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    I really enjoy the quick satisfaction of a job well done when tinting a car. Teaching new window tinters gives me a great deal of satisfaction but takes longer!!!!!!! We only live once that we can remember. My favorite hobby is being a life long learner!
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  1. Legacywf.com

    You are the only one having that problem....are you installing it right Sorry couldn't help it have heard that same line for years ...untill I started with Global. Who is selling it?
  2. Classes or teaching tint around springfield mo

    @417Jason give me a call tomorrow 503 671 9615. I have had a school at Solar Control Films in Saint Louis for years now. Just finished a class here in Portland. Global window film distribors give you a 10% discount on materials untill you recoup training cost. Cheers Stan
  3. I've made a YouTube channel on how to remove door panels

    Cool beans, I just subscribed Thanks
  4. Back glass tint removal damage waiver

    Was doing a removal today and when the back glass film started delaminating I stopped, called the customer and gave them the option to lose the defroster or replace the glass. We have a waiver but always stop, drop and roll to prevent problems. Customer decided to just leave it till they could find a used window.
  5. Back windows causing peanuts?

    If you have peanuts try the Rike way to form. I have watched @Ryker several times and when you finish the film looks like it is just out of the box with absolutely no distortion. Improper shrinking can cause them for sure
  6. Luxe Headlight & Tail Light Tint...anyone uses it?

    Hey I got a sample pack from Lux a few weeks ago but haven't had time to play with it. Goes on dry with air egress channels. Don't know if all of their products go on dry¿¿¿¿
  7. Pink clean

    I like my hand job using a soft pink and clean but only when it's real wet Seriously..... love the pink and clean in the handee or hand job handle for doing a final clean on side windows. I used a 6 inch Unger for all these years then BAMM, found this from Fusion Tools. Nice and clean and conforms around compound curves like butter. @jh812 have you grown to like it or still don't ¿ Cheers
  8. Anyone with pattern software know the difficulty rating?
  9. Broken stereo

    Yup, you take that chance when you do the windscreen
  10. Last one to post #810

    I'm going to buy 500 Ripple cryptocurrancy tokens in a day or so. Figure I'm a gambler so just going to throw a social security check at it. Anyone else bought a cryptocurrancy?
  11. Last One To Post #809

    HoHoHo Merry Christmas for a
  12. BMW X5 window malfunctions

    I had a new 17 yesterday that after prep, roll the window part way down then up to make sure it was in the correct position... apply film, shave the edge then roll it up to finish the bottom and window would roll all the way down. Neary 40 years tinting doors and I did this one 8 times. Was embarrassing Any magic with the window having a memory? Have been reading bmw forums where they talk about using the fob to roll the window down then hold for 5 to 30 second to "reset" the window....whew! Earned my money for sure but going to give the customer a full refund cause he was so polite after spending half a day waiting for a simple job to be completed. Wish all customers could be as understanding Hope this helps someone. Cheers
  13. Window Film Cores Recycling!

    I have given loads of cores to art teachers in the lower grades Cheers
  14. Time?

    3.5 hours ... 1 door
  15. Last One To Post #809

    My last window of the year kicked my azz Acually the owner was THE most understanding bmw owner I have tinted for in 40 years.....just saying it was the car not the owner this time. Cheers all