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    I really enjoy the quick satisfaction of a job well done when tinting a car. Teaching new window tinters gives me a great deal of satisfaction but takes longer!!!!!!! We only live once that we can remember. My favorite hobby is being a life long learner!

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  1. Congratulations @Slick @ArmolanWindowFilms is slinging some really great film your way I have used several pallets and really like it!
  2. Night / morning guy's
  3. Still in the hospital but might get out today. Doing pretty good♡ Was so scary finding him unconscious on the floor. Emt had to do a snatch and run with him. Horrible in the er, blood pressure was so low (45/30) that drs couldn't get a iv in. Had 8 people just working on getting a line in. Finally took a drill and drilled down into the bone marrow in his leg bone then forced fluid in. Whew, hurt just watching! !!! Live every day to the fullest guys! Thank you Ric for keeping him in your thoughts.
  4. @TNTLady so glad you are safe. The building can be rebuilt♡ I was just at the edge of a storm in Muskogee back 40 years ago so know how bad they are I lived at York and Okmulgee street and had a shop north of there on York. Keep on keeping on young lady ♡♡ stay on the lookout!
  5. Just staying positive
  6. Hanging out at the hospital again today. Going home for a nap and feed da dogs Better day than yesterday! Cheers all
  7. Pretty scary, my son Duggan can get really close to death fast. From just feeling bad to coma in minutes due to not having a pituitary. Almost lost him again yesterday. Found him on the floor unconscious about 2pm when I came home from work to check on him. Blood pressure was 45/30 and emt could not get a IV line in. They didn't think he was going to make it to the ER. Had to drill a hole into the tibula bone in his leg and get cortisol in via the bone marrow. Just got home, Alexia is spending the night in icu with him. In the morning will transfer him to the university hospital but he is stable now and getting better. Serious guys, life is to fickle to not be the best person you can ...every day. Keep daily problems low priority and concentrate on love and God. Feeling tired and grateful and positive Cheers
  8. Does anyone remember the formula for this? Generally "factory" deep dip windows from Subaru come at 20% if that helps. Would be just a little darker. Are you going to tint the front doors? ??? Cheers
  9. Life can change so quick. Everyone live your life to the fullest each minute! Be thankful for all you have and love one another like brothers God bless you all
  10. Imo the Dotrix stretches and works better than the Oracal. More expensive but average 5 bucks ( on the high side) per car. I painted thousands of rear dots without a problem but what a hassle! Get my Dotrix from Richard at Solar Control film in St Louis.
  11. My laptop dumped on me last week right after cutting half a ppf pattern. Waiting now for 3m to do a remote setup on a new loner machine. Thank goodness for extended warranty from Frys Have a great day all!
  12. Surprise. ..raining in Portland! !!
  13. In for the win
  14. Congratulations Shawn
  15. Night all