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    I really enjoy the quick satisfaction of a job well done when tinting a car. Teaching new window tinters gives me a great deal of satisfaction but takes longer!!!!!!! We only live once that we can remember. My favorite hobby is being a life long learner!

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  1. One milllllion dollars Generally 35 dollars but tintdude peeps get a better price. I will just give you one to help you learn PM me your mailing address. I'm already headed to the airport area to catch a early flight in the morning to Saint Louis. Teaching a auto tinting class there next week. Soon as I get back I'll get it out to you. I think you might benefit from the 14 DVD Learning Library. Got a good TD discount on those. Let me know! Cheers
  2. I Shave um with a exacto using #11 blade. Deep edges I trim the corners a little so the hidden part is micro edge. I sell a hour long video on shaving. ..just saying Helps you get the angle down for a great edge watching then practice, practice and practice.
  3. ready to try some of this film Cheers all
  4. I use a white vinyl cut into strips for the tight felt sides. It is much smoother than most tape and of course use extra slip along with pattern cut exact. Cheers
  5. Used it on 30 or 40 cars about 4 years ago before going with 3m. So far so good with no problems Cheers
  6. So the other wire brushes make scratches that don't come out¿
  7. I'm about finished with season 2 of Fortatude (sp) on amazon....Wierd show.....looks cold all the time, would hate to tint there
  8. Yes, that what you said. Zzzzzzzz
  9. Nooo you guys first
  10. Last car / truck of the day New Ford , dang big truck. Have been doing a few of them and using my step ladder. When I was younger I was tall enough to reach that high but now I keep getting shorter.....or the trucks bigger!
  11. Just messaged you with a PM. BTW welcome to the forum Best place on the Internet! !!!
  12. Nice light Thanks for the video! !
  13. I had heard to use a brass brush only for demo. Is it something with the brass wire?
  14. I have been using cheap white vinyl to cover the important stuff on the rear deck and that helps. My favorite trick is sprayway foamy glass cleaner around the edges and of course the back of the dealer plates....white I also cut the white vinyl into strips for the felt on doors. Stuff is lots slippery..er than tape for tight seals.
  15. What a day in history tomorrow is. Wonder what history books will say? Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it