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    I really enjoy the quick satisfaction of a job well done when tinting a car. Teaching new window tinters gives me a great deal of satisfaction but takes longer!!!!!!! We only live once that we can remember. My favorite hobby is being a life long learner!

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  1. Hello all, need to hang out and catch up on tintdude
  2. Simple to bottom load with seals pulled. If you are getting creases when two stepping a window be sure NOT to squeegee your sides close to the change over point. This gives you lots more leverage to make the transition without the creases.
  3. Thanks @whitehog aka Shawn for the upcoming raffle and your continuing support here on tintdude. ....the best place on the Internet for tinters
  4. I'm getting good with the Altmia back glass. Shrunk the same one like 180 or more times last week at sema Whew
  5. 3m has training in several locations. I trained with Quality in Spokane Washington. The instructor Dean flew in from Seattle and am very happy with results. Might be smaller classes there than interwest. I have used 5 different names of material without much modification of methods. Stay with the big names but some of those have shady business practices so do your research.
  6. Am I just reading this wrong?
  7. Movie theaters scare me Wierd stuff.... went to see ET when it first came out but not since!!!
  8. typical! !!!!
  9. Halloween on Freemont Street in Vegas has been absolutely crazy
  10. Home depo sells the 3m pre-mask sharkskin in 24 inch wide rolls. Works great, keeps panel dry and great for headliners or other places you could grab contamination. In the paint department Cheers
  11. Vegas in a few ....
  12. Haven't had a chance. Will be working with it at the Global booth next week at sema. .
  13. I'm thinking the Fusion all Type is around 40 bucks a gallon . Makes about a million gallons of solution. Pretty cost effective and available in smaller quantity. Solar Control Films in Saint Louis carries all sizes. Cheers
  14. Halloween in Vegas
  15. Morning from the Westside. ..time to make the donuts! !