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    I really enjoy the quick satisfaction of a job well done when tinting a car. Teaching new window tinters gives me a great deal of satisfaction but takes longer!!!!!!! We only live once that we can remember. My favorite hobby is being a life long learner!

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  1. Night...kinda
  2. And the windshield is laminated
  3. Thanks Jeff Will get with you week after next. I'm teaching a auto tinting class next week in Saint Louis.
  4. Slick, you da mang!
  5. I guess we all fill a certain part of the market. Don't think I would want to tint the cars of customers who respond to his sales video He has a few more equally offensive videos not worth wasting time watching.
  6. Friday at last♡ Flying to Saint Louis tomorrow too teach a class .... one student. No profit for me but one on one he will do great. Everyone have a great day and be safe. Cheers
  7. Finally finished cutting AG patterns ....for now
  8. Still cutting nice fitting patterns with the 3m program. Are the dap patterns so right on you never have to cut a spot or two on a complex installation. Cheers
  9. @justn8 are the 3m replacement kits cut with the old scotchgard¿
  10. I built and sold MagnaSeal interior storm windows years ago. I have a display still that when you put a radio in the window seal and then apply the MagnaSeal window the sound STOPS! I'm thinking about starting the business again and focusing on the floating homes on the Columbia River. ...right upstream from the airport. Fantastic insulation from heat and cold on top of eliminating sound.
  11. Good evening
  12. PPF I'm set at 90 grams with the blade set pretty small. I'm cutting with a old DGI machine from computer cut. Just did a really good cleaning of the plotter and put a new cutstrip and blade in. cheers mang
  13. Tired, still cutting AG film patterns....... Night
  14. Peace out
  15. Up late cutting Graffiti film AGAIN. It's the film that keeps giving