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  1. I have been slangin film for quit sometime and it has supported my family well over the years. That being said I am now 33 and going to start my fist college classes. I am looking into a biz degree, I wanted to be a engineer but the more I looked into it I found at this point in my life I could not make that kind of time commitment. I own my shop and am not looking to close it, just want to open more options and a new world of opportunity. I wish i would have started a long time ago, but you live and learn. So all in all I agree with the other guys, if you want to tint thats great but finish school first and foremost. If you are not experienced, I would say go work for some one before you even start to think of starting your own biz.
  2. Just get all those greasy little hand and snot nose prints off the glass. They all have them.
  3. That pretty cool. I have clear braed a few in the past. I was asked to clear a couple signed ones for a collector but chickened out as I had no idea how it would affect the ink.
  4. I have a hvac back ground also. I have done a lot of this kind of stuff. The only way any thing will really work is if you are running forced air units. Electronic air filtration is the best way to go. But the biggest problem with this stuff is most of the time when it is installed people leave gaps in the return air side that goes right around the filtration. So in the end they spend good money on a product that is not working properly. Filtration is also the #1 cause for furnace and AC failure. If people had a good sealed filtration system and would change filters diligently most all your problems would never happen and you would be healthier for it. But just like every thing else you can talk to people until you are blue in the face but you never get through to them. So yes it can help if done correctly if not don't waste your money. Oh and please no one ever buy those free standing air purification systems they are the biggest scam. Sorry small rant.
  5. i think you guys are all on the right tack with this. But just for info sake, I am still in touch with the shop I worked at in Vegas and, they have fried 3 of them. They are a high volume shop and do a lot for Audi. They were told that the amp could be in different locations depending on a lot of different variances on the build of the car. I think it is just one of those things we need to charge more for our time and, take it all apart to be sure.
  6. No way they could do a factory tinted glass on the front and salel that car nation wide. Not gonna happen
  7. Nice job. Those suck and I hope I never have to do any again.
  8. Auto side but same kind of thing. I was told buy accounting from a large dealer chain in our area that they are instructed to ignore all and any fee for late or partial payment. They all have the attitude that every one play buy their rules or they will find someone else. This just frustrates me to no end. Could you imagine telling the electric company "I am not going to pay that late fee and if you don't like it you will lose my biz". Your service would be down buy the end of the day. Or "I will pay you when I feel it best for me". That basically what we get told.
  9. I would have a accountant take care of all my tax stuff right off the bat. Spend your time on what you do best and hire others to do the rest.
  10. I did one last Friday and closing the latch worked just fine. Just have to make sure you latch it all the way. I remember my olfa would not push it in, I had to get a screw driver. I think it goes back 2 latches.
  11. I would second that one.
  12. It's funny, I just started to offer this as of last Monday.I am trying to set myself apart from other shops. I try to think to myself why choose me offer the other guy. I know all the quality this that and the other, but I sold my last shop so now I am starting over and have to get a whole new customer base. No one else in my area will do it so I hope it will set me apart from every one else.I only over it as a last try to getting the job. If you don't set the appt first time they call chances are you will never hear from them again. Lastly it's one more thing I can compete with other than price dropping. I guess we will see how it goes.
  13. As far as I know you can call who ever you dist is and they will swap invisible patterns for the new one for you.
  14. How in the hell did you work that finger out of the top right side if the mirror? Looks good.
  15. Find out your local law. I our area if you do fliers on cars and people throw them on the ground, they can give you a littering ticket for every one they pick up. I know this from experience. Never got the tickets but they gave me a chance to go pick them all up in one certain area. This was about 9 years ago. I also never got to much biz from them, maybe 3 or 4 cars out of hundreds of fliers. I think a good alternative to fliers could be door hangers. Has any one tried this? If so how did it go?