no waiting generally but it is easier if you have time....but dang man I'm to old to wait Sometimes I will hang top on one door and then move to the next door and hang top then go back and shave then finish up.
  8. Dang, sorry mang! Life gets ahead of me....would you send me your mailing address AGAIN. @quality tintz Cheers
  9. @Tint Slayer yup I bring the corners down a tad or more depending on how deep the sides are and how much I can reach with the exacto. Cheers
  10. Pic of the Week #569 Vote

    All good Those old trucks are not for the faint of heart
  11. Last one to post #841

    In for the win!! Night all
  12. Armolan Window Films Anybody?

    I don't look at it as low end but the price does rock. Diego is a solid guy to work with. Him and I spent a week working together in Germany year before last. Really nice guy. @Armolan USA
  13. I'm a top loader and rarely take anything apart. I generally leave about a quarter inch at the bottom and when I hang it line up the top edge then shave with a exacto knife. Sometimes I will line up the bottom and then when I cut my top I angle my red dot so I cut about a half inch over....hang, shave and move on. Always shave wet right after hanging. ..takes some practice. Cheers
  14. Last one to post #841

    Business is great, have been busy all winter and now spring is here Dealing with a lawsuit from a guy I helped to much and paying the IRS but all first world problems I'm healthy and making $$$ is what's important Happy to be out of our old shop with all the hassles and working a two bay shop with people I like!! Thanks for asking, hope all is good on your end♡♡♡ Cheers mang
  15. Last one to post #841

    Haaaaaaay hope everyone is having a great day! Cheers