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    I really enjoy the quick satisfaction of a job well done when tinting a car. Teaching new window tinters gives me a great deal of satisfaction but takes longer!!!!!!! We only live once that we can remember. My favorite hobby is being a life long learner!

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  1. time on the Westside
  2. WW2, the battle took place in Okinawa. Based on a true story. Directed my Mel Brooks. I rate it a 10 for a war movie.
  3. So tired today. Shouldn't have stayed up till after 2 am watching Hacksaw ridge!
  4. I got my screen name from when I was young. Relatives always said Stanley.... You can sell anything.... All you need is a flat rock to work off of. in 6 months I will have taken more sales from Xpel than you can shake a stick at As referenced by TTS I'm wondering how many people Xpel has trained locally that no longer show up on the website due to Expel not them. I am planning on opening a new bussiness dealing exclusively with PPF, location not in the Beaverton area since I am selling my current business located there to our employees. Something I was never ask. Demand is created....my specialty.
  5. Pm me what you think Bham. I would like to have your feedback thanks mang
  6. Count me in for the win on some fantastic film thanks again Shawn for this great raffle!
  7. Morning should have never watched that last movie last night Started it about midnight thinking I would watch a bit then finish this afternoon.....nope! Hacksaw ridge. great movie if you are in to war movies IMO. Based on true story.
  8. Morning Booms I had to watch one more movie. Really good one, war movie but can't remember the name. ... had to look Hacksaw ridge. Cheers
  9. OK it's official. ..hump day over for me. Night all..... Second sword coming in 10 years! Cheers
  10. Just keeping on keeping on.... Netflex
  11. Stewy for the win dang!
  12. I haven't had a Swedish message before. ...is it common for them to take their clothes off? glad I'm joking! Nice people, relaxing. .. will see if it help rid me of toxins. Supposed to work with lymph glands¿ I'm a ITEX trade member so nothing ventured nothing gained right!
  13. Population for sure. We have 5 shops within 4 miles. .... I trained all but one. Why is it you teach people how to make a great living then they poop in your yard!
  14. Hope I don't have to get naked....don't want to scare anyone!
  15. Heading out for my first Swedish message. ..... hope it helps breaks toxins out of my body. I needs less toxins! Cheers all