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    I really enjoy the quick satisfaction of a job well done when tinting a car. Teaching new window tinters gives me a great deal of satisfaction but takes longer!!!!!!! We only live once that we can remember. My favorite hobby is being a life long learner!

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  1. I thought you won the last one¿ Bedtime in Saint Louis Cheers
  2. Made it to Saint Louis Moving pallets of. Qdp at Solar Control and getting ready for Monday. Cheers all
  3. @Stewy thanks for the heads up on the snow between you and California. Good morning off to the airport!
  4. Dang you are up late! I'm flying out tomorrow to teach a class in Saint Louis and just finished packing. Try to get some sleep. I know back pain all to well! Night
  5. Xpel stock price is up over a buck the last couple days. Sitting around 2.50 but was down to 1.40 first of the week! Glad I didn't short the stock!!!!
  6. Welcome to the forum Reddie. Like @no ma'am said. The adhesive is protected by a clear release liner. Kinda hard to make it look good Follow the link to my website on this post if you are interested in learning how to tint for full or part time. Takes lots of practice then practice! Also as a new member go ahead and enter the raffle for a set of my Learning Library DVDs.... someone is going to win Cheers Stan Just noticed my website doesn't show on my phone. http://www.autowindowtinting.com
  7. I'm doing some SolarGard PPF training in a few weeks in Northern California .... Hope I can get a deal on computer cut. Has anyone used their PPF succesfully? @Stewy I need to look how long it takes to drive from Stockton, Sacramento area to Reno.... Might see you for a few. More than a few hours drive and I'm going to look at flights! will let you know next week if I'm going to make it to Reno
  8. Packing for a 10 day training and video shoot in Saint Louis
  9. Just saying. ...there's your sign!
  10. My fingers are tired of Graffiti film.... I'm done for tonight on the west side
  11. @jh812 the one on the right looks like the Global Ice Cool but you don't see much of it in the States¿ OK I'm giving up and going to cut some more AG till this riddle is solved Cheers mang
  12. @jh812 my wife used to like wearing the fire hats in those .... just a little bit too much! Still gotta watch her flirting with firemen hmmmmmm should I get a part time job
  13. Tony just saw you were a subscriber and new member! Don't be a stalker.... post us up! My wife attempts using quick books and spends way lots of time on it. Used to think she had a special friend Nope just QUICK BOOKS! I'm going to fill out the forms on your link for her tonight. Can your program help with invoices and just well..... wish I knew more about it but I do know we have to streamline it. Can you tell us more on how it work with a program like QB? Wish I was smarter in that stuff but it's security knowing I have ever her♡. Anyone here that actually knows the question I'm looking for help me out Looking forward to hearing more from you. Again welcome to the best spot on the entire Internet for all things window tinting Cheers Stan
  14. It is a lot! Hand cut using a pattern. Pieces are round 11 1/2 inches I cut 10,000 a year for a job. Graffiti film just keeps giving! !! I can cut each one in 30 seconds AND watch TV after doing them the last 5 years! OK back to cutting for me....
  15. Cutting 500 hundred pieces 4 mill AG film!