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  1. We have over 400 window covering dealers. Many are now adding on tint. Just so you know Home depot and Costco are now offering tinting services in many area and by 2008 nation wide. This is very good news for professional tinters. More market awarness is a great thing. I sell a program to set you up in the blind and shutter business. check it out. It migh help you. Steve Dale
  2. Use film roller shades from Kathy Ireland. They work great. If you need a great price on them call me I can get you set up as a dealer and pay what Home Depot and Lowe's pay. Im an rep for them. Steve Dale Blind Brokers Network 888-922-5463
  3. The complete guide to starting a shop at home blind, shade and shutter business is now on sale. Written by industry professionals with over 20 years of industry expierence will guied you to the most profitable way to add on blinds and shutters. Comes complete with appliactions to all the major manufactures.
  4. Im new, just need to ask a question. How many of you read "Window Film" magazine? We're concidering placing ads for our blind and shutter program in the mag. Are there any other places for us to get the attention of flat glass tinters? Is there a need for tinters to add on blinds and shutters if it was a very simple system complete with multi million dollard buying power? Or would you rather be reffered to one of our 450 existing dealers and get a 10% rebate on all jobs?
  5. Go to to learn how to sell custom blinds and shutters.
  6. Go to to learn to start a custom blind and shutter business.